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It would be unfair if we do not bring out the name of source and individual Baba lovers whose direct and indirect help was made available to present website in this shape.

My sincere thanks to:

1. AMBPPC Trust for kind permission to produce many texts from various books having copyright for the same.

2. Late Sh. Bhau Kalchuri having written original text of Lord Meher and Sh. David Fenster for revised version made available on internet from which most of texts are extracted.

3. Sh. A. K. Mehernath, a very senior Baba Lover from Chennai who made available his valuable collection on calendar of events and details of Baba’s visits in India and abroad in chronological order incorporated in this web-site.

4. Sh. Mehernath Kalchuri, Trusty-Meherabad, to have helped in listing the names of mandali, circle members and close disciples.

5. Sh. Cyrus Khambatta, Bombay for his daily mails from which many texts have been copied without typing.

6. Dr. Gokaran Srivastava, Meherabad, for writing foreword for 3 compilation “Divine sense of Baba’s Humour Vol-1 and Vol-2 and "Lessons for Spiritual Aspirants” already posted in this website.

7. Dr. J. S. Rathore, Meherabad, for writing foreword for proposed compilation “Fortunate Souls’ incorporated in this website but yet to be published since this is partially completed and also for encouraging me in writing semblance episodes on Meher Baba.

8. Dr, J Kumar, Delhi, for editing text of “Humour Vol-1 & 2, Lessons for Spiritual Aspirants" and semblance episodes” which is ongoing.

9. Sh. Meher Chand Noori, Hyderabad and Sh.P.S.R. Bose, Rajahmundry for providing names of Baba lovers from Andhra Pradesh who had seen Meher Baba in human body.

10. Sh. Amrit Kapil, Delhi, to have provided the names of his relatives who had seen Meher Baba in person.

11. Sh. Jimmy Khan, Bombay, having provided few names from Bombay who had seen physical darshan of Meher Baba.

12. Sh. Naosherwan Anzar USA, for providing names of his relatives who had seen Meher Baba.

13. Sh. Shivendra Sahai. Varanasi, having provided his biography and his contact with Meher Baba which has been incorporated in Group-15-of prominent Indian Baba lovers under folder “Fortunate Souls”

14. Miss Shweta Verma, My niece, computer engineer for having done domain hiring, web designing except posting of text.

I feel proper to thank Baba lovers who appreciated and encouraged our effort
1. Sh. M. R. Moorty , Bombay
2. Sh. Mallikarjuna Rao, Editor “Beloved Baba” from Hyderabad.
3. Sh. N.S. Prasad Hyderabad

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