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Yudhisthir was the eldest of Pandava brothers. He was most righteous, honest and kind hearted. He was accepted as symbol of truth. He did not differentiate between Pandava and Kauravas brothers. He even accepted 12 years exile for himself along with his brothers & Draupati on cheated by Kauravas in bait.

In the battle of Kurushetra, Yudhisthir was asked by Lord Krishna to utter misleading word. Lord Krishna knew that it was impossible to win over Guru Dronacharya in the battle fighting on behalf of Kauravas. Only way to kill Dronacharya was the death of his son Ashwathama to whom he loved to the extent of his life.  Krishna also knew that Guru Dron will never disbelieve the pronouncement of Yudhisthir. In fact it was the game plan of Lord Krishna to help Pandava to win the battle getting Dronacharya killed in hands of Pandavas.

Ashwathama was the name of an elephants also.  This elephant named Ashwathama was killed in battle field when Yudhisthir pronounced misleading words. Yudhisthir though unwilling tell a lie but since he was devoted to Lord Krishna, accepted His suggestion and uttered in the battle field, “Ashwathama Maro, Naro va Kunjaro” (Means Ashwathama died whether man or elephant).  Thus Yudhisthir did not tell lie but it was misleading. Dronacharya could hear the first two words and other two words got subsided in the sound of drums and noise in the battle field. Hearing two words of death of his son, Ashwathama got engulfed in deep sorrow; left his weapons and on instruction of Lord Krishna, Arjuna killed Dronacharya. Arjun was also not willing to kill his Guru Dronacharya without weapon but Lord Krishna impressed upon Arjuna recalling the fact that Dronacharya was also only onlooker when Abhimanaua (son of Arjun) was killed without weapon in the battle field inside Chakravuh framed by Dronacharya to kill one of warrior of Pandavas. (Gist is derived from “Kalyan” of Gita Press, Gorakhpur)

Readers may notice similarity in following episodes compared to above of Yudhisthir.

Sheriarji (father of Meher Baba) did not lie yet saved life of Muslim girl-an episode. Incident goes like this:

Every day, in peaceful contemplation, Sheriar as a boy, would sit alone in the compound of the funeral grounds immersed in the remembrance of God. Sheriar's heart had awakened and he began to long for the sight of God. One day when he was absorbed in concentration, all of a sudden he was startled to see a young woman running toward him. When the woman, a Zoroastrian, reached him, he saw that she was perspiring, out of breath and exhausted. Tearfully, she told Sheriar that Muslims were chasing her and begged him to help save her from capture. Nearby was a small bakery where naan (unleavened bread) was prepared in memory of the deceased, distributed to the poor by their relatives. That day no one had died and so the large oven was not lit. Sheriar guided the girl to it, helped her climb inside and then returned to his place of meditation.

Shortly thereafter, several Muslim horsemen came galloping up to the tower and demanded, "Boy, did you see a girl run past this way a few minutes ago?" Sheriar replied, "I have been here for almost an hour but I haven't seen even a dog pass by.”

No girl has run from here." Believing him, the Muslims rode off and Sheriar was happy he had not lied. It was a fact that no dog had wandered past that day and the girl had not run from there. Sheriar went back to the bakery and safely escorted the young woman to her home, where he was received with deep gratitude by her family.

There is another episode of similar interest.

It was year 1967, one of Baba lover; Mr.V.V.K Rao and his wife Laxmi Bai Rao (Kaku) were running a Baba Centre in Parel, Bombay. They were staying in the centre’s building. They have put up a board of Avatar Meher Baba Parel Centre outside the building. This house was a rented one and their landlord, in order to get it vacated had filed a court case against them and forcibly removed the board also. By removal of board Kaku Rao got a severe shock and fell on the bed and for her treatment doctor has to be called. Now, Mrs. Kaku Rao thought how to inform about this incident to Baba. Baba was in seclusion in those days and no one was permitted to meet Him. One of her friend of Mrs. Laxmi Bai named Mrs. Pushpa Reparse suggested her that they will go to Meherabad and stay there for ten days. Kaku Rao found her suggestion proper and both proceeded to Ahmednagar and directly went to Baba’s secretary Adi Kaka. When they reached, Adi immediately asked them, “How did you both come here?  Don’t you know Baba is in seclusion and He does not meet any one?” Both ladies returned from there and stayed in lodge in Ahmednagar. Next day when Adi went to Baba in Meherazad, Baba asked about the health of Kaku and Adi told the yesterday’s story to Baba. Next day Baba asked over phone about the health of Kaku and said Adi to tell Kaku to come to Meherazad tomorrow dressed in good cloth.  Next day, at 10 a.m., Reparse also reached in the premises of Ahmednagar centre. All the three including Adi went to Meherazad in car.


Baba kept His finger on His mouth and asked by gesture, “Don’t you know that I am in seclusion and does not meet any one.”

Kaku replied, “Baba, You called therefore we have come.”

Baba asked, “Did you want to come over here.”

Kaku replied, “Yes Baba.”

Baba said, “Whatever you said internally, I have heard. Now I give you ten minutes only. Tell Me whatever you want to say, tell it fast.”Baba knew everything, still He heard everything what Kaku told and said, “Why did you get a shock by removal of Parel Centre Board that was of wood and the purpose of that is completed. Have you My board in your heart? Court case is against the centre and not on you. The case is against Me. Why do you worry? Arrange bigger programs outside. I will help you.”

Baba gave ten medicine tablets and said, “Repeat My name and take one tablet every day. Everything is in the name not in medicine. The purpose of My centre is one hundred percent complete. You are associated in this universal work.  I am very happy with you. Whatever you do My blessings will be with you. Your ten minutes are over, now you can leave. On returning home if others ask you whether you had Baba’s darshan or not. But you need not tell all these.”

Kaku replied, “No Baba, if somebody asks me even then I will tell; I did not get darshan.

Baba said. “No don’t tell lie and see don’t tell the truth.”

On this Kaku told, otherwise I have to tell the truth.”

Baba said, “Don’t tell the truth also.”

Now, Kaku was worried in the mind as what she has to do. She had a problem of not telling the truth and even not to lie. Then what to do?

Baba finding a solution to this problem said to Kaku,” See, going outside people will ask you that did you go to Meherazad. Did you see Baba? You can tell, “Don’t you know that Baba is in seclusion nowadays?”

Interpretation- Honesty is the first stepping stone on the path of God realisation. Spiritual aspirant needs to be absolutely honest in thought, word and deed. Slightest deviation, unintentional or intentional will amount to hypocrisy in smaller or bigger volume. Some time one may find oneself in difficult situation not willing to speak truth or a lie. One is supposed to truth even if does not find a diplomatic answer to avoid it as in the episode of Kaku narrated above. Baba said “ Try to remain honest at all cost and under any circumstances; If a person acts dishonestly with us; if people create difficulties for us, if people deceive us, yet we remain honest, we are very fortunate, because these deceivers; or so called enemies are our friends. They wash off our weaknesses; our sins, and make our path clear towards God. They do not deceive us but they help us; and deceive themselves.”

Developing one virtue, say honesty only inculcates other virtues also. Kabir, the Perfect Master of His time said, ‘Eke sadhe sub sadhe, sab sadhe sab jai.’ which means: If one masters one virtue, other virtues will develop automatically and if one tries to master many virtues simultaneously, one is led to nowhere.