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Sam Kerawala

There was a poor woodcutter who earned his livelihood by gathering firewood in the forest and selling it in the market. Because of his constant work in the forest, in course of time he became friendly with a monkey. They would both share woodcutter’s food of chapatti and vegetables, and in return the monkey would share with him fruits of the forest. This continued over a time, and both were very happy in their friendship. Then one day the woodcutter found in the forest a beautiful diamond bracelet, and thinking it could be valuable, he went immediately to the city, and finding a jeweller, he was paid a fantastic price for it. Overnight he had become a very wealthy man, and built a huge home and garden with all manner of luxuries and naturally no longer went to forest to cut wood.

Some months passed, and his friend the monkey came to him saying, “Friend, why don’t you come to forest and be with me anymore?” “I am sorry but I have no need to come. I am now very rich man.” The monkey wept on hearing this, and said, “You were the only friend I had in the forest. Now I am alone, without shelter, and often without food you brought with you, I have so little to eat. I am starving.” This touched the heart of the simple man, and taking the monkey with him to a lawyer, he transferred the entire estate to the monkey.

Overnight he became again a poor man, and the monkey very rich. So the woodcutter returned to the forest to begin with his old profession. After some months he noticed that the monkey no longer come to join him. So he went to him in his great home, and asked, “friend, what is wrong? You no longer come to the forest to be with me.” The monkey raised his snout and replied, “I never associate with fools.”


The disciple has to be innocent like a child

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