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Baba has said that “Only God exists and all else is illusion”. It means that we do not exist. Our existence in the form of i (ego) is nothing but an illusion like existence of snake in rope in the darkness. Although snake does not exist but it appears as an illusion. Similarly our false selves (ego) also really do not exist but appears as an illusion.

Since God is the real existence, it means that God is the Real Doer also because there is no body other than God and except God everything is illusion.  Moreover, we can not be the doer because we (i, ego) really do not exist as our existence is only illusory like snake in the rope. Just like an illusory snake in the rope can not do anything, neither move nor bite, we (our illusory i, ego) also can not do anything. Although we are not doer but we have illusory feeling that we are doing, simply because of existence of our false self (i, ego).This is like a child sitting in the lap of his father and holding the steering of a car driven by his father. The child falsely thinks that it is he who is driving the car, whereas the truth is that real driver is his father.

Whole world is God’s dream. In the God’s dream (world), God Himself is all the things of the dream, living as well as non-living. Since all the things of God’s dream are God Himself, it means we all are also God, though not aware of our Real Selves (I). It is infinite God who Himself is all the objects of His dream world and so obviously the Real Doer also. Being not aware of our Real selves (I, God) we have developed false selves (i, ego) and subsequently consider ourselves as the doer.  In fact God is the Real Doer.

According to Vedanta and Hindu scriptures, our gross body is formed by five mahabhoots viz. aakash, vayu, tej, jal and prithvi and subtle body is formed by the interactions of five mahabhoots and three gunas viz. satvaguna, rajoguna and rajoguna. The five mahabhoots and three gunas have originated from their ultimate source, the pure consciousness i.e. God. The actions or karma done by the gross and subtle bodies are in fact done by the nature and play of the three gunas. However, due to the illusory i (ego), we give the credit to ourselves (i, ego) and we think that we are doing everything. In Srimad Bhagavad Geeta (chapter 5, verse 14) Lord Krishna says that God does not create the sense of doer-ship (i, ego) of the people, and He neither induce people to act and nor does He create the fruits of actions (karmas). All these things are enacted by the modes of material nature and the play of the three gunas. This means that our i (ego) or our sense of doer-ship and so called karmas are nothing but illusion. The truth is that only God is the Real Existence and the Real Doer, all else are nothing but illusion.

From the above explanations it can be easily understood that why it is generally said that “Ishwar ki marji ke bina ek patta bhi nahin hilta” meaning that God is the real doer.

(Compiled by Dr. Jitendra kumar, Rohini Delhi)