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Realization of God comes to the aspirant who uses discrimination as well as his intuition about true and lasting values.

Infinite knowledge is latent in everyone, but it has to be unveiled. The way to increase knowledge is to put into practice that bit of spiritual wisdom a person may already happen to have. The teachings that have come to humanity through the Masters of wisdom and the inborn sense of values that the aspirant brings with him shed sufficient light upon the NEXT step the aspirant has to take. The difficult thing is to act upon the knowledge he has.

One of the best methods of adding to one's own spiritual wisdom is to make use of the knowledge one already has. If the sadhana of knowledge is to be fruitful, it must be implemented at every step by due emphasis on action.

Everyday life must be guided by discrimination and inspired by the highest intuitions.

DISCOURSES, 7th ed. p. 261-262