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Renunciation is living a life in isolation of all worldly attachments. It is said to lead an ascetic life in secluded place. Some get intuition to lead ascetic life of renunciation as destined for them. This practice may lead to spiritual advancement provided it is internal and not external only.  Meher Baba said renunciation is not necessary for Baba lovers who are under direct guidance of Sadguru or Avatar. They have to simply obey the instructions and love Baba wholeheartedly.

Following is the substantive episode wherein Baba said to Nausserwan Anzar that renunciation is not necessary.


Text of the telegram sent by Baba to Naosherwan as under:

Renunciation is not necessary. Appear for your examination. No darshan until 1967 end. Rest assured one day my grace will be on you to know me as I am. My love blessing to you and all at home.

In addition, Baba dictated this letter to the Naosherwan.

For spiritual aspirants renunciation is of no help, but those who love the Avatar and are under his direct guidance do not have to renounce anything. The lovers of the Avatar have simply to obey the Avatar's instructions and to love him wholeheartedly.

Pay attention to your studies, sit for the examination, pass it and continue to edit the Glow magazine. All these are now your responsibility. No less important than the aspirant who has no Avatar to guide him. Love Baba more and more while doing your worldly duties.

Take good care of your health, be happy and cheerful, as Baba is with you and you are very dear to him.

Nalavala's son, Naosherwan, 19, was studying in college in Dehra Dun, but since seeing Baba in Poona in May 1965, Naosherwan had been acting peculiar. On 19 March 1966, he suddenly announced to his parents his decision to renounce everything and go directly to Meherazad, where he hoped to live with Baba as one of the mandali. If Baba refused, he said he would go to a cave in some remote place and meditate on Baba. His final exams for his bachelor's degree were approaching, but he decided not to appear for them. When his mother heard this, she secretly sent telegrams to Baba about his decision. Baba heard her telegrams and commented, "Outward renunciation is unnecessary when the Avatar's daaman is held. Obedience to the Avatar is essential." (Lord Meher – 5219-1966)

Internal renunciation is necessary,

Internal renunciation is necessary, but not external renunciation. It is not the outward escape from the world that leads you to God. You have to live in the world, do all your duties, and yet feel as detached as if you were living in seclusion in the midst of intense activity. How can you renounce this body and mind by retiring into the jungles? (Treasure pp. 134-135, ed. Jane Barry Hayens)

Outward renunciation is not necessary.

In the spiritual path, outward renunciation is not necessary. Be in the world and do your duty by those near and dear to you. But there should be no attachment. To lessen it, My name should always be taken now and then. If this is not possible, at least take it before going to bed and getting up in the morning. Bewail not calamity, but try to put up with it calmly, surrendering to My wish.

There is no use renouncing the world, your wife, your children and property. Renunciation of the mind is what is required. Don't starve your stomach, starve your mind! You take your mind with you in (external) renunciation, and constantly have thoughts of your family, wealth, and so forth. (Lord Meher, new volume, pp-3836)

If the Love, Service, Honesty is manifested in all your activities in everyday life then renunciation is achieved by you without renouncing the world.

Renunciation is most difficult

Throughout India, one finds many sadhus or sanyasis who renounce the world and wander on pilgrimage, begging for alms. He who is a coward materially turns into a hero on the spiritual path. Perhaps you think that compared to materialism, renunciation is easy, but it is most difficult. He who wants to die should decide on renunciation.

(Lord Meher, 1st. ed. Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, pp. 846 - 847)

Complete renunciation of the whole world is only possible through divine Love. But this does not mean that you leave your family, children and your worldly responsibilities. Not outward, but mental renunciation is of importance, and that can (only) be had by the grace of the Perfect Master. Is it clear to you? (Lord Meher-5287-1967)