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Sincere prayer from the heart reaches to God’s ear immediately. It is answered in form of help by Avatar or Sadguru as destined for him. One has to have balanced approach of heart and mind. Mind must go with the heart then only said be sincere payer or ideal prayer.

Meher Baba explained

From any corner of the world, heartfelt remembrance of God, even by the worst sinner or the most worthless and lowest person, immediately reaches God’s ears. I am deaf to the sound of that Brahmin priest’s chanting, though it is so near. I cannot hear it because it does not touch me. It has no effect upon me. Any type of loud, insincere prayer from any quarter leaves us Masters unmoved because it is only noise and carries no heart. Such dry flat prayers, however loud or lengthy, or done over a long period of years, have no effect on us Masters. Instead, if anyone prays to God, to me, purely and honestly, from however far away and however slowly or softly, I, as God, immediately hear it and a connection is established.

For example, take a long distance telephone station. Other telephones are connected to it and the desired connection is given immediately upon dialing. In the same way, the Qutub is humanity’s central main station; and if one remembers him sincerely and wholeheartedly, from however long a distance, one’s cry is heard and the connection is made. There is no question of distance here. The Qutub is the center, the focal point equidistant from one and all in creation. And he, as this center, serves the purpose not only for this world or universe, but for the three worlds and their various levels and planes.

But how is it possible that all prayers are heard at one and the same time? How is it that the prayers and calls of millions of persons bring immediate connection with the Qutub? The answer is simple. What is a Qutub? The ruler of infinite and unlimited powers! To him there is no question of one or twenty-one, a thousand, or a hundred thousand, or millions and billions. Everyone is equal in his eyes. But your call should be from the innermost depths of your heart. It will then reach his ears irrespective of distance or traffic on the line. (Lord Meher, 1st ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, pp. 1173 -1174)

Mechanical prayer

Mechanical or monotonous prayer without heart in it of no use, it renders almost no spiritual benefit.   All prayers and sounds are a mere show if they do not originate from the heart

Baba said:

Everywhere in the world, in the name of prayer and worship, this sort of useless babbling is going on. Nothing is gained by it; it has no substance. Those who practice it derive nothing from it. Do they for a minute think that loud noises can bring results? For years on end, it has been happening, and it will go on for years to come. For ages, the Brahmins, the Maulvis, the Dasturs and the priests have been muttering hired prayers, and they are actually paid for such drivel! But not the slightest advantage has been gained by anyone as a result.

The reason is that none of them does it sincerely or wholeheartedly. Their prayers are nothing more than the vocal cord’s useless prattle with no heart or feeling in it. Their minds’ intellect, attention and thoughts wander here and there, and this idle mumbo jumbo goes on. If it is done with a clear mind and with all sincerity, one’s prayers reach straight to God. God wants honesty and an open heart – not an outward show of meaningless chatter

 All prayers and sounds are a mere show if they do not originate from the heart. If not, then such prayers, however loud and however long, are quite meaningless.

The prayer should be done in natural way

"The prayer God hears is the prayer of the heart, that raising of the heart, that suffering of the heart that is what God pays attention to."

Episode with Harry Kenmore.

After hearing Kenmore recite the prayers, once Hoshang Bharu cha asked Kenmore, "Are you praying or fighting with God?"

The next day when he had to repeat the prayers, Kenmore spoke them almost in a whisper. Baba stopped him halfway through and asked why he was suddenly adopting a new method of praying. Kenmore replied, "I do not want to disturb the auditory apparatus of our new visitors."

Baba looked sternly at Hoshang and Cowas, who at that moment felt it would be better if the earth gave way beneath their feet and swallowed them up! Baba instructed Kenmore to repeat the prayer as usual. When he finished, Baba remarked, "Prayers should be from the heart. It does not matter whether they are said loudly or softly. They should be natural. For Harry it is natural to say them loudly. If he had to say them softly, it would not be natural for him." (Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 16, pp. 5655 –56)

Baba defined Ideal prayer

The ideal prayer to the Lord is nothing more than spontaneous praise of his being. You praise him, not in the spirit of bargain, but in the spirit of self-forgetful appreciation of what He really is. You praise him because he is praiseworthy. Your praise is a spontaneous appreciative response to his true being as infinite light, infinite power and infinite bliss.

It is futile to attempt a standard prayer, and hold it up as an ideal for all people of all times. The glory of the Almighty transcends all human understanding and defies all verbal descriptions. Eternally fresh and self-renewing in its unlimited amplitude, it never fades. Nor is it ever confined within the limits of the best of hymns. All hymns and prayers reach out towards the eternal truth of Godhead, only to merge those who utter them in silent and unending adoration. (1963-India I S –pp-79)

An example of ideal prayer

An Arab always wore a golden ring in his finger. He was a great lover of God, and when he prayed he forgot everything. Once when he was praying, a thief cut off his finger and stole the ring. But the Arab was so engrossed in prayer he did not feel the slightest pain. This is called prayer. This is real prayer.

Prayer through any via media or hired prayer is most undesirable. It does not help because you are least involved in such activity. Baba said it is foolishness and quite absurd. Baba’s words on hired prayer are as under

Hired Prayer

Prayers worship and entreaties to God can never be hired. Repeating My name wholeheartedly is itself the greatest prayer that one can offer spontaneously for which no time or place required. It is it bad for a person who has no time to pray himself want to have it done through a medium.

This is total foolishness and completely absurd. It is an excuse and a useless pretext. It does not hold water. It is an insult to one's common sense. Can prayer, worship or entreaties to God ever be hired? It is beyond one's imagination. While still being lured by Maya, it is like throwing the burden of one's action on the shoulders of others and paying them money to take him to God. It is pretence for keeping oneself immersed in mayavic pleasures.

A person says, I have no time to pray. Why not? Because one is unwilling to spare time for it. It is a meaningless excuse to cover up one's preoccupation with the world and lack of time due to one's desire to remain involved in Mayavic pursuits. The mind is entrapped in Maya and does not want to be freed; and so to achieve merit, a person offers hired prayers. Can this ever result in any meritorious action or virtue?

If you want to remember or offer worship to God, do it honestly and loyally with all your heart and mind. Even if you can only remember or pray to Him a few minutes each day, do it sincerely. Compared to babbling for hours on end, a sincere prayer of two minutes has more effect. It immediately reaches God's ears. The reason is that God always listens to the voice of the heart.

All prayers and sounds are a mere show if they do not originate from the heart. If not, then such prayers, however loud and however long, are quite meaningless. But compared to this, offering hired prayers through Brahmins, Dasturs, Maulvis and priests is much worse. It is nothing short of sheer hypocrisy. (Lord Meher, 1st ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, pp. 1173 -1174

Pray to your  Master only Whom you have accepted as guide’

One should always pray for his master only whom one has accepted as his Guru. He must keep his master above all Masters known to him. This is because one cannot obey two masters simultaneously. Order of one Master may Contradictory to another and if you obey one it would amount to disobedience to another. Though Baba has said to lovers not to ask for fulfillment of material or even spiritual desires. Baba also said in miseries beyond your limit there is nothing wrong to ask Me. If you do not ask Me, whom you are going to ask for?    But it must be from your core of your heart. There is interesting episode which depicts as why one should go for one Master only?


It was Baba's order for all to take a lantern while going out at night in the dark. On the night of 10 September 1928, Meherjee went out to urinate, but forgot his lamp. His mistake had its immediate consequence, for a large scorpion, which he would have otherwise seen, stung him. The whole night, he reeled with pain and restlessness, and because of this incident, he never forgot the lesson of what happens when the Master's word is not honored. Edke was also stung by a scorpion that same night.

Gustadji's brother, Homi Hansotia, who was living in Toka at this time, knew certain mantras which were said to alleviate the pain of a scorpion's sting. Some would be benefited by his "mantra treatment" while others were not, though Homi claimed that every victim was definitely relieved.

One night a scorpion bit Homi himself and the whole night he was in pain. The mantras did not help him, so at one point he began screaming, "O Meher Baba! O Meher Baba!" After a few minutes, he shouted, "O Sai Baba! Sai Baba!" Then he called out, "O Babajan! Babajan!" In this way, he kept calling to all the Perfect Masters to help him — first Meher Baba, then Sai Baba, Hazrat Babajan, Narayan Maharaj, Upasni Maharaj, Tajuddin Baba and then reverting to Meher Baba again.

The next morning, Homi complained to Baba, "I was in so much pain last night that I became hoarse from calling you. But you did not listen and come to help."

"On the contrary," Baba replied, "I heard every word, but you did not allow Me to come. Last night, I was in the middle of a very important meeting with the Perfect Masters. Sai Baba, Hazrat Babajan, Upasni Maharaj, Narayan Maharaj and Tajuddin Baba were all there, discussing important Universal work with me, when I heard your cry. And though it was a very important and urgent issue concerning the world, I cannot ignore the call of My lover. Therefore, leaving aside this discussion, I rose to come to you, but then you shouted, 'Sai Baba! Sai Baba!' So, I thought you were calling to him and he would help you. I sat down and Sai Baba got up, but then you called out, 'Babajan! Babajan!' and he sat down.

"You kept doing this and your repeated cries to every Perfect Master convinced us that you had no faith in any of us, and you were simply calling on one after the other in hope that something would work. Had you called on only one with full faith, he would have helped you.

"What could I do?" Baba asked him. "I was ready to help you, but your faith in Me was lacking."

Homi replied, "I have full faith in you, Baba."

"Had your faith in me been only in Me, you would have called on me alone. Remember that by holding firmly to the feet of only one Master, your aim is achieved. But by leaving one Master for another, you will be left in the lurch."