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A. V. Vegavulu

In the summer of 1959 Avatar Meher Baba gave darshan to His lovers in Guru Prasad, Poona. One day, after having His darshan, Dr. Moorty and I came out of Guru Prasad and went o a nearby restaurant to have a cup of tea before returning to Guru Prasad for the second session.

On the way we both were talking, of course, only about Beloved Baba's glory and divinity. During the course of our talk I happened to say that Beloved Meher Baba is not only the Avatar of the Age but, being the Ancient One, He was also Rama, Krishna, Christ and Buddha.

Dr. Moorty agreed that Baba is the Avatar but insisted that Baba had never claimed to be Rama, Krishna, or Christ. He added that in all of his extensive reading of Baba literature, he had never come across such a claim.

I repeated my position and he repeated his and we were still caught up in this discussion when we arrived back at Guru Prasad. But to our surprise the darshan had ended early and everyone was walking toward the gate. The day’s darshan program was over.

At this point, brother Eruch came out from Meher Baba's room and announced that Meher Baba wanted everyone to come back and assemble near the porch of Guru Prasad. When we heard this, we, along with the others, rushed forward and stood anxiously waiting.

Beloved Meher Baba came out and gave a message to the effect that He was Rama, He was Krishna, He was Christ and now He was Meher Baba, the Avatar of the Age. As soon as this message was given, Baba told us all to disperse.

Dr. Moorty and I were amazed. Although the message had been for one and all, it was especially significant to the two of us. It brought home to us that Meher Baba is not only the
Ancient One, but He is indeed the All-knowing and All-pervading One.

(Showers of Grace, pp-18-19, ed. Bal Natu copyright 1984, AMBPPCT)