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  1. Dream

World is like dream of God. The difference in God’s  and man’s dream is that God is conscious of His dream state and knows that all the things of the dream is His own creation and He Himself is all the things of the dream. Whereas, in man’s dream we are not conscious of our dream state and we don’t know that the things of the dream are our own creation and we ourselves are all the things of dream.

Since all the things of God’s dream are God Himself, it means we all are also God. However, although God is aware of His Godhood in us, we are not aware of our true self (i.e. Godhood) because of false identification with the limited body and mind (false self-ego). This is similar to the objects of a man’s dream, where objects are not aware of their true self which is a man sleeping on the bed.

Man is neither conscious of his dream state (that all things of the dream are he himself) nor he is conscious of his non-dream state (that he is sleeping on the bed). Whereas, God is conscious of both His dream state (that He Himself is everything of the dream) as well as His non-dream state (that the world is My dream which is an illusion).

  1. Ocean

God is like an infinite shore less ocean and all the worldly things living and non-living are like waves, bubbles, froth etc. in the ocean. Though we are one with ocean all the time from beginning till end of our existence, we feel ourselves separate from the ocean and other waves etc. because of our false identification (false self-ego) with the limited form of size shape and colour of waves. However, God knows that He Himself is the waves etc. in the ocean. Thus our Real Self is Godhood (infinite shore less ocean).


God is like the infinite endless space (aakash) of the universe. We human beings are like pitchers of mud having different size, shape and colour. The space (aakash) inside all the pitchers is one and the same and at the same time one and the same with the space (aakash) outside the pitchers. However, since the space of the pitcher is finite because of limitation of the shape size and colour of the pitcher we falsely identify ourselves different from each other due to our false self (ego).

Thus in truth we are God but because of our false identification (ego) we think that we are different from our fellow beings and different from God. The moment the pitcher comprising gross, subtle and mental bodies are broken, we shall realize our true self (Godhood) and unity with our fellow beings (mankind).


  1. DREAM (world is a dream of God-our Real Self)

Since dream is nothing, illusion and its happenings are immaterial, we need not worry for the undesirable/unpleasant happenings of the world/our life.

  1. OCEAN (God is like infinite, shore less ocean and we are like waves in that ocean)

Since the waves in the ocean are not different from each other, we should love, help and make others happy as they are our own selves.

  1. PITCHER (God is like infinite, endless space(aakash) and we are like open-mouthed pitchers in that space)

Since we (the pitchers) don’t have hands, we cannot break our walls ourselves. So to realize our Real Self (Godhood), we need to take the help of a Guru, Sadguru or Avatar who are like pitchers with hands, who can break the walls of our pitchers. However, this is possible only through our sincere prayer, love, obedience and surrenderance to them.

(Complied by Dr. Jitendra Kumar, based on spiritual scriptures)