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Baba did not attach much importance to intellect but did not discard it also. Meher Baba explained Intellectual reading can bring one on the threshold of spirituality, but cannot help beyond that. To enter in the house of God one has to fall into the lap of Love, obedience and surrender.

Baba advised many to read “God Speaks” which reveals mysteries of the universe as how it came into being and what are experiences of the soul in traversing the journey from God to man (Evolution) and man to God (Involution) Baba Himself speaks on His book “God Speaks”

In Baba’s words

“Reading books one can get some intellectual understanding of the Truth but it is not real understanding. One can by reading books and having theories, gets some intellectual understanding of the Truth, but that is not real understanding. One must experience truth, live truth, realize truth. It is very easy to do this if one takes it to mind. But the people make it complicated that it seems a gigantic task.”

 “The book God Speaks is a very important textbook for all students who are keen to understand the fundamental purpose and mechanics of life and the universe. God Speaks reveals to us that all the experiences, even of spiritual aspirants of the path to God-realization (gotten in the natural course of involution of consciousness), are of the domain of illusion and are ephemeral and absolutely unimportant; how much more illusory and distracting can be the experience of a layman in a laboratory who experiments with drugs to induce experiences with the semblance of those of an aspirant on the spiritual path.”

“When you study the book God Speaks, you will understand how very impossible it is for an aspirant to realize God without the grace of the Perfect Master, and therefore, it is of paramount importance for a genuine spiritual aspirant to surrender himself to the Perfect Master, who has himself realized God.”

"Some of the discourses of other saints and Perfect Masters are likely to confuse you by their contrary statements. For example, it is said that Muhammad and Christ declared there is no reincarnation; and it is said that Krishna and Buddha declared there is reincarnation. Now, whom should you believe?”

"So, take my advice and accept God Speaks as the final authority. Nothing of its kind has been recorded before.”

it is desirable to read God Speaks & Discourses

To read God Speaks and discourses given by Meher Baba in English and now translated in Hindi and Telgu requires certain level of intellect or to say knowledge of particular language. Intellect is the natural instinct which gets fully developed in evolution of soul in human form. Intellect which has its seat in mind and essential instinct or instrument which helps a soul to transform oneself better and better, birth after births by discriminating between good and bad to tread on the path of spirituality.

There is spiritual force in words said by Baba.

One must read the scriptures given by Avatars, Perfect Masers Viz Zend-Avesta, Ramayana, Gita, Bible, Quran, and latest God Speaks by Meher Baba. Even one does not have knowledge of language to read these books even storing these books in house will certainly add to spiritual benefit since words of Avatar radiate itself spiritual energy. It is therefore common to find in Hindu families keep Ramayana & Gita in their houses though they may be read only occasionally.

In Baba’s Words

“There is a force, a spiritual force, in My words which is of great help to the sincere aspirant. So you should work with them and strongly encourage others to work with and read Baba's words." You must understand that whenever Baba gives out words for His lovers to use and read, He attaches a spiritual energy to them-something like an atomic spiritual bomb! Then, when one reads those words, even if he does not understand even one word of what he reads, a part of the spiritual energy will be absorbed by that person. And this energy will be very important for that person in his spiritual progress."


Reading is too short of love

Reading has no comparison with love. It is far ahead of intellect. Once one gets intellectual belief, one must aspire love for God which is once again a gift from the Master. May it may be necessary that intellectuals to unlearn what they had learnt before coming to Baba?

In Baba’s words:

Reading is not necessary for those who love... love take one beyond the intellect and beyond the mind. Books and discourses will not bring about one's spiritual regeneration. Mind cannot be annihilated by mind, for one cannot jump over oneself. Only by loving me as I ought to be loved can the mind be destroyed. Anyone may have love for Me, but not the love as I want.”

Reading has no comparison with love. It is far ahead of intellect. Once one get intellectual belief he must aspire love for God which once again a gift from the Master. May it be necessary that intellectual has to unlearn what he had leant before coming to Baba. In Baba’s words:

“In spite of all explanations and reading of books, words remain mere words. They do not take one any further than intellectual satisfaction. Only love for God works the miracle, because love is beyond mind and reason. Where then is the necessity to read?”

Limitation of Intellect

Baba explained the limitation of intellect also. A person however intelligent cannot get Self-realisation without coming into contact of a Perfect Master. It is most fortunate for an intellectual to get contact of a Perfect Master or Avatar which can help one to achieve goal without any risk of getting trapped in allurement of the experiences of spiritual path.

In Baba’s words:

Intellectual explanation can never be a substitute for spiritual experience.

“It is better to study it, than to be ignorant of it; better to feel it than to study it; better to experience it than to feel it; and best of all to become it.”

“It is good to use discretion in all things. Before coming to any decision, give more importance to the heart than head. In all the matters, the judgment of the heart should be given preference.”

“Intellect can be used as much as misused or abused. The deeper the intelligence, the greater the responsibility for discrimination between essential and nonessential services.”

“All the explanations and articles have no connection with Reality. It is all a play of words and has no lasting value. Reality is beyond mind, beyond intellect. The very fact when you say that you have intellectually understood Reality shows that you have misunderstood it! To have Real understanding, consciousness must remain, and intellect (mind) must go. It does not mean becoming mad like Punjia (an inmate in the Mad Ashram at Rahuri). What I mean is that intellect should be the means of wholeheartedly achieving ends that are accepted by the heart. And if you obey Me with all your heart, intellect will go and consciousness will remain.”

“A person may be very intelligent, but if he has not the fortune to have the company of a Sadguru, he will not get Self-Realization. On the other hand a person, though dull, who has that rare fortune to have the company of a Perfect Master can have Self-Realization. And I myself will bow down to such a person who is fortunate enough to be very intelligent and, at the same time, who has love for and the company of a Perfect Master.”

Books and discourses will not bring about one's spiritual regeneration. Mind cannot be annihilated by mind, for one cannot jump over oneself. Only by loving Me as I ought to be loved can the mind be destroyed. Anyone may have love for Me, but not the love as I want.

It is not through intellectual exercises and such learning, or knowledge acquired by reading or hearing lectures, that spiritual truth can be understood. At the most, these can give one an intellectual understanding, which is the first preparatory stage for ushering one into the Path. What is essential is a true inner feeling, an actual experience of the Truth, which is real, lasting and convincing. When one experiences union with God, one knows by actual experience that one is in harmony with everything and everyone, that there is nothing but one infinite indivisible existence, and all else is but fleeting shadows. (Lord Meher Vol-7 2432, 26 June 1939, Meherabad p-2432)

So, let one read books on Baba’s philosophy, discourses, messages, episodes, write-ups and articles of his choice with back in mind that this is also a sort of meditation initiated by Meher Baba to help one to progress on the path of spirituality as destined for him