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A young, handsome well educated man was one day enjoying a cup of coffee at a sidewalk café, when he suddenly saw young women of extra-ordinary beauty. The first glance was sufficient for him to fall deeply in love with her. Realising that she might the next moment disappear, and that he must therefore move swiftly, he boldly approached her saying, “With my very first glance of you, I have fallen so very deeply in love with you, that I know that I cannot live without you for a second. Without you, even death would be better than life. I beg you to accept me as your lover and husband.

The young women quietly looked at him, and said, “Yes, I find you too very handsome, and of a good character and disposition. I see no reason why should not accept your proposal. But there is however this condition: never set eyes on my sister. She is so very beautiful, that compared to her, I am but an ugly duckling. If this condition is acceptable to you, then I am willing to marry you. The man replied, “Where is this sister of yours?” ‘She is standing behind you.’ As the man turned around, the young women gave him a resounding slap, and said. A moment ago you were swearing eternal love, that you could not live without me for an even a second, and the very next moment you turned to look at another women! Your profound over-whelming love should make you forget everything except me, Go away you hypocrite! I have no time for such love as yours.

Gist: If one wants Beloved Avatar Meher Baba, then one must have total concentration on that one and only goal.

(The divine humanity of Meher Baba volume III, Bill Le page pp-137)