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 Baba said

Desires and longing are the root cause of suffering. Desirelessness means freedom from self inflicted suffering. Desires are harmful both ways, when unfulfilled; it is eventual result of expression of his desire which brings disappointment and dejection. Desire for nothing except desirelessness. Do not desire union with God, but long for union till you go beyond longing for union; and long only for the will and pleasure of the Beloved. Give up the desire of God realization, and give up the sense of giving up.

Man is only partially satisfied in his attempt to have the fulfillment of his desires, and this partial satisfaction fans and increases the flame of craving instead of extinguishing it. Thus greed always finds an endless field of conquest and leaves the individual endlessly dissatisfied. The chief expressions of greed are related to the emotional part of man. It is a form of entanglement with the subtle sphere.

Once a desire is fulfilled, there is another desire that arises ready to be satisfied, another is there and so on. It is not easy to escape the clutches of one’s desire. Only Perfect Master can destroy the desires.

Seven major desires pervade the mental world, (seed form) the subtle world (germination) and gross world in gross form (action). Mankind knows these desires as lust anger, greed, hatred, pride, jealousy and selfishness –and these desires pervade all creation.

Meher Baba said

Desire and longing

The only real desire is to see God, and the only real longing is to become one with God. This real desire and longing frees one from the bondage of birth and death. Other desires and longings bind one with ignorance.

To desire the real desire and to long for the real longing you need My grace, and you cannot have that until you surrender all other desires and longings to Me. Your love for Me will help you to surrender these desires and longings, and My love for you will help you to desire the real desire and long for the real longing, which are by My grace.


Freedom from desires

As long as a person is not free from desires, he is not ready for emancipation. Desires, both good and bad, are binding. Good desires bind a person with golden chains, and bad with iron ones. Why do you feel restless? Because you have a thousand thoughts of wife, children and the world. One should be free of wishes and desires, but they are there.

 As long as desires persist, there is no freedom. One who is completely desire less becomes king of kings. But a person has no idea how to become desireless. Freedom from desires is real life. One has to go beyond desires to enjoy freedom. This freedom can never be imagined, it is beyond the mind. The mind creates desires and as long as the mind continues and does not die, a person cannot extricate himself and enjoy freedom.

The soul is like a bird. When all desires vanish, the bird's eyes open. It sees God and becomes one with Him. I am that God whom the bird sees when its eyes open. But desires blind the bird and it cannot see Me, though I am standing right in front of it.