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Eruch Jessawala

A Mogul emperor of India was very interested in metaphysics, philosophies, love for God relation between and His creation, so forth.  His prime minister was Hindu and the emperor would ask this minister many questions concerning the things that interested him.

One day emperor said to him: “You say that your God is all-powerful.”

“Yes sir, but your God and mine are one. They are not different.”

“I know you say that your God and my God is one. We too only know of one Allah. But why it is that our God is so powerful that He does not need to descend on earth to protect or awaken His children? Our God is so powerful that wherever He be, His wish is enough. He can control His creation without descending on earth. Whereas, your God has to descend on earth in order to awaken and help the creation. Don’t you think that your God is a little bit less powerful than our Allah?

“Oh, no!” said the prime minister. “You are absolutely misinformed about this.”

“Then why it is that our God never descends on earth?”

“My lord, your question is such that I need some time to answer it. I must have a vacation from the court.”

“Yes, have your vacation and give me solid proof of what you say about my God and yours”

After some time the prime minister returned and the emperor and he were enjoyed to see each other again. The minister suggested that the emperor take the whole court for a holiday an outing by boat on the river. The emperor had a deep a deep respect for his minister and readily agreed to a day of relaxation in each other’s company. The prime minister had made all arrangements, the boats were ready, and also the prince, the emperor’s son, was to go with them in one of the boats.

They set off and it was very pleasant on the river. Suddenly there was commotion and a shout, “The prince has fallen over board!” The emperor jumped to his feet and began taking of his coat. But the minister said, “Why do you go in? There are so many here. See they were jumping into water.” “Leave me alone He will be drowned. I must get to my boy.” exclaimed the emperor, and jumped in. So of course the prime minister had to go with him. They floundered around and were eventually pulled out, the shocked emperor crying out, “where is my prince?”

Quickly, the minister answered: Pardon, sir, but there is no prince.”

“But I saw him in the other boat. “Where is he?” “Sir, the prince was not here at all, there was only a wax replica of him. It was all to show you the answer of your problem.” “What do you mean? Where is the answer?”

“You are emperor, sir. A word from you and a million people would have jumped in to save your son. But you were not satisfied –you yourself wanted to plunge in, in order to save your son. You didn’t feel satisfied, contented, unless and until you yourself plunged in to save him, retrieve him, redeem him. That is why the Hindus believe in the descent of the Lord. The Lord descending into form is known as Avatar-Reality descending into illusion. “

The minister continued:”but how can the reality and illusion go hand in hand? They cannot. This act of compassion is so unfathomable that although He is a Reality, He clothes Himself in the body so that as Reality He does not shatter illusion. He wants to awaken us to the nature of illusion. If the illusion is shattered, the whole game is over. He does not want that. How can He awaken us to the illusion? He clothes Himself to such an extent that light of reality is not shed into illusion, and yet the warmth of the Reality is felt.”


In the descent of God, there is warmth, which gives us the feeling that something is there. The Avatar comes in our midst, allows illusion to remain and yet gives the feeling that it is illusion. He awakens us.”

 (Over the years with Meher Baba, Bill Le Page, ed. 1999, pp-107)