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Day and night you breathe, but do you ever think of it? Even at night when you sleep and when it is not possible to think of it, your breathing goes on for twenty-four hours, continuously and naturally. Do the japa in a similar manner; do it in such a way that it goes on spontaneously all the time – while eating, drinking, sitting, walking, talking – so that in the course of time, it becomes a natural habit.

To form this habit, first you have to repeat the one name of God most dear to you for half an hour daily, increasing the time gradually until the mental repetition becomes a natural habit, and you keep repeating it for twenty-four hours. God has hundreds and thousands of names. Select an easy one and with every inhalation, repeat it. While doing it, no special sitting or standing posture is required.

This habit will make you repeat God’s name always – while eating, working, urinating, defecating and so on. If at all you forget to take His name, take it at once as soon as you remember. Do this, thinking that it is a duty given to you. Don’t worry if you ever forget to take His name. If your thoughts begin to flow into a different channel, stop them and go on repeating His name. When it becomes a firm habit with you, even while thinking other thoughts, the repetition will be uppermost and you will not even be conscious that you are doing it – exactly in the same way in which you are unconscious of your breathing. Do not do it like pranayama, by taking one chosen name when you inhale and the same name when you exhale. Not like that, but do the repetition as I have explained in a natural way. Take any name – mine or any one – but have nothing to do with breathing.

Such a repetition will benefit you greatly, and there is not the least harm. If you go on repeating My name with love, you may possibly become God. Again have nothing to do with pranayama; follow the method I have shown you. It would have been different had you decided yourself how to take God’s name. But now that I have instructed you, you have to act accordingly. I do not say you should take My name. If you want to take the name of Ram, that is all right.

If you naturally say my name just while you are working or quite as often as you can spontaneously well and good. But perhaps you can not do that either, so do this repeat Baba's name aloud every day for not less than half an hour, and not more than one hour now there is no love in that no value at all in establish the link with me, because I am telling you to do it.

But if you don't even want to do that, do not do it, it doesn’t matter. Do what you want to do but try to remember that, I am in every one, in every man, woman and child. Be happy, live naturally, but serve others as much as you can. (Lord Meher-V.14, p. 4903)