Compiled by Sh. A . K. Mehernath of Chennai
357 16-4-1946 Baba left Pimpalgaon to a place in U.P. on seclusion for 5 months. This place was Niranjanpur, a small village 3 miles from Dehradun, which was kept secret throught. Baba and women mandali arrived on 19th and stayed in a rented bungalow. this place was baba's head quarters till he left on 30-11-1946. Quite frequently baba left on Mast work to various places. About 3 weeks seclusion in a cottage in Kuluvalley (from 3-6-1946 to 20-6-1946) .                                                          Simla 4th to 7th August -Mast work.
358 2/12/1946 Mahabaleshwar- stay at Florence Hall, The Aga Khan's Palace till 23rd May 1947 (Frequent outings for Mast work and visits to various places)
359 25-5-1947 to 9-8-1947 Baba stayed in Satara-Mast work
360 11-7-196 Elizabeth  Patterson brought 2 Desoto cars from America for Baba's use
361 2/4/1947 Baba's 3rd visit to Saidapet Madras. Stay and darshan at meher Bhawan till 5-4-1947. He gave at Meher Ashramam also and 2 photos were taken there with Baba sitting on a platform under peepal tree planted by him in 1930. about 15000 people had darshan. Baba visited some institutions and made house visits.                                                                                    Part of the  Powerful Message given by Baba on 5th April : "i and My love will never leave you here or hereafter."
362 5/4/1947 Baba left Madras by train in the morning. Before leaving Saidapet, Madras. He permitted late Mr. Sampath Aiyangar's family members to perform his paad puja with milk and honey . In later months, He gifted to the family His priceless Padukas which He wore during this madras visits.                                                                                          Shri C. V. Sampath Aiyangar was Beloved Baba's First dearest disciple from Madras since 1927. In 1952. Baba conveyed through Eruch the following powerful Message. " I am for all in creation but I come for a few like Sampath Aiyangar." On 20-11-1947- at Meherabad-Baba again remembered  His close departed lovers and asked Eruch to read out their names with narration. Aiyangar's name was listed as: No-12, Sampath Aiyangar-Devout Hindu -Circle Member in Madras.
363 10/9/1947 Pimpalgaon (Meherabad) -Baba commenced staying here wit a small group of mandali and lovers ( men , women, boys and girls) totaling about 100 at that time.
364 5/12/1947 Pimpalgaon (Meherabad) -Seclusion and work with Ali Shah in His seclusion Cabin at the top of nearby Tembi hills till 19th December.
365 31-12-1947 Meherabad-Mehera's birthday was observed and Baba spent the night here and left for Meherabad on 1st January 1948. It is very significant that this was the last time that Meher baba ever spent the night at Meherabad.
366 30-1-1948 Pimpalgaon (Meherabad)  Baba told the mandali  in the morning " A very significant event will occur today," Late in the evening Adi Sr. informed that Mahatma Gandhi has been assassinated at about 5 p.m.  Baba at once dictated on board. "Gandhi's whole political life of sacrifice  and selfless service was for his love of God, whom he longed to see until the very end. Baba called Gandhi "A Great Soul."
367 7/2/1948 Bombay- baba contacted Masts in this city after 26 years. He  contacted a family of Masts and Mastanis consisting of 2 brothers and 7 sisters. This was an extraordinary and unusual contact.
368 9/2/1948 Allahabad- Ardhkumbh Mela -4000 sadhus were contacted  and Baba touched their feet ( 7 to 10 p.m.)
369 13-2-1948 Pimpalgaon (Meherabad) -Meher baba's 54th Birthday was observed . Mansari brother, Minoo Desai, gave Baba a radio as his birthday present. It was the first time Baba listened to a Radio at Pimpalgaon.
370 29-2-1948 Meherabad- 800 poor people were given prasad.
371 23-7-1958 Meherabad- Baba opened the New hall -250 lovers present.
372 10/8/1958 Madras-Mast work till 12th.
373 13 to 17-8-1948 Mast work at Trichinopoly , Tiruvarur, Avinashi , Tiruppur
374 27-8-1948 Pimpalgaon (Meherabad) - House warming function of new Baba House at 9 a.m.- baba unlocked the door of the new building with a golden Key. Meher Baba named the place Meherazad meaning Mercy is free. On this occasion He remarked "Mehera is freed"
375 16-9-1948 Meherazad-Baba started living here permanently from this date with some mandali. His bed room was upstairs.
376 7/11/1948 Girnar- Baba went to the top of one of the mountains and sat for 2 hours in seclusion in a cave named after Saintly King Bharthahari. Baba then revealed to the mandali, "Every Avatar born in India has at least once  visited Girnar during His life            time.                                                                                                  Late Half of year 1948-Baba started dictating God speaks on Alphabet Bard to Dr. Ghani.
377 29-2-1949 Mount Abu-Baba and 4 women mandali arrived by train from Bombay . Donkin and Gustadji had already arrived earlier. For some reason, Baba had taken with Him all the trunks, boxes and this containing "Mast Treasures" which remained in His room during His stay till 27th May. He had also chalked out an extensive Mast Tour for this period.                                               Baba's stay particulars-Feb, 28 to March 7, March 12 it 16, March 19 to April 11, April 28 to May 2, May 20 to 27. The 4 women mandali Mehera, Mani, Meheru and Goher with Valu Pawar for help and Donkin and Gustadji stayed here continuously till 27th May.
378 21/22-4-1949 Ayodhya -Mast work , contacted 104 sadhus.
379 24-4-1949 Benaras- Contacted Mast Betwa shah who wanted Baba to scratch his back for one hour.
380 19-6-1949 Meherazad- Blue bus body built as a make shift cabin got ready for Baba's seclusion work.
381 22-6-1949 Meherazad- Baba commenced His Great Seclusion for  40 days in Blue Bus till 31-7-1949
382 1/8/1949 Meherazad- at 7 a.m. Baba stepped out of the Blue Bus Cabin after 40 days seclusion and distributed prasad and said, "The work I have done during seclusion, I have not done anywhere in the world."
383 15 to 20-8-1949 Meherazad- 5 days Meetings,  Baba came from Meherazad in the morning every day "to discuss and decide about the mandali's future." 15 th October was fixed for the disposal of everything and completion of all arrangements,                                                     Baba's prayer for help offered to God was read by Dr. Ghani and such prayer by Baba was the first during the past 28 years. Baba selected 32 men to be called to Meherabad for a special meeting . Baba decided the disposal of all movable and immovable properties.
384 25-8-1949 Baba decided to take 4  women with Him as New life companions Mehera J. Irani, Mani S. Irani, Meheru R. Irani and Dr. Goher R. Irani.
385 31-8-1949 Meherabad- A final meeting  to present New life conditions was arranged and 35 close disciples from out of town were called besides the men mandali. conditions of New Life were read in English by Donkin.                                                                      After receiving the replies from the gathering and scrutinizing the same the assembly was divided into 3 groups                       Yes wala-to accompany Baba in His new Life.                                No wallas-should continue to live their lives as they had done so far.                                                                                                Arrangement wala-5 men to see the practical arrangements made by Baba.                                                                                  Yes wala to be present at Meherabad between Oct. 1 and 5 , fully prepared to completely turn their backs on their     previous lives, families and affairs.
386 16-10-1949 Baba arrived at Ahmednagar Rail crossing at 5 a.m. and 16 men and 4 women New Life companions were present. baba asked the companions to utter    the prayer god! Make a success of this New Life and turn it into eternal Bliss for all". Afterwards Baba and His companions started walking along the road towards the town of Chas, 7 miles away and their luggage truck proceeded them. Baba's New Life Phase commenced
387 31-10-1949 Belgam -Letter sent to arrangement Wales to print song of New Life and distribute to 800 interested persons.
388 15-11-1949 Benaras-16 days stay till 1st December.                                         On 24th November-Baba took Biksha at Dr. Nath's House for 1st time and on 25th November at Khare's house.
389 1 to 12-12-1949 Sarnath- Buddha's place -Baba bowed to his sculpture.
390 15-12-1949 Jaunpur- I week stay -Left on 21st Dec.
391 22-12-1949 Moradabad- Vacuum period of New Life -complete relaxation till 31st December
392 12/12/1949 Baba and companions left left Sarnath  followed by a white horse in Donkin's charge. Pendu drove the New Life Caravan pulled by the English bull Raja followed by the camel cart drawn by Baidul. in the rear came Sadashiv driving the bullock cart and behind it the 2 cows and calf handled by Nilu and Aloba, and 2 donkeys controlled by Ghani and Gustadji.
393 12/1/1950 Dehradun- stay till 16th at Mrs. Pratt's Bungalow, Cantonment Road
394 15-1-1950-to 26-2-1950 Manjri Mafi- stay at the house of Mahant Jamnadas
395 12/2/1950 Baba's  56th birthday celebrated at Manjri Mafi.
396 18-2-1950 Baba visited Motichur (35 miles away)
397 26-2-1950 Manjri Mafi- Baba moved to the property purchase for Him and got ready by Kaikobad for Baba's stay . stayed till 10th May.                                                                                     Frequent visits and tours specially to Motichur for Kumbh mela work -March 27 to April-5.
398 13-4-1950 Baba took bath with Ganges water from Haridwar brought by Eruch.
399 10/5/1950 Dehradun-Baba moved with companions from Manjri Mafi -stayed till 23rd May.
400 23 to 26-5-1950 Stayed in Delhi and again from 27th May to 14th June.
401 16-6-1950 Satara- Baba stayed till August 20 and this was head quarter of the New Life during this period.
402 21 to 28-8-1950 Poona stay- Baba took rest after  strenuous Mast work.
403 28-8-1950 Bombay-Baba stayed in Mahim area till 1-10-1950.
404 1/10/1950 Mahabaleshwar- stayed till 21st Oct.  In Agha Khan's bungalow and   from Dec-6 it 21.                                                                         Stay particulars in 1951-Jan1 to 15; 20 to 29; Feb.. 5 to March 27 and May 9 to 25.
405 16/10/1950 Mahabaleshwar- meeting -200 lovers present-Baba stepped into the old Life for some time. Baba's sermon was read by Donkin. Baba accepted monetary contribution for His mast and poor work totaling Rs. 23,566.75
406 21-10-1950 Meher baba's whirlwind tour v to contact Mast, sadhus, Saints, needy families  and the poor. Travelled  by train as well as on foot -Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, Nepal, Madras, Hyderabad, Bombay etc. till 6th December-travelled about 3500 miles.
407 25-11-1950 Bombay- For mast and poor w or -stayed till 6th December.      On 5-12-1950 Baba heard the radio news of death of Aurobindo Ghosh the previous night. Baba had previously stated some years back that Aurobindo was a yogi who advanced   by his own efforts to 6th plane and became a saint. He now called for Aurobindo Photograph and placed it before Him as He listened  the accounts of his life on the radio. Later  He told Adi Sr. " I was pushing him from 6th to 7th plane."
408 13-2-1951 Mahabaleshwar-100 days seclusion in a hut till 23-5-1951                                    13-2-1951 to 27 -3-191-Mahabaleshwar-(40 days)                          27-3-1951 to 7-4-1951- Poona-stay at Guruprasad.                       7-4-1951 to 5-5-1951- Mahabaleshwar                                           5-5-1951 to 9-5-1951- Bombay                                                         9-5-1951 to 23-5-1951-Mahabaleshwar.                                          During Baba's stay at Poona, Gadekar had managed to procure Maharani, Shanta Devi of Baroda's palatial balding Guruprasad, 24 Bund Road, Poona with help of Sardar Raste. The foundation for Meher Baba's stay at Guruprasad in the 1960 was laid during the New Life period.
409 27-6-1951 Hyderabad-Baba and companions arrived from Mahabaleshwar. Baba stayed at Kohinoor Bungalow in jubilee Hills,                                                                                                   Baba said "I like Hyderabad best. it is a very great place both materially and spiritually. Its Spiritual importance stems from ages past. Baba stayed in Hyderabad till 24th October 1951.
410 28-6-1951 Hyderabad-Jubilee hills -Momentous meeting - 70 men invited-"Declaration read by Donkin in English. Out of over 70 men present, only 21 offered to go with Baba during the Mano-Nash  period from 16-10-1951                                                                                       Baba started Discourse on Mano Nash , Annihilation of mind.
411 29-6-1951 At 11 am Baba said that 15 out of 21 should not accompany Him. Of the remaining 4, four would definitely join Him. Baba finished the discourse on Mano-Nash . The 4 fortunate companions for Man-Nash period were Eruch, Pendu, Baidul and Gustadji.
412 30-6-1951 Baba asked gathering to prepare humorous skits to make Him laugh, He consented to a group photograph and later took them to Usman Sagar lake for an outing.
413 10-7-1851 Meher Baba instructed His lovers all over the world and His companions and mandali to observe silence from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. on 11th.
414 20-8-1851 Dr. Ghani (60)passed away in Poona. Baba instructed Adi Sr. and Ramjoo to be present at the funeral. On 24th August Baba paid a moving tribute to His childhood friend.
415 15-10-1951 Baba reached the top of Nowbat Hills  (8 miles from Hyderabad near village of Kharagpur) and stayed there with mandali during the night.
416 16-10-1951 Baba commences His Mano-Nash work. Baba and His companions fasted on the Hill till 8 am next day. In the Dargah of Muslim saint Hazarat Baba Fakrudin . Eruch read a prayer composed by Baba for this occasion for 5 times, changing at each time with a different name of God and Avatar, Later the 5 Alabaster Models representing the 5  religions were brought into the Dargah and Baba sat alone inside from 8 p. m. to 1 a. m. and the companions  kept watch outside.
417 16-10-1951 The prayer composed by Baba was repeated at the holiest Places in India as per His order.                                                            Meherji-at Parsi fire Temple in Udwala.                                                 Keki Desai -At Muinnuddin Christi's Tomb Ajmer                           Was dev Kain- At krishna Temple in Mathura.                                Gaya Prasad Khare- At Buddha temple in Sarnath.                          Vishwanath Haldankar- At Francis Xavier's Cathedral in Goa.      Likewise same instructions were given for 4 separate locations in Hyderabad.                                                                                        Nilu- Buddhist Temple.                                                                    Vishnu- Hindu Temple.                                                                     Kaikobad- Parsi Fire Temple.                                                           Donkin- Catholic Church.                                                                              A selected Muslim Priest- Mosque.                                                  All this was occurring simultaneously as Baba began His seclusion in Naubat Hill.
418 10/5/1950 Dehradun-Baba moved with companions from Manjri Mafi -stayed till 23rd May.
419 16-10-1951 The prayer composed by Baba was repeated at the holiest Places in India as per His order.                                                            Meherji-at Parsi fire Temple in Udwala.                                                 Keki Desai -At Muinnuddin Christi's Tomb Ajmer                           Was dev Kain- At krishna Temple in Mathura.                                Gaya Prasad Khare- At Buddha temple in Sarnath.                          Vishwanath Haldankar- At Francis Xavier's Cathedral in Goa.      Likewise same instructions were given for 4 separate locations in Hyderabad.                                                                                        Nilu- Buddhist Temple.                                                                    Vishnu- Hindu Temple.                                                                     Kaikobad- Parsi Fire Temple.                                                           Donkin- Catholic Church.                                                                              A selected Muslim Priest- Mosque.                                                  All this was occurring simultaneously as Baba began His seclusion in Naubat Hill.
420 13-4-1950 Baba took bath with Ganges water from Haridwar brought by Eruch.
421 18-10-1951 Baba sat from 8 a.m. to 3 p. m. in seclusion in the cave on the hill
422 20-10-1951 Baba sat in seclusion from 6 a.m. to 9 p. m. in the Hindu Temple below the cave.
423 22-10-1951 Baba commuted in the cave   with a Mast named Gulam Hussein.
424 23-10-1951 Final 7th day -end of seclusion.
425 24-10-1951 Baba left Nowbat Hill at 3.30 p. m. on the last Foot journey. he undertook from Nowbat Hill, Hyderabad to Meherazad, via Gulbarga, Yadgiri, Homnabad, Tuljapur, Osmanabad, Bir, Aurangabad, Ellora, Khuldabad, Toka, Imampur Meherazad .                                                                              Baba stated "We walked almost 200 miles and did the rest of the journey by bus and train. Once we walked 20 miles without a break."
426 23-11-1951 Baba and His 4 companions walked from Imampur to  Meherazad (10 miles)
427 24/24-11-1951 Meherazad -Baba's seclusion in His cabin in Tambi hills where the models of the 5 religions  were placed.
428 26-11-1951 Meherazad - Baba conveyed to Mehera and Mani -"My 40 days work has been completely successful but the remaining 80 days of work is of utmost significance."
429 24-12-1951 Meherazad-Avatar Meher Baba remembered His departed lovers. Baba came out of His cabin and prayers that were dictated by Him 3 days earlier were offered to all His disciples and lovers.  2 poor old men were brought to His cabin and only the 4 companions were present.                   Eruch read out the names of 87 departed men and 37 women from the list drawn by Baba. Every time a name was read, Baba would lay His head on the feet of the first poor man and pay him one rupee.                                           Regarding the 2nd odor-man Baba bowed to him 51 times and gave him His prasad of rs. 51.                                            in the afternoon baba added 14 names to the list.
430 4/1/1952 Meherazad-At 6.45 p.m. Baba lighted a dhuni in a pit behind his cabin  This fire was kept burning until 7 p.m. the next morning when it was extinguished. The Dhuni was lit at 7 p. m. every evening thereafter until Mano-Nash work was completed.
431 31-1-1952 Baba  had instructed Eruch to write on a piece of paper that " All rites, rituals, ceremonies of all religions in the world are hereby consumed in the flames". when the dhuni was lit at 7 p.m.  Baba tore the paper into pieces and thrown it into the flames.
432 6/2/1952 Meher Baba's Message was printed and sent to His lovers periodically in the form of a circular called Life Circular.
433 12/2/1952 Meherazad -Meher  Baba's 58th birthday was celebrated. Baba declared it as His First Real Birthday.
434 19-2-1952 Meherazad- Baba's seclusion ended.
434 26-2-1852 Baba was admitted in Ahmednagar Civil Hospital for operation of piles and fissures,
435 21-3-1953 Meherazad -commencement of Baba's Complicated Free Life which ended on 10-7-1952 (Fiery Life).
436 18-4-1952 Baba left Bombay by TWA plane to U.S.A. accompanied by 6 women mandali. 5 men mandali flew to New York 2 days later. The last visit to U. S. A. was in 1934, 18 years ego. This was Baba's 11th visit to the West. (and 4th visit to USA)
436 20-4-1952 Baba and his group landed at New York, Idlewild Airport at 6.35 a.m. and stayed at the Pen station Hotel.
437 21-4-1852 Baba arrived by train in the afternoon at Florence, South Carolina and left by car for Myrtle Beach. after His arrival at the centre, Baba said "Of all the homes that I have visited this is the home that I love the best, because it was given to Me and built for Me with such love. I never leave. remember I do not leave, because this is My home.             Meher baba stayed here for 1 month till 21-5-1952.
438 9/5/1952 The Meher Centre, Myrtle Beach was officially opened by Baba.
439 20/5/1952 Baba left Myrtle Beach by car to visit Ojai, California.
440 24-5-1952 Baba left by car to California. The car met with an accident at 10.15 a.m. Elizabeth Patterson was driving the Car "Nash" and Baba, Mehera, Mani, and Meheru were in the car.  The accident occurred in Lincoln County. Oklahoma, near the town of Meeker, approximately 10 miles west of Prague. a car coming towards them from the wrong side of the road collided with Baba's car. baba was thrown out of the car and blood flowed from His broken nose and His left arm and leg were fractured. except Baba's sister Mani, all the 3 other ladies were seriously injured. Baba's Blood was shed on U. S. soil, as already remarked by Him.
441 24-5-1952 Baba and the ladies had treatment at Dr. Burleson's Hospital in Lincoln till 4-3-1952.
442 4/6/1952 Baba was driven in an ambulance from Prague to Myrtle Beach (1500 miles) which reached on the 7th.
443 7/6/1952 Baba stayed in Elizabeth's house, Youpon Dumes, about 8 miles from the centre for rest and convalescence till 14th July . The Pillow placed under Baba's head after the accident which was drenched with His blood was given to Myrtle beach centre at a Memorial of Baba's love and sacrifice for America and its people.
444 14-7-1952 Baba  left Elizabeth's house for New York. From 15th July He stayed in the house of Kate Ferris, Scarsdale. New York till 30th July.
445 1-8-1852 London- Baba and the women mandali arrived by Air from New York and stayed for a week at Rubens Hotel till 6th August.
446 6-8-1852 Zurich- Baba arrived from London and proceeded by car to Locarno.
447 7/8/1952 Locarno (Switzerland)-Baba stayed at Hedi Marten's home till 18th August. He left for India on 21st August,
448 7-11-1852 Meherabad- 3 days Sahwas till 9th November. More than 300 men from all over India were invited.
449 8-11-1852 Meherabad- Baba gave The Prayer of Repentance.
450 9/11/1952 Baba remembered His 3 Masters Babajan, sai Baba and Upasni Maharaj and reverentially bowed to them.
451 14/11/1952 Baba with 21 chosen lovers visited the Shrines of Upasani Maharaj at Sakori, Sai Baba at Shirdi and Babajan at Poona.
452 15-11-1952 Baba commenced His Fiery Free Life.
453 18-11-1952 Hamirpur district- First Mass Darshan Program-baba gave Darshan to the masses at various places till the 27th November.
454 29-11-1952 to 1-12-1952 Delhi - Public darshan                                                               At Lahore, Tagore Road,  Town Hall, Minto Road. Baba stayed at W. D. Kain's house in President Estate.
455 2/3-12-1952 Delhi- Darshan at Theosophical Society Hall, Camp College, Rajinder Nagar.
456 12/12/1952 Khuldabad- Baba visited the shrine of Zar Zari Baksh -Sadguru of Shirdi Sai Baba in an earlier incarnation.
457 21-12-1952 Amraoti- Baba performed Arti to His own photo in C. D. Deshmukh's room and stated "I alone can perform My own real Arti."
458 22-12-1952 Amraoti -Baba visited Janta College and unveiled portrait of Ramanna Maharshi.
459 30/31-12-1952 Saoner (26 miles from Nagpur) - Poor Program
460 2-1-1853 Nagpur- poor program                                                             Baba visited tomb of Tajuddin Baba to pay His respects.
461 3/1/1953 Nagpur-At Gita Temple, 1500 school children had Baba's darshan.                                                                                    Afternoon- Large darshan program for women.                          Evening- Mass public darshan.
462 4/1/1953 Nagpur- Darshan program- Bhau Kalchuri had Baba's darshan.
463 6/1/1953 Allahabad - Baba visited various shrines, dargah, tombs, and samadhi's in the city-Kumbh mela work on 9th and 10th.
464 13-1-1953 Madras- Baba stayed in a Lodge. His presence was kept a secret. Mast work on 14th and 15th. He left for Andhra on 15th
465 16-1-1953 First visit to Andhra Pradesh- Vijayawada-Stayed in the Train Rest House.
466 17-1-1952 Tadepalligudam -Baba stayed till 20th.
467 21 to 28-1-1953 Darshan at Penugonda, Nidadavole, Kovvur, Dowleswaram, Rajahmundry, Eluru. For 2 weeks the whole of Andhra was aflame and Meher Baba was openly proclaimed by public as the Avatar.
468 22 -1-1953 Baba dropped His Hands in the Godavari river at Dowleshvaram
469 23-to 28-1-1953 Eluru- Large Mass Darshan every every day at various places                                                                                         Baba praised Mahatma Gandhi and said "There is only one man who led a life 100% truthfulness and honesty and that was Mahatma Gandhi. I took promise from him when he met Me on the steamer Rajputana ( In September, 1931) that he would come to Me after India attains independence. He kept his promise and has come to Me.                                                                                            As instructed by Baba, the mandali and Andhra lovers kept awake the whole night on 27th January. On 28th January, (morning) Baba touched the feet of 56 persons with His forehead and these persons represented the  56 God realised men and women on the earth at any point of time.
470 11/2/1953 Meherazad- Baba's 59th birthday celebrated.
471 18-2-1953 Dehradun- Baba stayed till March 1st 1953.                           Stay particulars-March 6 to April 10, June 1 to June 6; June 10 top Sept. 11 ; Sept. 15 to Nov. 18; Nov. 21 to 29; Last stay was on 29th Nov. 1953 and Baba did not visit Dehradun thereafter.
472 3/3/1953 Rishikesh - Baba met Swami Shivanand in his ashram. Mast work at Rishikesh and Haridwar.
473 6/3/1953 Dehradun- Baba stayed till April 10. Parsi New Year was celebrated on 21st March. there was darshan program on 23rd March, Lord Rama's birthday. On 5th April Yogi Sudhanand Bharti  came for Baba's darshan.
474 10/4/1953 Mussoorie- Baba stayed till June 1st. A list of all Baba's men and women mandali. disciples and devotees was drawn up and Eruch would daily read the names to Baba. a list of departed lovers was also read out to Baba daily.
475 1 to 6-6-1953 and June-10 to Sept, 11 Baba stayed in Dehradun.
476 19-6-1953 Dehradun - at 8 a.m. Baba remembered with Love His departed lovers. A list of 149 names was read and Baba laid His head on the feet of those present.
477 8/7/1953 Dehradun- As per Baba's order Bhau Kalchuri came here to stay with Him permanently.
478 30/7/1953 Dehradun- Meher Baba drew the figure of a "chicken' in lieu of His signature  to Kishan Singh. Baba later called this "his Mischievous chicken",
479 13-8-1953 Dehradun- Meher Baba dictated the Masters' or Parvardigar prayers and till 2nd September it was recited every evening with Baba taking part in the prayer.
480 7/9/1953 Dehradun-Baba gave the "Highest of High" Message on Zoroaster's birthday.
481 15-9-1953 to 18-11-1953 Baba stayed in Dehradun.                                                       On 28th October-Baba desired His lovers to keep awake from midnight and audibly repeat God's name according to their religion for one hour without a break (Upto 1 a.m.)
482 18 to 21-11-1953 Delhi -Baba stayed at Kain's house in presidents Estate. On 20th He watched a Cricket Match , President's 11 Vs Prime Minister's 11 and later visited the shrine of Nizamuddin. He gave to Principal Niranjan Singh 2 Messages for students "Material and Spiritual Science" and "Internal Conviction".
483 21 to 29-11-1953 Dehradun- Baba left by train on 29th  November for Mahabaleshwar after a period of 9 months. Baba did not visit Dehradun thereafter.
484 1/12/1953 Mahabaleshwar -Baba arrived from Dehradun.                     Stay particulars. 1953 dec. Dec 6 to 31 1954-Jan. 4 to feb.1, Feb. 12 to 12, march 6 to 19; March 22 to April 29; May 1 to 14; May 17 to June 2.
485 1953 1st issue of Awakener was published in U.S.A. The Last issue  was in 1986. editor was Fills Frederick.
486 Jan, 1954 Mahabaleshwar -Baba had dictated a portion of His book "God  Speaks" to Eruch in Dehradun and now in Mahabaleshwar. He began dictating more "Points' to Eruch.
487 1/2/1954 Meher Baba left Mahabaleshwar for Hamirpur with 9 men of His mandali. Later other lovers joined Him from Poona, Bombay, Nagpur. Baba had dictated 12 messages which were sent ahead to Hamirpur and Andhra to be translated into Hindi and Telegu.  Baba stayed in Hamirpur District till 10th February,
488 3/2/1954 Baba arrived at Orai at 3 p.m. at the residence of Maharaja Raghuraj Singh,. Darshan program started  at 10 a.m.
490 5th to 10th Feb, 1954 Darshan programs at Bokhar, Jarakhar, Dhagwan, Naurenga, Rath, Dhanauri, Chhani, Muskara, Hamirpur, Inghota Mahoba, Panwari Gauhari, Mahewa. Keshav Narayan Nigam and Pukar were continuously  with Baba.
491 9/2/1954 Mahewa, Hamirpur District. As this was the last day of Baba's darshan program in Hamirpur District, Baba instructed that all the men accompanying Him should keep awake that night from 9 p.m. to 4.30 a.m. on 10th . Quawali singing was arranged during this period.
492 10/2/1954 Mahewa, Hamirpur District. Exactly at midnight The Repentance Prayer was read. At about 1 a.m. Baba spelt out the words "avatar Meher Baba ki Jai" though Eruch for the first time, declaring, himself as the Avatar in Public from that day onward. Baba's 60th birthday fell on this day as per Parsi colander.                                                        Baba used to refer to Hamirpur as His Heart.
493 20/2/1954 Baba's second visit to Andhra Pradesh.                                  Arrived at Vijayawada at 8.20 a.m. and stayed at Chinta Sarva Rao's residence.                                                              Feb. 21-Guntur, Feb, 21- Masulipatnam, Feb.22,23 & 24 -Eluru.                                                                                         Feb, 25-26-Tadepalligudam. Avatar Meher Baba's 60th  birthday was celebrated on 25th Feb, at Dr. Dhanpati Rao's place and Baba's feet were washed with Panchamithram.
494 Feb. 25, 1954 Penugonda -darshan program
495 Feb. 26, 1954 Ramachandrapuram, Gopalapuram, darshan program
496 Feb. 27, 1954 Nidadavole, Kovvur, Rajahmundry - darshan program
497 Feb. 28, 1954 Amalapuram, Dowleswaran-darshan program
498 March-1 1954 Razole, Kottapeta, Rajahmundry-darshan program.
499 March-1,1954 Rajahmundry- Baba convened a meeting of workers at the Gurukul hall at 9 p. m.  His explanations on various matters will serve as a beacon to pilgrims and lovers,  giving them a true understanding of what Real work for the Avatar consists of and what it means.
500 March-2,1954 Thapeswaram, Alamaru,Mandapeta-darshan program.
489 March-2 &3 1954 Kakinada- Baba arrives at 6 a. m.                                            3rf March, was the last day of darshan                                    Baba stated: Andhra is My Head. Hamirpur is My Heart.
490 March-4,1954 Samakot-Baba and His party boarded the train for Poona.
491 20-3-1954 Sakori-Baba arrived at 9 a.m. -Godavari Mai received Him. Baba visited Upasani Maharaj's samadhi , spoke about Him and His Role and left for Ahmednagar in the evening.                      Baba said "Upasni Maharaj was the first to tell Me I was the Avatar. Today i know that I am Avatar."
492 2/6/1954 Satara- Baba and mandali moved from Mahabaleshwar. Period of stay-June-2 to 26; July 2to August 31 1954. Sept. 2 to 6; Oct.5 to 13; 15 to 16; Oct.22 to Dec31                             June-July 1954: In Satara, Baba dictated the 2nd part of God speaks which was completed in July.                                  Baba stayed for long period in Satara: During 1954 (173days), 1955 (288days), 1956 (252days)
493 12/9/1954 Ahmednagar-Mass darshan program at Wadia Park. Baba arrived at 9 a.m. Godavari Mai had come from Sakori with the Kanyas. Gadge Maharaj had also come with his followers.                                                                                  Baba's three messages were read and Baba started distributing prasad of sweets up to 3 p.m. Baba later took part in the mass feeding program where 20,000 people were served food. Baba continued prasad distribution till 6 p. m. It was estimated that nearly a lakh people  had darshan. This was the 1st and last mass darshan Baba ever gave in Ahmednagar.
494 23-9-1954 & 29/30-9-1954 Ahmednagar-7000 people had darshan at Khushru Qtrs.
496 6/7-11-1954 Pandharpur- baba gave darshan to about 70,000 people at Vithoba Temple in presence of Gadge Maharaj. He also visited the colony for lepers.
498 1955 Satara-Period of stay by Baba                                                             Jan. 1 to 18, Jan. 25 to March 21, April 8 to June 1, June 3 to 13, 15, 21, June 24 to July 13, July 15 to Aug. 13, August 15 to Oct.14, Oct. 18 to 27, Dec. 11 to 31 ( Total 288 days)                                             Satara -Seclusion-1st May to 31st July.
499 14-8-1955 Bombay-Public darshan at "Ashiyana" at 7 a.m.
500 4/11/1955 Meherabad -Sahwas program in 4 groups-Gujrati, teludu, Hindi and Marathi.                                                                      Gujrati group -97 lovers -Nov. 4th to 8th.                                   Telugu group -181 lovers -Nov. 12th to 16th.                           Hindi group- 164 lovers -Nov. 20th to 24th.                                Marathi group-213 lovers- Nov. 28th to Dec.2                          Baba used to arrive at Meherabad by about 8 a.m. and leave for Meherazad by about 6.p.m. on all days of the sahwas program. The Sahwasis were very fortunate to enjoy the company of God for about 10 hours each day in God's Land-Meherabad.

Compiled by Sh. A . K. Mehernath of Chennai
241 16-2-1936 Baba's forty second birthday as per Parsi calendar -Not celebrated  anywhere as per His instructions. Baba was staying on that day at His disciple Mr. C. V. Sampath Aiyangar's residence at Bangalore on a private visit to the family. On the same day Upasani Maharaj unexpectedly visited Ahmednagar after a lapse of nearly fifteen years for the specific purpose of performing arti and offering Prayers to Meher Baba's photo at Khushroo Quarters.
242 8/1/1936 Baba opened Rahuri Ashram. It was closed on 2-5-1937
243 20-10-1936 Baba left Karachi by train. Reached on 22nd.
244 24-10-1936 Baba, Kaka Baria and Chanji left by Imperial airways Hadrian plane for Bagdad. 9th visit to West- U.K., Europe, turkey etc., returned on 22-11-1936. First time Air travel abroad.
245 25 to 28-10-1936 Bagdad-arrived by plane from Karachi . First time air travel.
246 4 to 6-11-1936 London- Stay at Hygeia House.
247 8 to 8-11-936 Stay at Paris
248 17-2-1937 Baba's 43rd birthday celebrated at Nasik. 10000 poor people were given grains and cloth and Baba touched their feet.
249 June, 1937 Nasik Ashram was closed.
250 30/31-7-1937 Bombay -Baba stayed at Regent Hotel before He left for India.
251 31-7-1936 Baba  left India  by Strathnaver- tenth visit to West-Europe-returned 0n 20-11-1937.
252 13-8-1936 to 2-11-1937 Cannes (France)- Baba stayed for 3 months.
253 20-2-1938 44 th birthday was celebrated in Meherabad Hall exclusively by about 200 women mandali and lovers at Lower Meherabad by men.                                                                                                   5 a. m.-Baba's feet were washed with milk and Saffron.               8 a. m.- Darshan program and distribution of prasad, bhajans.
254 21-2-1938 Feast served to about 5000 poor people and villagers.
255 11/7/1938 Meherabad-Baba held a meeting in His Jhopdi at 10 a. m. with the purpose of reorganizing the Meher Gazette, published by C. V. Sampath Aiyangar from 1930 at Madras and begin a new Magazine, meher Baba journal from Meherabad / Ahmednagar.
256 1/8/1938 Fulfilling His promise to Baba, Eruch led his family from Nagpur to Ahmednagar to join Baba's mandali. As Papa Jessawala had 1 year of service before he retired, Baba advised him to complete his obligations and join Him after one year.
257 25-8-1938 Meherabad- As the construction work was over, Baba shifted everyone to Meherabad Hill at  8 a. m. and went up to see the new building.
258 28-8-1938 As an expression of his  appreciation Baba garlanded the 3 main workers (Pendu, Kalemama and Naoroji) . A feast was arranged in the village and Baba was taken there in grand procession.
259 Nov, 1938 Meher Baba Journal published -copy sent to Narayan Maharaj.
260 8/12/1938 Chevrolet Blue bus tour begins with 22 disciples -men and women and lasted till May 1939. Visited Sholapur, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Jaipur, Puskar, Ujjain, Mandala, Benaras, Kanpur, Agra, Mathura, Delhi, Ajmer, Sarnath etc.
261 9 to 17-12-1938 Hyderabad-Baba stayed in a bungalow.
262 18/19-12-1938 Nagpur stay
263 19-12-1938 to 15-1-1939 Jabalpur-25th Dec. Baba took a boat ride in the Narbada river and dipped his hands in the water.                                                28 to 31-12-1938 - visit to Mandala.                                                8 -10-1-1939-Darshan Programs
264 16 to 23-1-1939 Benaras-17-1-4939-Boat idea in Ganges.                                         19-1-1939-visit to Sarnath. feet.
265 23-1-1939 Kanpur-Baba stayed in Kashmir Hotel
266 24-1-1939 to 1-2-1939 Agra-stayed in a rented house.                                                       Visited Taj Mahal, Jumma Masjid, the Fort, Shish Mahal, Moti Masjid.                                                                                          28-1-1939-Visited Mathura, Gokul, Vrindavan, -places connected with Lord Krishna.
267 1 to 7-2-1939 Delhi- visited Laxminarayan Temple, Tomb of Hazrat Nizamuddin, Qutub Minar.
268 8 to 27-2-1939 Ajmer- 0days stay.
269 1/3/1939 Ujjain- visited Kali Temple.
270 3 to 12-3-1939 Bhopal-Baba stayed for 10 days  at Ruby Hotel
271 13-3-1939 Baba visited Sagar-place where Tajuddin Baba got God realisation.
272 13 to 19-3-1939 Jabalpur - 7 days stay.
273 25-3-1939 to 15-5-1939 Baba stayed in Jabalpur-Ashram opening matter kept pending.  Returned to Meherabad on 15th May.
274 23-6-1939 Baba sent Chanji to meet Gandhiji  and to hand over to him the 1st issue of Meher baba journal.
275 22-7-1939 Gandhi ji sent his colleague B. D. K. Kalakar to Meherabad to see the Ashram and express his opinion. He left on 24th July.
276 13-8-1939 Bangalore- Baba went with sir Mirza Ismail to inspect the property, at Byramangala (22 miles from Bangalore).
277 14-8-1939 Bangalore- Baba moved to building "Link" at Sankey Road.
278 15-8-1939 Bangalore- Mandali, mast and animals shifted from from Meherabad to Ashram at Palace Road.
279 1/9/1939 Byramangala - Baba selected a point and hammered a spike.      This was called the Central Point.
280 25-11-1939 Bangalore- Baba made out His will
281 26-11-1939 Trichinopoly -Mast work for 2 days.
282 28-11-1939 Nagapattnam- Mast work for 1 day.
283 28/29-11-1939 Tanjore- Mast work for 2 days.
284 17-12-1939 Baba laid the foundation stones of of Meher Baba Universal Centre at Byramangla, near Bangalore.         The Dewan of Mysore, Sir, Mirza Ismail, presided on the occasion. The site was 574 acres in area and a 9 member Trust was formed to work out the project.
285 4 to 10-1-1940 Mast trip to south India-Trichy, Madras, Cape Comorin.
286 16-1-1940 Hassan -4 days stay.
287 18-2-1940 Bangalore- Baba's 46th birthday celebrated,
288 March, 1940 Bangalore-Baba remarked about Mandala-" Mandala is My spiritual home of ages ago. I am having this small structure built (an exact replica of His tomb at Meherabad ) because of My link with it from the past. Pendu and Papa were asked to look after the construction work for 2 months.
289 3/4/1940 Shimoga-Visit to Gerosappa Falls
290 4/4/1940 Karwar-visit -4 days stay
291 11/4/1940 Panjim, Goa-Baba stayed for 4 days at Hotel Repbulica.
292 20-4-1940 Belgam- left on 23rd
293 26-4-1940 Mahabaleshwar-2 days stay.
294 9/5/1940 Message- "I want to open 12 centres throught India before I speak. Of these 6 have already been established at Meherabad, Nasik, Madras, Byramangla and Mandala. For remaining 6, different places in India are still to be selected."
295 4 to 16-11-1940 Veyangoda- Ceylon
296 11/11/1940 Ahmednagar- Sarosh and Pendu won auction bid of Pimpalgaon Property and informed Baba ( In Ceylon) about this.
297 16-11-1940 to 5-12-1940 Kandy Ceylon.                                                                                   23-11-1940-The Blue Bus arrived for travel in Ceylon.
298 6/12/1940 Ramanad-2 days stay -Baba contacted Pallukollah Baba, King of Masts, who was between the 6 th & 7th planes.
299 8 to 23 12-1940 Calicut- Baba stayed for 16 days.
300 26-12-1940 to 5-2-1941 Jaipur-40 days stay. On 9-1-1941-dictated Message-7 Realities.  14 to 24 January- Mast tour
301 13-2-1941 Madras -left for Ramnad in Adi's Vauxhall car.
302 15-2-1941 Return to Madras-Short stay -en-route to Delhi by train.             It was Baba's birthday and He remarked; " This year being the most important one in Spiritual history, My birthday will not be celebrated publically or privately.
303 18-2-1941 Delhi-Saw Charlie Chaplin Movie " The Great Dictator" and  recommended mandali to see it.
304 19-2-1941 Stay at Jaipur till 25th
305 25-2-1941 Agra-Visit to Taj Mahal, Agra Fort-2 days stay.
306 27-2-1941 Delhi-3 days stay at Regal Hotel
307 3/3/1941 Lahore- left on 5th.
308 12/3/1941 Quetta-Stayed for a month-left on 7th April for Dehradun.
309 10/4/1941 Dehradun-Mast work- seclusion left on 7th May.
310 17-5-1941 Ajmer- Left on 14th July- Mast trips in between 4 times.
311 1/8/1941 Meherabad-Seclusion in a cage room for a week till 7th and then shifted to the Dome till 12th.
312 3/9/1941 Panchgani-stayed till 30th.
313 30-9-1974 to 13-10-1941 Mast tour.
314 14-10-1941 Panchgani-stayed till 28th.
315 17-10-1941 Momentous Last Meeting of Upasani Maharaj and Meher Baba at Dahigaon. (40 miles from Meherabad), after 19 years.             Baba arrived from Panchgani and He sent Sarosh and Gulmai  to bring Maharaj from Sakori. They met in a hut for 30 minuets and no one was present.
316 29-10-1941 Karwar-Stay till 8th November.
317 27-11-1941 Baba travelled for last time in the blue Bus driven by Sarosh from Ahmednagar to Satara and told Sarosh:                                  "This s the last journey of the Blue Bus. You are very lucky to drive Myself  in this bus on this last trip. You are the one who had it built     and now you are taking it on its final journey.       "The Blue Bus is like the Chariot of Krishna and to keep it preserved is essential."
318 5/12/1941 Meherabad- Baba sent following message to Gandhiji through Chanji:  "Stick to truth at all costs even if it means giving up your political life. Do not try to force non violence on unwilling adherents nor even try to establish it, since it is already eternally established."
319 5/12/1941 Meherabad-   After a period of 16 years Baba instructed Mandali  to again start lighting Dhuni at Meherabad from the 12th of December 1941. Baba ordered  that Dhuni should be lit on 12th of every month thereafter and His order is accordingly observed to this day and will be done in the future  as per His will.
320 24-12-1941 Upasani Maharaj dropped His body.
321 30-12-1941 Allahabad-3 days touched the feet of about 7000 sadhus
322 24-12-1941 Upasani Maharaj dropped His body.
323 30-12-1941 Allahabad-3 days touched the feet of about 7000 sadhus
324 1941 During this year, Baba journeyed about 18,000 miles in India to Contact God intoxicated souls (Masts).
325 12-1-19342 Baba asked Papa jessawala to light the dhuni at Meherabad which was kept burning for 48 hours in memory of Upasani Maharaj.
326 19412 Baba journeyed about 15,000 miles in India to Contact God intoxicated souls during this year.
327 13-1-1942 Mohammad, 5th plane Mast, was brought to Meherabad and he has stayed there since then till his demise.
328 Feb, 1942 Baba dictated 4 messages and sent his mandali to deliver the same to the leaders of political parties in India.
329 14-2-1942 Dehradun-Baba's 48th birthday -no celebration
330 27-12-1942 Meherabad- General Meeting - a large tent was erected near the Railway track with on one side where Baba sat. 99 men attended and were divided into 4 groups, A, B, C, D and given instructions.
331 25-2-1943 Baba's mother Shireen Mai passed away at Poona. Baba came Mahabaleshwar late in the night and did not enter the house. later He remarked "Memo has come to me and is now fully in Bliss."
332 22-3-1943 Barsi (44 miles from Sholapur) Baba visited to bless the newly opened Meher Baba Centre.
333 1/4/1943 Bhilar - Baba shifted the women mandali for short stay till 25th May.
334 14-5-1943 Meeting at Meherabad- 125 Baba lovers from all over India had  gathered and  were housed in Lower Meherabad 5 day stay and partial fast of one meal a day.  Message Divine Theme issued and explained. Baba addressed all collectively. gave instructions and Discourses. silence observed on 18th May from 7 a.m. to 7 p. m.  those gathered dispersed on 19th May.
335 7/7/1943 Lahore- Baba was informed about C. V, Sampath Aiyangar's demise at Madras and Baba sent a telegram to the family -"He has joined Me in infinity" frequent travels  for Mast work every work every month till Nov, 20th.
336 1/10/1943 Lahore -Baba revealed : In future India will be divided into 2 countries.
337 19-10-1943 Calcutta-Baba served food to about 1000 destitutes and each man was given a dhoti and each women a sari. Baba also visited several local relief centres and gave money to one of centres.
338 20-10-1943 Lucknow-About 250 poor were fed and Baba handed over clothing and a rupee to each.
339 22-11-1943 Amritsar- Baba visited The Golden temple on His way to Delhi.
340 22-11-1943 Delhi-visited Qutub Minar
341 29-11-1943 Pimpalgaon- Baba stated " For My work I have t reside in Pimpalgaon.
342 25-2-1944 Aurangabad-Baba distributed 2 meters of cloth and  and 3 seers of millet to each person in the Town  Hall premises from 1 p.m. to 6 p. m. (Stay-Feb. 6 to Apr. 9)
343 3/3/1944 Khuldabad- Another distribution program at Bani Gardens.
344 14 to 18-3-1943 Paithan- 3rd distribution program at Bani Gardens
345 April, 1944 During this period 5 men and 6 women wee staying at Pimpalgaon and 21 men and 20 women and children at Meherabad. Eruch, kaka Baria and Dr. Nilu would come and go between Poona and Bombay . Adi sr. was living in Ahmednagar.
346 1944 Baba chose Pimpalgaon as His place of residence and for His further work and the place was named Meherazad later on.
347 July, 1944 Myrtle beach, south California , U.S.A. -Meher Spiritual Centre  Property of Mr. Simon Chapin, Father of Elizabeth Patterson comprising of about 500 acres of Timber land, with fresh water lakes fed by springs and close to Atlantic Ocean, was dedicated to Baba by Elizabeth Patterson. Baba referred to this place as  "My Home in the West." Elizabeth Patterson and Norina Matchabelli were co-founders of Meher Spiritual Centre at Myrtle beach. Kitty Davy joined them in 1952. When Norina passed away in 1957, Baba wanted Jame Haynes to take her place.
348 12/11/1944 Nagpur- Baba visited Ramkrishna Ashram. Baba had referred to Perfect Master Ramkrishna of Calcutta as the "Heralder of the Avataric Age."  Baba visited National College -Message "God and Love" was read out.
349 14-11-1944 Nagpur- Darshan at the Theosophical society at 10 a.m. Message. "the Dynamics of love." was read out.                           At 7.30 p. m. -meeting at Convocation Hall . Message "The Unity of all Life" was creed out.
350 16-11-1944 Nagpur-visit to Buddhist society.
351 23-12-1944 Meherabad- special meeting-22 men from all over India and 18 men from the resident Mandali were called by Baba. Meeting held   for 3 hours in the morning and private interviews in the evening. Baba conveyed what He felt about each of them. Proceedings were recorded in short hand by Feram Workingboxwala.
352 28-5-1945 Ahmednagar-baba attended the wedding  of Eruch and Khorshed and Eruch's sister Meheru to Sevak at akbar press. (Eruch did not lead married life as per Baba's order.)
353 3/9/1945 Sadguru Narayan Maharaj dropped His body at Bangalore.
354 31-10-1945 Angris Rishi Hills-  (200 feet Mountain-100 miles from Raipur)  2 weeks seclusion till 13th November.
355 24-11-1945 Wai -1 week stay
356 8/12/1945 Pasrami- 1 week stay

Compiled by Sh. A . K. Mehernath of Chennai
92 11/1/1926 Baba wrote His own Arti -which later came to be known as Gujrati Arti.
93 18-2-1926 Baba's 32nd Birthday was celebrated in the presence  of His mother and sister.
94 3/5/1926 Baba occupied the stone water tank on Meherabad hill for 7 days and continued writing book.
95 25-5-1926 Meherabad Eye hospital opened
96 29-5-1926 56th birthday of Upasani Maharaj observed -4000 people and villagers were fed.
97 21-6-1926 Bakrid was observed
98 7/7/1926 1st group of Telegu people came for darshan and rendered songs in Telegu . Baba discouraged on Yoga.
99 10/7/1926 1st anniversary of silence -Baba fasted for 24 hours.
100 10/8/1926 Irani New Year day was observed.
101 Aug, 1926 During train journey of Narayan Maharaj from Kedgaon , the train suddenly stopped near Arangaon where Meher baba was standing . Both Masters has eye contact.
102 9/9/1936 Parsi New years day-Bhajans
103 11/9/1926 Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated. Painting of Lord Ganesh was hung in Sai Darbar.
104 1/10/1926 Mandali meeting. Baba remarked "Meherabad is the best place for those in the Spiritual Path."
105 16-10-1926 Dussehra - Poja, Arti at Sai darbar. Baba garlanded the Photos of Babajan and Maharaj.
106 20-10-1926 Table cabin was shifted to a new spot near Neem tree and Baba occupied it at 4 p.m. Baba finished writing secret book here only.
107 5/6 11-1926 Deepawali celebrated-fire works-sweets distributed and prasad
108 24-11-1926 Baba ordered that all letters and correspondence from his lovers to be burnt and destroyed.
109 11/10/1926 Ist anniversary of dhuni -Fire lighted in evening -Gujrati Arti sung-rained heavily.
110 16-11-1926 Ekadasi day-Baba decided that He would fast on behalf of all.
111 31-12-1926 Baba's last written discourse given on Love.
112 2/1/1927 Ist anniversary of dhuni -Fire lighted in evening -Gujrati Arti sung-Rained.  Baba stopped writing completely and started conveying through English Newspaper letters and hand gestures and later on through an Alphabet Board.
113 7/1/1927 Baba began using alphabet Board
114 2/1/1927 Pimpalgaon-1st visit to see water reservoir
115 26-2-1937 Ahmednagar-Visit to National School
116 1/3/1927 Meherabad -Primary School for children opened
117 17-3-1927 Holi festival darshan -Dhuni lighted
118 26-3-1927 Zurasthra's birthday observed-darshan
119 4/4/1927 Ramzan observed -darshan.
120 5/4/1927 Hazrat Babajan Girl's School opened at Arangaon.
121 Gustadji asked by Baba to observe silence and he maintained till his demise.
122 1/5/1927 Meher Ashram Boarding School opened at Meherabad
123 2/6/1927 Meherabad -Petromax light used  for the first time.
124 11/6/1927 Bakrid celebrations-sweets for children
125 16-6-1927 Prayer for ashram boys for daily recitation-"Hari, Parmatma, Allah, Ahuramazda, god Yazdan Hu."
126 30-6-1927 Meher Ashram School shifted from Arangaon to Meherabad hill.
127 1/7/1927 School formally named Hazrat Babajan School
128 3/7/1927 1st group  of Persian students who joined-12 Zoroastrians and 2 Muslims.
129 17-7-1927 Cricket match -Meherabad School team Vs Ahmednagar team.
130 10/8/1927 Baba spoke about Gandhi ji and his work
131 16-8-1927 Meherabad hill-Baba began staying  in the cabin like crypt.
132 19-9-1927 New Hand driven Rickshaw arrived for Baba's use.
133 28-11-1927 Chaggan was appointed as Baba's orderly . Vishnu given new duty -Baidul was Baba's official C. I. D
134 10/12/1927 Beginning of Prem Ashram-A few boys who performed meditation to studies were kept here separately from others.
135 20-12-1927 Seclusion in crypt cabin for 67 days ( till 26-2-1928)
136 6/1/1928 Baba revealed that at 2 a.m. a Secret Conference of Spiritual Masters was held in His underground Crypt.
137 28-2-1928 Baba allowed Prem Ashram boys to dress Him as Lord Krishna
138 25-3-1928 Prem Ashram was    formally opened at Meherabad Hill.
139 1/4/1928 Hazrat Babajan visited Meherabad School. Two Masters had only eye contact.
140 2/4/1928 Baba paid return visit to Babajan School
141 18-5-1928 Toka visit ( 45 miles from Ahmednagar). Baba liked this place. Plot of land purchased.
142 30-5-1928 Table cabin was shifted to Toka.
143 3/6/1928 At 3 a.m. Baba left Meherabad for Toka with Ashram children, teachers and mandali ( about 500 persons)
144 4/8/1928 Toka- School started
145 12/8/1928 Toka- Dhuni lighted, Arti sung.
146 8/9/1928 Toka- Lord Krishna's birthday celebrated with Baba dressed as Krishna
147 29-11-1928 Toka- Baba left for Meherabad
148 4/12/1928 Toka school Ashram closed shifted back to Meherabad
149 1/1/1929 Meher Message-First issue released (40 pages)
150 10/7/1929 First recorded North Indian Bus tour till 28-2-1929- Nasik, Gwalior, Agra, Delhi, Lahore, Srinagar etc.
151 25-7-1929 Amritsar-11 a.m Viewed Sikh's Golden Temple from a distance
152 25-7-1929 Lahore-2 days stay at Empress hotel
153 29-7-1929 Srinagar-Baba and His group were lodged in house boats till 3-8-1929
154 3/8/1929 Harvan Village (12 miles from Srinagar) -stayed in Srinagar till 11th. On the 8th August a large feast was given to the villagers. Baba disclosed on 6th August " The place I have chosen for seclusion is connected with Jesus Christ. His body is buried in a cave there.
155 20-9-1929 Baba left India on Second Visit to Persia -returned on 12-11-1929
156 1/12/1929 Nasik-Darshan to railway Staff at the station premises.
157 19-1-1930 Nasik-Gyas Manzil -22 days seclusion in a Cage like cabin
158 31-1-1930 Meherabad-Baba declared, "In the future Meherabad will be like Jerusalem. For my spiritual work it is the best possible place and will always be the center of My Work."
159 24/25-2-1930 Kolhapur -stay and Darshan at Kolhapur High School
160 1/3/1930 Baba's first visit to Saidapet, Madras. Stayed at Meher Bhawan, Sri C. V. Sampath Aiyangar's house.
161 2/3/1930 Baba inaugerated Meher Ashramam-Planted Peepal tree in the premises -approved formation of Meher League  and publication of Meher Gazette.
162 3/3/1930 Baba left Madras by private bus for Bangalore , Mysore..
163 4/5-3-1930 Bangalore and Mysore
164 12/4/1930 Kolhapur- Baba planted a mango tree in the School premises and darshan
165 15-5-1930 Baba seclusion in Tiger Valley , for 12 days till 26-5-1930
166 June, 1930 First issue of Meher Gazette-Published from Saidapet, Madras -Editor-V. T. Laxmi.
167 23-6-1930 Srinagar-Harvan-stay till 28th
168 24-8-1930 Nagpur- Baba stayed at Papa Jessawala's house. He told Gaimai "Eruch is My son. I will give you another".
169 26-1-1931 Baba travelled for first time in a small private aeroplane -hired by Sarosh at Deolali.
170 1/6/1931 Baba left India on third visit to Persia -returned mid July 1931
171 4/8/1931 Kurnool- (in present Andhra Pradesh)-baba met Mr. C. V. Sampath Aiyangar and family and stayed at his residence. Baba was having a beard for some time and He shaved off the same at Kurnool. he left on 8th August for Karachi.
172 29-8-1931 Baba left Bombay by S.S. Rajputana on first visit to West and USA ( U.K., Europe, turkey, USA) -returned in January 1932.
173 29-8-1931 Baba was listed in the passenger list as M. S. irani and continued to sign important documents as M. S. Irani from then onward.                                          Mahatma Gandhi who was also travelling to U. K. in the same ship visited Baba in His cabin 3 times (8, 9 & 10th September) and conversed  for more than an hour each time. Dada Chanji was the Interpreter.
174 Sept, 1931 Meher Baba disclosed for His followers who stayed in England for the first time that He was Avatar, the Messiah, the Christ though in India, devotees were referring to Him as Sadguru  or Perfect Master. Although God appeared in Physical Form in the East ( in India) , He first revealed Himself to be an Avatar only in the West.
175 11/6/1931 Marseilles-First time stopped on to the Shores of Europe at 8 a. m.
176 12/9/1931 London- Stay at Davy's house for 12 days ;( Sept, 12 &13, Sept 24 to Oct, 3 ) Discourses and visits
177 13-9-1931 Combe Marin-(230 miles from London) 10 hours car ride from London. baba stayed for 10 days in the 85 acre property of East Challacombe Retreat managed by Meredith Starr.
178 21-9-1931 Hazrat Babajan dropped Body at Poona and Baba was informed by telegram at Combe Martin. Baba  sent telegram to Ghani directing him t donate Rs 4000/-  on His behalf for erecting a marble Tomb.
179 2/10/1931 London- Baba met Gandhi at his request on his birthday at Kingslay Hall at 8.15 p. m. and had a long talk.
180 4/10/1931 Milan (Italy) -Met lovers at Rail Station
181 6/10/1931 Istanbul-(Turkey) -stayed till 14th
182 15-10-1931 Milan (Italy) -Satyed in Hotel Albergo Imperiale -10 th floor for 11 days. Trip to Italian Alps and places of interest -Left 25th evening.
183 25-10-1931 Genoa- stayed Milan Terminus Hotel  for 2 days. Boarded S S Roma for USA on 27th.
184 6/11/1931 Baba landed for first time on an American soil in New York. Left for Croton Harmon  (40 miles north) and stayed till 14th.
185 15/16-11-1931 Manhattan -stayed at Phillips Stokes Residences, 88, Grover Street,  Greenwich Village.
186 17-11-1931 The first Spiritual centre of America -100 acres of land and building, Greenfield, Hillsborough counting, New Hampshire State-Deed of Gardner to M. S. irani -schedule Vol V 686 p-319 dated 17-11-1931 for a consideration of 1 dollar.  (This property was returned to Gardner  to clear her mortgage and debts ration of 10 dollars)
187 21/22-11-1931 Boston -stay at Vendome Hotel
188 12/12/1931 Paris-Visit Effel Tower
189 24-3-1932 Baba left India by S S Conte Rosso- second visit to West ( U. K. , Europe, USA, Japan. Singapore, Ceylon) -return on 15th July 1932)
190 4/4/1932 Venice-Stay for 3 days at Hotel International.
191 7/17-4-4932 & 24/27-4-1932 London-stay at Davy's house
192 17/24-4-1932 Stay at Devonshire, retreat of Meredith Stairr.
193 28-4-1932 to 7-5-1932 Lugano (Switzerland)- Baba's father Sheriyarji passed away in India on 30-4-1932 and news received in U.S.A.
194 19-5-1632 USA Greenwich Village- stayed at Stoles Home, 88 Grover Street, New York. First public Darshan in U.S.A.
195 23-5-1932 USA Harmon Street-Interview to a journalist.
196 24-5-1932 USA -Baba picked up a small pink flower gave it to His disciple Elizabeth Patterson and told her " always keep the flower and write down this date. some day you will know the meaning of it". baba met with car accident in USa twenty years later exactly on 24th May 1952, in car driven by Elizabeth Patterson.
197 26/27-5-1932 Chicago- Missouri-Stay
198 29-5-1932 to 4-6-1932 Stay at Los Angeles -Public reception at Knicker Bocker Hotel . Studio visits at Hollywood -Paramount . MGM Universal, Fox.
199 9/11-6-1932 Honolulu stay
200 22-6-1932 Shanghai-China 2 days stay
201 24/26-3-1932 Nanking-saw Great Wall of China
202 6/7/1932 Singapore-ship berthed for 2 days -Drive round the city.
203 9/7/1932 Penang- Short drive -visited  2 Buddhist Shrines.
204 13-7-1932 Colombo- Ceylon ship berthed -Drove round the city.
205 18-7-1932 Baba left India by S S Kaisari Hind -third visit to West -Europe, Egypt-returned on 5-9-1932.
206 30-7-1932 Santa Marghanti- Italy) -stayed at Villa for 19 days -visited Assisi Florence , Portofino.
207 19-8-1932 Baba  wrote a letter from ship to His Sister Mani inviting her to leave home  to live with Him as mandali. On 19-8-1932, exactly 64 years, Mani passed away   to live with Baba for ever.
208 23 to 25-8-1932 Cairo -Visited -Pyramids, Sphinx, Zoo, Coptic Church etc.
209 13-9-1932 Baba met Dr. Ambedkar at Bombay and had conversation.
210 12 to 15-1-1933 & 27 to 30-1-1933 Colombo, Ceylon -stayed at White Horse Hotel.
211 15 to 29-1-1933 Baba stayed in a bungalow called Villa Valencia in the interior of Ceylon.
212 29-1-1933 Message at Ceylon- "The Ashrams which I have opened in Devonshire, Newyork, Nasik, Ahmednagar, and madras are open to all."
213 1/2/1933 Arrived at Madras enroute to Bombay.
214 13-4-1933 Agra-Taj Mahal visit in moon light
215 16 to 24-4-1933 Srinagar- (stayed in boat House)                                                                     Harvan- Baba indicated the place where Christ Apostles buried His body.
216 12/6/1933 Baba left India by  S S Victoria -Fifth visit to West -Europe-returned on 6-8-1933
217 28-6-1933 Portofino ( Italy) -stayed in a villa for 27 days till 24-7-1933. House)                      Short visit to Rome on 7th and 8th July 1933
218 25-9-1933 Baba left India by  S S Conte Verde -Sixth visit to west -Europe, U. K. and returned on 14-11-1933
219 9/10/1933 London-stayed in Hygeia house till 22nd October.
220 29-10-1933 Madrid (Spain) : 9 days stay till 31st October.                                                   Baba watched bull fight at Hippodrome, Spain. Both the bulls were killed. Baba said "They will reincarnate as human beings and rapidly advance on the path because they were killed in My presence."
221 17-2-1934 Baba's second visit to Saidapet, madras. He left on 19-2-1934.
222 18-2-1934 Baba's 40th birthday celebrated in His presence at Meher Ashramam,  Saidapet, Madras. group photo with lovers and 2 more photos with Baba as Krishna and Shiva taken.
223 18/19-4-1933 Bangalore- Stay at Sampath Aiyangar's house.
224 19-4-1932 Mysore-Stayed at Cunningham bungalow till 27th April.
225 23-5-1933 Baba dictated "The Theme of Creation".
226 9/6/1934 Baba left India by s S magnolia seventh visit to West -Europe, U. K.,- returned  on 2-8-1934
227 23-6-1934 Paris- stayed at the Metropolitan Hotel -left on 26th June.
228 26-6-1934 to 5-7-1934 London- stayed at Delia's brother Herbert's apartment at West Hampstead -discourses. On 29th June Baba revealed, " The Avatar has always been and will always be born in India and has always been a male and will always be in a male form."
229 6-7-1933 to 16-7-1934 Zurich-(Switzerland) -Baba had discussions about the Film Project with Director Gabriel Pascal and Card Vollmoeller. On 12 th July Baba stayed in seclusion in nearby Fallenfluh near the top edge of the mountain.                      He revealed "while working in seclusion, I have My physical body which becomes dead to all feelings of  touch. It is best if I draw a boundary all around at a distance of 50 yards. Anyone trying to cross that boundary would drop dead. that is why i have Kaka keep watch from a distance of 50 yards." I have drawn a circle around the country ( Switzerland) so that it will not be involved in the coming war."
230 15-11-1934 Baba left India by  S S Tuscania -Eight visit to west-Europe, U. K., U.S.A., Ceylon-returned on 15-2-1934.
231 29-11-1934 to 5-12-1934 London- checked into Hygeia House stayed at Delia's brother Herbert's apartment at West Hampst. left for U.S.A. on 5th December by S.S. Majestic, the largest ship in the world at that time.
232 12/12/1934 U.S.A.-arrival at New York -stayed at Shelton Hotel till 15th.
233 13/12/1934 Baba gave darshan to nearly 200  people at Stokes house.
234 18-12-1934 Arrival at California by train.
235 18-12-1934 to 7-1-1935 Hollywood-stayed in a rented house.                                                              Visited studios. Gave interviews to film personalities and discussions about the proposed spiritual film.
236 10-to 12-1-1935 Vancouver (Canada)-stayed at Yale Hotel.
237 15-2-1935 Baba blessed Madras devotees who met Him at Madras Egmore and Central station on His way back to Ahmednagar after His return from Eight tour abroad.
238 9-to 23-6-1935 Mount Abu- visited the famous Dilwada Temple. Seclusion for a few days
239 24-Jun to 5 July 1935 Surat-2 weeks stay -seclusion for few days.
240 6 to 9-7-1935 Stay at Navsari with Sorabji and his family.

Compiled by sh. A . K. Mehhernath of Chennai
Abu Road  (Rajasthan) Bareja
Adnera Bari
Agra (UP) Baroda (Gujrat)
Ahmedabad (Gujrat) Barsi (MS)
Ahmednagar (MS) Barwah
Aigarh (UP) Bassim
Ajanta (MS) Batraga Village
Ajmer (Rajasthan) Bawa Rudka Village
Akalkot Beawar (rajasthan)
Akbarabad Bednora
Akolner Belgaum (MS)
Aland Belur (WB)
Alola Benaras (UP)
Alwar (Rajasthan) Bhagalpur (Bihar)
Amalapuram (AP) Baghbanpura
Ambala (Punjab) Bhangir
Ambikapur (UP) Bharatpur (Rajasthan)
Amboli Bhilar (Bihar)
Amraoti (AP) Bhimadole
Amritsar (Punjab) Bhiwandi (Rajasthan)
Amroha (UP) Bhopal (MP)
Anakapalli Bhor (MS)
Angadwada Bhowali
Angris Rishi Hills Bhunij village
Ankai Hills Bidar (MS)
Annupur Bijnor (UP)
Arangaon (MS) Bikaner (Rajasthan)
Arantangi Bina (Rajasthan)
Aurangabad (MS) Bindraban (UP)
Avinashi Bir (Rajasthan)
Ayodhya (UP) Bishnupur
Bhanderdon Bombay  (MS)
Bableshwar Borgaon Village
Bajwa Village Broach (gujrat)
Balasore (Orissa)r Burhanpur
Ballary Byramangla (Karnataka)
Balnara Calicut
Balwala Cambay
Banda (UP) Capecomorin
Bangalore (Karnatka) Chakradapur
Bankara Chamba
Bansi Charthawal
Bareilly (UP) Charthawal
Chennai (Madras) Guna
Chennai (Tamilnadu) Guntur
Cherrekot Gwalior (MP)
Chhanni Hadiabad
Chhundangaur Hamirpur (UP)
Chickmagalur Happy valley
Chimgleput Harihar
Chinani Colony Haridwar (UK)
Choharpur Haripur
Chotiapur Harmaya
Colgon Harpalapar
Coonoor Harvan (J & K)
Cuttack Hassan (karnatka)
Dahigaon Hosali
Dalhousie Hoshiarpur (Punjab)
Dehradun Hubli (WB)
Delhi (Old & New) Hussainabad
Deoband Hyderabad (AP)
Deolali Ichhaora (UP)
Devargaai Igatpuri (UP)
Dewas Inghota (UP)
Dhagwan Islampur
Dhamtari Itarsi (UP)
Dhanauri Itnal village
Dhansukhkodi Jabalpur (MP)
Dhantoli Jabalpur ( M P)
Dharmangaon Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Dharwar Jalagunt
Dhond Jalalabad
Dhulia Jalgaon (MS)
Diksal Jamgaom
Dowleswaran Jammu ( J & K)
Dwarka Jamnagar (Gujrat)
Ellora caves Janakpur
Eluru Jarakhar (UP)
Erode Jasgiran
Etah Jaunpur (UP)
Faizabad Jawakhar
Gauhar Jawali
Goa Jayanagar (Karnataka)
Gonda Jhansi (UP)
Gopalpuram Jharsaguda
Gowalwadi Jodhpur (Rajasthan)
Gudur Jullundhar ( Punjab)
Gujranwala Junagarh (Gujrat)
Gulbarga Kaira
Kakinada ( AP) Mahgar (UP)
Kalka (HP) Mahoba (MP)
Kalyan (MS) Mahragram
Kandaheri Majhgwan
Kandeivili Malegaon
Kanganpur Malir
Kangravalle Manali (HP)
Kankhal (UK) Mandala (MP)
Kanpur (UP) Mandepeta (AP)
Kanwar Manglore (Karnatka)
Kapaswaram Manhad (MS)
Kapurthala (Punjab) Marma
Karal Masulipatanam (AP)
Katal Mathura (UP)
Katani ( MP) Maw
Kathgodam Mayapur
Kathiawar Meherabad (MS)
Katram Meherastha (UP)
Kazipur Meherazad (MS)
Khaanna (Punjab) Merrut (UP)
Khairathi Mettupalayam
Khandawa (MS) Midnapore (WB)
Khandi Miraj
Khar Mohwalla
Khoraa Moradabad (UP)
Khorrampura Morakka
Khuldabad (MS) Motichur (UK)
kolhapur (MS) Mount Abu ( Rajasthan)
Kotdwar (UK) Mujafarpur (UP)
Kottapetta Village (AP) Mujaffar Nagar (Bihar)
kovvur (AP) Murree
Kuluvalley (HP) Murtazapur
kup Muskara
Kurduwadi ( AP) Mussorie (UK)
Kurnool Mysore (Karnataka)
Kurushetra ( Harayana) Nadiad(Gujrat)
Lakori Nagapatnam (AP)
Lalitpur Nagore
Landhaura Nagpur (MS)
Laskar Naini Village (UP)
Lonavala (MS) Najibabad
Lucknow (UP) Naldurg
Ludhiana (Punjab) Nander
Madhupur Nandi Hills
Mahabaleshwar Narayangaon
Mahewa (UP) Nargol
Nasik (MS) Rajur
Nasirabad Ramchandrapuram (AP)
Naurenga (UP) Ranchi (Bihar)
Navsari (Gujrat) Rand
Nidadavole (AP) Rannad
Nipani Ratangarh (Rajasthan)
Niranjanpur (UP) Rath (UP)
Nishat Ratlam (MS)
Nishat Shalimar (J & K) Rawalpindi (Pakistan)
Nowbat Hills Razole
Okhla (UP) Rewa (MP)
Omkareshwar Rewagaon (MP)
Ooty (Karnataka) Rewari (Haryana)
Orai (UP) Rexaul
Osmanabad Rishikesh (UK)
Paithan Rohri
Palanpur (Orissa) Roorki (UP)
Panchgani (MS) Sadhaura
Pandharpur (MS) Sagar (MS)
Panipat (Punjab) Saharanpur (UP)
Panjim (Goa) Saidapet (Chennai)
Parner Sakharpa
Pasaran Sakherpa
Pathankot (HP) Sakori (MS)
Patna (Bihar) Samalkot
Pentapedu (AP) Sambalpur (Orissa)
Penugona (AP) Sandri
Phagwara (Punjab) Sangamner
Philaur Sangarpur
Pimpalgaon (MS) Sangeetpuri
Pinjaur (Punjab) Sangli
Porbandar (Gujrat) Saoner (MS)
Pulla Sarnath (UP)
Pune (MS) Saswad
Purandar Secubdrabad (AP)
Puri (Orissa) Shimoga
Purli Shindi
Pushkar (Rajasthan) Shirdi (MS)
Puskalraj (Rajasthan) Shivpur ( UP)
Rahata Sholapur (MS)
Rahata Village Sialkot (Pakistan)
Rahuri (MS) Sidhawra
Raichur (Orissa) Sirhind
Raipur (Chattisgarh) Sirur
Rajahmundry (AP) Sitapur (UP)
Rajkot (Gujrat) Sojat
Srinagar (J & K) Trichur (Orissa)
Sukkur (MS) Trivendram (Kerala)
Supa Tumkur
Surat (MS) Udaipur (Rajasthan)
Tadepalligudam (AP) Udwala
Tala Manner Ujjain (MP)
Talegaon Unawav (UP)
Tamuria Uri (J &  K)
Tanjore Utter Kashi (UK)
Tapovan Vengurla
Taragesh Fort Vijaypur village
Tatanagar (Jharkhand) Vijaywada (AP)
Tehti Gerwal Visapur
Telkotchek Wai
Thana Bhawan Walki
Thapeswaram Warangal (AP)
Tikamgarh Wazirabad
Tiruppur Yadgiri
Tiruvallur Ydtva
Toka (Rajasthan) Yeola
Trichinopoly Zahirabad

Compiled by Sh. A . K. Mehernath of Chennai
1323 Vita Karachi to Bombay
  Varela Persia
  Baroja Karachi
1931 Rajputana UK
  Roma USA
  George Washington Newyork
  Bremen Paris
  Narkunda India
  Conte Rosso UK
1932 Esperia Egypt
  Bremen Newyork
  Monestry Honolulu
  Empress of Japan China
  Kaiseri Hind India
  Kaiseri Hind Paris
  Victoria India
  Conte Verde Europe
  Ansonia Egypt
1933 Boloeran Ceylon
  Victoria UK
  Victoria India
  Conte Verde Europe
  Viceroy of India India
1934 Mangolia Marseilles
  Strathnover India
  Tuscania Europe
  Majestic USA
1935 Empress of Canada USA
  Fustimia Maru Ceylon
1936 Viceroy of India India
1937 Strathnover Cannes
  Circassia India


Compiled by Sh. A . K. Mehhernath of Chennai
Aden Myrtle Beach
Assissi Murphy
alexandria Mardrid
Avila Milan
Albuquerque Mubaraka
Atkins Mohammerch
Barcelona Multan
Bushire Monogomery
Baam Melbourne
Boulogne Monte Carlo
Bagdad Merseilles
Beruit Missouri
Colombo Mosul
Chicago Memphis
Cairo Meshd
Cannes New york
Colombia Nanking
Constantinople Nice
Combe martin Ostend
damascus Ojai
Darwin Onkara
Dover Paris
Duzab Portsaid
Dairen Penang
Devonshire Portfino
Duck town Prague (Oklahama)
Elpasco (Texas USA) Rome
Floence Raxaul
Fahrej Richmund
Geneva Singapore
Greemwich Shanghai
Hollywood San Fransisco
Hongkong Tenessee
Honolulu Tuscon
Hawai Viginia
Harman Venice
Helw Veyangola
Isfahn Vancouever
Istanbul Versailes
Los Angeles Woombye
London Winchester
Lugano Warner
Lebanon Washington
Lahore Yakohama
Lawrenceburg Yezd
Lucarno Zurich


Avatar Meher Baba has declared that, “Whenever I visit a place or stay there for however short time the spiritual atmosphere there greatly elevated.

Beloved Baba sanctified thousands of places in India in the present Advent and stayed in following places is of great importance.

1 Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) 168
2 Ajmer 97
3 Aurangabad 103
4 Bangalore 220
5 Bombay 1075
6 Dehradun 423
7 Delhi 56
8 Haridwar/Rishikesh (Uttarakhand) 104
9 Hyderabad 255
10 Jabalpur ( Madhya Pradesh) 89
11 Karachi (Now in Pakistan) 67
12 Kashmir 86
13 Lahore (Now in Pakistan) 98
14 Lonavla ( Near Bombay) 120
15 Mahabaleshwar 507
16 Manjari Mafi (Dehradun) 87
17 Meherabad 3484
18 Meherazad 3871
19 Mount Abu ( Rajasthan) 70
20 Mussoorie ( Himachal Pradesh) 53
21 Mysore 114
22 Nasik (Maharashtra) 721
23 Niranjanpur (Dehradun) 92
24 Panchgani ( Maharashtra) 179
25 Poona 1389
26 Quetta 88
27 Rahuri ( Maharashtra) 85
28 Sakori ( Maharashtra) 221
29 Satara 876
30 Toka ( Rajasthan) 17
1 U. S. A. 207
2 Australia 13
3 Ceylon 64
4 China 6
5 Egypt 29
6 France 88
7 Iraq 4
8 Italy 76
9 Japan 3
10 Persia 68
11 Singapore 4
12 Spain 10
13 Switzerland 37
14 Turkey 14
15 U.K. 11


Compiled by Sh. A . K. Mehhernath of Chennai
1922 Edward Memorial Hotel Ajmer
1924 Punjabi Bengal Hotel Howarh
Gujrat Hindu Lodge Baroda
1929 Maharaj Hotel Delhi
Empress Hotel Lahore
1931 Hotel Continental Istanbul
Vendome Hotel Boston
Albargo  Imperial Milan
Harmon Retreat Newyork
Astor Hotel Newyork
1932  Powers Hotel Paris
City Hotel Port Said
Hotel International Venice
Hotel Moana Honululu
Palace Hotel Shanghai
Hotel Knicker  Boker Hollywood
Perision Morandi Cairo
Knights Bridge Hotel London
Savoy Majestic Hotel Geneva
1933 White Horse Hotel Ceylon
Lawris  Empress Hotel Agra
Chambers Hotel Murree
Hotel Astoria Geneva
Hotel Elysee Rome
Hotel Ingels Spain
Hotel International Venice
Grand Hotel Madrid
Briston Hotel Marceilles
Hotel Price Donjuan Madrid
1934 Modern Lodge Bangalore
1939 Regent Hotel Old Delhi
1943 Sam Hotel Srinagar
1944 Agra Hotel Agra
1945 Rock Castle Hotel Secundrabad
1952 Lafayette Hotel USA
Pennstation Hotel Newyork
1956 Rubin Hotel London
Raffles Hotel Singapore
Delmonica Hotel Newyork
Felloship Club London
Hygone House London

Compiled by Sh. A . K. Mehernath of Chennai
1 25-02-1894 Sunday-5 A.M Birth of Merwan ( Meher Baba) at David Sasoon Hospital . Poona. Arival as the Awakner -the Avarar of the Age.
2 1899 Kintergarten-Padamji School, Poona. Overwheming experience -"I saw a great glitter of circles with tiny points in them as   Suns, Moons and stars were beimg projected from those points". Mehrwan lost consciousmes foe sometime and later muttered "I saw a divine Halo."
3 Sptember, 1992 Admitted to sardar Khan Dastur Naosherwan School, Poona
4 31-8-1903 Jonrd Poona Camp Govt. English School.
5 1906 Visited Tower of Silence, Poona in the night with His friebd Baily
6 4/1/1909 Joined Roman Catholic St. Vtncent School, Poona (Studied up to Matriculation)
7 1911 Merwan matriculated from St. Vincent School, Poona and was admitted in Deccan College, Poona.
8 1913 Hazrat Babajan gave Divine kiss on Merwam's forehead which made Him experience the "I am God State" , She declared that Merwan would shaje the wholw world and humanity will be benefitted by Him.
9 1914 Visits Zorastrian Fire Temple at Udwala.
10 April, 1915 Merwan saw Sadguru Narayan Maharaj at Kedgaon who garlanded him and made him sit on his diamond studdedthrone and gave him a dresh mango juice to drink.
11 1915 Merwan met Hazrat tajuddin Baba at nagpur who caressed his face and foreheadwith roses and remarked "My Heavenly rose".
12 Dec, 1915 Merwan went to Shiridi and met Sadguru Sai Baba who was going in procession on his way back from 'Lendi'. He streched his full length on the ground in front of Sai Baba and those accompanyong were astonished when sai baba prostrated to Merwan in return. Sai baba also uttered "Parvardigar" meaning, Sustainer, Vishnu-in a deep voice 3 times and inwardaly directed Merwan to go to Sadguru Upasani Maharaj  at Khandoba Temple 3 miles away.                      After meeting Sai Baba merwan went to near by   Khandoba Temple , where Sadguru Upasni Maharaj was stayimg. Maharaj flung a stone at Merwan which hit himon the forehesd at the same spot whwre Babajan had implanted the Divine Kiss. This brpoght Meherwan to the consciousness of His body.
13 1916 Poona, Baba worked as a clerk in brick  contractor's office for a short time
14 1916 Nagori Village Gujrat-worked as school teacher to teach English and Persian for short time -salary 200 per month
15 1916 Worked at theoritical company at Calcutta and Lahore for a  few months
16 1916 Worked in Sheriaji's Toddy Shop in Poona
17 1917-1919 Worked in Sheriaji's Toddy and Behramji's Shop in Poona
18 15-10-1918 Sai Baba dropped His body
19 Nov , 1919 Benaras -Merwan attended Yagna of Upasani Maharaj
20 Nov , 1919 Merwan visited Puri Jaganath Temple whwre His name His name was entered in the register as Jagat Narayan
21 1919 Gowalwadi ( Near Nasik) Meherwan and Maharaj stayed in cave for one night
22 1920 Merwan was given the name of Meher Baba -meaning Compassionate FATHER-ny His disciple Sayyed Saheb
23 1920 Began to stay at New Family house at 785, Butler Mohalla , Poona
24 1920 Gowalwadi-Merwan stayed alone in a cave in Bhorgad Mountain where Maharaj stayed. Merwan stayed here 40 days and nights taking only milk and Sayyed Saheb below along the cliffs.
25 Early 1921 Ahmednagar-Meher Baba's first visit on occasion of opening  New house "Sarosh Manzil" of Kaikhusroo by Upasani Maharaj.
26 6/7/1921 6 months stay at sakori till 2nd week of January, 1922
27 1921 Sadguru Upasani Maharaj declared, "I have given charge to Meherwan. He is the holder of my Key. He will move the world. Humanity at large will be benefitted at His hands. He told Meher Baba's discioles "Merwan is the Avatar. I have handed over the key whatever I possess to Merwan. Now hold His feet, not only with one hand but with both hands"
28 27-1-1922 Poona -stayed in hut -Ferguson college Road                           Meher Baba commenced His spiritual work with a group of His disciples. Left for Bombay on 22-5-1922                               Behram Irani- first disciple of Meher Baba was born 40 days after Baba's birth in tha same Sasoon Hospital, Poona.
29 13-1-1922-26-1-1922 Baba referred Himself as God concious Master-Sadguru -Qutub -for first time during stay at Khandwa
30 18-2-1922 Poona-28 th birthday of Meher Baba was celeberated at Sadashiv Patel's house. Mother shireen And Gulmai participated and Baba called Gulmai as His "Spiritual Mother"
31 22-5-1922 First foot journey -with 45 disciples -Poona to Bombay till 28 th May.
32 7/6/1922 Baba moved to Manzil-e-meem -The House of Master-with His disciples , stayedtill 19-4-1923.
33 18-6-1922 Puskar - Baba visited the temple dedicated to Lord Brahma , the Creator.
35 15-10-1922 Baba stayed for 18 hours at sakori. Mehera saw Him for the first time. This was Baba's last visit during Maharaj's life time.
36 Feb, 1923 Motto of Manzil-e-meem given as "Mastery in Servitude".
37 20-4-1923 Baba's first visit to Ahmednagar with 13 disciples-Stayed at Khushroo Quarters till May 4.
38 30-4-1923 Baba's first visit to Happy Valley-14 miles from Ahmednagar -where Rama and Sita Stayed during their exile-stayed till 5 th May.
39 4/5/1923 Baba's put His holy feet , at Arangaon Village-Meherabad -for first time. Sat ujder neem tree, Stayed at old Post Office Building till 8th May.
40 25-5-1923 First Spiritual tour-with 13 disciples Mathura, Karachi, Quetta, etc
41 27-5-1923 Agra-first vsit to Tajmahal
42 28-5-1923 Mathura -first visit to Lord Krishna's birth place
43 31-5-1923 Karachi- one week stay at Pilamai's house. Baba called her His "Spiritual Sister"
44 8/6/1923 Quetta-two weeks stay in anted house. First lengthy Mast contact -Mast Allah
45 27-6-1923 Ahmedabad-Five day stay at Parsi Dharamshala. Left 1st July
46 1/7/1923 Second foot joureny-Ahemdabad to Navsai-181 miles -disciples repeated God's name all the time -ended on 6 th July at Navsai ( 3 days stay)
47 19-10-1932 Thid foot journey -Baba left Bombay for Sakori on foot-ended on 1st November.
48 25/26-10-1923 Igatpuri-first time Baba observed silence
49 22-2-1924 Baba left India -first visit to Persia- rturned in early March, 1924. Bushire-2 weeks
50 16-3-1924 Baba wandered alone near Itarsi -only time He went alone.
51 15-4-1924 Meherabad-Baba's room jhopdi(The hut) got ready
52 23-4-1924 Baba proposed His seven colour flag -representing 7 planes ofconsciusness.
53 30-4-1924 For the first time Baba wore white Sadra presented by Gulmai and this became His regular dress from that day.
54 April, 1924 Baba gave one line prayer+ to be recited by Mandali. "Khuda, Parmatma, allah, Ram, Yezdan Hu"
55 7/5/1924 Meherabad-observed silence in Jhopdi till evening of 8th May
56 26-5-1924 Visits of Aurengabad, Dauktabad, Ellora caves. Left on 1st June.
57 3/8/1924 Baba arrived at Madras for first time on His way to Nilgiris - stayed at Shekh Siddique Choultry near Madras central statin and left for Nilgiris on evening on 5th August.
58 8/8/1924 Baba arrived at Madras from Nilgiris in the morning and left for Calcutta on 9 th August at 8 p.m. by train.
59 12/8/1924 Calcutta-Baba visited Belur Math and stayed for some time in the room used by sri Ramkrishna Paramahansa.
59 14/8/1924 First recorded visit of Baba to rishikesh , Haridwar.
60 15-8-1924 Pathri-( a few kilometers from Haridwar) Mast contact work inaugurated by Baba. Met sadhus, bowed down to them and gave Dakshina.
61 22/23-8-1924 Baroda-Visited Palaces, Museums, art gallery and tourist sites
62 25-8-1924 Ujjain-Bowed to sadhus ad gave dakshina.
63 26-8-1924 Om karashwar, Mandhata- a famous place of pilgrimage. Here Upasani Maharaj had entered into state of Samadhi which led him to contact Narayan Maharaj and Sai Baba.
64 28/29-8-1924 Pavagarh-climbed the steep mountain nearby and went to the Kali temple at the summit and bowed to the Shrine. Later visited the Tomb of a Muslim saint Sajjan Shah Wali which was nearby.
65 15-9-1924 Marmagoa/Panjim- Baba stayed ina hotel and saw old churches  and other Christian land marks including The Good Jesus Basilicia, where Saint Franscis Xavier was burried - Stay for 3 days.
66 18-11-1924 Meherabad- Observed silence for one week in His jhopdi.
67 1st week of Dec, 1924 Bombay-stay at Bharucha Building -observed silence for one week . So  far Baba had observed silence 4 times.
68 25-1-1925 Baba's first long stay at Meherabad.-till 16-10-1906 and referred  to as His Permanent Head Quarter.
69 18-2-1925 Baba's 61st Birthday celebrated at Meherabad. Baba's parents participated in the celebration. Mehera, Daulat Naja, Dowla- ist woemen mandali to stay permanently.
70 21-3-1925 Meher Charitable Dispensary and Hospital opened.
71 25-3-1925 Hazrat Babajan School opened.
72 2/4/1925 Meherabad-Lord Rama's birthday celebrated-Bhajans, singing and prasad distribution on 3rd . A great feast was served to about 5000 people, villagers etc.
73 10/5/1925 Meherabad-Upasani Maharaj's 55th birthday celebrated. Baba gave darshan, personal advice and spiritual indstructions. Baba served a huge feast to several thousands of people who had gathered.
74 4/6/1925 Meherabad -Baba spoke for the first time about His observing silence for one year.
75 20-6-1925 Meherabad- Lewis Charkles Nelhams ( 35 years) who had met Baba in Poona in Dec. 1923 was the first Christian who was permitted to join as mandali. he died on 27-7-1925 as his leg wound got septic. Baba fasted one whole day and said "His mind was alive and Nelhams will again take a suitable body soon and will defiitlt come to my contact.
76 26-6-1925 Baba declared for the first time that He would observe silence from 10-7-1925
77 2/7/1925 Last verbal Discourse about the Mind
78 9/7/1925 8.30 p. m. Last time Meher Baba spoke and told mandali ,"I am going to jhopadi now . All of you go to bed."                              Last spoken Message : I have come not to teach but to awaken".
79 10/7/1925 Baba commenced His divine silence which was unbroken till 31-1-1969
80 13-7-1925 Baba commenced writing His book in the jhopdi at Meherabad
81 29-7-1925 Baba instructed Arju Supekar for the celebration Of Lord Krishna's birthday for 7 days.
82 24-8-1925 Baba visited Ellora Caves  and sat in one of the cavs for 10 minuits.
83 Aug, 1925 A large woodwn sign board was erected with Meherabad printed on it.
84 13-8-1925 Baba revealed one secret about His previous incarnation as Lor Jesus at Meherabad.  "when Jesus was crucified, He dis not die on the cross. He entered the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. On third day He again became conscious of His body and travelled secretly with some of His Apsotles to Indaia. This was Jesus resurrection. Then He travelled further  east to Rangoon where He remained for some time. He then went to Kashmir where He settled down. When His work was over He dropped His body at a place "Harvan' a village in Kashmir, where His Apostles buried Him.
85 24-8-1925 A 20 years old yogi man came to Meherabad and Baba said he was a mast on the ist plane and was the 1st God intoxicated person to reside in Meherabad Asram till his death in 1933.
86 29-9-1925 Dharmashala named after Sri Upasani Sarai and was inaugrated -Baba gave darshan on Thursdays and Sundays.
87 4/10/1925 Wooden table cabin -7 ft x 4 ft-with room inside for one person to sit was moved to a under a Need Tree, opposite Jhopdi.
88 11/10/1925 Baba left Jhopdi and moved into Table Cabin.
17-10-1925 Diwali day -Men, women lovers and mandali gave Baba a ceremonial  bath . A small mugful of water was poured over His chest and His feet.
89 21-10-1925 Baba permitted barber Gangaram to shave His beaed etc. which He had grown for 9 months.
90 10/11/1925 Villagers approached Baba with a request for rain. Baba ordered a pit to be dug and Dhuni was lit and this was followed by heavy rai. From then onward Dhuni was lit every month.
91 11/11/1925 Baba copmosed The Dhuni Song





1 Beside puris you have brought love
2 Poetry
3 Never do as I do but do as I say
4 Physical Labour
5 The car was a steal
6 He is so fortunate to have sing before me
7 There is nothing like good or bad
8 Real hair or a wig
9 What wealth is greater or higher than your love
10 Found him found him
11 You three mastani occupy room
12 I said enough but you won’t listen
13 Darshan of old time lovers
14 Sahwas at Hasman hall
15 Baba’s revelations after watching ten commandants
16 Soda water
17 I like singing to be from the heart
18 Baba’s eyes are everywhere
19 Picnic at Juhu
20 God has innumerable children
21 Splintering hits
22 Crazy people try to hypnotize the avatar
23 Don’t Speak with women
24 Baba ka prasad to Bhau
25 Soda water
26 Falooda on Bhau’s head
27 Board around my neck
28 Bhau loses a mast
29 Bhau eats like a giant
30 Eruch steals aspirin
31 Chocolate cotton
32 Miscellaneous orders
33 I want love
34 I won you lost
35 Gulmai sew the shirt of Gustadji
36 Manjile Meem
37 Gustadji become a proxy for Baba
38 Gustadji lost temper
39 Gustadji brought golden ring from Mehera
40 Gustadji observed silence
41 Donkey riding Gustadji
42 Who is dumb
43 They mistook Gustadji as Arab
44 Childlike Gustadji
45 Baba played a trick
46 Gustadji at Taj Mahal
47 Gustadji’s obedience pleases me
48 Bhajia treat
49 Baba ka prasad to Gustadji
50 You have fallen into a ditch
51 I fell in a pit
52 Story of Amir
53 Baba’s warning
54 If Chanji comes you will have to go
55 My blood on the wall
56 I hate the girl
57 Mystery of my marriage
58 I was not in new life
59 Baba embraced the rascal
60 My suicide episode
61 I had to leave
62 My work is finished
63 Bombay excursion
64 Friend Khodu
65 Simply exchange of gross medium
66 Munshi Ram
67 Mercy for drug addict
68 Poetry and ghazals
69 Do as I say
70 Putting the power of his mind in it
71 Individual nature after realization remains unchanged
72 Poetic inspiration
73 Cheese now becomes Barsoap
74 Ghani’s good humour
75 I have promised you I will never let you sink
76 Obedience to his wishes
77 We must be able to communicate inwardly too
78 You have an important role in my cinema
79 Masters durbar
80 It is a sin to complain on this path
81 If you do not follow my wish, how could you serve me
82 I will free all of you from your weaknesses
83 Powdering charcoal
84 The purpose of religion
85 Life is like a movie
86 The key to the world
87 Tell me what you most desire
88 Sadgurus ways are of kindness and reconciliation
89 Baba ask for a riddle
90 God pities for you also hence he makes mincemeat   out of you
91 Hundred days fast
92 What is worst prison
93 Dada Chanji and Meherjee
94 Performance of miracles of a saint is not mine
95 Those who knows the emperor have no need to bow before the palace guards
96 Tug of war
97 Kaka Baria
98 Joke on Pesu
99 Hold  firmly to the feet of one master
100 The master and  old man’s four sons
101 Obedience is higher than love
102 Your disgust is the result of all the chaos and confusion in your mind
103 My word is most supreme
104 There is a great mystery behind making these changes
105 What could one do for whom who serves the universe
106 Keep your langoti tight
107 That onion in the food told me
108 O God, strange are your ways
109 These sort arrows are good for your spirit
110 I don’t want lucre, I want love
111 Unless I use my broom
112 Why Meher Baba is making such a fuss
113 Saints love lovers of God
114 Zarathustra returned
115 Tailor pitied on Baba for his silence
116 Adi jr. in college
117 Your master is the real emperor, before him we are mere dogs
118 Words and explanations are not necessary for a person
119 Krishna, Buddha and Christ
120 Poor Kaka Baria was bewildered
121 Mistaken impression about Baba
122 Dancing was, is, and always will be a part of God
123 You must give in when I insist
124 Western disciples, Indian names
125 Dr. Deshmukh’s first meeting with Baba
126 Meeting with Deshmukh
127 Chanji returned with a bitter taste in his mouth
128 When Baba went anywhere or did anything
129 One should server out of love, bereft of any kind of thought
130 Amusement for Baba during seclusion
131 There is only love
132 Your abuse was sweeter than  nectar
133 Clipped wings
134 Priest encounter
135 Papa Jassawala
136 Ghani taunts Baidul
137 Professor Ughansi
138 Cleans your inside
139 Only love
140 Taunts and teases
141 Rano’s training
142 Now it was Norina’s turn
143 Eruch is called
144 Baba’s justice
145 God wants to give them God, but they want to pray
146 If you want to be worthy of my love be like Ayaz
147 Remember to focus your attention always on Me
148 Only by My forgiveness does the world continues, not otherwise
149 I want only love not dakshina
150 Mother and son
151 How fortunate
152 Tiger’s pray
153 Growing bigger
154 How fortunate this hen is
155 Dussehra celebrated in Mysore
156 By not obeying me, you are a burden to me
157 More difficulties
158 Some other purpose in scolding
159 The Kotwals join Baba ashram
160 Ice cream and chutney
161 Some entertainment
162 Saint’s Mira song
163 Rano as saheb cleaning pots
164 Think of my wish
165 Palmistry
166 If I do not steal your heart how would you remember me
167 Dhake’s trap
168 I want to castrate Kavade
169 The whole world is like a cow dung
170 Amusing incident
171 Baba’s humor with his lovers
172 No sleep in Calcutta
173 Gustadji signs
174 Stones and roses
175 Calcutta to Haridwar
176 Don’t beg like an eunuch
177 A joke or were you serious
178 Baba’s Humour
179 Baba’s sense of humour
180 Impossible to understand
181 Every moment is my work
182 Obedience and acceptance
183 Meher baba’s favorite fruit mango
184 I am your tummy
185 Ad-libbed comedy
186 Good humored prank
187 Beloved laughs God and dagger weeps
188 Original song-who am I
189 Mandali jokes
190 Unfathomable humour
191 Songs, jokes and teasing
192 Insult to love
193 Honest in love
194 Baba was pleased by this
195 Unusual humour with Baba
196 God is not philosophy
197 Yogaraja-the king of all yogas
198 Baba’s joke and our suffering
199 Khilnani rechristened double beans
200 Miser made to pay
201 Walk a talk
202 Disobedience movement
203 Boy tells a joke to Baba











Meher Baba, the Avatar (God-man) had consciousness of infinite knowledge, Power and Bliss and simultaneously the consciousness of ordinary man. Through His infinite bliss He sustained universal suffering.


Bal Natu produced Baba’s word in his exposition “Glimpses of the Godman”

Appropriately, Baba touched on the subject of God’s humour. He stated that Creation is God’s Leela (Divine Sport) and that is sustained by His sense of humour. He also explained that the expression of God’s humour varies with the scope and range of work that is ordained and accomplished in each advent through the Avatar, Sadgurus, saints and masts. In fact, God’s sense of humour is so pervasive that there is not a person who is totally devoid of it.


Dalia Deleon wrote in her book “The Ocean of Love”

“Baba used to have one of us to read jokes every afternoon, and someone asked why He liked jokes. Baba replied because the Universe is God’s biggest joke!”


Mehera Irani expressed in her writings of her book “Mehera”

Sometimes Baba used to tell us funny stories, and sometimes He would say, “Now you tell Me some funny stories.” When Baba asked me, I told Him that I never read any funny stories. We were always studying at school and had no time for such books. The other girls told Baba, "We only know a very short one.” And Baba sweetly said, “No matter how short it is, tell me!” So they did, and Baba enjoyed the story very much. But the next time Baba asked for a funny story, the girls had to tell Him that they did not know any more. “Never mind,” Baba said, ‘tell me the same once again.’

So they repeated the story, and Baba enjoyed it as much as He   had the first time! Baba was very childlike and enjoyed fun and every funny thing. He Himself was very witty and clever. With slightest excuse Baba would find humour in a situation, and He used to amuse everybody. Baba had so much serious work on His mind, and He told us that humour lightened the burden of it. He was so lovely, Baba was. He is still beautiful, but you cannot see Him!”


Bill Le Page described Baba’s Humour in his book “Over the Years”


Baba enjoyed Jokes and humorous stories and His own humour could be keen, with underlying spiritual significance, but it was never hurtful or belittling in front of others. He was also always entertained by human foibles where no harm was done to anyone.


Sometimes, Baba created rift among mandali members so as to wipe out their deep rooted sanskaras.