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Meherwan Sheriar Irani, later called as Meher Baba by His followers was born in Poona (now Pune) in India on Feb, 25, 1894 to a Persian parents. In 1913 when He was returning home from college on bicycle, Hazrat Babajan, a lady Perfect Master of that time kissed on forehead of Meher Baba, thereby bestowed Him instant God realization and made Him aware of His highest spiritual destiny. The lady Sadguru Hazrat Babajan hailed from Baluchistan, declared herself "Anal-Haq” which means "I am God". She was buried alive by fundamentalist Baluchi soldiers in Lahore but later she appeared in Poona to accomplish her universal work with Meher Baba.

Afterwards, in year 1914, Meher Baba was drawn to other four Perfect Masters of the time namely Upasni Maharaj of Sakori, Sai Baba of Shirdi, Tajuddin Baba of Nagpur and Narain Maharaj of Kedgaon. Upasni Maharaj made him to regain His body consciousness. Meher Baba attained spiritual perfection in 1921. Hazrat Babajan repeatedly told visitors that “Meher Baba is my beloved son. He will one day shake the world and all humanity will be benefited by him." Sai Baba of Shirdi and Meher Baba prostrated to each other, Sai Baba exclaiming “Parvardigar” (God Almighty, incarnation of Lord Vishnu). Upasni Maharaj said “Meherwan, You are the Avatar and I salute you” and directed all his followers to go to Meher Baba stating that I have handed over my keys of spirituality to Meher Baba. Narayan Maharaj garlanded Meher baba and made Him sit on his throne, later telling people “He is perfect man”. Tajuddin Baba caressed Meherwan’s cheeks with roses, calling him “My rose, my heavenly rose”.