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Avatar or Sadguru is most generous toward help to His disciples. God listens the language of heart only. Any sincere prayer reaches to Him instantly and help is delivered immediately.

Here is an example to explain it. Consider a cashier in a bank as Avatar or Sadguru and an account holder as a disciple. An individual account holder approaches cashier and requests to withdraw Rs. 10000. Cashier checks from record and says you have only Rs. 5000 in your account so you can take Rs. 5000 only. Now his son having no bank account approaches his cashier father and asks for Rs. 5000 to spend on tour along with his friends. Cashier-father, being most generous toward his son, gives Rs.10000 instead of Rs.5000 from his own account in order to meet any exigencies on tour.

Avatar or Sadguru has power to change destiny of an individual. According to Meher Baba only Sadguru can alter, divert or destroy this course i.e. He can change the course of person’s destiny. This may occur once a person comes in contact with such a Master. There is no chance realization for the disciple and only Master can do it.

Meher Baba explained: “If you try to set green grass on fire, it will not burn. But if you set a match to a haystack it will immediately catch fire and burn to ash. The haystack symbolizes the accumulation of sanskaras. In order for green grass to dry, it has to be kept near a fire. This means that in order to destroy one's sanskaras, a person should stay with a Sadguru in whom the divine knowledge is always burning. In his contact and company, accumulated sanskaras dry. Finally, with the flame of his grace, he sets fire and uproots all one's sanskaras. Even red sanskaras of lust and anger which are the fastest growing and most deeply rooted, are nothing to worry about if you are in contact of a Sadguru or Avatar.”

“In company of Sadguru or Avatar, a person’s worldly sanskaras get burnt up through Master’s spiritual heat. That is why those near to a Sadguru derive great spiritual benefit, and those who serve the master, the benefit is indeed immense. Once you surrender to a Sadguru or Avatar He takes upon the responsibility of eradicating your sanskaras and emancipating you. It becomes his duty to lead you toward knowledge and God realisation”.

“Let not the dirt of the sanskaras of your thoughts and deeds touch you by surrendering every thought and act at the feet of your Sadguru or Avatar. As a laundryman washes and cleanses clothes, in the same way, I remove all the dirt which has stuck to you through your thoughts and actions. Just continue doing as I say. If you put in your best efforts, there is no cause to worry”.

“Avatar’s action on gross plane is like the throwing of a main switch in an electric power house, which immediately and simultaneously releases the immense force through many circuits, putting into action various branches services such as factories and fans, trains and trolleys and lights for cities and villages”.

“An ordinary physical action of the Avatar releases immense forces in the inner planes and so becomes the starting point for a chain of working, the repercussions and overtones of which are manifested at all levels and are universal in the range and effect”.

High roads of spirituality (subtle and mental world) pass through gross world to exhaust false experiences birth after birth to prepare oneself being worthy of coming into contact of a Sadguru or Avatar and to be freed from Maya (illusion of gross world). Sadguru or Avatar uses his supernatural power to destroy false ego of his disciple and gives him spiritual push.Is occult  Sadguru or Avatar is always available to help an aspirant when he is ready to receive his grace. Sadguru or Avatar also uses Maya (illusion of gross world) to reach his disciple and pull him out of Maya.