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Rick Chapman

There was a Master who in his public talks always emphasized the same point, “Repeat the name of God and you will become God.” Wherever he went, whenever he talked, it was always the same thing, “Repeat the name of God and you will become God.”

One day at large public gathering the saint was delivering his usual message when someone stood up in the crowd and said, “I don’t understand how you can say that. It makes no sense. Repeat the name of God and you become God? Do you mean to say that if I repeat the name “bread” over and over I will become a loaf of bread?  That’s obvious nonsense.”

The Master was unperturbed by the interruption and just went ahead exhorting those present to constantly repeat the name of God and become God. In fact, he paid no attention to the man at all. This irritated the man quite a bit and he blurted out, “why don’t you answer my question, if you call yourself a Master?”

The Master turned and scolded the man saying aloud, “Sit down, you bastard” and then continued with his talk. The man was so shocked and stunned that he just collapsed in his chair and was quiet for some time. After a while when the shock was down, the man became furious. Before his question had been ignored, but now he had been publically insulted and humiliated, and the more he thought about it, the more enraged he got. His face turned bright red, and started breathing quite rapidly and his hands unconsciously balled into fists as he stood there trembling to contain his anger.

The Master turned to him now and said, “Yes, is something wrong? Are you upset about something?

“Upset?” the man sputtered.  “How dare you?  I demand an apology for what you just did.”

“What did I Do? The Master asked in all innocence.

“You called me unspeakable name. You…”

“Oh, is that all?” the Master said. “Yes, just think about it. I called you a name and only hearing it once the power of that word was so strong that it changed you completely in just a few moments. If an ordinary profane word can have that effect when uttered about once, just think what the name of God can do when uttered by you continuously over a long period of time. Now do you see why I always say, “Repeat the name of God and become God?”


There is great miraculous power in the name of God. God (Avatar or Sadguru) can save anyone from disaster if remembered dearly. Constantly and wholeheartedly remembrance of God’s name is the easiest, surest and safest way to find God - said Meher Baba.