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Gist of Avatar Meher Baba’s directive is to remember His name constantly and wholeheartedly as much as one can. This is only one thing which a Baba lover can and must do because it is the most simple and easiest way recommended by Meher Baba. This requires no separate time schedule, posture or place. Literate or illiterate both can do it. This is the only thing worth doing.This has been repeatedly emphasized by Meher Baba for His lovers in His messages, and discourses.

Theoretically, to remember Baba appears very easy but it is so difficult to practice. It is because when one starts repeating His name, he forgets after a time gap due to uninvited thoughts which infiltrate in his mind inadvertently. After a while thought to repeat His name clicks in his mind and he starts to repeat His name again. Make and break connection in repeating His name takes place inadvertently without one’s knowledge. This means, to repeat Baba’s name continuously without break is not in one’s control but in control of someone else who is none other than Meher Baba. In fact, it is God or Meher Baba who Himself gets remembered through anyone by implanting thought in one’s mind to remember Him and when one forgets to remember, He Himself reminds again to remember Him by infusing thought in one’s mind.

One must feel obliged to God (his Master) as Master gives an opportunity or infuses thought into one’s mind to remember God or Meher Baba, without which one cannot do it on his own. If one thinks and accepts it in totality, ego of his act of remembering will not enter in his mind and therefore will not bind him with ego sanskaras. Baba said, “Love for God is a gift from God” and remembrance is primary task to begin to love God.

So, one can just try to remember Meher Baba and have strong  will to remember Baba more and more so that one may not forget again and again. For this, one should start remembering Meher Baba right now and onward so that one may not forget to remember Him when his end approaches. Lord Krishna in Geeta and Avatar Meher Baba said, “Whosoever takes My name while breathing last comes to Me”, which means one becomes free from the cycle of birth and death.

Remembrance is most desirable not only for Baba lovers but for any God seeker who has faith in any religion, panth or sect. Anyone can remember God, (his Master) the way he likes. The power of remembering God’s name is great. Importance of remembrance of any name of God or naam-japa has been much emphasized in scriptures. Saint Tulsidas said “Kaliyuga keval naam adhara, sumir sumir nar utarahin para”. Perfect Master, Guru Nanak said, “Nanak nam jahaj hai chare so utre par”.

Dr. J. Kumar and B. Kumar,  (Delhi)