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Mental suffering is worse than physical suffering. What the people of the world with limited vision think of suffering is only physical. They draw pictures of a bomb-stricken person, nose off, arm off, leg off, et cetera. Sometimes physical suffering tends to ease mental suffering. The world’s idea of suffering and of happiness is entirely limited.

Happiness – you have no idea of that real happiness – is worth all the physical and mental suffering of the universe! Then all suffering becomes as if it were not; it was due to ignorance. Ignorance makes you flinch at the sight of a cockroach; real happiness does not make you feel the teeth of a tiger in your body!

(Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol, 7, p. 2317.)

Suffering is the keynote of the spiritual life. God loves most those who suffer most

Suffering comes according to the law of karma and must be accepted with grace and fortitude. Your actions are the cause of much of your suffering which can be minimised.

Suffering comes and goes; joy comes and goes; pleasure comes and goes. They will demand your utmost patience, courage, poise and, above all, your love and obedience to Me.

Generally people think that their “Happiness” is a “Gift of God to Man” and their “Suffering” is due to the “curse” of God to man but one wonders to know that it is not so. On the other hand “Human suffering” if accepted as God’s prasad, is indeed God’s blessings in disguise.

In fact, people should look upon physical and mental suffering as gift from God. They bring their own lessons of futility of the passing and the intrinsic worth of the Eternal. When accepted with grace and understood in their very root cause, they chasten the soul and introduce it to the abiding happiness of the Truth.

Nobody suffers in vain. Man unknowingly suffers for God (God Realization) and God knowingly suffers for man (betterment of humanity). Of all suffering mental suffering is most acute. To suffer on account of Truth is a benediction

Rich or poor, great or small, man or woman, everyone is under the spell of some sort of suffering. The relief for every kind of suffering is within ourselves. If we try to live honestly, act honestly, think honestly in every walk of life, under all circumstances, and if we try to put our wholehearted faith in God, that relief is found.

Spiritual status of anyone is in direct proportion to one’s ability to suffer.

Sadgurus and the Avatar never avoid suffering, either their own or their circles by doing miracles. They suffer themselves, and let their Circle suffer too.

The root of all sufferings, individual or social, is self-interest. Eliminate self-interest and you will solve all problems and difficulties.

Through darkness to light, through suffering to happiness, through chaos to harmony, will be the end of the journey. All suffering has an end. Spiritual happiness has no end. It is perennial.

Unprecedented suffering leads to unprecedented spiritual growth. It contributes to the construction of the unshakable foundation of the Truth.


Meher Baba explained

Suffering comes through ignorance or attachment to illusions. Most people play with illusions like children play with toys. If you get caught up in the ephemeral things of this world and cling to illusory values, suffering is inevitable. It is not easy for little children to give up their toys, for they become the victims of a habit which they cannot undo. In the same way, through millions of lives, you have got into the habit of playing with illusions. It is difficult for you to get disentangled from them.

Many bitter experiences of the past often open vista that help one to understand the things better, as they really are not as they appear your hard trails in life have been instrumental in making you what you are now, a changed being with a different outlook on life, and ushering you into the spiritual reality where you alone will find peace, bliss and love.

The trails and hardships are stepping stones to spirituality. They lead you on to your ultimate aim and desire to realise the Truth. Suffering in selflessly serving others also brings better understanding of things in life.

Failings or shortcomings should never discourage you but should be taken as stepping stones toward the path of Ultimate Reality.

Terrible suffering is the sign of happiness and peace to come. Great heat denotes the coming of rain. Great suffering and intense sorrow indicate that happiness is about to dawn. Anything beyond your capacity will necessarily change your capacity, because so long as everything is within your limits, you don’t know what is beyond them. And everything concerning God and God-Realization is beyond limit! So in this way, great suffering and being plagued with terrible problems are beneficial.

When suffering leads to real eternal happiness we should not attach importance to this suffering. It is to eliminate suffering that suffering has to be. Most of this suffering.