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In the spiritual path, lust is the greatest obstacle. Even the thought of fornication should not enter the mind. That is why I tell you, "Keep your langoti tight," which means to have no lustful thoughts, do no lustful actions, and do not touch or even look at a woman. Lust is so forceful that even looking at a woman can start a man thinking about sex; and thinking leads to action.

Compare the love between a child and his mother; the child plays in her arms and touches her without creating the least thought of lust. But the slightest touch between the father and mother may arouse lustful thoughts in them. (Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, pp. 1216 – 1217)

Lust is not bad. Because of this lust, you have been born as human beings. It is due to this very lust that you will turn from men into God! But even if lust is there in you, don't put it into action. From the spiritual point of view, lust is the worst possible weakness. The real hero is he who successfully fights it. Fornicating with a woman who isn't your wife is one of the worst possible sins. What had to happen, has happened; but from now on, beware of carnality. Follow my orders and stay away from lust. What lasting pleasure can one derive from such stinking parts? It can destroy your spirit and character, as well as infect the body.

Foremost, you should try to get rid of lust, as all other vices are on account of it. For instance, if a parrot's throat is cut, it dies. But if its wings are clipped, it does not die; after some time the feathers of the wings grow back. Lust can be compared to the parrot's head. Therefore, when lust is still present and we conquer other evils, such as anger, the evils again revive – everything rises out of the head. But if lust is killed once and for all, every other evil is also destroyed – you have cut off its. (Lord Meher-p-1231)