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God is not to be preached but is to be lived.

Don’t preach God, live His words.

To preach what you don’t practice is hypocrisy in its worst form.

A man becomes wise by practising, not by preaching virtues. Ability in advising others about virtues is no proof of saintliness, nor is it a mark of wisdom.

Mere descriptions of a medicine will not cure you of any disease, nor does mere hearing about saint make you saintly. To be cured you must take medicine and to become saintly you must practice virtues.

The energy which is expended in mere thinking, talking or writing is like the steam which escapes through the whistle of the railway engine. The whistle makes a noise, and is even interesting, but it cannot drive the engine. No amount of whistling can move the engine forward. The steam has to be harnessed and used intelligently in order that it may actually take the engine to its destination. That is why the sages always insisted on practice rather than the theory. This applies particularly to those who want to know and realize God.

To create an impact, a force must be there behind it. Unless you live the life you are advocating, there will never be an impact on the heart of the person you are advocating. Meher Baba

Meher Baba explained

Master’s work is not preaching but practice

Work undertaken with honest intent and with love is Meher Baba's work, and he who does this for the love of God is always His”

Greatest work one can do for Baba is to live the life of love, humility, sincerity and selfless service in which there is not the least trace of hypocrisy. Baba's love is for all, and, for each of Baba's lovers to efficiently help others to know this, his own life must be a shining example so that his love may become the instrument to spread Baba's love and the truth of Reality. Such a life and such a love are vital; they carry the weight of highest responsibility, for behind every thought, word and deed is the all-pervading force of Truth.

Those who do My work must themselves practice what they preach. Take the case of Bapiraju. He is good at heart and eager to be of service to Me. He goes from place to place, preaching about My greatness. Leave the world; it is all illusion, think only of Baba, and so on and so forth. The large crowds listen to him and shout "Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!" At that moment, suppose a telegram comes that in a bus accident, his whole family has perished. As soon as he gets the telegram, Bapiraju, who just a moment before was advising the crowd to leave the world, etc., himself gets fumbled up. Those who see him like that, what do they think? When you yourself lack the force behind your words, what is the use of showing your face to the crowds? It is better not to say anything if you cannot practice what you preach.

If Bapiraju remains unaffected by the news, people will be impressed and think that what he said about all this being illusion is really illusion to him, and thus they will begin loving Baba. Suppose he were even to show happiness at the news, telling people that his illusion is now lessened, then people would believe that he was doing Baba's work with a sincere heart and complete honesty.

Take another example: Bapiraju says, "Meher Baba is the Avatar of the age. Love Him; He is the only one worthy of love. Don't get angry, swallow anger, don't fight!" etc. At that very moment, someone slaps him, and Bapiraju instantly forgets all about love and retaliates. What would people think? You will get thoughts of anger, but do not express them. If you don't get them, you will be like an inanimate object. Your mind may be angry, but your heart should not know about it. If Bapiraju cannot do it, then he should not preach to others.

It is easy to sway ignorant crowds, but would you help Baba any if you make efforts to collect thousands? If it is My wish, you could gather millions.

Suppose I tell Bapiraju to sit under a tree, and Ranga Rao goes and tells people a saint is sitting under the tree. Thousands would come for Bapiraju's darshan and garland him. But will Baba's work be done by collecting people in this way? Personally, I do not want large crowds. I want real, sincere souls.

Difference between principle and practice

Truth, indeed, is the best principle or rule of life. In practical life, however, while adhering to this noble principle, adjustments are at times essential and justified, especially in cases where such adjustments contribute to the cause of benefit to others.

For example, suppose a person is wrongly convicted of a serious crime like murder. All circumstantial evidence goes against him and the wrongful conviction entails the death penalty. But someone turns up and says something that disproves the serious charge – for example, saying that the accused was, at the time of the crime, actually seen elsewhere or with himself, or at some place other than where the actual action took place. This statement might save the life of a man wrongly accused and convicted to be hanged, and to that end, even if something untrue may have to be said, it is absolutely justified. In that case it is no falsehood at all.

A pious man of straight principles, allowing an innocent man to be thus hanged on circumstantial evidence when a few words from him might have saved his very life and proved his innocence, is under these circumstances worse than a man of no principles or even a considered vagabond, who has the spontaneous spirit to come forward at such a critical moment and give evidence – even false – that would save the life of an innocent man being sentenced to death.

The former is a confused ideal for mere idealists, who have neither the spirit nor grit for real action when needed and who cherish their ideals only for selfish ends. Whereas one who has no principles, but has the spirit of action whenever needed, even to rush into fire for the sake of others, is worth a thousand idealists put together!

What is the worth or use of an ideal, however sublime, which does not inspire one to action for the benefit or service of others?

Story of Prophet Muhammad-an example

The Prophet Mohammad was seated one day with His close followers and a mother came to Him with her small son.“My lord, please tell this child to stop eating green dates. I cannot stop him eating and he is spoiling his health. He is my only son. Please help me.”

Mohammad looked at the child and at the mother and said “What you say is right. But please come after a month. It is better if you come then.” The mother folded her hands, bowed down and left the place.

After a month she came again with child. The Lord received the child and mother and asked them how they felt and what the reason for their coming to Him again. She repeated the whole thing. And the Prophet then of course tried to bring home to the child how dangerous it was to eat a lot of dates. “One, two, three a day is all right. That is enough. No more than that. I am also fond of dates,” Mohammad said, but I don’t eat so many. It is not healthy to have a lot. So will you give a promise not to eat more than a few a day? He received a promise from the child and everyone was happy. Then they left.

After they had gone, the people with Mohammad were very intrigued that he did not say the same thing when the mother had come earlier. Finally someone asked Mohammad. “It was impossible,” He said, “To give advice about dates when My fondness for them was worse even than the child’s. Unless and until I desisted from the dates how could I give any advice to him? So I had to call the mother and child after a month, but for one month I never ate, never touched a date.” To create an impact, a force must be there behind it. Unless you live the life you are advocating, there will never be an impact on the heart of the person you are advising.” Prophet Mohammad Himself set the example of putting theory into practice.





Absolute honesty must be there; otherwise it is no work for Baba.

Do as much you can but do it honestly.

Everyone wants to work for Me but forgets that I am God and am capable of doing My work without help of anyone. The work you do is not for Me but for your benefit.

I consider one as My centre who loves Me wholeheartedly for the sake of love.

If you tell others not to tell lies, then even at the cost of your life, you should not tell a lie; otherwise, it would amount to hypocrisy. My workers should be hundred percent honest and do My work with all hearts united. Both the parties must give in; only then will there be no trouble in Baba-work.

If others are devoted to Ram, Krishna, Christ, Zoroaster and if you draw them out of their devotion and try to direct them to Me, you belittle Me, in their devotion, because  I am the same Ram, Krishna, Christ, Zoroaster. I am the fresh stock. Jai Baba and Jai Ram is the same.

Let your life itself be My message of Love.

Let there be concord and cooperation among you. Love for Me and love for one another should be the basis of your work.

My message can only be given the way it should be by the life you live without your speaking.

To hear My name is enough. I do the rest. My grace is eternally overflowing.

To get yourself divided while doing My work shatters it’s very foundation and defeats its own end when you get divided. I and My work are set aside.

You will be pleasing Me by actually living My message instead of forming institutions and centres in My Name. If you want to carry My message in your heart and live that message, you will be forming a Meher Baba Centre in your heart and that will please Me.

Your job is to bring My name to the ear. My job is to bring it from ear to heart.

When you spread My eternal Message of Love to others, show them first that you really love Me. –Meher Baba

Meher Baba  explained

Work undertaken with love and honesty is My work

Work undertaken with honest intent and with love is Meher Baba's work, and he who does this for the love of God is always His. But the greatest work one can do for Baba is to live the life of love, humility, sincerity and selfless service in which there is not the least trace of hypocrisy. Baba's love is for all; and, for each of Baba's lovers to efficiently help others to know this, his own life must be a shining example so that his love may become the instrument to spread Baba's love and the truth of Reality. Such a life and such a love are vital; they carry the weight of highest responsibility, for behind every thought, word and deed is the all-pervading force of Truth.

Do not seek appreciation in doing My  work

First of all, you should not at all seek or even expect appreciation from Me or from others. This sounds so easy to do while I dictate, but most impossible to achieve. Work in itself is its own appreciation. The moment you seek appreciation, the work is undone. It is true; some of you may be ready to work for Me and for My cause one hundred percent. Yet because some of you are poor and have large families, you cannot devote your time and means for My work. But why then work beyond your means? Why depend upon some help to make you work for Me? The moment a worker depends upon anything or anyone, the work is undone. Do as much as you can, but do it honestly.

No propaganda by raising money

I have heard that people have been complaining of money being collected, money being used, money being spent, but not accounted for. If this is true, stop all work. One penny, one pie extracted in My name without true basis is dishonesty. So, today I want every one of you to pour out your hearts, and let us decide once and for all to work or to stop it. My dear friends, if you want to make people love Me, show them that you really love Me. Do not merely make them read My books and messages, but live such a life of sacrifice for Me that they may automatically love Me.

Meher Baba replied to a questioner, "It is only without money that Baba's real work can be done. What do you mean by propaganda? The very word makes Me look down (belittles Me). Since ages My work has been done without money."

Money comes and money goes. If you depend upon money for My work, then do not work for Me, because how will you get money? Let us be very practical."

Live such a life that you show others that you love Me. To ask people to give money and then in return to propagate Baba's message of love, "How does it sound? Absurd! So, unless you have something else to suggest other than raising funds to disseminate My message, it would be better if you cancel work and begin to live the life of love. Let there be no compromise in this, otherwise the whole thing will merely be a show, a mixture of honesty and dishonesty.

Absolute honesty must be there, otherwise it is no work

Let each Baba lover be a Baba centre radiating My message of love through living the life of sacrifice, love and honesty for the divine cause. Let every lover, whoever and wherever he may be, be Baba's centre in telling people Baba's message that God alone is real and everything else is unreal and that therefore all should love Baba.

Let true workers become Baba's centres. And, for God's sake, for Baba's sake, beware of money. One pie taken from others with false pretensions makes one die a million deaths! Let principle in work and honesty in life prevail.

All those who love Me and want to work can share My message with others. Those who have money and can afford to go from place to place should spread My message of love in distant nooks and corners. Those who have little money can easily go around their own towns and, by living the life of love, inspire others to love God. Those who have no money, large families and no spare time, should share their love with their own family members and friends. Let Baba's love be the centre, the office, and the work.

What is not desirable in Baba’s work

It is better not to work for Baba if you have to differ and fight with one another.

You should not make any propaganda in My name. I do My work alone.

Don’t practice false propaganda. What your heart says and your conscience says about Me, pour out without hesitation. Be unmindful of whether you are ridiculed or accepted in pouring out your heart for Me to others. Do not rule out your conscience and do not exaggerate merely for propaganda.

Do not force anyone to attend Baba’s programme or thrust your opinion on them. Your work is to tell people who Baba is and clarify that Ram Bhakti is also Baba Bhakti. There should be no quarrel over Jai Ram or Jai Baba. But your faith should always be staunch.

Message for His workers:

In spite of telling you very often that I will not give you any more messages or discourses, I find Myself doing just this thing which is what I do not want to do. This is because most of you do things which I do not like your doing.

I give you a message because you expected one; and the theme of the message was on your being My children, because despite much talk about a Baba-family, there is more a semblance than a reality of kinship among you who are the children of One Father.

True children of One Father do not greet one another with smiles and embraces and at the same time harbour grudges and ill-feeling, but they have an active concern in their hearts for the well-being of one another and make sacrifices for that wellbeing.

If you make Me your real Father, all differences and contentions between you, and all personal problems in connection with your lives, will become dissolved in the Ocean of My love.

You are all keen on spreading My message of Love and Truth and many of you in the east and west have laboured hard in this work; publishing magazines and other literature, organizing meetings, sacrificing your vacations in travelling, building halls and having statues made of Me. But I wonder how much of My Love and Truth has been in your work of spreading My message of Love and Truth!

Unless there is a brotherly feeling in your hearts, all the words that you speak or print in My name are hollow; all the miles that you travel in My cause are zero; all organizations for My work are but an appearance of activity; all buildings to contain Me are empty places and all statues that you make to embody Me are of someone else.

I have been patient and indulgent over the way you have been doing these things, because you have been very young children in My love, and children must have some sort of games to play. But now you are older and are beginning to realize that there is a greater work ahead of you than what you have been doing. And you have been searching your minds and hearts as to what this work might be.

It is not a different work to what you have been already doing. It is the same work done in a different way. And that way is the way of effacement, which means the more you work for Me the less important you feel in yourself. You must always remember that I alone do My work. Although only the one who has become One with God can serve and work for all, I allow you to work for Me so that you have the opportunity to use your talents and capacities selflessly and so draw closer to Me. You should never think that in your work for Me you are benefiting others, for by being instrumental in bringing others to me you are benefiting yourself.

My work is your opportunity. But when you allow yourself to intervene between you and My work, you are allowing the work to take you away from Me. When you put My work before yourself, the work will go right, although not necessarily smoothly. And when the work does not go right, it means you have put yourself between it and its accomplishment.

The way of My work is the way of effacement, which is the way of strength, not of weakness; and through it you become mature in My Love. At this stage you cannot know what real Love is, but through working for Me as you should work for Me; you will arrive at that ripeness where, in a moment, I can give you that which you have been seeking for millions of years.





Worry is the product of a feverish imagination working under stimulus of desires. There are few things that exhaust energy as much as worry. So remain cheerful in all your trails and know that I am in you.

Worry is a serious dissipation of physic energy. Worry accumulates and grows in strength and becomes a habit, long after the original cause has ceased to be.

Worry goes happiness comes.

Never worry and always try to be cheerful in spite of difficulties. Even in the face of calamities, try to remain happy.

Worry only about your loving Me more and more. I worry for whom who love Me.

Long for what is real. You will then have no time for worrying over what may never happen.

My worry is great fun for Me. It is very old habit of Mine to worry for whole creation and to worry continuously for the release of souls from the bondage of life and death. – Meher Baba

Meher Baba discoursed


Duality signifies separateness. Separateness implies fear. Fear causes worry.

The way of Oneness is the way to happiness; the way of manyness is the way to worry. I am the One who has no second, so I am eternally happy. You are separate from your Self, so you always worry. To you, what you see is absolutely real; to Me, it is absolutely false.

Root cause of worry

Man experiences disappointment through lust, greed and anger, and the frustrated ego, in its turn, seeks further gratification through lust, greed, and anger. Consciousness is thus caught up in a vicious circle of endless disappointments. Selfishness which is the common basis of these three ingredient vices is thus the ultimate cause of disappointment and worries.

The woes of this world are imaginary and self-created

As the cause, so the effect; the cause may be big and important, or small and insignificant, but the result will definitely be according to it. The woes of this world are imaginary and are the self-created result of our own ignorance; having no cause, they are therefore unjustifiable. If there is no reason or cause, then it naturally follows that the result is unreal, insubstantial and meaningless.

So why worry about the happiness, or misery, of this world which has no cause behind it except imagination? Just go on observing things as a passive spectator as they go on around you, keeping the mind free and happy. As Hafiz says:

"Both the happiness’s and sorrows of the world will pass away. So it is better to remain peaceful throughout."

Worry is unnecessary

“Worry is unnecessary. Necessary worry is not good, but unnecessary worry is madness. If I say: 'Be happy!' be happy at once! Forget. Away with it! Why brood? I never brood. Laugh! Be cheerful! It is all illusion — why not be cheerful, happy?  Start now!"

“Worry accumulates and grows in strength, become a habit long after the original cause has ceased to be.”

Don’t worry and weep over that which is the law of nature and cannot be altered

You eat food and to keep yourselves healthy and fit you pass out the residue as excrement. But do you ever shed tears for the waste you eliminate? Do you ever think about it or feel regret over it? Not at all. Then if someone dear dies, why do you weep for that discarded body which is like food to the soul?

You preserve and protect your body to feed your soul. The body is the medium for the soul's progress. When your excrement is eliminated, you eat fresh food. Similarly, with the disposal of the old body, you take a new body. So why worry and weep over that which is the law of nature and cannot be altered?

Sadgurus and the Avatar consider human death to be absolutely unimportant. They do not feel sad about anyone's death. For them, the whole universe is a very, very small thing – a small point.

The human body can be compared to the fibers on the outer shell of a coconut. Hundreds of such hairs fall off, but the coconut water remains safe inside. Similarly, thousands of human bodies may fall, but the soul is immortal; it never dies. It is always living and eternal.

An episode

Baba went to see Naval and Dina Talati in Nasik. He was accompanied by Rustom, Pendu and Vishnu. Chanji was also there, having been called from Bombay. Dina was concerned about her family’s welfare. Seeing her worried face, Baba emphasized to her: “This is very bad! However miserable and disappointing a thing may be, one should not brood over it and think about it.

“Take the worry from within and fling it out, and be free of it by occupying yourself in daily chores in the usual routine.

“All this is nothing. It is a zero, an imagination, a show! Whatever has happened has happened!

“Whether it is happiness or misery, both are the same. Neither is lasting. When you were miserable, you were feeling sad. Now that feeling has left you. Similarly, if you had nothing to worry about, you would have been happy. But even that happiness would not have lasted. Of what use would even that happiness have been to you? So whatever misery or happiness is here today, it will pass away and then there will be nothing!

“Everything comes, everything goes. But from the spiritual viewpoint, if one bears suffering, it is very good.”

Dina then asked, “But why this suffering when you are here–in physical form?”

To reconcile her, Baba replied, “You suffer because I am here! Do I not suffer and bear it? Those who are Mine should be prepared to suffer.”

Solution for  worry

The moment the intensity of your faith in Me will reach its height, you say goodbye to worry forever. Then all that you suffered and enjoyed in the past, together with all that you may experience in the future, will be to you the most loving and spontaneous expression of My will; and nothing will ever be able to cause you worry again.

Live more and more in the present, which is ever beautiful and stretches away beyond the limits of the past and the future.

Cease mental tension. Train your mind to pass over thoughts. Do not give countenance to them until such time that you can surrender the mind itself. When the mind is surrendered there is no question of happiness and unhappiness. The thoughts of the past lives sanskaras have to be spent away and they come and go and pay no attention to them.

If you worry about yourself, God does not worry about you. If you stop worrying, God has to be worrying about you.

Give your worries to Me and be cheerful and happy. Your only worry should be that you never forget God.

You become free of all worries, if you snap your connection with the world. However, if you maintain any deep connection, worries will surmount you. Bindings are like hair the more you allow the hair to grow, the more you have to clean it. Similarly worldly involvements are always full of unnecessary problems and difficulties and are the cause of continuous anxieties.

Don’t worry about evil thoughts, lust etc, Let them come and go. Do worry so that you may not forget Me.

Your only worry should be that you never forget God.

Never think that life is dreadful and you are tired of life. Such thoughts really make life miserable. If you think that life is worth living then all difficulties will appear insignificant. Never think “I am alone. I have so much to do, I am poor” and so on. The whole world is poor and even millionaires are poor because they have greed and want more.

Whatever effort you make, whatever failures seem to result and whatever discouragement follows all have their root in the fact that you love yourself more than you love God. In loving yourself as wholeheartedly as you should love God, it is but natural that failure despair will bar your way.

Therefore do not let the fact of your depression burden you. It is emerged unsought and unmarked for and as such it must vanish. All your forced efforts to settle it will only result in imprinting it deeper in your mind and create further binding. So be completely indifferent to it and it will disappear.

The solution is to love God as He should be loved; it is love for God that counts.

Think of Me more and more and all your worries will dwindle into nothing, for they are really nothing: and My will works out to awaken this in you and in all.”

If at all you must worry, let it be how to remember Me constantly. This is worthwhile worry because it will bring about the end of the worry. So do worry that you may not forget Me.

Don’t worry. Be happy in My love and continue to hold My daaman to the very end. Rest assured that all will be divinely well. God does not abandon those who trust Him.

Do everything, but don't worry. Worrying binds. When one is beyond worrying, one is happy. But you must consciously not worry. The stone does not worry, but unconsciously. It is all fun, all a game, happiness - if you don't worry.

Do not think much over petty questions and wear out your mind. This constant thinking weighs heavy on your mind, and causes you much worry and anxiety for nothing. Do not let any material thoughts disturb your mind and eat it away.

Do not be like a leaf, moved here and there by the wind. Be like a rock, unaffected by gales and storm, and standing firm in its place.

What do you do when a fly troubles and disturbs you? You do not worry, but merely raise your hand and wave it to drive it away from you. In the same way, without giving yourself up to worrying, you must drive away the thoughts that trouble you.

Man must think but must not worry for results.

Baba says: “Pain and pleasure are two sides are of one coin. When we have accepted this coin of life, we cannot say that we will take one side only i.e. pleasure. Since we are now here in the world, we have no choice.”

One must sincerely try to do his duties, but the results must be always left with God. Worrying about the result is no good and of no use. If a person wishes to do anything for others, he must do it sincerely and having done it, he should not worry about results, for results are not in human hands. It is for human to do, for God to ordain.

To remain aloof from result is not difficult, but men do not try. Because it is human nature to think of results of one’s actions, however, it does not mean one should worry

Try to attribute all your acts to God and let results be His. Gandhiji says he does everything for God and attributes it to Him, but he still worries because he cares about the results.”

Do not  get upset over petty things

Don’t get upset over petty things. Don’t get upset over trivialities; don’t cry for paltry things. Even supposing you do have an excuse or a cause for provocation and your mood is upset in the excitement of the moment, don’t stick to that one petty cause and keep on brooding over it with swollen cheeks and cloudy expression. Immediately after the excitement dies down, try to forget what happened. Take the cause of irritation out of your mind forever.

An episode

Kohiyar Satarawala (disciple) was managing Shapoor Hall as a guest house. One day, Baba asked him why he had not hung a picture of Baba in the reception office and placed some of Baba's books and literature there. Kohiyar had been doing so at other places he managed, but was reluctant to do so again after he saw one of the guests use a Baba’s pamphlet to clean up her infant child's "accident."

Kohiyar explained, "After I saw your literature being used as toilet paper, I decided it was useless to put your literature or picture in public places."

Baba replied, "Why get upset over these petty things? A time will come when you will see My pictures in the filthiest places, in back alleys even. It will be on stamps badly defaced, on matchboxes, and on the labels of cheap brands of food. So why be disturbed? I also live in the filthiest of places and am in the filthiest of things.

Meher Baba may have been speaking of how His image would end up being used in cheap advertising or propagandizing His name and cause. Although such things are done in India, the Western man or Christian may revolt at such a thought of Jesus’ sacred image on a matchbox, or food label. So the image of the Prophet of God is not ever defiled, Islam forbids any artistic rendering of Muhammad. In the late 1960's, Baba once saw an American underground tabloid with His picture printed and under it was written: "Would you buy a used car from this man?" Disgusted, Baba crumbled it up, threw it away and called it trash!

Mental depression

One of the reporters remarked, “Although one makes a determined beginning, one’s enthusiasm slowly wanes when there seems nothing to show for the efforts, and this is followed by a feeling of mental depression.”

Baba answered through Eruch: “Yes, this is quite common. Whatever the efforts you make, whatever the failures that seem to result, whatever the despair that follows, all have their roots in the fact that you love yourself more than you love God. In loving yourself as wholeheartedly as you should have loved God, failures and despair stand up prominently before you. This is quite natural.”

“Therefore, do not let the fact of your depression depress you. Have you given thought as to where this depression was prior to its appearance? It has emerged unasked, and as such, it must vanish. Your forced efforts to overcome it will only imprint itself all the more on your mind and create further binding. So be completely indifferent to it and it will disappear. The solution is to love God as He should be loved. Love for God alone counts.”

Meher Baba takes upon responsibility of all our pains and pleasures-an episode

One day, a person from Bombay came to Baba.  Baba embraced the man, and asked “How are you?”

He said, "I am very, very miserable.  I lost my house.  I lost two of my children.  I have nothing at present."

Baba asked him, "Why did you lose your house?"
"Because of the medical treatment given to my children.  But now they are no more."
"Who had given you those children?" Baba asked.

"You must have given them both to me," the man replied.

"Yes," Baba said."I did.  In the world, everyone has responsibility.  And what is your duty?  To fulfill your responsibility, knowing fully well that it has been given to you by Me.  When you do your duty, you please Me, and I feel happy.  I had given the responsibility of the children to you.  And according to My Wish, you did not neglect your duty in seeking medical treatment for them.  But it was also My wish that your children died.  I took that responsibility away from you, and now I am making you free from it.




Meher Baba declared

He is the Avatar of the Age.

Meher Baba publicly declared Himself as “The Avatar of the Age” in 1954 at Mehersthan (Mahewa) District, Hamirpur (U.P.). Thereafter, He elaborated and explained this claim again and again through circulars and message viz. The Highest of the High (1953) and Final declaration (1958)

Meher Baba proclaimed Himself the Avatar in the following words.

I was Rama, I was Krishna, I was this One, I was that One, and now I am Meher Baba. In this form of flesh and blood, I am that same Ancient One who is eternally worshipped and ignored, ever remembered and forgotten.

I am that Ancient One whose past is worshipped and remembered, whose present is ignored and forgotten, and whose future (Advent) is anticipated with great fervour and longing.

I am the One for whom mankind eagerly awaits.

I am the Ancient One. Not a leaf has the power to quiver without My wish. I am the One who knows everything about everyone.

I am the Ancient One; I am Avatar of the Age; I am the Ocean of Love.

I am God. I am in you all. I never come and I never go. I am ever present.

I am never born, I never die, yet every moment I take birth and undergo death.

I am one with you on every level, but you know this only when your ego and intellect do not interfere. Then Baba appears as He is.

I am not here just for the crowd. I am here for the individuals dispersed among the crowd who silently adore Me.

I have not come to establish any cult, society or organisation or even to establish a new religion. The religion I shall give is the knowledge of One behind the many.

No amount of intellectual gymnastic could ever understand My ways or judge My infinite State.

Who is Meher Baba?  

An International Tourist Fair was to open in Bombay on October 30th, 1967; a booth was set up and a small booklet entitled "Who Is Meher Baba?" was printed along with the Universal Message in different Indian languages.

Baba Himself had perused the material to be included in the booklet. To the first question, "Who is Meher Baba?" He dictated this answer: "He is the essence of your very being which provokes you to ask this question."

Baba sent Adi Sr., Sarosh and Viloo to open the booth devoted to Baba at the Bombay fair. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi officially inaugurated the fair and rode around it in an open jeep. When she neared the booth, Gajwani went up and drew her attention to the large sign above it which read: "Avatar Meher Baba, the Awakener." Indira Gandhi apparently responded with some interest and bowed to Baba's portrait, as she rode by.

Highest of High- an Introduction by Meher Baba Himself

Consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly, each and every creature, each and every human being in one form or the other-strives to assert individuality. But when eventually man consciously experiences that he is Infinite, Eternal and Indivisible, then he is fully conscious of his individuality as God, and as such experiences Infinite Knowledge, Infinite Power and Infinite Bliss. Thus Man becomes God, and is recognized as a Perfect Master, Sadguru, or Qutub. To worship this Man is to worship God.

When God manifests on earth in the form of man and reveals His Divinity to mankind, He is recognized as the Avatar — the Messiah — the Prophet. Thus God becomes Man.

And so Infinite God, age after age, throughout all cycles, wills through His Infinite Mercy to affect His presence amidst mankind by stooping down to human level in the human form, but His physical presence amidst mankind not being apprehended, He is looked upon as an ordinary man of the world. When He asserts, however, His Divinity on earth by proclaiming Himself the Avatar of the Age, He is worshipped by some who accept Him as God; and glorified by a few who know him as God on Earth. But it invariably falls to the lot of the rest of humanity to condemn Him, while He is physically in their midst.

Thus it is that God as man, proclaiming Himself as the Avatar, suffers Himself to be prosecuted and tortured, to be humiliated and condemned by humanity for whose sake His Infinite Love has made Him stoop so low, in order that humanity, by its very act of condemning God's manifestation in the form of Avatar should, however, indirectly, assert the existence of God in His Infinite Eternal state.

The Avatar is always one and the same, because God is always One and the Same, the Eternal, Indivisible, Infinite One, who manifests Himself in the form of man as the Avatar, as the Messiah, as the Prophet, as the Ancient One — the Highest of the High. This Eternally One and the same Avatar repeats His manifestation from time to time, in different cycles, adopting different human forms and different names, in different places, to reveal Truth in different garbs and different languages, in order to raise humanity from the pit of ignorance and help free it from the bondage of delusions.

Of the most recognized and much worshipped manifestations of God as Avatar, that of Zoroaster is the earliest — having been before Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. Thousands of years ago, He gave the world the essence of Truth in the form of three fundamental precepts—Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds. These precepts were and are constantly unfolded to humanity in one form or another, directly or indirectly in every cycle, by the Avatar of the age, as He leads humanity imperceptibly towards the Truth. To put these precepts of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds into practice is not as easily done as it would appear, though it is not impossible. But to live up to these precepts honestly and literally, is as apparently impossible as it is to practice a living death in the midst of life.

In the world there are countless sadhus, mahatmas, mahapurush, saints, yogis and walis, though the number of genuine ones are very, very limited. The few genuine ones are, according to their spiritual status, in a category of their own, which is neither on a level with the ordinary human being nor on a level with the state of the Highest of the High.

I am neither a mahatma nor a mahapurush, neither a sadhu nor a saint, neither a yogi nor a wali. Those who approach Me with the desire to gain wealth or to retain their possessions, those who seek through Me relief from distress and suffering, those who ask My help to fulfil and satisfy mundane desires, to them I once again declare that, as I am not a sadhu, a saint or a mahatma, mahapurush or yogi, to seek these things through Me is but to court utter disappointment, though only apparently; for eventually this disappointment is itself invariably instrumental in bringing about the complete transformation of mundane wants and desires.

The Sadhus, saints, yogis, walis and such others who are on the via media, can and do perform miracles and satisfy the transient material needs of individuals who approach them for help and relief.

The question therefore, arises that if I am not a sadhu, not a saint, not a yogi, not a mahapurush, nor a wali, then what am I? The natural assumption would be that I am either just an ordinary human being, or I am the Highest of the High. But one thing I say definitely, and that is that I can never be included amongst those having the intermediary status of the real sadhus, saints, yogis and such others. Now, if I am just an ordinary man, My capabilities and powers are limited — I am no better or different from an ordinary human being. If people take Me as such then they should not expect any supernatural help from Me in the form of miracles or spiritual guidance; and to approach Me to fulfil their desires would also be absolutely futile.

On the other hand, if I am beyond the level of an ordinary human being, and much beyond the level of saints and yogis, then I must be the Highest of the High. In which case, to judge Me with your human intellect and limited mind and to approach Me with mundane desires would not only be the height of folly but sheer ignorance as well; because no amount of intellectual gymnastics could ever understand My ways or judge My Infinite State.

If I am the Highest of the High, My Will is Law, My Wish governs the Law, and My Love sustains the Universe. Whatever your apparent calamities and transient sufferings, they are but the outcome of My Love for the ultimate good. Therefore, to approach Me for deliverance from your predicaments, to expect Me to satisfy your worldly desires, would be asking Me to do the impossible — to undo what I have already ordained.

If you truly and in all faith accept your Baba as the Highest of the High, it behoves you to lay down your life at My feet, rather than to crave the fulfilment of your desires. Not your one life but your millions of lives would be but a small sacrifice to place at the feet of One such as Baba, who is the Highest of the High; for Baba's unbounded love is the only sure and unfailing guide to lead you safely through the innumerable blind alleys of your transient life.

They cannot obligate Me, who, surrendering their all-body, mind, possessions-which perforce they must discard one day, surrender with a motive; surrender because they understand that to gain the everlasting treasure of Bliss they must relinquish ephemeral possessions. This desire for greater gain is still clinging behind their surrender and as such the surrender cannot be complete.

Know you all that if I am the Highest of the High, My role demands that I strip you of your possessions and wants, consume all your desires and make you desire less rather than satisfy your desires. Sadhus, saints, yogis and walis can give you what you want; but I take away your wants and free you from attachments and liberate you from the bondage of ignorance. I am the One to take, not the One to give, what you want as you want.

Mere intellectuals can never understand Me through their intellect. If I am the Highest of the High, it becomes impossible for the intellect to gauge Me, nor it is possible for My ways to be fathomed by the limited human mind.

I am not to be attained by those who, loving Me, stand reverently by in rapt admiration. I am not for those who ridicule Me and point at Me with contempt. To have a crowd of tens of millions flocking around Me is not what I am for. I am for the selected few, who scattered amongst the crowd; silently and unostentatiously surrender their all body, mind and possessions to Me.

I am still more for those who, after surrendering their all, never give another thought to their surrender. They are all Mine who are prepared to renounce even the very thought of their renunciation and who, keeping constant vigil in the midst of intense activity, await their turn to lay down their lives for the cause of Truth at a glance or sign from Me. Those who have indomitable courage to face willingly and cheerfully the worst calamities, who have unshakable faith in Me, eager to fulfil My slightest wish at the cost of their happiness and comfort, they indeed, truly love Me.

From My point of view, far more blessed is the atheist who confidently discharges his worldly responsibilities, accepting them as his honourable duty, than the man who presumes he is a devout believer in God, yet shirks the responsibilities apportioned to him through Divine Law and runs after sadhus, saints and yogis, seeking relief from the suffering which ultimately would have pronounced his eternal liberation.

To have one eye glued on the enchanting pleasures of the flesh and with the other expect to see a spark of Eternal Bliss is not only impossible but the height of hypocrisy.

I cannot expect you to understand all at once what I want you to know. It is for Me to awaken you from time to time throughout the ages, sowing the seed in your limited minds, which must in due course, and with proper heed and care on your part, germinate, flourish and bear the fruit of that True Knowledge which is inherently yours to gain.

If on the other hand, led by your ignorance, you persist in going your own way, none can stop you in your choice of progress; for that too is progress which, however slow and painful, eventually and after innumerable incarnations, is bound to make you realize that which I want you to know now. To save yourself from further entanglement in the maze of delusion and self created suffering which owes its magnitude to the extent of your ignorance of the true Goal, awake now. Pay heed and strive for freedom by experiencing ignorance in its true perspective. Be honest with yourself and God. One may fool the world and one's neighbours, but one can never escape from the knowledge of the Omniscient - such is the Divine Law.

I declare to all of you who approach Me, and to those of you who desire to approach Me, accepting Me as the Highest of the High, that you must never come with the desire in your heart which craves for wealth and worldly gain, but only with the fervent longing to give your all — body, mind and possessions — with all their attachments. Seek Me not in order to extricate yourself from your predicaments, but find Me in order to surrender yourself wholeheartedly to My Will. Cling to Me not for worldly happiness and short-lived comforts, but adhere to Me, through thick and thin, sacrificing your own happiness and comforts at My feet.

Let My happiness be your cheer and My comforts be your rest. Do not ask Me to bless you with a good job, but desire to serve Me more diligently and honestly without expectation of reward. Never beg of Me to save your life or the lives of your dear ones, but beg of Me to accept you and permit you to lay down your life for Me. Never expect Me to cure you of your afflictions, but beseech Me to cure you of your ignorance. Never stretch out your hands to receive anything from Me, but hold them high in praise of Me whom you have approached as the Highest of the High.

If I am the Highest of the High, nothing is then impossible to Me; and though I do not perform miracles to satisfy individual needs—the satisfaction of which would result in entangling the individual more and more in the net of ephemeral existence—yet time and again at certain periods I manifest Infinite Power in the form of miracles, but only for the spiritual upliftment and benefit of humanity and all creatures.

However, miraculous experiences have often been experienced by individuals who love Me and have un-severing faith in Me, and these have been attributed to My nazar or Grace. But I want all to know that it does not befit My lovers to attribute such individual miraculous experience to My state of the Highest of the High. If I am the Highest of the High, I am above this illusory play of Maya in the course of the Divine Law.

Therefore, whatever miraculous experiences are experienced by My lovers who recognize Me as such, or by those who love Me unknowingly through other channels, they are but the outcome of their own firm faith in Me. Their unshakable faith often superseding the course of the play of Maya, gives them those experiences which they call miracles. Such experiences derived through firm Faith eventually do good and do not entangle the individuals who experience them into further and greater bindings of illusion.

If I am the Highest of the High, then a wish of My Universal Will is sufficient to give, in an instant, God-realization to one and all and thus free every creature in creation from the shackles of Ignorance. But blessed is Knowledge that is gained through the experience of Ignorance in accordance with the Divine Law. This Knowledge is made possible for you to attain in the midst of ignorance by the guidance of Perfect Masters and surrenderance to the Highest of the High.

Meher Baba declared Himself, the last Avatar of present cycle

Baba stated, "I am the last Avatar in this present cycle." He named seven specific persons (including Him) as being among the most recent Avatars, or incarnations of God: Meher Baba, Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Rama, and Zoroaster (Zarathustra).

There are some indications in the literature (e.g., from conversations with Meher Baba's close disciples) that He acknowledged that Abraham was also an Avatar, and it is said that Adam was the first Avatar.

But Meher Baba also stated: "Whether there have been twenty-six Avatars since Adam, or one lakh and twenty-four thousands (lakh=100,000) of Prophets as is sometimes claimed, or whether Jesus Christ was the last and the only Messiah or Muhammad the last Prophet is all immaterial and insignificant when eternity and Reality are under consideration.

It matters very little to dispute whether there have been ten or twenty-six or a million Avatars. The truth is that the Avatar is always one and the same, and that the five Sadgurus (Perfect Masters) bring about the advent of the Avatar on earth. This has been going on cycle after cycle, and millions of such cycles must have passed by and will continue to pass by without affecting eternity in the least."

Baba explained the purpose of His visit to different shrines, tombs and dargah

By My living presence, I clean the tangled atmosphere of the shrines of the dead saints, Sadgurus and Qutubs. This complicated atmosphere is of the thought world. Thought force is really very strong and powerful.

For My work, a pilgrim on the third plane is more helpful than the place of a dead Master of the seventh plane; but a well-known dead saint or Master may have a strong influence due to the multitudes going to His tomb. That is why I thin down the effect of this complicated thought atmosphere by visiting such places.

Meher Baba said-Godavri Mai is to Me what Yeshoda was to Krishna

I am happy, as My mother Godavri Mai is near Me. Often I have told My lovers that Godavri is to Me what Yeshoda was to Krishna. Godavri is My Yeshoda (adopted mother). I will tell you the background. When I was Krishna, Godavri was My Yeshoda. In this lies the greatness of Godavri Mai.

But one thing I will tell you about Godavri Mai and it is her greatness – she was the beloved of Upasni Maharaj. Those who used to come for Maharaj's darshan were also taking Godavri Mai's. Just imagine how Godavri Mai created a favourable atmosphere for Me after the passing away of Upasni Maharaj. Maharaj created opposition, and the opposition continued even after Maharaj's dropping His body.

Godavri Mai is a jewel. Today, she is enthroned on Maharaj's gaddi (seat). She is loved and respected by thousands in India. What was the necessity for Godavri Mai to invite Me to Sakori, to revere Me, when Maharaj had done otherwise? She is already famous, she had thousands of devotees, and she was the occupier of Maharaj's gaddi. In spite of that, she changed the atmosphere for Me in Sakori. I again repeat that Godavri Mai is My Yeshoda–My adopted mother. She has tenderness, humility and greatness. She entertains Me, reveres Me, worships Me, performs My arti, and at the same time, she is so humble. I call her mother, and yet she bows down to Me. I call her Yeshoda Mai and still she does My arti. Is this not humility and greatness?

I am very happy and pleased with Godavri Mai. I love her intensely.

Meher Baba said- Mehera is My Radha

As Sita was for Ram, Radha for Krishna, Mary for Jesus, for this Advent of Meher Baba it is Mehera who plays the leading role. This role, of being the chosen counter-part to the God-Man, amounts to the highest, purest, most spiritual relationship consisting of a divine love which the world cannot imagine. 

Meher Baba said- Warrior (pet dog) for Him was like Hanuman to Rama.

Avatars, Sadgurus and Masters never reveal their way of working. If they do so, it entails more work for them. The Sufis say, "One who has found the Truth, hides it eternally." And it is absolutely so. This means that one who is God-Realized never reveals the Truth in ordinary words.

God's work is hidden work, the same as the Perfect Masters' secret work. But I will give you an inkling of how their work is done from the case of Warrior.

Dogs play an important part when used consciously by the Master. In My seclusion of about ten days, I wanted a dog for some work of My own – I won't tell you what. I could not use Chum, or any of the other pets. The dog I wanted had to be fresh, new, innocent and young. So, before seclusion, it all came about that Khorshed happened to mention an Alsatian puppy, and eventually we got Warrior. I said, "He is My dog." I did not say so about Jingo and Bingo or the other pets. Warrior, you all understood, was Baba's dog! Warrior was not actually a dog, but was temporarily brought down from the spirit world to do this work. I needed a dog for that kind of work. I won't go too deeply into the matter.

So Warrior came, and I kept on telling Elizabeth that he was to be near Me. But I also knew that it would be difficult, as things would crop up that would create obstacles. Therefore, for the first few days, Warrior suffered from worms, germs, et cetera. Eventually, I had him for the time I wanted him. I knew he would die, just as I know that before July 1st, 1941, Chum too will die. So after I worked with him, I fed him with My own hands and gave him water to drink. When my work was over, I sent him back.

Soon after, he got ill, and I discussed with 'Soltoon's sister' (meaning Baidul, since no man's name would be mentioned in front of the women) where to bury him when he died. We finally selected that spot. When Warrior got very ill, I saw that if he died within three days, he would again have to take another birth, which would not have been safe for him. I saw to it that he did not pass away. So, when in those three days he did not die, I was happy. Now, no more birth for him.

Blue bus of Mine was like Krishna’s chariot

Blue bus is like Krishna chariot and after My manifestation, people will consider it sacred. This bus should be sold in lottery among our close ones and winner should keep it on condition that he does not derive any commercial benefit from it either by keeping it on hire or by selling it. This bus has great importance and to be kept it preserved as essential. I have done much work through it and it is Sarosh’s good fortune to be driving God in person on its final run.

 My  Motto-is Mastery in Servitude

In February 1923, at Manzil-e-Meem, Baba convened a session of the Gutta and said, "Let us have a motto." All agreed this was needed. After a dozen suggestions and rejections by various men, Meher Baba Himself, on the inspiration of the moment, said it should be, "Mastery in Servitude." And it was officially adopted as the motto of Manzil -e-Meem and later became the official seal of the Master's work.

On politics and world peace

I have no connection with politics. All religions are equal to Me and all castes and creeds are dear to Me. But I appreciate all ‘ism’, religions, and political parties for many good things they seek to achieve, I do not and cannot belong to any of these “isms”, religious or political parties, for the absolute truth, while equally including them, transcends all of them and leaves no room for separative divisions which are all equally false.

World peace cannot be ensured through dogmas, however learned, or originations, however efficient. It can only be ensured only by a release of un-arguing and unconquerable love which knows no fear or separateness.

Humanity is not going to be saved by any material power, nuclear or otherwise. It can only be saved only through Divine Love intervention. God has never failed humanity in its dark and critical periods. The greatest danger to the man today is not from ant natural catastrophe but from himself.

It is not possible to realise human brotherhood merely by appealing high ideals or to a sense of duty. Something more than that is essential to release human consciousness from the clutches of selfishness and greed.

Today the urgent need of mankind is not sects or organised religion, but love.  Divine love will conquer hate and fear.

The divine life embraces in its being one and all, including even the members of the animal and living kingdom.

I have come to awaken in man this Divine Love. It will restore to him the unfathomable richness of his own eternal being and will solve all his problems.

On His mysterious book

On 13th July, 1925, - Meher Baba commenced on the mysterious work of writing a book at the Jhopdi at Lower Meherabad.  After Baba finished writing the book, He travelled with the manuscript which He kept locked in a metal case, wherever He went. Baba kept the key to the lock on His person, tied to a string round His neck. He warned the mandali that they should not read the book for their minds were not prepared for the material and so no one had read anything. Baba had once shown few pages to Adi K. Irani who could not recall what he had read as it was written in different language.

On 25th November, 1926 - Baba stated, “My book written in Meherabad in 300 pages only cover short points and when they are written fully amplified and re-written, the points will comprise several volumes. It is full of secrets which no previous Saint or Avatar has ever divulged.”

In the years, 1960, - Baba remarked.-In the Nothing and Everything written by Bhau Kalchuri, I am gave only 10% of the Book written in 1925-1926.

Baba had taken this book when He went to west in 1931 and allowed Gandhiji to read a few pages of it. When Gandhiji met Baba on 8th September, 1931, in Baba’s Cabin in the Ship, S.S. Rajputana, Baba told him about the book which was kept inside a metal box and said the key for the lock was left behind in India. Gandhiji said he will have it opened. Handing the box to Gandhi Baba said “After opening it bring the case back to Me and I will give you some pages of the book to read which was written in My own hands. Up to now I have not allowed any one to see it, not even My mandali. As the first person to read it, I am giving it to you alone. You may go through but do not allow others to read it.

This book was brought back to India in 1937 or so and was given to Ramjoo Abdullah, Sarosh Irani, and Kaka Baria’s care with instructions that it be kept locked up in a safe deposit box in their names in a Bank in Bombay. The book remained there for the next 21 years before it was brought back to Baba and then it disappeared in 1958.

In early January 1969, Baba said, “Do not give Me headache. It is all in the book. It has been clearly explained in the book and when the book is out it will all the clearly understood.”

When Baba was asked where the book was, He raised His hands and made a gesture indicating a person wearing hat, which meant a foreigner. The mandali understood the book was kept with somebody in the West. Eruch again asked Baba, “Baba have you given instructions. Is it in safe hands? Does the person who has the book know what to do with it?” Baba said, “Everything has been seen to. Just do not worry”.

In the year 1969,- two notebooks containing 255 pages in a neat undetermined handwriting (not Meher Baba's) were discovered in a storage room in Meher Baba's home in India shortly after His death. Nothing is done with them, but they are kept.

In the year 1999, - 40 hand written pages of the book were found among Ramjoo Abdullah’s papers at Meherabad. These 39-pages in Meher Baba's own handwriting determined to be written between 1925-1926.  In 2000 they are published as ‘In God's Hand’ by Sheriar Press.

In the year 2007, the notebooks found in 1969 are published as “Infinite Intelligence” by Sheriar Press. Meher Baba's name is given as the author. It is uncertain whether the work is the same as the missing book, so the original handwritten book from 1925-1926 continues to be considered missing

On His Minor advent

Meher Baba once said each incarnation of Avatar is preceded by a minor incarnation that prepares the way for His Advent.

He explained that He had been a Buddhist monk in Burma and lived as a hermit during that minor advent. The correct term is minor advent not minor incarnation. Besides the minor advent as Shivaji, Baba later disclosed that He had been a ‘sweetmeat seller’ in northern India who ran a shop similar to candy store. (It is also said that He took minor advent as Sankaracharya (born788, died 820), a Hindu Vedantic philosopher who expounded the Vedas, and it is believed that He took birth as an Egyptian pharaoh.)

Baba disclosed, ‘’During one of My minor Avataric advent, I lived in seclusion in Burma for ten years without food.”

“Meher Baba explained that for certain spiritual work there occur in varying centres two types of Avataric- incarnations-major and minors.”

“This time it was the warrior king Shivaji in the seventeenth century who, with his sword swept clean of oppressive Mohammedan Rule, the land where the Avatar was to take birth and which would become the hub of the wheel of His work.

Avatar teaches according to the exigencies of the time

There are three languages in which the Avatar teaches: In ordinary language, for the masses who follow the Shariat (custom) and ritual of their religion, so that they can understand:

In language both ordinary and mystical, for the few advanced souls;

In language wholly mystical, for the circle.

Zarathustra gave the masses Shariat, as in those days they could well understand good thoughts, good words and good deeds. He did not say in clear words: "Act and don't care about the result" – since they would not have been able to accept it. So Zarathustra said the same thing, but in a different way.

Muhammad said: "Keep engrossed in action alone. If you act well, you will go to heaven; if you act evil, you will go to hell."

Krishna said: "Act, but do not care for the results. Dedicate them to Me." – Why? Because the atmosphere then was full of warring spirits.

Jesus also said: "Act, but in the spirit of sacrifice."

All these teachings given by the Avatars were according to the exigencies of the times then prevailing.

None of the great Masters in the past has given such explanations

My explanations are quite, quite different from the scriptures of any religion and they have nothing to do with the Shariat aspect of religions. If we find any illumination in scriptures, it is in the Hindu Shastras and Vedants. But they too are only a shadow of My explanations.

There were great Masters, great Prophets, and they realized so many souls. However, what they gave or left to the world was only Shariat – sweet syrup. They only gave internal knowledge (gnosis) to their close disciples who were very, very few. What they said and what was written down to make books was only the knowledge and rules of rituals and ceremonies, appealing to the ordinary minds of the time.

While what I give is the explanation of the Knowledge that is beyond the scope of the ordinary intellect to grasp and understand. Even though these explanations are mere shadows of the Real Knowledge, they are beyond mind to follow. What I explain is a subject beyond the comprehension of the mind and that only to those who are prepared to digest it, not to everybody. For all can neither grasp it nor tolerate it nor even bear to hear it.

For example, I say you all are God. Whereas Islam, and all other religions, claim you are servants of God. I say Muhammad was God incarnate, but the Mohammedans say He was only sent as a Messenger.

The same is the case with Zarathustra and Christ. I want you to know that all your clapping, bhajan singing, tying the Parsi kusti and praying namaz are merely drills. Only take one name of God; give up anger, lust and greed. This is all that is necessary. But the orthodox section of any religion would blow out My brains if they heard Me uttering such words! And I pity them all. Why? Because they are so narrow-minded, so shallow in their vision.

I say to you, do not be cowards like them, fearing hell and the anger of God for accepting these truths which are real Truth. The very foundation of all My explanations is sanskaras, which no religion has explained. I have so clearly and logically put it. Nowhere are sanskaras explained so elaborately or so eloquently.

On His Manifestation

Meher Baba discussed matters with the men mandali and in course of the conversation, the subject of the Master's manifestation came up and Baba asked those present, "What do you think constitutes one hundred percent proof of My manifestation as the Avatar?"

Dr. Ghani, Dhakephalkar, Ramjoo Abdulla and Nariman Dadachanji (who was visiting Ahmednagar) expressed their views, but Baba further observed:

You say that at the time of My Avataric manifestation, mankind will receive a shock like an earthquake and I will appear at different places in My physical form. But such ideas do not prove the Avatar's manifestation one hundred percent. In the Avatar, is contained the whole of creation. All the lives contained in the world are like His limbs.

If a scorpion stings a man on one part of his body, the brain immediately knows it and pain is felt throughout the body. Similarly, when the Avatar will 'sting' (manifest), every life sustained in creation will feel it. Thus, the Avatar's presence on this plane and the scorpion's sting (manifestation) will be experienced by all.

If the sun was to shine twenty-four hours a day and there was no darkness, the presence of the sun would not be recognized, unless there was complete darkness once. The rising of the sun consequent to darkness would make humanity appreciate the presence of the sun. The dark night is signified by the scorpion's sting.

Continuing, Baba spelled out from the alphabet board: "After the Avatar's manifestation, humanity will receive the Light in different degrees proportionate to each one's receptivity. Those out in the open will experience the full light of the sun, those holding umbrellas over their heads will receive less, and those who remain closeted in their houses will get even less.

This means that those who keep themselves shut up in the houses of their desires will receive the least Light; those who, though out in the open, hold an umbrella over their head – refuse to open their heart to God – will receive less; and those of pure desires and an open heart will experience the full brilliance of the Avatar's coming.

Meher Baba revealed 

Need of  His advent in existence of so many religions

At the time of manifestation of an Avatar the force of new spiritual impulse is so tremendous that it creates quite a new awakening of consciousness. This combined with the teachings and the activities of the Avatar on the physical plane during his life in which He manifests Himself, is given outward form by His followers, who call it new religion.

As the force of spiritual push gradually weakens with the lapse of time, spirituality also recedes until it almost sinks into insignificance; religion, or rather the outward form of it becomes like a dry crust, ready to crumble at any moment, and the world conditions reach a climax. It is at this critical juncture that an Avatar appears, and manifest on physical plane, to give once again the spiritual push that the world then requires. The force of this spiritual push is again adopted as a new outward religious form according to existing circumstances. The Avatar, after completing His mission, abandons his physical body and assumes the impersonal aspect of Divinity as before, till He is compelled once again by force of circumstances to take the human form and reappear and manifest as an Avatar; thus the process goes on and on.

This is why the contemporary religions have apparently different forms, owing to the different times and circumstances in which they were established, and they are known after name of the Avatar of that particular period, though in essence they contain the same ideal of life taught over and over again by the same divinity, who appeared and manifested on the earth at different times and under different circumstances

No Sadguru will come into lime light for 100 years after I drop my body

Meher Baba said, the present five Perfect Masters will not come into prominence after I drop My body.  Meher Baba seldom mentioned the current five Perfect Masters on Earth (in the 1960s, He noted three were Hindu and two were Muslim), and later made it clear to the mandali that the five living Perfect Masters would not be in the limelight for at least one hundred years after He, the Avatar, dropped His body. It may be wise to conclude, therefore, that if anyone claims to be a Perfect Master within this span of time (1969 to 2069); He should be looked upon with considerable suspicion. In 1954, Meher Baba stated that as many as seventy-seven false Avatars or Messiahs would arise during His advent, which may imply that many will arise after He dropped the body in 1969, which has been observed to be the tragic case in both the East and West.

On His next coming as Avatar-a male scientist

For the first time in recorded history, the Avatar has given us specific information about His return. In 1963, Baba remarked: "My next advent will be after seven hundred years when all five Perfect Masters will be men."

(1) Baba reiterated His plan to return in seven hundred years on many occasions. A typical comment, made in 1954, was: "I will come back again after seven hundred years; this much I can say now."

(2) Baba tells us also that the Avatar will be male and will be born in the East. From the advents of Jesus and Muhammad, we can infer that "the East" includes the Middle East as well as the Far East. "The Avatar has always been and will always be born in Asia. This is because of the peculiar situation there in the evolution of the universe and the existence of the gross plane which necessitates the manifestation of the Avatar only on that particular continent."

(3) Baba also said that the next Avatar's mother will be the soul who was Gaimai Irani and that His father will be the soul who was Kharman Masi, both Indians during Baba's life.

(4) Of course, the humour is that those individuals are now dead, and we have no way of knowing who they will be in coming incarnations. The next Avatar will be a scientist, and He will visit Japan.

(5) There is no evidence that the Avatar will be born in Japan, however. Interestingly, Baba visited Japan in this advent.

The Avatar usually comes during periods of great turmoil and spiritual ignorance. His next advent will be an exception to the general pattern, however. Baba explained: "When I come again after seven hundred years, the evolution of consciousness will have reached such an apex that materialistic tendencies will be automatically transmuted into spiritual longing, and the feeling of equality in spiritual brotherhood will prevail."

(6) Unfortunately, this spiritual state of affairs will not last, and materialistic tendencies will again predominate.

(7) With His characteristic charm and humour, Baba has given us the bare essentials of His next advent. There is enough detail to leave suffering humanity with hope, but part of the humour of the situation is that we cannot control when or where we reincarnate, so that our ability to "plan ahead" is seriously limited.

Although trying to speculate about the future is of little spiritual value, one has to believe that the Avatar will again surprise us all by defying orthodox expectations. Will He observe silence? Will He take birth in India? Will there be orthodox churches of a Baba religion along with priests and clergy of Meherism?

He is not likely to repeat a previous advent in His external behaviour. The magnetic quality of the personality will be the same, as will the core message to love God. The style of life and the emphasis of the teachings will probably differ. Buddha, unlike Krishna, did not counsel armies and encourage His followers to fight. Jesus, unlike Buddha, did not "start monastic orders and performed numerous public miracles. Muhammad, unlike Jesus, did not proclaim Himself to be an Avatar, left a book of revealed truth, and founded a religion with specific rituals. Meher Baba, unlike Muhammad, did not establish a religion, clearly proclaimed Himself as an Avatar, and encouraged His followers to enjoy His image in films, paintings, and photos.

So the Avatar will return to us with His love and His humour in seven hundred years. His love for humanity moved Him to tell us when He would return to sustain us during the interim. His humour will return with Him, as it always does. Those who expect to find an Avatar who duplicates the external life of Meher Baba will be disappointed, and those who are rigidly attached to an orthodox religion may miss Him. As always, He will recognize His lovers and will invite them to share in His loving company and spiritual light. To His close ones, He will give the gift of obedience to His orders, and to those who are spiritually ready, He will give the supreme gift of God Realization. To the world, He will give His love, His light, His guidance and His spiritual push. (reference-Lord Meher, pp-6191, 4283, 1885, 2490, 4465, & 4547)

Meher Baba- said He did not make use of Infinite power and bliss except Knowledge in the present Avatarhood

Baba said "During My ministry as the Avatar I use only my infinite knowledge. I do not make use of My infinite power and infinite bliss. This is because when God incarnates as man He has to go through universal suffering and helplessness in order to emancipate mankind from ignorance of its own suffering and helplessness." Baba further says, if the Avatar were to use his infinite power, how could he experience helplessness? If the Avatar were to use his infinite bliss, how could He suffer? Therefore, the Avatar does not use either His infinite bliss or infinite power. Such is His infinite love and compassion for His Creation.

Baba said "Like you, I have a body and mind and so I feel hunger and thirst, heat and cold et cetera. But I also have Universal Body and Universal mind and therefore your individual suffering is nothing compared to My eternal, infinite universal suffering. I suffer mentally and physically. My mental suffering is more intense. I suffer spiritually because I see and feel Myself bound in you by your ignorance, and so I suffer."





Manifold  Avataric activities

Old life- ( 1921 to 15 th October 1952)

First phase of His spiritual mission started in 1921, when He drew His close disciples who gave Him the name “Meher Baba” meaning “Compassionate Father”. After years of intensive training of disciples, in 1923, He established a colony called Meherabad near Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. Master’s work embraced opening of free school, dispensary and shelters for poor, mast ashram, bathing, clothing and washing feet of lepers and destitute. This may be called as His old life.

One of the important aspects of His Avataric activity was His Divine Silence. Meher Baba observed silence from July 10, 1925 and continued for 44 years till dropping His body in Jan 1969. His silence is unparallel and divine. First, He used an alphabet board to communicate, later He communicated through gestures and an interpreter. He carried out all His activities of selfless service, spiritual discourses, and messages and dictated the book "God Speaks” through alphabet board in silence. This book reveals the mysteries of universe as how it came into existence and experiences of journey from God to man (evolution) and man to God (involution).  He said “This is My silent advent (Mauna Avatar). I have spoken lot in My previous forms and rendered Zend-Avesta, Gita, Bible and Quran. In this age of publicity and propaganda, I shall work through silence. I have come not to teach but to awaken”.

Second phase and Important work of His Avataric mission was to contact God intoxicated souls called masts who deserved His contact. Meher Baba contacted such souls in person, gave them spiritual push and advanced them in their spiritual journey. For this work, Meher Baba travelled about 70,000 miles to remote places throughout India, Ceylon and Pakistan and contacted over 20,000 masts, advanced souls, sadhus and poor destitute.

New Life (16th October 1949 to January, 1952)

One of the important activities of Meher Baba the demonstration of living a life of a spiritual aspirant with all helplessness and hopelessness i.e. living on total surrenderance to God. This period was named as "New Life" which was lived by Meher Baba and His selected disciples with all humility and weakness in search of God from 1949 to 1952. He practically begged for alms for His disciples and lived in total surrenderance to God. Meher Baba set out to lead a life for perfect aspirant along with His closest 4 women and 17 men disciples. He gave following the message on His New Life.

“This New Life is endless, and even after My physical death, it will be kept alive by those who live the life of complete renunciation of falsehood, lies, hatred, anger, greed and lust; and who, to accomplish all this, do no lustful actions, do no harm to anyone, do no backbiting, do not seek material possessions or power, who accept no homage, neither covet honour nor shun disgrace, and fear no one and nothing; by those who rely wholly and solely on God, and who love God purely for the sake of loving; who believe in the lovers of God and in the reality of Manifestation, and yet do not expect any spiritual or material reward; who do not let go the hand of Truth, and who, without being upset by calamities, bravely and wholeheartedly face all hardships with one hundred percent cheerfulness, and give no importance to caste, creed and religious ceremonies.”

In My new life I lived the life of an ordinary humble human being. This New Life will live by itself eternally, even if there is no one to live it.

My Old Life places Me on the altar of Godhood and Divine Perfection. My New Life makes Me take the stand of a humble servant of God and His people. In My New Life Perfect Divinity is replaced by Perfect Humility. In My New Life I am the seeker, the lover and the friend.

Both these aspects — Perfect Divinity and Perfect Humility-have been by God's Will and both are everlastingly linked with God's eternal Life. Anyone may believe Me to be whatever he likes, but none may ask for blessings, miracles, or any rewards of any kind. My New Life is eternal. Those other than My servants in My New Life, whoever and wherever they may be who desire to live that life, are free to do so in the spirit of it, independently.

New life means

Free and obligation less life.

Life of a Master in giving orders, and that of servant in all humility.

The feeling of absolute conviction that we are all eternally indivisible and infinite in essence; and with it a feeling of separateness from the Real Omnipresent Self, through ignorance.

Life of God in essence, and that of man in action.

Life of strength born of inherent Knowledge of Oneness and of the weakness born of binding desires.

Complicated free life (From March 21st, 1952 to July 10 th, 1952)

During the period of My Free Life, I have been playing the dual role of strength and weakness, retaining simultaneously the roles of Master and devotee.

In this phase of activity Baba chooses spill His blood in America in an auto accident. He said in this activity, weakness would dominate strength and binding will dominate freedom.

Full free life (From 10th July, 1952 to 14th Nov, 1952)

He said in this activity, Strength will dominate weakness and freedom would dominate bindings

Fiery free life- (From 15th Nov, 1952 to April, 1953)

Meher Baba said, “In  My Fiery Life, I will be a lover of God”. In the Fiery Free Life, all the frailties of the ego-life is completely consumed, and there is complete emancipation from all wants, desires and temptations. And the result of this Fiery Free Life will make the world understand that Meher Baba and everyone is one with God.

Baba said, “My fiery life is not a joke. I have to work for the whole universe. I am bent upon ending Myself or ending this universal mess. Side by side there will be mass darshan programmes. I will derive no enjoyment when people come and bow down to Me. The Fiery life is quite is different than mass darshan programs. I may even cancel these programs if I find that they interfere with My work in the Fiery Life” Strength and weakness, freedom and binding would be consumed in the fire of divine Love.





There are number of theories on creation on universe; Manu and Smiriti, Adam and Eve, Big band theory, Darwin’s theory and scientific theory of theory from single cell of amoeba.

Baba spoke of a calm and quiet Ocean, saying that the Ocean was God, who was in a sound sleep. One day the Ocean was stirred by a whiff of wind and awoke from sleep, saying, "Who am I?" No sooner had it asked the question than an unlimited number of drops were flung on the shore far from the Ocean. These drops, separated from the Ocean, became individual souls, and each soul in turn asked the question, "Who am I?" and that is how evolution started.

Each drop first took the form of gaseous matter, and then evolved to various forms of stone, metal, plant, worm, fish, bird and animal until it reached the human form. Evolution then ended and reincarnation began. Baba said that the drop soul has to take form eight million, four hundred thousand times, (something like 50 crores of sleeps of death) and as it travels through all these experiences, it comes nearer and nearer the Ocean.

Eventually it begins its final journey, which Baba called involution, across the seven planes of consciousness that will reunite it with the Ocean. When it comes to the sixth plane, it stands face to face with God, the Ocean, but here is a deep, deep chasm that is extremely difficult and painful to cross. When the soul succeeds in crossing this chasm, it reaches the seventh plane and merges back into the Ocean, becoming one with it, and realizes, "I am the Ocean that is God.”




Meher Baba revealed

According to Meher Baba

Avatar and Sadguru

The word “God” stands for the short abbreviation of Generator, Observer and Destroyer (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh), the trio nature of formless God. This word refers to formless existence of God or Over-soul in unconscious state of infinite knowledge, power and bliss or sat chit and anand.

Sadguru (Man-God or Perfect Master) is a man becoming God in human form having attained God-realization or consciousness of “Aham Brahmasmi”. He bears universal body and universal mind, thereby gets associated with each living and non-living bodies of the universe. He has conscious experiences of God as well man.

Avatar or God-man is the direct descent of formless God in human form which is brought out by five living Sadgurus once in every cycle of 700 to 1400 years. Avatar is the same soul who realized Himself first through process of evolution and involution on His own. The same supreme soul of Avatar appears in different cycles (11 ages) in different forms to redeem the mankind from the sufferings and takes upon Himself the burden of universal suffering.

The Avatar descends from his highest state of divine consciousness to the state of human consciousness. He does not need to pass through the stages of evolution, reincarnation and Realisation. He is God always and comes down directly from His God-state to man-state and becomes conscious of creation. His benevolent work is universal, and He gives a spiritual push to all objects in creation, inert and living, animate and inanimate both.

According to Meher Baba, “Avatar” is the first soul which in beginning attained Perfection, God realization or experience of “Aham Brahmasmi” without help of Master and came back to the level of human being retaining the God consciousness.  Meher Baba said- “I am the same ‘Ancient One’ whose past is worshipped and remembered, whose present is ignored and forgotten and whose future (Advent) is anticipated with great fervour and longing”.

It is a rare feat to achieve God realization which is the ultimate goal of human life and it is only possible through grace of an Avatar or Sadguru (Perfect Master). It requires life after life’s efforts. Meher Baba in His book “God speaks” revealed that out of 700 millions of world population, there are only 7000 advanced souls between 1st to 7th planes of consciousness including Perfect Masters. Avatar, after one cycle (11 ages of 65 to 125 years) brings this number to 7001. When one Perfect Master drops His body another God-realised fills the gap.

Trio nature of God

God has three infinite aspects:  knowledge, power, bliss. It is from these that man derives His three finite aspects false aspects of mind, energy, matter.

The three aspects of God are interlinked; Bliss depends on power and power depends on knowledge. Similarly, the three aspects of man are interlinked: matter depends on energy and energy depends on mind.

As a human being you are one homogeneous entity of these three finite aspects (mind-energy-matter) which are but the shadow of the Infinite aspects of God (Knowledge-Power-Bliss).

Role of Avatar in creation

Every God-Realized personality is perfect. However, those who come down and act as Masters – the Sadgurus and Avatar – come down with their minds universal and use divine powers to work for others. There is a place, Vidnyan Bhumika, where the Masters work and rest. It is similar to a threshold in between two places, where they can manage works both for the higher and lower worlds. One aspect is the preparation of souls from the lower world and the deliverance of them to the higher world, eventually realizing them. The Masters come down with the special purpose of bringing ripe souls to the highest state.

When the Perfect Masters come down with this duty to the world and work every day with the people of the world, they descend with universal mind. Through the universal mind, they take upon themselves the sins (bad sanskaras) of the ripe souls and thereby suffer themselves. They experience bliss through the soul and suffering through the mind. They enjoy the bliss through the soul, which is one with the Almighty, and bear the universal suffering through their universal mind.

The one who manifests as the Avatar has to give a spiritual push to the whole world. This is greater than the circle preparation work which all Sadgurus have to perform. This great push is the main difference in their duties.

Besides this difference, the Avatar is always perfect in all respects, spiritually as well as materially, and in particular, physically. The Avatar always has a charming personality with a beautiful, symmetrical face and body; while the Perfect Masters are generally of odd size and shape physically, with certain defects sometimes so abhorrent that one does not even like to look at them.

Christ, Muhammad, Zarathustra, Buddha, Ram and Krishna were Avatars and hence had charming personalities. So is Mine. Upasni Maharaj, Narayan Maharaj and such present Perfect Masters have one personal defect or another. Upasni Maharaj's stature was too big –like a giant. Narayan Maharaj was too small, short in stature – like a dwarf. But this physical difference between the Avatar and Sadgurus makes no real difference in their spiritual status, which is always divine.

When a Sadguru’s right hand and right foot are active, it signifies spiritual help for the person concerned to aid him in realising God. Similarly His left hand and left foot denote material happiness or miracles.  For those who have faith in a Sadguru, miracles happen automatically through the medium of Maya, but the circle members should not hope for such miracles because the Sadguru Himself is working for them.

By keeping the company with God realised being, a person’s worldly sanskaras get burnt up through the Master’s spiritual heat. That is why those near a Sadguru derive great spiritual benefit, and the merit of those who serve the Master is indeed immense. But their contact can only be formed if you have good sanskaras and deep devotion-the preparedness of past lives.

Fifty-six Realized souls do the work of maintaining the balance in universe

The number 56 denotes perfection. God has to take human form to do the work of maintaining a balance in the universe, and if only one Perfect Person existed He would not be sufficient for the purpose. For instance, a toddy shopkeeper needs several helpers–one to prepare the toddy, another to serve it, another to collect payment, et cetera. But if there is no shop, what is the use of helpers? Therefore, the universe must be maintained, and to carry out the affairs of the universe in an orderly manner fifty-six God-Realized persons are required.

The view of one eye is limited. This infinity of illusion requires the fifty-six people for an orderly management of the universe. All this is beyond your intellect. It is of no avail until Knowledge dawns and such Knowledge is not easy to come by. Such talk is all air – empty air – which one tries to grasp but cannot.

The five Perfect Masters of the time hold the key of the world

The key to the world is only one, but it is in the hands of the five Perfect Masters. For example, a safe has only one key and no other key can unlock it. The five Perfect Masters control the safe – the world.

One Master is the keeper of the key, without which the safe cannot be opened.

The second guards the safe which cannot be opened without his prior consent.

The third is the one who alone has the authority to use the key to unlock the safe.

The fourth is the one who has the right to distribute the riches in the safe. And

The fifth Master is the one who has the power to authorize the distribution.

Thus there is only one key to the world, equally shared among the five Masters. The five Perfect Masters, plus the fifty-one other God-Realized souls (majzoobs and jivanmuktas) control the key. These fifty-one are members of the parliament of the five Perfect Masters. Fifty-one plus five equals fifty-six; this number 56 never changes. In this way does the game of the world go on and on.

There are always 56 God-realised souls. Now, out of these 56, five are sent out into the world. But in every Avataric period these five become one, thus demonstrating the cycle when the Avatar appears in form. Therefore, the Avatar exists in the heart of these five as one.

These five are God-realised like the Avatar. All are one. But in the Avataric period, the Avatar is equal to five Sadgurus. Thus, five Sadgurus make one Avatar - that is the long and short of it. Therefore, if the Sadgurus were to show their hearts, you would find Me in them. Five are always alive. Babajan left her body. The one in her place need not necessarily be in Poona, but there must be five in the world.

Avatar gives spiritual push to the world:

People of the world act according to moral standard and socially acceptable behaviour, but the Avatar or Perfect Master deals with everyone according to his or her sanskaras. Thus spiritual life is totally and cannot be judged on the basis of morality, ethics or principle.

As a rule, Masters help individually according to temperament and fitness of the aspirant, but this being an Avataric Period, which means the end of previous cycle and beginning of a new one, My spiritual help to the humanity will be both individual and collective. “

The period of function of the old and new cycle usually connotes the advent of a Master who rejuvenates religious thought, infusing new life and meaning to the old order of things. Besides imparting the highest state of spirituality to a select few, He gives a general push to the whole world.

Avatar has no limitation of time and space in bestowing the Gift of God realization to anyone

For man there is a limitation of time and space. For God there is no limitation of time and space because He is everywhere at all times. For the God-Man or Avatar, there is no limitation of time and space as God; but as man He assumes the limitation of time and space to make man free of his limitations.

The Avatar is unique in as much as He is one with and conscious of everything and every being at all times. He is unique because He is commonly not understood yet most commonly lives in everything and every being. He is the Lord of all. He is the Master of Servitude of all.

He has a physical body, alternating His descent in different human forms on earth with the exigency of time and the needs of man. He has a subtle body to balance Universal Energy to the requirements of man. He has a mental body to focus the Universal Mind for the guidance of individual minds. He has a Universal Body to always maintain His link with the earth for a periodical descent on it in an individual body. He has the Universal ego and the Universal Consciousness to sustain His individuality and consciousness of God.

The Avatar is at all times the sole balancing power between Absolute God and illusion. He ever resides in both and is in perfect identity with them.

When one achieves God-realization by the grace of a Perfect Master, it is either at midnight or at five O'clock in the morning. But the Avatar can give God-realization at any time.

Avatar always appears in male form

After attaining the human form, as rule there is no reversion to animal forms, but human form may sometimes be male and some time female according to the sanskaras and the spiritual requirements of jeevatma. The female form has the special prerogative that even the Sadgurus and The Avatars have to be born through female form. The male form has the prerogative that majority of the Sadgurus appear in male form. Woman can be saint and Sadguru, but The Avatar always appear in male form.


God-realization is always given by one Master only

It is never presumptuous for anyone to hope for Realization. It is the goal of creation and the birthright of humanity. Blessed are they who are prepared to asserting that right in this very life. Truth-realization is born of such complete surrender to the engulfing love of God, of which the Master is the physical symbol and the channel.

God-realization is always given by Master at appropriate time

The Sadgurus bestow Realisation according to the divine plan chosen by the Avatar. So it is the Avatar who chooses who will become God-realised. It is for the Avatar's own special circle, lovers and devotees that He Himself bestows Realisation or Mukti (Liberation). All other souls receive Realisation or Mukti from the hands of the Sadgurus. Mukti occurs at the moment of death. On Realisation one retains the human body and continues to live.

This divine plan was laid out by the first soul when he came back down as the first Avatar. It is this plan that the Sadgurus execute in the timing of each soul's Realisation or Liberation.

The easiest and shortest way to God-realisation

The easiest and shortest way to God-realisation is through the contact of a Sadguru, which means keeping the company or sahavas of such a Master, obeying Him and serving Him. This remedy is like a special express train which carries you straight to your destination.

The second way is to repeat, with all love and in all sincerity, any one name of God, and in the absence of a Sadguru, to serve humanity selflessly. This is like a journey by a passenger train, which halts at almost every station.

The third method takes a very long time. It means performing all the rites and ceremonies of one's religion wholeheartedly and faithfully, but not mechanically. This method is like a freight train chugging along very slowly.

Help of an Avatar or Sadguru is essentially needed for God realization

To attain God-Love, at first the company of holy men is needed, which awakens shraddha (faith) in God. Then comes nishta (one-pointed devotion). After nishta comes bhakri (love). Then dawns bhava (ecstasy). Next maha-bhav. Lastly prem or (divine love). Of course, if the grace of an Avatar descends, love dawns in a flash. That comes to one in a million. When there are so many paths, stages and levels among devotees coming from the past, Baba agree that one cannot be King Janak all of a sudden.

A Perfect Master does not make you go through each plane. He takes you past them all, and the fun is you do not go. You just stay where you are; just as now you get up, go out and walk about. You think you go, but you are everywhere. Your mind takes this body. You are everywhere.

Avatar’s and Sadguru’s attitude towards their circle members

There is a difference in Avatar’s and Sadguru’s attitude towards their circle and toward general public. The members of the circle are like the sons of the Master, and the general public are like non-family members. For example: If a newsboy turns into millionaires, he would teach others the ways by which he became so, and tell them that if they followed him, they too, would become millionaires. But to his sons, he will give the riches-not descriptions of how he acquired the riches.

In the same way, Avatar and Sadguru never explain to the members of their circles the ways and means of path. They just place them right on the path to God-realisation itself; while to ordinary people, they explain the ways and means to achieve it. The circle members do not need these explanations, because they are inheritors of the divine wealth, the heirs. When the wealth itself is in hand, what is the necessity for explaining the ways to obtain it?

There are special rules for My circle members. I put up with and forgive their serious faults. It is universal law for the masses that punishment for murder is death by execution. But there is a special rule for My circle members. They are always saved from execution.

Difference between the state of a Majzoob, Perfect Master and an ordinary man- a simile

For example, there is a man sailing in a boat on the ocean, He is enjoying the sea breezes and being out of water. But if he himself turns to the ocean, what is the use of the boat? When the man was without knowledge of the ocean and its greatness, it was necessary for him to use the boat as a means of enjoying the pleasures of boating. But what care does he have for the boat when he himself becomes the ocean. This the state of Majzoob, who does not care for the boat (body) which now drifts here and there at the mercy of the waters.

The Sadguru, however, does care and make use of the boat. He can move and carry it whenever and wherever He likes, by catching hold of it from the bottom under the water; whereas, mankind is drifting here and there without advancing at all towards the Goal. Such is difference between the states of a majzoob, Sadguru and an ordinary human being. But this difference, though apparently quite trivial, is actually tremendous beyond imagination.

Avatar and Sadguru are like Pearl diver-an example

In the beginning the seeker of truth is like a man who, having heard that priceless pearl is to be got from the depths of the ocean, goes down to the sea-shore and first admires the vastness of ocean and then paddle and splashes about in the shallows and intoxicated with this new excitement, forgets about the pearl.

Out of many who do this, one after a while, remembers his quest and learns to swim and starts to swim out.

Out of many who masters swimming, one begins dive; the others in their enjoyment of mastery and forget about the pearl.

Out of many who practise diving, one reaches the ocean of bed and grasps the pearl.

Out of many who get hold of the pearl, one swims back up to the surface with it, the others stay stuck on the floor gazing with wonder at the pearl.

Out of many who swim up to the surface, one returns to the shore. This one is the Perfect Master (Qutub or Sadguru) and He shows His pearl to others; the divers, the swimmers, the beginners and so encourages them in their efforts. But He can if He wishes cause another to become possessor of the pearl without one having to learn swimming and diving.

But the God-Man or Avatar is the Master of Masters (Qutub-al-Aktab), and give possession of the pearl to any number He likes. The Qutub is perfect Perfection, but it is circumscribed by His office in regard to His help to men. The Avatar is beyond the limits of function; His power and the effects are boundless. The absolute Perfection of the Perfect Master is the same as God-Man’s. The difference between them is in the scope of functioning. One is limited, and the other is unlimited.

Difference between the Avatar and Sadguru

There is no difference in consciousness of the Avatar and a Sadguru, or in their perfection. Both are one with God. Experience infinite power, knowledge and bliss, and both use these aspects of sat-chit-anand for the universe. The difference is in the scope of their working. Perfect Master works for the selected few in a chosen way and for the universe in a general way. The Avatar works for the selected few in a special way and for the universe in a chosen way. So although both work for the universe and the field of their working is not limited, the scope

of their work is different.


Sl.No Aspects of comparison Sadguru Avatar
1 Consciousnesses I am God, Ahm Brahmasmi Same as of Sadguru
2 Time  domain One life time 700 to 1400 years
3 Spiritual help to other Can give realisation to many in His life-time Can give realisation to many even all creation
4 Way of working Acts to help to other Becomes to help other
5 Gender Male and female both Only male
6 Selection of


Cannot Selects of His  own
7 Selection of       place of birth Cannot Selects of His own
8 Ascent and

Descent as God

Man becoming God-( Man –God) God becoming man- God-Man
9 Suffering Suffers for humanity Suffers for the universe
10 Personality Not beautiful Always beautiful


Three types of Gurus or Masters in the world at all times

  1. The imposter.
  2. The genuine but limited Guru, the Wali or master of the 5th plane, and the Pir or master of the 6th plane;
  3. The perfect Guru or Sadguru or Avatar, who is God-realized.

When a Wali is pleased with someone, he whispers or breathes a divine word in ear, or he looks steadily into the eyes of the person concerned, and causes a lift in that person's consciousness. In this heightened consciousness, the person can easily read the thoughts of those near him if he wants to. He sees coloured lights, and sometimes sees the face of the Wali within the light. But the Wali may raise one to his own level of consciousness, and cause him to identify himself with the mental body, and he sees his gross and subtle bodies distinctly as garments that he wears. Although this raising of another's consciousness is not mere hypnotism, but bestowal of an experience of a very high order, the state enjoyed, being within the domain of limitation (had) is still part of the passing show of illusion. The angle of vision has merely shifted from what it was previously. The view is vastly greater, but he still faces Maya with his back to God.

A Pir does not use either of the methods of the Wali. When he is pleased with someone he may ask for a glass of water or a cup of tea, and taking a sip or two, may give it to him to drink. Or he may ask the person for something, such as a handkerchief or scarf, and after using it for some time, return it to him. By such a seemingly insignificant action, the Pir may bring him up through any of the lower planes, even to his own station, and cause him to take a complete about-turn, so that Maya is forever behind him, and before him is the indescribable beauty and glory of God.

In his lifetime a Wali and a Pir can raise one person, or at most two persons, to his own level of consciousness. A Pir cannot take anyone beyond the sixth plane, which denotes the very edge of limitation. There is an abyss to be crossed between the sixth and the seventh planes of consciousness, between the last point in limitation and infinite limitlessness, the goal. A Pir is himself in the realm of duality, and therefore cannot take anyone to the unitive state of unlimited consciousness. A Sadguru, being beyond the bounds of limitation, can and does do so. He utilizes infinite ways (including direct physical touch, or even just a wish) for the bestowing of His grace on the ones He chooses, to make them transcend duality and merge in the consciousness of God the unlimited (Behad).

A Wali or a Pir necessarily requires the physical presence of a person whose level of consciousness he intends to raise. But time and space are no obstacles to a Sadguru when He wishes to bestow His grace on any person or thing. The person concerned may be thousands of miles away, or not even in a physical body. Just a wish of the Sadguru can instantaneously establish that particular individual in the consciousness of the seventh plane of limitlessness (Behad).

A Pir can make one see God. But even then one's 'real I' still has falseness attached to it. A Sadguru, at the right moment, whisks away entirely the entire falseness. And how does he do it? That is inexplicable. Only he who is knowledge itself can do this. When falseness is entirely shed, real individuality is established. This is the 'I am God' state.




On the topic of beauty, Meher Baba said

I like beauty in everything; but what is beauty? The beauty that never perishes, that is immortal, is real beauty.

Look at the human body. It is full of filth and dirt. The mouth, nose, rectum, urinary tract – what are in all these? Filth! Still, men run after beautiful women. This is not beauty. It is foul lust.

Suppose you love a beautiful woman and her face gets misshapen by acid thrown on it, rendering her ugly. Then what will become of your love?

If your heart is quite clean and your mind is pure, you will remain unaffected, even surrounded by thousands of beautiful women. Circumstances will have no effect on you and you will be able to appreciate beauty.

As it is, you do not love beauty, but dirt, because you yourselves are unclean. Get rid of your own foulness and then find out what beauty is. Beauty can never be enjoyed without rooting out the dirt.

Baba said-I want you all to admire the beauty that has been reflected in each human being, but at the same time, remember that I am the very Source of Beauty, and that it is nothing else but an infinitesimal fraction of My own Eternal Beauty which you admire in others. If you do that, there is no harm in admiring the beauty of My creatures. The beauty of creation is meant for you all — everything in creation is meant to serve as nothing less than a constant reminder for you to remember Me. If you remember Me through the beauty of My creatures, how wonderful it would be! But if, instead, you dwell on their beauty and forget Me the Source of that beauty, beware.





Do not lose heart for I am always with you.

Do your best and leave rest to Me.

Do not be absent from My presence in your heart.

I am your real friend who will never let you down.

I am the slave of those who really love Me.

I am closer to you than your breath.

I am your real companion, from the beginning and till the end.

I always do whatever is good for you.

I am all round doctor of souls.

I awaken divinity hidden in man.

I am the servant of the universe and slave of your love.

I am the universal thief who steals Hearts.

I am the father of the entire Universe.

I shall lead the way for those who seek.

I am always with you, directing you as My vehicle. You are an instrument in My Divine Orchestra.

If you cannot love Me, don’t worry for I will love you.

If you do not ask Me, whom else will you ask? Ask Me again and again but do not expect an answer. I will always do whatever is good for you.

If you love Me at your level, I will take you as Mine.

Just stick to Me it does not matter what you are.

My love flows eternally

Meet Me with open heart and I will reveal Myself in you.

To love Me is your business and rest is My business.

The Masters are always on the lookout for those who need their help and no spiritual yearning is overlooked

To hear My name is enough. I do the rest.

You can rely on Me and leave things to Me.

You are not alone, I am always with you.

You fall; you stumble, but if you do not fall, how I will be able to exercise My Infinite compassion. Remember when you stumble, My hand is extended to lift you up.

Whatever I do encompasses the welfare of all.

When you leave all to Me I dare not to neglect you. –Meher Baba

Meher Baba explained


Being the father of all and having permitted suffering in life, God nevertheless comes to relieve the suffering of His children. When for example, a house catches fire, a father does not run away from the fire but actively sets about saving all the family members. And even when the fire department arrives on the scene, the father is still willing to risk his life for the sake of the family.

Similarly, it is the fatherly feeling, this very special relationship between the creator and His creation which makes God get so much involved in His creation and in spite of being able to love and serve us from His impersonal aspect, and His compassion leads Him into taking a human form that He might stay among us for a while.

Having lived with Meher Baba for so many years, Bhau saw and felt at firsthand what a great friend to all He was; the weight of the burden He carried, the depth of the suffering, He endured and the kindness, mercy and compassion He expressed in His all encompassing way that gave new and deeper meaning to these qualities.

Often if a family or group who were far away from Him, needed His help, He went and provided that assistance usually in the nick of time, for His compassion knew no distinctions and recognized no boundaries.

On His compassion, Baba advised "As long as you run after things in the world, you will have to continue to run after them. No sooner you relinquish them and turn your back on them, the things of the world will run after you.”

Even Meher Baba's 'work' was a dispensation of His compassion which He explained thus: "I have not come to give sight to the blind or limbs to the maimed, or even to raise the dead to life. Rather I have come to make people blind to illusion. I have come to make you dead to your lower self. I have come to redeem you from the round of births and deaths."

That indeed was Baba's 'work'-to get us closer and closer to Him, who is the Reality, by emptying us out and not by filling us in, by removing our stains and not by adding to them. His words then were a reminder to us of what our aim should be: "You are in pursuit of Me. Pursue Me but do not expect to find Me, for only when you get lost while pursuing Me, will you find Me."

Therefore we must get in tune with Meher Baba and when we do that, we will discover His act of compassion in every breath we take and in anything and everything we undertake because our very life is sustained by His compassion.






Keep your mind quit, steady and firm. Do not submit to desires, but try to control them. One who cannot restrain his tongue cannot restrain his mind; one who cannot restrain his mind cannot restrain his action; one who cannot restrain his actions cannot restrain himself; and one who cannot restrain himself cannot attain his real Infinite Self.

The only Real Control is the discipline of the senses from indulgence in low desires, which alone ensures absolute purity of character.

Man who has control over the mind posses the whole universe. He has no use for happiness, suffering, health, wealth or anything. He is beyond all that. -Meher Baba



Courage is a great virtue, but it may, if wrongly applied, becomes a vice. So it is with love, the mainspring of our lives, which may lead to the heights of realisation or to the depth of despair. –Meher Baba