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Good and bad thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all due to the working of the mind. If the mind vanishes, one realizes the highest Self. Just as they are the givers of light, Sadgurus and Qutubs are also the givers of thoughts. Not only can they predict certain actions, but they can tell what will happen years into the future, even before it is created in the mind of an individual – for they are one with the universal mind which gives light, thoughts and everything. Hence, they not only predict, but they predestine.  Things actually become divine will accord the Perfect Masters' will or wish.

If one commits sins of his own will, "Truly speaking, he is not responsible. Yet, for the sake of humility, you have to admit your responsibility, and therefore experience both good and bad. Inevitably, in this manner, you are led to the perfection state."

Everything in life is predestined. Destiny superimposes over every thought, word and action of an individual. Baba’s will govern the whole universe. Only a Sadguru or Avatar has powers to predict or even bring change in the destiny which is very rare. Astrology is based on series of calculation, and there is every chance of miscalculation and failure. Even if astrological calculations appear good, it gives temporary solace to individual.  However, Astrology or any other knowledge adopted for predictions may go wrong and result in more disappointment and grief in one’s life.

Certain substances or creatures hold impressions but one should not bother as it create superstitions

Baba spelled “It is true, certain substances or creatures at the four corners (turns) of evolution hold impressions – certain metals, gems, black wool, cats, dogs. Not much should be said about it because it creates superstition.