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A little boy who was an orphan in the eyes of the world became a king of the universe. This boy was not Narayan — God — in name only, but truly became Narayan — Conscious God.

One afternoon, Merwan boarded a train. He had bought a ticket to Raichur in the south of India, but the sound of the Song — the divine voice within — compelled him to get off the train at the remote village of Kedgaon, just fifty kilometers from Poona. There he inquired as to the whereabouts of Narayan Maharaj’s ashram and walked seven miles from the railway station to the Sadguru’s headquarters. During his walk he became dazed.

Merwan crossed a small stream and entered the grounds through a large gate, passing by the temple dedicated to Dattatrey. He then inquired, “Where is Narayan Maharaj?”

“He is at his palace. Darshan is being held. Go, now, Narayan is giving his blessings,” a caretaker replied.

A large crowd was in the palace and Narayan Maharaj, wearing a gold crown, was seated on the silver throne of Dattatrey. Upon seeing Merwan, Narayan stopped the darshan and had all the people disperse. He came down from his throne and, taking Merwan by the hand, gently led him up a few steps to allow him to sit upon the throne. From his own shoulders Narayan removed a flower garland, placed it around Merwan’s neck and called for mango juice which was given to Merwan to drink. Merwan and Narayan then talked together for a while, though what they conversed about is not known.

This was a time when our Age had the opportunity to observe one of the five Perfect Masters’ profound love for Merwan. If our Age knew how deep was the love of each Perfect Master for Merwan, its heart could not contain the joy — the bliss. Narayan Maharaj’s love for Merwan was truly something great and holy.