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Bhau Kalchuri

Draupadi was wife of the five Pandava brothers. When they were undergoing exile in the forest, Draupadi also accompanied them. She had a boon from Gods, a pot that produced food. With this, she could feed any number of people and the food never be exhausted.  There was, however, one condition: once Draupadi ate, the pot would produce no more food until the next meal. Utilizing this power, the Pandavas not only fed themselves while they were in exile, but they were often found to be feeding hundreds of sadhus, saints, and people visiting them. Their generosity became known to everyone.” ‘”One day, Durvasa Muni, with his thousand disciples, happened to be in the area and came to visit them. Now this muni was known for his great rage; when he stared at ant one with anger, the person would be reduced to ash; such was his power. When he approached the Pandavas, he told them to prepare meals for himself and his thousand disciples. In the meantime, he along with his disciples went to the river bank for a bath before the meal.

“When Draupadi heard of this, she was very worried for she had already eaten her meal and the pot would not produce any more at that moment. Knowing of the Muni’s rage she was very apprehensive for safety of the Pandavas.

“She cried out to Krishna for help. Krishna appeared and. before Draupadi could say anything; Krishna said to her, I am very hungry today, so prepare me a meal immediately.”

“Hearing this, Draupadi started weeping. When Krishna asked her what was wrong, Draupadi told him about the whole situation and said,” I have called you to help me in this crisis but , instead, you have added to my worries by asking me to give you a meal, knowing full well that the pot will not produce any more.”

“Krishna said, “Bring me the pot and let me see for myself.”

“Draupadi brought the empty pot to Krishna who peeked inside and found a single morsel of food grain lying in one corner. He showed that to Draupadi and picked up and ate it, having eaten, he said her, and “Now my stomach is completely full and cannot eat any more.”

“At that precise moment, Durvasa Muni and his thousand disciples finished bathing and were approaching for their meal. Suddenly the Muni, along with his disciples, started to belch and their stomachs felt full as if they had eaten a very large meal. Their hunger disappeared and they left without coming for the meal they had demanded. In this way, Krishna saved Draupadi.”

Gist: Any small act of Avatar or Sadguru on gross level has universal effect.