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Eruch Jessawala

Balmiki was a dacoit, He robbed and killed people and that’s how he made his living.  This was his profession and why did he do all this? Well, he had a family to feed and this was the only profession he knew. He had killed several people like this. One day, a Perfect Master happened to pass his way. He caught the Perfect Master with intention of killing him. The Master asked, “Why do you do all this? What’s the reason?

Balmiki replied, “I have a family to feed and money that I earn goes towards supporting them. This is the only way I know.”

The Master said, “Killing and robbing is a sin. Will your family share your burden of your sin?”

Balmiki said, “Of course they will. After all, I am doing for them.”

“Have you asked them, “The Master asked?

Balmiki said, “No, But I am sure they will support me, they are my family.”

“Go and ask them, “The Master insisted “and make sure they will share the sin with you.”

“I know, “Balmiki said, “When I go to ask them, you will run away. You are only trying to trick me.”

The Master calmly assured him, “I won’t run away, if you do not trust me, then tie me up.

“This made a sense to Balmiki who proceeded to tie up the Master then went back to his family. He told his wife and children about his profession and how he earned the money that he gave to them. Finally, he asked them if they would share in his sin. When his all family members refused to share his sin, he was shocked and overwhelmed by the burden of his sins. He went back to the Master and asked for forgiveness. He pleaded with the Master to show him a way for his salvation as he was ready to undertake any kind of penance for his sins.

The Master told him to sit at one spot and not move from it, no matter what happened, and repeat the name of God, to repeat, “Rama, Rama.”

This was before Rama’s birth. Ram was one of the God’s names as given in the scriptures and the Master asked him to repeat the name of God-Rama. Balmiki said, “I will not repeat the name of God.” So the Master said, “All right, then say, Mara, Mara.”

“Balmiki agreed to this. Being a dacoit, he had killed so many people that he did not mind repeating it.  So he sat on one spot for years and kept repeating, Mara, Mara.”

Over time the “ma ra” became “ra ma” and without knowing it, Balmiki was saying “Rama, Rama.”

He kept repeating the name for years, sitting at one spot and he got God-realization.


There is power in God’s name.  Even one repeats God's name mechanically he will reap the benefit of unburdening of sanskaras.  To achieve the goal of realization one's effort and longing has to be sincere.

(Real treasure by Rustom B. Falahati, ed. 2008- Vol-2 p-116 )