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Hazarat Babajan

“It is I who have created all! I am the source of everything in creation!”
Hazrat Babajan’s given name was Gool Rukh. The girl was born to a royal Muslim family of Baluchistan in northern India between 1790 and 1800. The girl’s name truly befitted her; Gool Rukh means “Like a rose” or “with cheeks like roses”

As Merwan (Meher Baba) rode by Babajan one day in May of 1913, he happened to glance at Babajan who, at that very moment, looked at him — and with a nod of her head beckoned him to her. Merwan could not disregard her; at once he got off his bicycle and walked over to her. Their eyes met and Merwan could sense the old woman was extremely happy to see him.

Babajan was eagerly awaiting him and as Merwan approached her, he felt as if he was magnetically drawn to her eyes. Babajan then stood up with her arms spread wide. The ancient women embraced Merwan with the favor of a mother finding her lost son. Tears started streaming down her wrinkled cheeks as she repeated, “Mera piarra beta… Mera piarra beta”-“My beloved son!’

Our Age had waited for her beloved son to come to her! Finally he had come and the tears of our Age were the tears of Babajan! At this most touching scene, the echo of her loving cry, “My beloved son,” was eventually to affect the innermost recesses of every heart. Those who witnessed this incident undoubtedly were deeply moved.
Merwan was speechless and stood motionless like a statue in front of the ancient women. From the moment of her embrace, Merwan felt as if an electric current was passing through his body, sending impulses from his head to his toes. What he then experienced is indescribable — his individual consciousness was merging with the Ocean of bliss! Although Merwan was dazzled by the effect of the lustre Babajan’s embrace gave, he maintained some consciousness of the environment and walked home, leaving his bicycle behind. Though inwardly his total being was profoundly affected, outwardly he appeared, for the most part, normal.
Every evening without fail Merwan would go to Babajan. When Babajan and Merwan would sit together under her tree they seldom spoke. One night during January, 1914, as Merwan was about to leave, He kissed Babajan’s hands and she in turn held His face in Her hands. The time had come. The moment our Age had been waiting for had arrived. As she held His face, Babajan looked into Merwan’s eyes with all Her love and kissed Him on the forehead. Turning to Her followers nearby, she pointed Her little finger at the dazed Merwan and declared, “This is My beloved son….He will one day shake the world and all humanity will be benefited by Him.”