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Evolution is development of higher and greater consciousness of the soul

During the course of evolution of its consciousness, the soul (atma), while consciously identifying itself with varied, finite gross forms, was also simultaneously, though unconsciously, identifying itself with its finite subtle form and its finite mental form, which associated with the soul in compact, homogeneous, unconscious alliance throughout the entire course of evolution of consciousness right from the first urge.

Although the soul frequently and consciously dissociated itself from the finite gross forms which acted as media to experience the impressions gained in the course of evolving greater and higher consciousness, the soul could never dissociate itself, consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly, from its finite subtle form and its finite mental form.

On the contrary, while the soul dissociated its identification with any one medium of finite gross form, it was the unconscious association of soul with its finite subtle form that fortified the soul (now without any gross medium) with finite energy (the driving force) to give a tendency to the consciousness of the soul towards identifying itself with the next medium of the next finite gross form, in order to experience the impressions of the last dissociated finite gross form, retained and reflected by the finite mental form of this soul.

It is but natural, that together with the evolution of higher and greater consciousness of soul, the evolution of the finite subtle form of soul also takes place to fortify the soul with greater finite energy to incline the consciousness of the more and more gross-conscious soul to identify itself with higher and higher types of finite gross forms evolved by the impressions of the last lower finite gross form.

Similarly, the evolution of the finite mental form of the soul also takes place simultaneously to accommodate, retain and reflect the increasingly innumerable, varied impressions gained and gathered by the evolution of greater and greater consciousness of the soul. (God Speaks-1st Indian ed. Pp-21-32)

One cycle is twelve thousand million years (12,000,000,000).The scientists do not know anything about cycles, but this hint will open their eyes. The evolution of the world began two billion years ego and evolution, which started from nebula, will last until completion of the cycle-when the Mahapralaya (total dissolution of the universe) will take place.

From the nebula came the four elements, though they were not produced simultaneously. First came heat, then crust, rock and lastly water.

What is there in the Universe? Billions and billions of nebulae.  Every nebula contains millions of worlds and ours is the earth. What is there in the whole universe?  It is in its two hundred and seventy six subtle states. Before gas turns into the first manifestation of the gross, it evolves through 276 subtle stages. None of the scientist knows about these 276 subtle forms of gas before its manifestation in the gross. Subtle gas very gradually turns into gross form such as hydrogen, oxygen, etc. in the nebulae, in all heavenly bodies, and in planets there is evolution. The 276 subtle stages begin from the beginning of the nebulae, which are at the source of subtle energy (Pran) and subtle space (Akash)

The gas left over after cooling turned into air, and there is no air one hundred miles beyond our earth. This meant that, even before the element –not before heat, but before water, the electron and proton evolved, forming the atom.

In the beginning, our world was very, very hot. After slowly cooling down, what happened? All the gas was solidified. As the planet became cooler, a crust formed. With the gradual cooling, earth’s crust became solid and the centre remains hot. Rocks were formed from crust. The center was full of gas and remained extremely hot. There are natural gaps in the crust, because the formation of the rocks was not regular.

What happened then was when the gas became cool, it turned into liquid; and this liquid (water) seeped in between rocks. Rocks were turned into mountains and valleys, and the cool gas (water) filled them. This created the ocean, seas and evolution of forms begins with ocean.

Evolution of forms

The ocean was very warm and still, and due to the presence of gas and air into water, it became rusty. Algae was formed from the rust, then it gradually seaweed. The algae used to sink below from above. When it reached the bottom of the ocean, it became seaweed. From the original algae came seaweed, and from seaweed, vegetation.

Evolution of consciousness also includes its involution. Involution is the inner journey of fully expanded consciousness, which gets progressively withdrawn or disassociated from external gross universe and traverses through subtle and mental worlds and planes.

The history of evolution

The fruit of evolution is full consciousness, which is characteristic of man. But even this full consciousness is like a mirror covered by dust. Owing to the operations sanskaras, it does not yield clear and true knowledge of the nature of Soul. Though fully developed, it yields not truth but imaginative construction, since its free functioning is hindered by weight of the sanskaras. Moreover, it cannot extend beyond the cage created by its desires and therefore is limited in its scope.

Evolution of form in fact is bi-product of evolution of consciousness. Darwin’s theory has shown only the evolution of forms.

In subtle world, energy activates matter which is in subtle form (Akas, infinite space) and matter is forced to manifest fully. First evolves the photon, then the electron; and with electron, an atom is formed. After so many atoms consolidate (the dust of the gross) the stage of stone originates. It requires approximately ten million sanskaras to form one atom and approximately ten millions atoms to form dust-a particle of stone.

Evolution of consciousness in stone form

Jivatama in real sense is Paramatma. But due to sanskaras, it thinks itself to be stone. Stone has a life dormant state. Stone has also subtle and mental bodies in latent state, possessing only extremely rudimentary gross consciousness. There are different species and verities of stone. Soul (Jivatama) after collecting infinitely finite gross sanskaras in the first stone form, it drops the first form and remains without medium for some time. In order to spend the sanskaras collected in the first form, it takes another for and so on. Thus the consciousness of Jivatama develops gradually, and it takes aeons and aeons, to complete the journey in the stone form. Ultimately Jivatama snaps its connection with last stone form and become one with the first form of metal, in order to spend the sanskaras of the last stone form.

Evolution of consciousness in Metal form

As with stone, so with metal; the soul (Jivatama) spends ages and ages of time experiencing the diverse metal forms. There are 14 lakh species of stones and metals and innumerable sub-species or the general. Coral is connecting link of metal and vegetable. Metal has also subtle and mental bodies in latent state just like stone. Thus Over-soul forges for itself a new vehicle of expression in metal form, in which the consciousness become slightly more intensified.

Impressions come from everything. Every experience the soul-consciousness makes impression. These impressions are called sanskaras.

Evolution of consciousness in vegetable form

To spend the accumulated sanskaras of the last metal form, soul (Jivatma) takes first form of vegetation. There are 14,00,000 main species and sub-species in vegetable kingdom. In vegetable form subtle body begins to develop enabling the consciousness in plant form to utilize energy. This utilization of energy is called Chaitanya’. This utilization of energy also manifests as sex without physical union ‘called Purva-sang’ and for procreation the help of air or honey-bees is taken. In the mineral kingdom there is sex. In the kingdom of plants and trees, the bodily differentiations of sex with specialized biological functions have come into existence.

Plants depend on water, air and soil to stand erect and this erect stance is the first development of vertebrae. The fruit, flower, nut etc. represent the first semblance of a brain that reflects outer physical expression. The tree form corresponds to that of a man, but it is positioned upside down in the earth. The tree’s head is underground, roots being hair, while body (torso) is the trunk of the tree and its limb-legs and arm are the branches (the date and palm tree is an exception

Plant cannot think because there is no development of mental body. After experiencing the sanskaras of last form of metal, the soul (Jivatma) snaps it connection with the first species of the vegetable kingdom and remains without form for some time. In order to spend the sanskaras collected by first species, the Jivatama takes next form in vegetable kingdom and so on.

In this way consciousness of the Jivatma continue to develop and ultimately it snaps it connection with last vegetable form. To dispose these sanskaras, the jivatma’s consciousness becomes one with the first form of worm. Date is connecting link between vegetable and the insect kingdom

The subtle and mental bodies begin to be more visible as the Jivatma identifies itself with the various vegetable forms, where the tendencies of self preservation begin to appear.

Evolution of consciousness in insect form

Grass hopper or the Locust is the first insect in this kingdom and its colour is so green that it cannot be identified if it sits on a green plant. Development of mental body begins in form of worm, insect, amphibians and reptiles. Jivatama uses mind in a most rudimentary way to hunt and find food and to protect itself. Instinct of self-preservation and physical sex begins in this kingdom.

There 1400000 main species with innumerable sub species and it takes the soul (Jivatama) ages and ages to develop illusory consciousness and reach the last form of insect i.e. snake from the first form of locust.”

Finally the soul (Jivatma) disconnects itself from the last form of snake and to spend the accumulated sanskaras of that form takes the first form of fish. There are 1400000 main species and innumerable sub-species of the fish form. Snake is the connecting link between insect and fish kingdom. Crab is the last form of fish kingdom. It takes ages and ages for the soul (Jivatma) to experience all necessary sanskaras and finally it disconnects itself with the last form of crab and remains formless for a time.

The form next to the crab is water fowl, the first form that begins connection with air. There are many kinds of fowls, including ducks that like to swim in water.

Evolution of consciousness in birds form

In order to spend the sanskaras accumulated in last fish form crab, the soul (Jivatama) takes first form of bird, i.e. water fowl. The bird kingdom also contains 1400000 main species and innumerable sun-species, which live on the earth, water and fly in the skies. It takes ages and ages for consciousness to pass through various bird forms until a time finally comes, it breaks off its connection with the last bird form.

Water-fowl is a connecting link between fish and bird kingdom. It can walk on the earth and also swim in the water. Just as the fish form has connection with water, so their last but one form, viz. cock has little connection with air. The last form of the bird is of a big, burly one with long beak and a lolling piece of flesh by chin

Evolution of consciousness in animal form

In order to spend the sanskaras in the last bird form, the soul (Jivatma) takes the first form of animal, usually a kangaroo. The Jivatma has to pass through 140000 main species and innumerable sub-species or genera of animal kingdom because each form exhausts old sanskaras and accumulates new animal impressions.

The last form of animal is the monkey or ape. Certain animals have inside intuition and inspiration: but as they are not fully conscious, they don’t know what they are. Kangaroos can experience wonderful sights and colours but are not fully conscious, so they don’t grasp.

Dogs and crows have subtle sight and can see the spirit of dead person. They are not subtle conscious but they have subtle facilities of perception.

In the higher animals, intellect or reasoning also appears to certain extent, but its working is strictly limited by the play of their instincts, like the instinct of self protection and the instinct for care and preservation of the young. Even the kangaroos, whooping cranes or any other species of plant or animal become extinct; it will neither arrest nor hamper the advancing life-stream. Even if there were a hundred missing links, the advancing life-stream can either forge new suitable species or make new use of existing species.

Stones, metals, and vegetables during their organic evolution have chief connection with earth; fish have with water, birds with air, animal with fire and human being have connection with all the four elements. Because animals have connection with fire, almost all animal eat horribly, as if they are born for the sole purpose of eating

In the evolution of sex-duality, plants and trees stand midway between mineral which have no sex, and birds and animals which have in it complete form. In animals, sex not only expresses itself through the bodily differences and activities, but is deep rooted factor which effects consciousness.

In the worm, bird and fish forms the mental life of the Jivatma is gradually translated into instinct, which is fully manifest in animal form. Gradually this instinct become transformed into intellect, this being the highest finite aspect of mental form in average human being.

Every turn has direct connection with God. In the animal kingdom, dog is on the turning as it has intuition and also partial insight without being able to use it consciously. The dog only sees things that ordinary human being cannot. The dog’s company purifies thoughts and atmosphere. That is why Zoroastrians have custom of bringing a dog to see the corpse when someone is dead before disposal of body; the dog purifies the sanskaras.

Evolution of consciousness in human form

The first human form that one gets after the last animal form of monkey is not a complete human form. It has no differentiation of sex. The first human form is that of a neutar-bahirupi. That is to say. The first human for form is neither male nor female. Then what happens? The same form develops a different from male sex organ. If you reverse this organ (turn it inside out) it is transformed into a female sex organ. This is mere a phenomenon, but it is all exchanging of sanskaras.

“How does this happen? It is just like a flick, a flash or spark of light. When a railroad engine exchanges tracks, its light flickers. It is the same here. The human form has both the male and female sex latent in it. Therefore, the first human form is that of a eunuch. Only when the eunuch takes another form, either male or female, are the organs visible. This causes the process of incarnation to begin.

The human form is evolving for millions of years and will continue to evolve. After a billion of years, man will be only be five inches in height at most but will be very brainy. In the beginning of this cycle, man was fourteen feet tall and would live up to three hundred years.

Last form of evolution is Human

The human form is the last form in the evolution and it is the highest. Although it is the last form and highest form in creation, it is still full of animal desires and lower qualities such as eating, drinking, envy, hatred, anger and lust. These blemishes are there because the human form has evolved through animal and out of creation; and in this evolving, all faults and defects that are in animals are also in the human being.

Original human form was never formed to beget children. This tendency among people to cohabit is nothing but animal instinct inherited from all previous lives of evolution from stone to animal to human form.

With the evolution of consciousness through evolution of forms (bodies), sanskaras begin to accumulate. The evolution of form and of conscious (and its individualization of human ego mind) is complete when soul (Jivatma) attains human form for first time, but because of the accumulated sanskaras (impressions) the fully evolved consciousness of the soul remains entrapped in illusion and therefore is not directed towards the soul’s Self --Realization.  And for Self-realization all sanskaras must be wiped out.

Because of human form, expansion of the orbit of consciousness, into subtle worlds and mental worlds became possible. The mental, subtle and gross worlds represent the three levels of cosmic hierarchy –mind, energy and matter.

Mind begets energy and matter. Without mind there can be neither energy nor matter. Energy is derived from mind and throughout sustained by it; it cannot subsist without mind latent or manifest. Matter depends upon energy and without energy cannot remain matter, latent or manifest. Mind can subsist without energy as energy can subsist without matter.

The awareness of our consciousness has to stretch to infinitude because our real goal is to realize our ‘True-Self-God’, who is infinite. This can only happen in human form, which is the end of cosmic evolution. In human form also soul (Jivatma) has to take 840000 forms before it starts its journey on inner planes of consciousness i.e., Involution. One has to progress through all the field of skill and knowledge existing in the world. We incarnate some times as men, sometimes as women, living in different parts of the world with different coloured skins, experiencing all aspect of life and of love.