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A Guru imparted all skills of talavārabāzī to his disciple. The Master was old while disciple was young. The teacher was once known in the whole village for his expertise but now his disciple challenged him. He wandered in village saying that his guru is no more the best in Talwar bazi. Today not only in this village but in other nearby villages, no one is better talwarbaj than him.

Telling people this much was not a big talk but his ego soared so high, he openly challenged his guru that His guru should come in open to fight or shed His Mastership.

People made enough persuade that such behaviour with his Guru is not proper. But ego fails and so disciples also failed to understand

To His disciples whom Guru taught everything like his son but, today he is challenging Him challenge. Unwillingly Master had to accept the challenge of talwarbaji with his disciple.

Whole Village knew that Guru had become old and before strength of his disciple He will not stand even for a minuit. But Guru has accepted the challenge

Since Guru has accepted the challenge, a thought that Guru must have kept a secret lesson of talwarbaji

The disciple started keeping watch on his Guru. Disciple came to notice that with the help of a blacksmith his Guru has got made a casing for a 15 feet sword. Disciple inferred that this was the only lesson which guru did not teach him. 15 feet casing means sword 15 feet length this also meant that Guru will cut his throat from a distance of 15 feet from him

Next day, the disciple with the help of other blacksmith got a sword of 16 feet length and casing. Disciple had in mind that when Guru will take out his 15 feet distance, he would attack on him with sword one foot bigger than his.

Talwarbaji started. Everyone saw that Guru had 15 feet sword in his hands and 16 feet sword in hand of disciples.

Whistle blown and competition started.

What happened! Guru took out 1 feet small sword from his casing and before the disciple could withdraw even one forth of his 16 feet swords, Guru swiftly put his 1 foot sword on the neck of his disciple.

Now, Disciple has understood that Guru had got the only casing of 15 feet only and not the sword but the disciples had made both casing and sword of 16 feet

Guru could have chopped of the neck of his disciple in one stroke with his sword, but Guru taught a lesson to his disciples in presence of whole village.

Guru is guru. One should not and cannot be challenged under any circumstances. Remember!  No battle can be won with the power of sword. Battle can be won only with the knowledge of self.