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According to Meher Baba, snake may be killed. If a snake dies of any other reason it will continue to take the form of a snake till it is killed by a human being.

Flies and mosquitoes can be killed if necessary without too much qualm, as it hurries their evolution but the spider, bee’s hornets and ants have a very complex and interesting life and they should not be killed

If an ant is killed by a man, the ant has to take again the form of an ant. Meher Baba also did not approve the killing of lizards as they eat insects.

Baba discoursed -following real life Episode

On March 28, 1938, a five-foot-long snake was seen outside the kitchen with a sparrow in its mouth. Baba was called, and He came with a few of the men. One man struck the snake on its back, and it released the sparrow which flew away. Baba gave the final killing blow, crushing its head. Later in the evening after dinner, He remarked about snakes, "Unless a snake is killed by a human being, it remains always a snake. Never leave a snake wounded, as it takes so long to die. Once wounded, a snake will always remain near you to be killed outright." On another occasion, the men killed a snake at lower Meherabad, and Padri brought it to Baba who crushed its head. To Padri, he explained, "In evolution, the snake form is like an entangled rope which you cannot undo or unwind. However, if it is killed by a human being the knot untangles itself and the soul is free to continue on its way through evolution." (Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, p. 2269)

Meher Baba also said not to kill lizard. There is real life episode which is substantiates this fact.

There were many lizards in Kandy. Because there was a danger they would urinate or defecate in the food and their urine and excreta are extremely poisonous, Katie would brush them off the wall, and Baidul’s daughter, Dowla, would kill them. On Sunday, November 17th, 1940.  Dowla reported to Baba that she had killed seven lizards in only fifteen minutes. Baba was not happy, but Katie said in her defense, “If any of them fall in the food, we could die.”

Baba instructed them, “Don’t kill lizards. Any animal that directly injures should be killed, but not lizards. Catch them and throw them outside. They eat flies and are useful.”

He added in a teasing manner, “If you kill them, you will be a lizard in your next birth!” (Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, p. 2641)