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 Jivan mukta (God-realized soul without duty) is never touched by the law. He eats, drinks, and does everything. His state is unique. He does everything and while doing everything, does nothing. His state is so unique that even while doing everything, he does nothing.

He does not eat, he does not drink, he does not sleep — he does nothing. In gross consciousness, it is like the state of the majzoob.

The meaning of Jivan mukta is that though in the body, he is free of the law! None can ever realize God through the channel of the intellect. Love for God should be such that it burns up the lover and turns him to ashes.

The Avatar comes after many ages. Lawless God comes down on earth in law. The law cannot touch him but he touches the law. He grasps the law of nothing, acts like an ordinary human being and uses his power, knowledge and bliss for those bound, those in the law, to make them free from the law.  (Lord Meher-p-3379-1953)