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Journey from God (unconscious) to God (conscious) is a journey without journeying or a journey in ignorance to get out of ignorance or awaken as God from sleep state of God.

First part of journey is evolution which is the manifestation God’s trio nature viz: infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss. The moment a whim started in beyond state of God (unconscious God), it started manifesting and evolving as gas, stone, vegetable, fish, worm reptile and animal and finally man when evolution is complete.

Second part of spiritual journey is involution which starts from man to God and  human soul with its limited mind and intellect progressively transforms his limited consciousness to higher and higher state of consciousness life after life (incarnation) from 4 subtle planes and 2 mental planes. After arriving on 6th plane help of God realised Master (Sadguru) or Avatar becomes mandatory for God realisation. God realisation is the final destination where both journeys from God to man and man to God is complete. God’s dream comes to an end and the individual consciously experiences His trio attributes of Infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss through His universal body and universal mind. He consciously experiences: “I am everything and everything in the universe has come out of Me.”

A man, in his first incarnation from animal to man is quite ignorant of the word God or its entity. This man (soul) is dominated by animal sanskaras of his previous animal forms. Though heart and intellect is also developed in human form but these are in dormant state. His heart is easily taken over by his mind which is dominated by animal sanskaras. Intellect almost has no effect in initial stages. Such souls carry heinous crimes and murders under impressions of dominating animal sanskaras.

In further incarnations, Human soul gets tutored by Law of Karma as bad results for his bad actions. Intellect makes human soul to think and realise the existence of some kind of super natural power which controls his actions since the result of his actions are not according to his wish. To find the answer of this question he thereby tried to know the purpose of life. Man approaches the seniors, saints to find and remedy of his miseries and later tends to believe in existence of God. He tries to seek help of God to get rid of his problems. Now he becomes the seeker of God once he develops a belief in existence of God.

Thus the Human soul progresses on his spiritual path through good thoughts, words and actions using best of his intellect (discrimination between good and bad) in incarnation after incarnation. Human Soul travels through various stages on gross, sublte and mental plane before God relisation. One may be fortunate to get the contact of Sadguru or Avatar at any stage of human life which much depends on his past sanskaras as destined for the individual man.

Now the seekers can be put in following categories with brief description.

  1. Atheist (unconscious seeker-non believer)
  2. Believer
  3. Illiterate-It is easier for an illiterate seeker to accept God or Master by heart almost without much use of intellect.
  4. Semi-illiterate-The seeker accepts God or Master with moderate reasoning.
  5. Fully literate or Intellectual- The aspirant accepts God or a Master by heart with sufficient reasoning by intellect. Some intellectual aspirants develop tendency of reading, then writing and thereafter lecturing still being aware that all these are meaningless compared to constant remembrance of the Master silently and wholeheartedly.
  6. Devotee- One develops faith in existence of God by self tutoring through Law of Karma. First it is through mind which is wavering but when it comes from heart it is lasting. One can develop faith through three sources which are: by hearing or reading discourses on God, (2) by seeing a master, Sadguru or Avatar, (3) by having experience on gross or subtle plane (in dream). There are nine kinds of devotion (bhakti) or to say nine kinds of devotees advocated by Narada in Hindu philosophy. So there are nine kind of devotee. Initially a devotee’s bhakti is associated with desire which is called Sakam Bhakti.
  7. Lover: When a devotee’s Bhakti becomes desireless it turns into love and can be said to lover of God. As lover he seeks the will of his master. Love is a gift from God to man. Love means a life of giving without expectation of receiving any reward.
  8. Obedient: As the love deepens, it is transformed into obedience. Obedient performs the will of Beloved. He follows His masters order without any question of why and what (without use of mind and intellect)
  9. Third plane: Merging into third plane is called annihilation of the Apparent. Here the seeker loses for all day consciousness of the body or the world and experiences infinite power. But since he has no consciousness of the world he has no occasion for expression of his power. This is the state of divine coma. The consciousness is now completely withdrawn from the entire world. If the seeker further advances he arrives at the fourth lane.
  10.  Forth Plane:  Merging into fourth plane is called annihilation leading toward freedom. The seeker experiences particular state of consciousness at this plane, since he now only feels infinite power but has plenty of occasions for the expression of power. He knows everything. He can for example know what anyone situated in any part of the globe is thinking or doing. Further he has not only occasion for use of his powers but had definite inclination to express it. He has infinite power even to create a new universe.If he falls prey to these temptations, he goes on expressing powers and gets caught up in the alluring possibilities of fourth plane. The fourth lane for this reason one of the most difficult and dangerous plane to cross. The seeker is never spiritually safe and has always the possibility of a reversion until he has successfully crossed the fourth planeMasts (mental Plane)
  11.  Fifth plane (Wali) - Mental plane superimposes over Gross and subtle plane both. The seeker is called wali. Merging into fifth plane is called the annihilation of desires. Here the incessant activity of lower intellect comes to a stand-still. He does not ‘think’ in the ordinary way. Yet, he is indirectly a source of many thoughts inspired in others. He sees but not with physical eyes. Mind speaks with mind and there is neither worry nor doubt. He is now spiritually safe and beyond the possibility of a downfall; and yet many a seekers on the exalted plane find it difficult to resist the delusion that they have attained Godhood. In his self-delusion he thinks and says, “I am God,” and believes himself to have arrived at the end of spiritual path. But if he moves on he perceives his mistake and advances to the sixth plane.
  12.  Sixth plane (Pir) - The seeker of this plane is called Pir. Merging into sixth plane is called the annihilation of self in the Beloved. Now the seeker sees God directly as an ordinary person sees the different thing in the world. This continued perception and enjoyment of God does not suffer a break even for an instant, yet he does not become one with God. He is still not united with God. He develops intense longing to get united with God and help of God realised Master (Sadguru or Avatar) becomes mandatory.
  13. Seventh plane (God-realised-Man-God-No more a seeker) – With the help of Sadguru or Avatar seeker of sixth plane ascends to the seventh plane. He experiences the last merging which is called the final annihilation of self into God. Through this merging the seeker loses his separate existence and becomes permanently united with God. He is now one with God and experiences Himself as being none other than God himself. This seventh plane is the terminus of spiritual path, the goal of all search and endeavour. It is conscious God-hood. It is the real awakening. Now the seeker has reached the other shore of the vast ocean of imagination and realises that this last truth is the only truth and all other stages on the path are entirely illusory. He has arrived the final destination.

    States of God-realised Souls:

    Following are the other states of God realised souls who are present in the universe but have different roles to play,.

    1. Majoob. No more seeker but possessor of infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss and remain absorbed in infinite bliss. He does not play any role in function of universe.
    2. Paramhans- No more seeker but possessor of infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss. He oscillates between the consciousness of God and man.
    3. Perfect Master (Sadguru) No more seeker but possessor of infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss. He among the five Masters controls the affair of universe. One of five Masters is the chief called Murshid-e-Kamil. They workout the descent of God as Avatar at appropriate time and work for the universe under the leadership of the Avatar.
    4. Avatar (God-man): The personified advent of God in human form appears and takes upon the burden of universal suffering of mankind through His universal body and mind.