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Baba said

Beware of pride, not only because it is hydra-headed, but because it is deceptive. So deceptive is it that, more often than not, it puts on the apparel of humility

Ego is hydra headed and is implemented by desires in numberless ways. As the ego has almost infinite possibilities for making its existence secure and creating self-delusion, the aspirant finds it impossible to cope with the endless cropping up of fresh forms of the ego. Like the iceberg floating in the sea, only a small portion of the ego is manifested and major portion remains submerged in the sanctuary of subconscious mind. The ego affirms separateness through craving, hate, fear, jealousy and love which are affirmation of oneness, which creates rift between one and others. Love alone helps to bridge over this self created gulf.

The chief forms in which the frustrated ego finds its expression are lust, greed and anger and have body and mind as the vehicles of expression.

The ego persists till the end in all the six stages of the Path. When it is completely eliminated it appears again as the Divine “I” in the seventh plane.

To get rid of ego is spirituality

Spirituality is to get rid of your false self, and when your false self goes, you know what you are in Reality. In Reality, no one is "high," and no one is "low."  Everyone is not every one, but One.  So when there is only One, how can there be the question of high and low?  But in the illusory world, there is high and low.  There are so many distinctions because the ego plays its role, and the ego always deceives.

Substantives episode on hydra-headed Ego

A retired captain who had then become a sanyasi (one who gives up everything and wanders on pilgrimage) would come for Baba’s darshan whenever possible. On one such occasion he brought his wife. There was at the time a large crowd, and in his insensitive efforts to bring his wife to close despite the crowds, he almost backed right into Baba. Just in the nick of time, Eruch gave a sharp push to the sanyasi who collapsed into the laps of nearby women. He was very annoyed, yelled at Eruch and Eruch tried to explain himself. At that point Baba gestured to Eruch, ‘Be quiet!’ and then continued, ‘Now go and bow down to the man and apologize.’ Eruch promptly did as Baba ordered and the man later boasted to others: “See! Meher Baba gets His disciple to bow down to me.’

After this incident Baba gave above message that Ego is hydra-headed. Intricacies of ego are very fine. In anger one gets a signal from his mind and can control his anger to some extent. But the in  case of ego it is so sublime that its expression goes on unchecked through our thoughts, words and actions. One has to be conscious every moment of this thought, word and action to avoid expression of ego.

 Sadguru  & Avatar takes care of His disciples-a Substantives episode  

During Baba's stay at her home, Dina proudly thought to herself: "How well I serve the Master. No one else is able to serve him as I do. According to His order, whenever Baba needs anything at any time of the day or night, I supply it immediately. Is there anyone else who can do this?"

An incident made Dina keenly aware of the folly of such thoughts. One day, Baba instructed Dina to cook for Him as well as for the mandali, but the men were to help her. When it was ready, Dina informed Baba and He came to the dining room with everyone who had come for darshan that day. Seeing the numerous guests, Dina was taken aback. She took Baba aside and whispered, "There is not enough food to feed everyone. I didn't realize; You wished me to cook for so many persons."

Baba asked, "Why? Did you cook less?"

"I cooked for only You and the mandali as usual. I didn't know about these other fifty people with You."

Baba made no further remark and began serving the food Himself. He served large portions to each person as Dina nervously watched. All were served and still there was food in abundance left over. Baba called Dina and gestured, "You eat the rest." Dina was shocked when she saw how much food remained.

This episode is comparable to mythological episode of Mahabharata period related to Draupati, wife of Pandava’s. She was gifted by Lord Krishna a miraculous vessel, which could produce any quantity of food till she herself had not taken food from the vessel. To create trouble for Pandava’s Duryodhan, requested Rishi Durwasha to visit Pandava’s place. Rishi Durwasha went to Pandava’s place with hundreds of his disciples and told Pandava’s that they would take food on return after having bath in nearby river. Draupati was puzzled since all have taken food drawn from the vessel including her. She prayed to Lord Krishna and Lord Krishna appeared and asked Draupati to bring the vessel. Lord Krishna ate one piece of rice left in the vessel. In result, it had effect on Rishi Durwasha and all his disciples. Their bellies were full and back to Pandava’s place, all expressed their unwillingness to have any food and left the place.