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Narsi Mehta said:


Saints! I am vendor of the name of Lord.


All manners of people visit me.


My goods appeal to all classes of the people

and all the castes, all seek it (Name)


Even in the days of famine, my goods did not suffer

by scantiness, and I did not suffer deficit or loss.


Neither can thieves steal it nor the king

levy a tax on


The principal sum is of course infinite and our

dealing and transactions are never in

less than lacs and millions.


If you want to achieve it, strive for It.


My wealth is God’s name, I can say that at

the beat of drum.


The unstuck Word (shabda) I always hear

within my heart.


The only business of Narsi is to write the

Lord’s  name in the ledger and in his

correspondence. Thus passes his days.