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Occult phenomena are as much within the domain of false imagination as any other phenomena of the material world.

For ages and ages the Atma (soul) has been seeing its own shadow and getting engrossed in the illusory world of forms. When the soul turns inward and longs to have Self-knowledge, it has become spiritual minded. But even there, this habit of wanting to see more spectacle persist for several lives.

The soul wants to experience some miracles or spectacular phenomena or in the more advance stages, it wants to perform miracles and manipulate phenomena. Even spiritually advanced person find it difficult to outgrow this habit of playing with illusion.

Kind of power

Spirituality and spiritualism are two different things. Spirituality has nothing to do with any kind of power in any form

There are three kinds of powers.

  1. The Divine powers of fourth plane.
  2. The Occult powers of the first three planes of consciousness. These are called the mystic powers
  3. Other occult powers

The Divine Powers of the fourth plane are the almighty powers of God. They are source of all powers, whether mystic or the other occult powers .The occult powers, whether they are of planes or not, are different in kind and vary in expression. The miracles performed through manifestation of the divine powers by Avatar and Qutub are called Mojwzat. These are performed for the good of all.

Occult powers of the first three planes called mystic powers cannot be misused by the aspirant of these planes, though they sometime are tempted to display them. These mystic powers are different and vary in expression, such as: reading the mind of others, reciting words or passage from a book without seeing it, allowing themselves to be buried alive for hours together, etc. this display of power should not be confused with the demonstration of mind readers and others who put stage performance.

The one on the third plane can change his physical form at will, and one who does this is known as abdal. This act is also a display of mystic powers, but not the misuse of powers. However, this act should not be confused with dematerialization or materialization of the human forms by the tantriks.

Other occult powers have nothing to do with spirituality or with the mystic powers of the planes.

These occult powers are of two types

Superior type

Inferior type

The one who has these powers can make good or bad use of the same. Good use of occult power helps one to put himself on the planes of the path and even make one Mahayogi. But bad use of these powers make one suffers intensely in the next human form. Good use of superior occult power puts one on the fifth plane of consciousness after four lives (reincarnations)

Superior types of occult powers are derived from tantrik exercises such as chilla-Nashini or repetition of certain mantras, etc. The one who holds this power can perform miracles such as levitation, flying and floating in the air, dematerialization or materialization etc.

Inferior types of occult powers need no tantrik or any special exercises. They are had through sanskaras of past lives. For example : If someone has done certain good deeds many times in the past, his next incarnation may give him a faculty of inferior occult powers without undergoing any strenuous exercise. His sanskaras give him the faculty of inferior occult power such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, healing, producing sweets or money seemingly out of nothing etc.

All such capabilities form lower or inferior type of occult powers. If one makes good use of the inferior type of occult powers, he derives superior type of occult powers in his next life without undergoing any tantrik exercise. Likewise, the one who puts good use of his faculty hypnotism gains superior type of occult powers in his next life.

Spiritual power exhibited before others is no good. Real power is that which makes you free from all bindings and gives you eternal freedom.

Remember that occult powers, but has nothing to do with ghosts. Ghosts and occult or black magic are quite different. Spirit (mind and energy) itself, as in ghosts, is a power, originally the power of cause, but occult powers are powers that are caged and covered.

A tantrik seeks occult powers. By acquiring such powers, the tantrik's spirit contracts very bad sanskaras, worse than the sanskaras of the worst sins, and reaps the fruit accordingly. So I advise you all not to fall prey to such madness. This has no connection with the spiritual path to God – the planes. On the contrary, the treader of such a path is far, far away from the spiritual path because he accumulates the worst possible kind of sanskaras, which prove an obstacle to his progress on the path.

(Footnote: Tantriks are persons who temporarily acquire minor occult powers through certain exercises or practices. In modern terms, the Sanskrit word translates to mean a person who is a sorcerer or magician, either black or white. Tantrik exercises are based on scriptures called tantras which were legendary passed down by Shiva, the greatest of yogis. Such practices were always disapproved by Meher Baba for the modern seeker.)

The least said about occult powers the better. This type of tantrik spirit, in comparison to ghosts of suicides, is even more terrible, and neither receives nor gives benefit from his efforts. He gains occult powers through various studies or by very undesirable practices – like eating excrement, drinking blood and other such obscene acts.

This type of tantrik practice takes a very long time, and the person concerned acquires only the power of making his body large or small. He can make his body smaller than an ant's and then assume his human bodily form again. But he changes into another form for some material gain or objective.

He can enter another's body by making his body small, but his own gross bodily sanskaras are with him in his tiny form.

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