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With the age, the standard of spirituality (qualifying criteria) is relaxed as quoted in scriptures. In older times the standard of spirituality and morality codes were very high. People were very spiritual and religious. The bad sanskaras were binding if one got a bad thought mere by thinking.

In Satyug, (Earlier to Lord Rama’s era) masses had inclination towards yoga and meditation and it was the recommended path of liberation. In Treta Yuga (Era of Lord Rama) devotion (Bhakti) by performing religious ceremonies and Karma Kand was the path followed to achieve goal of realisation. In Dwapar (Era of Krishna) reverence and adoration of God was the path meant for realisation. In Kal Yuga, the present period, only repeating the name of God and His praise is the easy way to attain the goal of God realisation. (Extracted from Ramayana)

Tulsidas said, “Kaliyuga Keval Nam Adhara, Sumir, Sumir Nar Utarahin Para.”

Nanakji Said, “Nanak Nam Jahaj Hai, Chade So Utre Par.”

Meher Baba said, “Remember Me constantly and wholeheartedly.”

Baba said that mere thinking will not bind one with grave sanskaras unless one translates it into action. In this regard, Baba also said not act if a bad thought comes but must act when a good thought comes to one’s mind.  These sayings of Meher Baba refer the relaxed consideration for any Baba lover or God seeker in present scenario.

Meher Baba said to approach a God realised Sadguru or Avatar and seek His wish/will is necessary to achieve the Goal of God realisation

Meher Baba disregarded the theological ideas, directives of past Avatars and Sadgurus as outdated in following in following words:

“You will not be saved by accepting any theological dogmas or any principles by regarding a prophet who lived hundred or thousand years ego as the only God-incarnate, as only messenger of God. If you want to be saved, conquer your mind, lead a pure life, renounce low desires, and follow one who has realised God and in whom you have sound faith.”

Meher Baba laid emphasis on constant remembrance of a Master (Sadguru) or Avatar and seeks help by surrendering Him. This is one of the easiest, surest and safest ways to reach the goal. He said about Himself that He is like fresh stock and not like an outdated medicine. His effectiveness to help His lovers can be compared with a sitting president than other retired ones.

Baba did not recommend Meditation, Yoga or any kind of physical austerities and relaxed the process so easy for His lovers by trying to remember His name by heart, the best one can do

So let us stick to the formula given by Meher Baba to remember Him by heart leaving all other aside.