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The number seven is very siginificant. There are many things of seven kinds and comprised of seven parts or divisions. These are listed below. There may be many more facts like this. These are written in messages and revelation made by Baba on different occasions

There are seven tones of sound said to have originated of word of word (Om)

There are seven seas to have manifested on the earth.

There are seven continents

There are seven stages of evolution.

There are seven colours when all mixed together becomes white

Rainbow is made of seven colour and terminates into white

A prism refracts seven colours when white rays are passed through it

There are seven vices which developed in man’s stage. These are Lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy and Hatred.

Above may also be counted as seven types of desires

There are seven attributes which need to be developed in Human Life are love, honesty, forbearance, detachment, humility, poise, and selfless service (There may be some alternatives)

There are seven colours of sanskaras viz: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Pink and Sky-Blue which are incorporated in Baba's flag.

Aura of soul is made of seven colors of sanskaras and it turns into white halo on God realisation

Seven colours also represent seven disciplines


Orange-- Love


Green--- -Renunciation

Purple- -- Knowledge



When one speak, voice passes through seven veils which one by one s quickly that one does not notice it

There are seven flights of imagination.

There are seven colors represent the seven planes of consciousness. (Normally a soul passes through).

There are seven heavens in involution (yogis pass through it).

Baba said

The evolution of creation has seven stages. There are seven planes and seven types of desires. All these sevens should be eradicated once and for all.

However, the number seven is significant. There are seven types of sanskaras, seven types of colors, seven types of flights of imagination and seven types of sounds. The reason all these have seven variations is that in the beginning of creation – with the start of the original whim in the Beyond, Beyond state of God – there was a clash between Matter (Akash) and Energy (Pran), and Energy's powers were divided into seven forces.

The original sound coming out of the Creation, or Om Point, also turns into seven sounds. This higher music of the mental and subtle planes is indescribably sweet. Even if you listened to it for twenty-four hours without a break, you would not tire of it. It is enrapturing; one absolutely drowns in its melody. But remember that in the mental and subtle sphere, the sweetness of this music's sounds are only shadows of the Original Sound.

In the gross world, the shadow of this melody is again divided into seven parts; only expert singers can express these tones and octaves. Sound is created by contact between two things. When you speak, your voice passes through seven veils; but you do not notice this because the sound comes so quickly. Your physique, a by-product of your sanskaras, determines whether your voice is sweet or harsh.

Everything is made up of seven: seven sub-divisions of the first subtle plane (the astral), seven stages of evolution, seven planes and seven heavens in involution.

(Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, pp. 1263 - 1264.)