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I worship Ramchandra, who gives prosperity to his devotees, who is fit to be worshipped, who     has a smiling face, who is the slayer of the supreme egoistic demons, including the ten headed Ravana; who is demolisher of worldly existence ( the mundane life), and who is an ornament th the Solar Dynasty.

I worship God Krishna, the son of Vasudeva, who was delight of (his mother) Devaki, who had come down to this earth when he was beseeched by the God Brahma, for the destruction of the armies of the circle of kings who had become a burden to the earth; who was joy to the city of cowherds, and who played (when a child) in the house of Nanda.

I worship the Lord in his incarnation of Buddha, whose life was mysterious, who proclaimed a religion whose most important element is non-injury, who was proficient in censuring the Vedic scriptures which ordained sacrifices 9in which beasts were killed as oblations to God) , who was the son of Jina, and who manifested himself in the dynasty of Keekata.

I always in my heart contemplate on Thee, O Supreme Brahman, Thou who art birthless, deathless, of the triple form of existence, spirit and joy, who art beyond thought and speech, who art approachable by the meditation of Sages, who prevadest the whole universe, who art without blemish and without attributes.