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Sita was adopted daughter of King Janak (Videh Mukta-Sadguru). There happened to be continuous draught in His kingdom. Life of the subject became difficult; people were starving and cattle dying. Disappointed King Janak decided to plough barren field by his own hands to please rain God Indra to bring rain. In the process, the anchor of plough (hal) struck to an object which housed baby Sita. King Janak adopted the baby as his daughter lovingly as gift from God. Eventually, it brought heavy rain which was auspicious and brought relief and happiness for his countrymen.

Sita was divine and had divine powers. She was in the close circle of Lord Ram. It is said that Janak had a special bow of Lord Parshuram given to him. This was special in sense that Lord Parshuram used this weapon many times to kill Chatriyas (particular warrior community) from the earth in revengeful act. No one even could move the bow and arrow. Sita once, cleaning the place where it was kept moved the bow & arrow of Lord Parshuram. When King Janak came to know of this and divine power of Sita, he decided to marry her to a warrior who would be more powerful and would raise and break the bow.

In Sita’s Swayambar (marriage ceremony), none of contenders could even lift the bow. King Janak was disappointed and said that it appears there is no one on the earth who can perform this act to marry my daughter Sita. Sri Laxman, (younger brother of Lord Ram) present in the ceremony challenged the words of King Janak. However, Guru Vashisth asked Lord Rama who lifted the bow and broke it and was married to Sita.

Sita was most faithful and devoted to Lord Rama. She accompanied Lord Rama during exile. Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. After Ravana was killed, she came back to Ayodhya with Lord Rama. A washer man in kingdom of Ayodhya doubted the chastity of Sita. Lord Rama knowing that Sita was pure; put her to test by asking her to enter into fire to prove her purity. Sita entered in fire. Even this could not satisfy washer man. Lord Rama to set a model exiled Sita. Sita stayed in Ashram of Balmiki, gave birth to Luv & Kush (Duplicate of Luv created by Balmiki). Luv & Kush caught the “horse” of “Ashwamedha Yagna” made by Lord Ram.  Fight between Lord Ram’s party and Luv and Kush led to identification of Luv and Kush as sons of Lord Rama. Lord Rama tried to take Sita back to Ayodhya but she did not return. Handing over   Luv and Kush, Sita wished and a crack developed in the earth. She entered into earth from where she had come.

Following episode has semblance with mythological event narrated above.

Krishna Nair was one of close disciple of Meher Baba. He came from a village Kallur from Palghat District, Kerala. His father died when he was studying in sixth standard. After that he started living with his maternal uncle. He had no interest in studies. One day, when he was in ninth standard, his teacher told to his uncle that he had failed in his examination. His uncle whacked him severely with stick till he was bruised and bleeding. He was so upset that he decided to leave the home. He secretly took 100 Rupees from the purse of his mother and went to Bangalore with his friend Damodar.

Within four month he spent away all the money. There after he approached the owner of the hotel and who after hearing his story permitted him to work in his hotel on monthly salary.

Once Baba’s brother Jal, Adi K. Irani, Dr. Donkin and others went to hotel for coffee which was served by Krishna. As desired by Meher Baba, they brought him to Meher Baba. After having sought the permission of his employer Krishna joined Avatar Meher Baba on 19th October 1939.

He remained in service of Meher Baba since 1939 to 1955 and was assigned various kinds of services for Meher Baba. Most of the period he served as night watchman. Last episode which made Krishna to leave Meher Baba happened in 1955 at Dehradun.

There was a girl’s school in Satara near mandali’s bungalow, which Krishna Nair would pass going for night duty. One particular girl requested Krishna to give her Baba’s books in Marathi, and he gave her one. Some of the girl’s friends saw her talking to Krishna, and decided to have some fun. A love letter written in Marathi was received at the school addressed to the girl. Superintendent suspected Krishna, and matter was reported to Baba. Baba met with superintendent and explained that Krishna did not know Marathi, as he was from South India. Nevertheless, Baba informed the school official, “Although I know that Krishna did not do anything wrong, I have decided him to send him home, as you suspect him.” The women were satisfied and left.

Afterwards, Baba explained to Krishna, “What happened is very bad. It reflects very poorly on Me. Now it is better you leave.”

Krishna was stunned. For a minute he doubted whether Baba was God. Weeping, he protested, “I am innocent, Baba! You know the truth. Still you are sending me away?”

Baba replied, “Ram also knew that Sita was pure but He sent her away in the jungle. So I also know that you have done nothing wrong but I am sending you away for My own reasons. I will always have My nazar on you and help you internally.” Baba sent Krishna Nair back to his home Malabar, and thereafter never kept Krishna with Him as permanent member of mandali, though he was called back by Baba on various occasions.


As Sita was exiled by lord Ram on single complaint of a washer-man, like-wise Meher Baba also removed Krishna from watchman’s duty forever. In another incident, a man died in a car accident driven by Eruch. Through Eruch was made free of the charges by the court but his licence was cancelled. Baba did not allow Eruch to drive His car thereafter. These events are most significant in terms of morality and truthfulness.