(Political Leader)

On March 12th, when Baba heard the news that Sir Stafford Cripps was coming to India, being sent by Winston Churchill, Baba commented on the current political situation in the country and abroad, and about different leaders in India and elsewhere. With perfect mimicry, He imitated the typical expressions of each one:

Cripps is clever, sincere, shrewd and sympathetic toward India. Jinnah is cleverest of the whole lot, has politics on the tip of his finger, is the best speaker, but he is not as sincere and sensible as Gandhi and Azad, who is a great scholar of Islamic literature


(Political Leader)

Mentioning Winston Churchill, Baba commented:

Although not a desirable politician like Lloyd George, Churchill is the man to hold the position and grave responsibility at the moment. But for him, England would have already surrendered to Germany. The boldness, the spirit of opposition and fight Churchill awakened, and the courage he inspired in his nation, are truly remarkable achievements.

Churchill is a clever and shrewd politician. He is the spirit of Britain, who, but for him, would have failed. How cleverly he handled the delicate situation about India. He got Parliament's vote of confidence, formed a new cabinet, brought in Cripps and cleverly shirked the entire Indian problem on to (Cripps') head and responsibility.

Churchill is clever and shrewd Politician and is the spirit of Britain, which but for him would have failed

Following dignitaries are said to be in contact with Meher baba during His life time but the descriptions could not be traced.

Dhar T. N. Ex. Lok Sabha Speaker
Dr. Karan Singh Ex. Minister of Tourism Govt. of India
Ethiragulu Naidu Barrister of Law
Maharaja of Jaipur Ex. Maharaja of Jaipur
Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Ex. Cabinet Minister,  Govt. of India
Sir Kishan Prasad Maharaja of Hyderabad

Ex. Deputy Minister of Bombay



(English Poet)

Meher Baba once told to Dadachanji that William Shakespeare renowned Poet and Playwright is presently reincarnated in India. He is now a Brahmin taking a leading part in politics, but one of the most sincere, selfless workers for the country. His thought force of the past has now been transformed into action. He was a genius and all the controversies over whether he was the original author of his works are meaningless. He wrote all the plays — no one else. It was entirely the result of his giant intellect. There is not a whiff of the spiritual in all his dramas and poetry, yet he was a genius. The writer Kalidas would rightly be called India's Shakespeare.


Renowned Indian Artiste

In 1963, Patwardhan arrived and began warming up and at 10:10 A.M., the music started. Kamat was playing the tabla; there was also a sitar player (Laxman Waze) and a flutist (Sakaram Jaibahar). At one point, Kamat gave a solo performance, and Baba told the Westerners to watch his fingers. All applauded when Kamat finished. After an hour, the musicians embraced Baba and departed. Baba remarked, "If you could understand what he just sang, you would feel so happy. There will be no singing tomorrow."

At one point, Baba questioned His lovers, "Do you want to see Me like this (touching His body) or like this?" and He raised His arms and gazed upward with a glorious look on His face. Before anyone could say a word, Baba, again stretching His arms high, declared, "Like this! You should want God the Beloved!"

At about 3.00 P.M., Patwardhan gave a wonderful vocal performance until 4.30 P.M., which Baba and all highly enjoyed. Baba kept repeating: “He is blessed because he can make Me happy.” After the program, Baba embraced Patwardhan and gave him a handkerchief. He also had His photograph taken with the singer. Afterwards, Madhusudan sang a few ghazals. The day ended with each one going to Baba, kissing His hand and leaving the hall.


                         (Renowned French Sculptor)       

On the 11th the renowned French sculptor Victor Tuby and his wife visited Baba. Tuby, 49, was a nice man with a long white beard, who was living in Cannes. Baba liked him. Tuby and his wife returned for a second visit four days later, with the niece of the famous French poet Frederic Mistral, whom Tuby greatly admired.



(Ex. Minister Madras Govt)

The group finally reached Amalapuram at 12:30 P.M. on February 28th, and they were taken to Konaseema's residence. Kala Venkata Rao led Baba to His room; he had kept food ready for Baba and his group. They had lunch, and Venkata Rao kept guard at the bottom of the staircase leading to Baba's room so that no one would disturb Him. Venkata was a former minister in the Madras government and general secretary of a political party of the Indian National Congress. But despite his high worldly positions, he was a humble man who had deep love for Baba.

After the meals, Shastri informed Baba that were it not for the help rendered by Venkata Rao to those who had suffered in the recent floods, many families would have been left destitute and starving. Hearing this, Baba observed:

Love for God can be expressed in so many ways because He has infinite aspects. The three aspects of power, knowledge and bliss are well known, but infinite honesty and infinite goodness are also main aspects – and goodness means where there is no thought of self.

When you serve your fellow beings with selflessness, you serve God; but this term "selflessness" is so very loosely used that in its very use its purpose is lost. Selfless service means that it has to be so very natural that even the thought that you have served should be absent.

What God's aspect of honesty means is that you serve others in order to make them happy at the cost of your own happiness? Honesty demands that no show and no fuss is made of your service and you treat others as you treat your own dear ones.


(First Home Minister of India)

Vallabhbhai Patel called as ‘Iron man’ was first Home Minister of India. He was first intellectual follower of Mahatma Gandhi. He started the, the non cooperation of Mahatma Gandhi’s and was successful.

During conversation between Mahatma Gandhi, Vallabhbhai Patel was also present among other politicians. Hearing Gandhiji promise to join Baba after settlement of self-government struggle of India, Vallabhbhai Patel asserted into conversation. Patel said, “Bapu ji, while you are giving this promise, did you think of us and ask our advice in these matters?”

Turning to Vallabhbhai, Gandhiji replied, “Once the struggle of Independence is settled, who will care for you and me? Then, what I do with my life is a question between Meher Baba and me. I have already promised. Then turning to Baba, he asked, “Haven’t I?”

“Yes, you have, and you have also promised once before that you retire from politics, you would come and stay with Me.”

Gandhiji replied, “But after the struggle ends. When will that day dawn.

At last Baba then embraced Gandhi, saluted the other politicians and left. A day after meeting Baba, Gandhi and Sardar Patel were arrested by the British and remanded to Yeravda Prison


( Pandit Robindro Shaunkor Chowdhury & Uday Shankar Chowdhury )

Udai Shankar

Born ; 8 December 1900 Udaipur, Rajasthan

Died ; 26 September 1977 (aged 76) Kolkata, West Bengal

Married ; Amala Shankar

Children ; Ananda & Mamta

Parents ; Shyam Shankar Chowdhury ( father ) & Hemangini Devi

Younger Siblings ; Rajendra, Debendra, Bhupendra and Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar :

Born ; 7 April 1920 - Benares, India

Died ; 11 December 2012 (aged 92) - San Diego, California, USA

Married ; Annapurna Devi in 1941 - Child ; Shubhendra Shankar- born 1942

Partner ; Kamala Shastri ( 1940s )

Partner ; Sue Jones - Child ; Norah Jones - born 1979

Married ; Sukanya Rajan in 1979 - Child ; Anoushka Shankar

Uday was a renowned dancer and had a dance troupe consisting of all his brothers and mother and some others in which they toured Europe and the USA.

Uday and his younger brother Ravi both met Meher Baba on board the ship M.V. Conte Verde travelling to Italy on 28th September and again in early October 1933.

On September 25th, 1933, Baba sailed for Europe on the M. V. Conte Verde, accompanied this time by Adi Jr.Chanji and Kaka Baria.

On the 28th September 1933 the celebrated Indian dancer Uday Shankar, 33, came to see Baba. He had found out about Baba through the Swiss sculptor and art historian Alice Boner, who was defraying the expenses of the visit of Shankar's dance troupe to the West. It was during Alice Boner's trip to India with Shankar in 1930 that she heard of Meher Baba. While in Europe, NorinaElizabeth and Quentin had met Uday Shankar and had spoken to him of their Master.

Uday Shankar bowed reverently to Baba, who praised him and expressed appreciation for his talent. He told Baba, "I want to introduce and spread Indian classical dance to the West, but some organizations in India criticize me. They want money from me for their institutions, organizations and societies, but I have no money to give them."

Baba spelled out on His board, "Every good work has to face opposition, and the reaction of the opposition offered always helps the work. You need not worry; continue conscientiously with your work, with double the zeal in the right direction."

Shankar then said, "Baba, I would like to give a dance performance for you one day."

Baba replied, "I would be delighted to see it."

Shankar was extremely happy to have Baba's darshan, but Baba cautioned him before they parted, "Do not inform anyone on the ship about Me, as I do not wish to meet anybody. See me before disembarking in Brindisi." (Lord Meher Online Edition Page 1547)