An article on breaking of silence of Meher Baba written by Sri Keshav Narain Nigam long back in year 1958 has been published in June issue 2016 of Meher Pukar- (Hindi magazine) at page 21, without any explanation on breaking of silence in present scenario of 2016.

The articles and their interpretations of Keshav Narayan Nigam and Justice P. B. Mukherjee was relevant in 1958  since there time was left for breaking of silence by Baba before dropping His body in 1969 and no explanation was necessary to say or write that Baba has not broken His silence. Almost everyone expected that Baba will break His silence any time, any day, or any year, after 1958.

This confers an adverse impression not only on outsiders only but also Baba lover’s also particularly young generation who have not read much about breaking silence by Baba. The general impression is that Meher Baba did not break His silence even after declaring many times till dropping His body in 1969.

Short-coming to re-publish the said articles written in 1958, now in 2016 again without any explanation or clarification on breaking of silence of Baba is misleading for Baba lovers. Any reader would infer that Baba did not fulfill His promise. This impression may distract Baba lovers from their belief in Baba or decline outsiders to accept Him as Avatar. An outsiders get a point to criticise Baba like Rajneesh (Osho Sect) who wrote that Baba had lost the capacity to speak and all the text of ‘God Speaks’ was written by His secretary. Explanation should have been given by the editor if Baba has broken silence or the reason for having not broken silence.

Many Baba lovers may be under confusion that whether Baba has broken His silence or not? For any Baba lover it would be easy to answer that Baba has not broken His silence but it would amount to blasphemy on part of Baba for not having fulfilled His promise made by Him in His life after silence undertaken by 1925. But this aspect of Baba’s silence need to read in light of instances, logic and explanation given by Baba Himself, elaborated in ongoing paras:

The explanations to this question were given by Baba Himself when asked by one of His close disciple “Herbert” is produced as under:

It is good for mankind, rather essential, to adhere to religious and moral principles and observe religious bindings; but for the spiritual path, they are unnecessary. I am beyond all principles, bindings, laws and matters pertaining to worldly duties. I am perfect and there is no restraint or binding for me. I have broken all barriers and I have gone beyond all laws!

According to the moral code of the world, one’s word or promise is considered by mankind to be sacred. But he who has gone beyond time, space, cause and effect is not limited by anything. For him, there is no such thing as bondage. The infinite cannot be bound by anything finite, however sublime the aim may be. This means that one cannot limit the limitless!

For this reason and without your asking, I give you promises and your aim will be fulfilled at the proper time. But I also know that a promise can be a time-serving device. It is not meant for fulfilment, but necessitated by circumstances. It is a demand of the situation and so I do not care for its resultant reaction.

Therefore, I do not worry about the world’s criticism or its terrible slander and harm to my work, for not keeping my promise. I purposely create and court such opposing reactions and nurture them. Such an opposition is required for My work to give it a great punch. I am beyond praise and slander, and they do not affect me in the least.


All those who care for name and fame and worldly success, fearing criticism and scandal, are only ordinary human beings. They want to preserve their prestige at any cost. Their “name” alone matters to them above money, life and everything else.

I am the Truth. No amount of voluminous praise will raise me higher, nor can any carping criticism pull me down. I am what I am and will ever be so. Whatever I do, I do for my work, which encompasses and sees to the welfare of all.

Though above words are too hard to be comphrended by a common man one who compares Meher Baba at his own level. But this can be argued as under:

Silence is not broken

Baba silence was divine silence and not of common man which can be understood or comphrended by common man or any Baba lover. Divine purpose behind His silence had far-reaching effect on universal working/affairs of the world and unique method of awakening human souls.

Baba said He spoke three languages.

In ordinary language, for the masses who follow the shariat (custom) and ritual of their religion, so that they can understand.

In language both ordinary and mystical, for the few advanced souls.

In language wholly mystical, for the circle. (17 May 1943, Meherabad, Lord Meher Vol.8 pp-2887)

If the opinion of Baba lovers is sought on breaking of Baba’s silence, there will be divided opinion. Even mandali could not get the definite answer from Baba in His life time and were not in a position to answer. They also expressed their inability to understand Baba’s words on breaking of His silence and manifestation.

If anyone accepts that Baba did not break His silence. He may be correct in his own way but he would be incorrect to assert it, if had it been spoken by Meher Baba at higher level of consciousness where one does not stand, hence cannot understand the reason.

Silence is broken

In last phase of seclusion, 1968, Baba said He is working for awakening of human-kind and future generation. It can be opined that Baba had broken His silence with dropping of His Body in 1969. Majority of Baba lovers were awakened after dropping of His body by breaking of His silence which continues to awaken the heart/mind of many and they are drawn to Meher Baba. More are bound to be awakened by His breaking of silence in  their hearts in coming future.

There is logic also which may appeal to some. Though many had seen Meher Baba in Darshan programmes, Mast tours, New Life tours and Sahwas programs in India and abroad. There were very less number Baba lovers (Indian & foreigners) who had seen Meher Baba in person or remained with Baba as Mandali/close disciples in life time of Meher Baba. They were around 5000. Majority of Baba lovers now are in Baba’s fold (new comers) who have not seen Meher Baba in person but have been awakened by Meher Baba in silence. Their number would exceed few lacs around the world. More so, people from other countries without any religious background, orthodox Mohammdans of Islamic countries and non-believers or God, awakened by Baba’s in silence are coming  to Baba accepting Him as Avatar.

There is another logic. The letter of Mani S. Irani from her book “God Brother” tilled “Maun Nahi Khula” is also published in the same Hindi issue of Meher Pukar. Mani, sister of Meher Baba took promise from Baba that she wants to be with Him when He, will break His silence. It was after 5 years in 1930 (after start of silence in 1925). Baba promised Mani on serious note by putting His hand in her hand. If we accept that Baba did not lie His sister who was one from the mandali having a high Spiritual status; (Having Vindhyani Sanskaras according to Baba), It can also be derived from Mani’s version that Baba broke His silence at the time of dropping His body in the her company as promised by Baba without uttering a word orally but entering in the mind /hearts of Baba lovers around the world.

Avatar always fulfills His promises

“The promises given by the Masters are never vague or unfulfilled. They always come true and are fulfilled, but in their proper time. The question of time depends on the conditions or circumstances in which they are given. When Masters give their promises, they are given from the mental, or subtle, or physical plane, and thus differ in the time of their fulfillment accordingly.”

“For example, if a train is rushing ahead at full speed and the brakes are applied, the train does not come all at once to an immediate halt due to the momentum. It stops gradually. The period for the fulfillment of My promises is just like this momentum. If I give a promise from the gross plane, it is fulfilled exactly at the time given and comes true. If a promise is given from the subtle plane, the momentum, or force of fulfillment, is halved; the promise takes a certain amount of time, for its fulfillment was given from a higher plane. If a promise is given from the mental plane, it takes even longer for fulfillment — like a train at full throttle takes longer to come to a dead stop when the brakes are applied.”

“This is why the promises given by Me at different times vary in the period and details of their fulfillment. Out of sheer ignorance and inability to understand the secret behind it, you misjudge My way of working. This is the reason why some people have doubts about My power and ability to fulfil the promises I have given. They blame, ridicule and slander Me in public, and in private. But I go on doing My work in My own way, refusing to explain or disclose the manner in which I do it.”

“My silence is the silence of Thunder and not silence of Grave yard. Those who cannot hear the voice of silence within are the truly deaf ones.”

“When the Words of My Love break out of its silence and speaks in your hearts telling you who I really am then you will know that is the real word you have been longing to hear.”

Baba had broken His silence while dropping His body based on logic, explanation and   Baba’s words are written above. Many who go not agree with the logic, I beg an excuse from them.

It may be added that if one accept that Baba did not break His silence; anticipate breaking of His breaking of silence in future, it will not be oral (No possibility as Baba Has dropped His body). If any Baba lover is expecting that breaking of silence may come in future causing a drastic change in the world, even if it is considered to be correct, confusion will persist for all the time to come that Baba did not break silence in His life time in spite of promises made many times and postponed it from 1925 to 1969. This is very important aspect of Baba’s life and sufficient to confuse Baba lovers and rejected by any outsider who happen to know about it.