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A Baba Centre established any where may be source of spreading Baba’s name; a place to held Baba’s Satsang and sharing Baba’s messages and discourses. Meher Baba was averse to any kind of Propaganda in His name. He said “Every heart is My centre.” Baba said that one should live such a life of love that other may get motivated to love Baba. In name of publicity, Baba made it clear that you can tell My name to others by any means but you are not to preach My philosophy. Do not insist others following a different faith to come to Baba. Follow your religion and creed in which you are born which suits you best.

Baba allowed first centre in Kovvur with statue to be installed. Sri Koduri Krishna Rao of Kovvur built Mehersthan (house of Meher) on the Western banks of the Godavri River in Kovvur, Andhra, where Baba had given darshan in 1954. Meher Baba while giving permission instructed Sri. Krishna Rao to build Mehersthan with his own funds without collecting any donations from others.  Meher Baba also permitted Bro. Krishna Rao to install full size bronze statue of Baba, for which Baba himself gave posture and measurements. The construction of Mehersthan was completed and inaugurated on 28-2-1963. On one occasion Baba stated that He was always present in Mehersthan.

Baba sent the following eight messages to Koduri to be displayed in Mehersthan:

* Tear away the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals and you will find that I am the Worshiped, the Worship and the Worshiper.

* To clothe simple worship with garments of ceremony and rituals is to expose me to the cold winds of ignorance.

* To love faithfully the God-Man is to worship God truly.

* To find me here in Mehersthan, search the depth of your heart.

* Mehersthan is built for me with love, but I may only be found here by my lover who brings me here in his heart.

* As the heart is, so is the house; as the eye is, so is the Image within the house.

* The heart of man has always been the ancient temple for the worship of the Ancient One.

* Nothing can house the Ancient One that does not house love.

(Lord Meher p-4912-1963)

Directives for running centres in Meherpuri (Distt. Hamirpur) and other centres

There should be strict rules framed and displayed to maintain discipline, cleanliness, and hygienic conditions in and around Meherastana.  Meherastana should have a watchman to look after the property, but no regular and paid pujari. Every lover of Baba is in himself is a true pujari.

Baba directed Baba lovers in Bombay conducting the affairs of their center through a letter from Eruch

Baba says that he always feels pleased and at home when he finds His lovers living and working for his cause in an atmosphere that is surcharged with the sweetness of humility, the fragrance of harmony and the sheer simplicity of love for one another.

Baba says that there are bound to be differences of opinion among his lovers regarding the conducting of the work to be done and the manner in which it is to be done, but such differences are, in a way, always healthy and invigorating as long as they do not carry with them the sting of arrogance and insolence.

Baba always expects his lovers to remain prepared to face and overcome all opposition calmly and humbly. And when the differences are thrashed out pleasantly, with an attitude of one who sincerely desires to learn and benefit from the other’s point of view, the results thus achieved are beneficial to both the parties concerned.

As soon as you succumb to the dictates of your ego and permit arrogance and insolence to put their heads up, then this attitude recoils on Baba himself, as you are his dear lover(s) and your Beloved Baba’s head remains bowed down with humiliation. Thus our attitude in his cause becomes the cause of his continual suffering, and the burden of this cross is continually borne by him for the love he bears for us. He will continue to suffer such sustained humiliation as long as his lovers, who have come in his close association, do not begin to share this most burdensome cross. His lovers can learn now to share this by putting up with any humiliation caused to them by the misunderstanding/arrogance of others in his cause. (ww.lordmeher.org, p-5049-11th Nov, 1963; Meherazad)

Baba’s Message on opening of centres in India

Baba said that I want to open 12 centres throught India before I speak. Of this 6 have already been established at Meherabad, Nasik, Toka, Madras, Byramangla and Mandala. For remaining 6 different places in India are still to be selected.  (Message given on 9-5-1940 Lord Meher page-2556)