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Bhau Kalchuri

There was a yogi who was engulfed in making miracles and collecting flowers and he had many followers, He was very, very proud. He was thinking that he had great power and that no one was equal to him.

At the same time was a Perfect Master, who lived in a secluded place along with his few followers. He did not meet with anyone; he would remain in seclusion doing His universal work. One evening, some one came to meet Master.

“but the Master did not meet him. So the man went to tell the yogi. “There is a man who calls himself a Perfect Master. I went to see him, but he did not meet me. You just see, Yogi Maharaj. You have so many followers. You meet everyone. And this Perfect Master did not meet me. I felt very bad. Now, the only recourse is that I go to him and challenge him on your behalf. Should I do it?”

“Yes, yes.  Do it.” replied yogi. “go and challenge him. I don’t like such false gurus. He has no power, and still he poses as if he does. Go and challenge him in hard words.”

So the person went to the Perfect Master. This time, the Master was informed about the man. The Master called him. When the man went to Master, the Master asked very lovingly, “ what do you want.”

“That man said, “I want to know whether you are a Perfect Master?”

“Yes, yes. I am Perfect Master,” perfect Master answered politely.

“What miracles do you perform if you are a Perfect Master?

“And the Master replied, I do not perform miracles.”

Then the man spoke angrily. “Stop calling yourself Perfect Master. If you cannot perform any miracles, it shows that you have no power. See my yogi. He performs so many miracles because he has power. You don’t have any.”

Again, very politely, the Master said, “Whatever your yogi does is just child’s play. It has no meaning. It is useless.

The man even got angrier, “Should I go to the yogi and tell him, that whatever he does is a child’s play. It is useless.”

The Master smiled and said, very lovingly, “Go, go. Tell him.”

The man left. He told yogi, “Whatever miracles you perform, the Perfect Master says that it is just child’s play?”

“Wait and see what I do.” responded yogi. “I will make this Perfect Master bow down at my feet, just wait.”

So Master gave the yogi the opportunity. Along with his close disciples, the Master left his place for the yogi’s ashram. There was a river in between. The Master sat down on the bank of the river, waiting for a ferry boat.

The yogi collected all of his followers, thousand of them, and came to river. He looked at the Perfect Master and said, “You are waiting and waiting for the boat. And see what I do?”

The yogi walked on the water and crossed river. When he came to other side, he said, “O, Perfect Master! Did you see my power? I walked on the water to cross river. While you remained waiting for the boat.”

“Yes, I accept that you are very powerful,” the Master said very politely. “You walked on the water to cross the river.”

And the yogis said, “Then come and bow down to my feet.”

“I am waiting for the ferry boat. When the boat comes, I will pay one penny and cross the river. So what is the worth of your power? “One penny.” said the Master.

And yogi realized that whatever the Master said was correct. And the yogi himself came to the Master and bowed down to him before all others.


Spiritual powers displayed before others is no good. Real power is that which makes you free from all bindings and gives you eternal freedom.

(Bhau’s awakening, 28th August, 2002, part I)