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One theoretically knows the attributes of God’s consciousness combined with infinite knowledge, power and bliss but cannot comprehend a fraction of it in reality. One also believes that in reality God is everything and in everyone. God is playing one's roles incognito and unconsciously. Who makes one to believe this? It is from God Himself who in form for tuition and then intuition makes one to believe that God is. He does everything as individual to achieve final goal of God-realization.

As a human, being one always seeks happiness, discriminating between good and bad because initially one has no inclination toward God or even belief in existence God. Because of his past sanskaras of stone to animal life an individual one acts good or bad using intellect and gets tutored by its results. At later stage one tends to believe in existence of God when one finds that many things are beyond his control. Still one’s approach is to seek happiness which may come from any source by any good or bad act or approaching persons claiming to be spiritual healers or masters. Further in this approach one may come across a guru of higher level or advance soul of the path. As result, his belief gets strengthened in existence of God and gets guidance to proceed on Spiritual path. His desires remains attached with him but gradually its gravity diminishes and crosses the stages of intuition, faith, devotion, love, obedience and surrender. Further one travels spiritual planes and at last with help of Perfect Master and attains realization.  That means unconscious God (soul) becomes conscious God (super soul).

Most important fact is that as an individual one thinks that he is making all his own efforts to seek happiness in form of material or spiritual gain in, praying, loving, serving, obeying and surrendering to God or to a God realized Master, but it all comes in a natural way. One may attach himself with any act to attain Godhood but it is a part of his destiny and it amounts no effort on his part.

When Baba said, He does not fulfill one’s desire but need only. Meher Baba develops such an attitude in one’s mind that one desires less and less. This is the real solution to reach the state of desirelessness. When Baba said, not a single leaf quiver without by His will, this means there is no free will of an individual (as one thinks) but Baba’s will (destiny) superimposes or prevails over all one's thoughts,  words and actions. When Baba said, do not come to Me for fulfillment of any material and even for spiritual desire. This is also meant to lessen one's desires and to turn one into a  genuine seeker of God.

So one may find any reason to remember God or not, it is as natural as breathing which never stops in one's lifetime. it can be better understood comparing a stream from a hillock which is bound to wind up in the ocean without any effort on part of the stream. So whatever question of why and how to remember God and any answer one gets from other or himself  is also natural that comes to one’s mind. Any resultant answer or his act is also is natural.

Baba said that make best use of your intellect but not at cost of disobeying My orders. Baba orders are inherent in repentance prayer given by Him. Things coming as natural does mean that one may become inactive. In fact one can not remain inactive till mind persists or one is conscious of one's own separate identity. One need to make best use of intellect- a tool to refine one’s thought and action keeping back in the mind the destiny which also comes in a natural way. This is also answer to question as to why pray God or Avatar Meher Baba-God Personified.

N.B. Above are my interpretations on lines are  in line with Baba's Philosophy.