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91 Arnavaz Dadachanji W/o Nariman Dadachanji
92 Anita de Caro (Anita) Foreigner
93 Daulatmai Irani M/o Mehera
94 Delia De Leon  (Leyla) Foreigner
95 Dolly Irani D/o Gulmai & Adi. Sr.'s sister
96 Elizabeth Patterson (Dilruba) Foreigner
97 Enid Corfe Foreigner
98 Gaimai Jessawala M/o Eruch & Meherwan
99 Gulamasi Satha Satha family
100 Gulmai K Irani (Spiritual Mother) M/o Adi K. Irani
101 Gulnar Sukhadwalla W/o Jehangu
102 Hedi Mertens Architect from Switzerland
103 Helem Dahm Swiss Artist
104 Irene Billo Westerner from Switzerland
105 Ivy Oneita Duce, Foreigner
106 Jane Barry Haynes Foreigner
107 Jean Adriel, Foreigner
108 Jeanne Shaw W/o Darwin Shaw
109 Kakubai Deorukhkar M/o Vishnu
110 Kaity Irani Sister of Dr. Goher Irani
111 Kharamanmasi W/o Jamshed ji
112 Khorshed Irani W/o Eruch B. Jassawala
113 Kitty Davy (Saroja) Disciple from London
114 Mani Behram Desai (Mansari) Disciple from Navsari
115 Manpur Jessawala (Mani/Manu) Eruch's sister
116 Margaret Craske (Zuleka) Ballet dancer from New York
117 Marry Backett Foreigner
118 Nadia Tolstoy (Nadine) Disciple from Russia
119 Nonny Gayley (Kemali) Foreigner
120 Norina  Matchabelli (Nurjahan) Foreigner
121 Pilamai Sister of Sirinmai
122 Pilamai Hormuzd Irani (Spiritual Sister) Disciple from Karachi
123 Pillo Satha  
124 Shirin Sheriar irani (Memo) M/o Meher Baba,
125 Soltoon W/o Baidul
126 Soonamasi M/o Khorshed
127 Sushila Vishnu's cousin
128 Valu Pawar D/o Soonamasi




Meher Baba said Kalchuri, Satha, Jangle, Damania, Kaikobad and Jessawala  families are close to Me.




71 Murli Kale S/o Kalemama
72 Nana Kher Self
73 Nariman Dadachanji S/o Dadachanji
74 Pandurang S. Deshmukh (Pandoba) Self
75 Ranga Rao Self
76 Rustom  Kaikhushru Irani (Big Boss) B/o Adi K irani
77 Rustom Gustad Irani (Masaji) F/o Pendu
78 Sadashiv Govind Shelke Patel (Sadashiv) Self
79 Sadhu Leik Circle Member
80 Sampath Aiyangar C. V. Circle Member
81 Sarosh Irani S/o Kharmanmasi
82 Sayyed Saheb (Meher) H/o Zohra Pirzade
83 Savak Dinsha Kotwal Self
84 Shatrughan Kumar (Kumar) Self
85 Sheriyar Mundegar Irani (Bobo) F/o Meher Baba
86 Siddhu Self
87 Sitaram Dattatrey Deshmukh (Chhagan) Self
88 Venkoba Rao Self
89 Vishnu Narayan Deorukhkar (Vishnu) Self
90 Will Backett (Wilmar) Foreigner



15 Abdul Kareem Abdulla (Ramjoo) Self
16 Abdul Rahman Abdulla  (Barsoap) S/o Ramjoo
17 Abdulla Haroon Zaffar Self
18 Abdur Rahman (Munshi) Self
19 Adi Kaikhushru Irani (Adi Sr.) S/o Kaikhushru irani (Khan Saheb)
20 Adi Sheriar Irani (Adi Jr.) B/o Meher Baba
21 Ahmed Abbas (Khak Saheb) Self
22 Anna Jakkal (104) Self
23 Anna Saheb (Kale) Self
24 Ardeshir N. Hansotia (Slamson) B/o Gustadji
25 Arjun Dagdu Supekar Self
26 Bal Natu Self
27 Behram Faredoon Irani (Buasaheb) Baba's Friend & first disciple
28 Behram Sheriar Irani B/o Meher Baba
29 Behramshah D. Jessawala (Pistol) F/o Eruch B. Jessawala
30 Darwin Shaw Foreigner
31 Dattu Mehendarge Self
32 Deshmukh Chakradhar Dharnidhar (Deshmukh) Self
33 Dhakephalkar Moreshwar Ramchandra (Dhake) Self
34 Don Stevens Foreigner
35 Dr. Abdul Ghani Munsiff (Ghani) Self
36 Dr. Dhanpati Rao Self
37 Dr. H. P. Bharucha Self
38 Dr. Nilkanth Godse (Nilu) Self
39 Dr. William Donkin Foreigner
40 Edke Self
41 Eruch C. Misrty  (Elcha) Self
42 Feramroj Workingboxwala (Feram) Self
43 Ferdoon Naosherwan  Driver (Padri) Self
44 Framroz Hormusji Dadachanji (Chanji) First Secretary of Baba
45 Gadekar Ramchandra Self
46 Gustadji Nussesherwanji Hansotia (Gustadji) Elder B/o Slamson
47 Hormousji Bethana Self
48 Jal Dhunjibhoy Kerawala Self
49 Jal Sheriar Irani (Jalbhai) Youngest B/o of Baba
50 Jamshed Behram Mistry (Jim) Self
51 Jane Barry Haynes Foreigner
52 Jehangu Sukhadwalla H/o Gulnar
53 John Bass Foreigner
54 Kaikhushru Espandiar Afsari (Raosaheb) Self
55 Kaikhushru Phopli  (Pleader) Self
56 Kaikhushru Boman Irani Self
57 Kaikhushru K irani (Khan Saheb) F/o Rustom & Adi
58 Kaikobad K. Irani (Asthma) Self
59 Kale Ramchandra Bapuji (Kalemama) Self
60 Khodadad Farhan Irani (Nervous) Self
61 Khodadad Rustom Irani (Khodu-Sailor) Self
62 Kishan Singh Self
63 Krishna P. Nair (Krishna) Self
64 Kuppuswamy A. Mudaliar (Kuppu) Self
65 Kutumb Shastri Self
66 Laxman Gangadhar Jangle Self
67 Meher Das Self
68 Meherjee Ardeshir Karkaria (Meherjee) Self
69 Meherwan B. Jessawala B/o Eruch Jessawala
70 Minoo Kharas Self




7 Ali Akbar Shapurzaman (Aloba) Self
8 Ardeshir Shapurji Baria (Kaka Baria) Self
9 Aspendiar Rustom Irani (Pendu) S/o Rustom Gustad Irani (Masaji)
10 Bhau Kalchuri (Bhau) Self
11 Eruch Behramshah Jessawala (Eruch) S/o Behramshaw D. Jessawala
12 Francis Brabazon Foreigner
13 Kaikobad Feram Dastur (Kaikobad) Self
14 Rustom Jafrabadi Irani (Baidul) Self




On 7th June 1923, after spending a pleasant week in Karachi, Baba departed with the mandali for Quetta. Pilamai had spared nothing in seeing to Baba's comfort, and he appeared pleased with his visit and her consideration. The group reached Quetta the next day. For the Master's privacy, Rusi had rented a house on Bruce Street next to his own; Baba stayed on the ground floor while the men mandali stayed upstairs. Rusi owned a restaurant and saw to his guests' food and general well-being. The Zoroastrian and Mohammedan mandali's meals were prepared at Rusi's restaurant; the Hindu mandali had their own separate (vegetarian) cooking arrangements in the house.

It was cold in Quetta, even though it was summer, and Baba relaxed the order for the men concerning their early morning cold-water baths, permitting them now to use hot water. Despite the cold, Baba did not stop fasting and would drink only warm milk and almond broth in the mornings and eat plain dal in the evenings.

Baba played with all of Rusi's children but he was most attentive to Goher and Katie. Goher was only seven years old and Katie was three. Baba became their perfect playmate and would teach them games. Katie once remarked to her father, "Meher Baba is such a fine gentleman. Don't allow him to leave!" While playing carrom one day, Baba quietly lifted up one of the pieces. "Baba, you're cheating!" Goher complained. "Play fairly." The Master laughed.

Rusi was an amateur magician and would stage magic shows every evening for Baba's enjoyment, telling jokes and funny stories as he performed his tricks. Rusi also took Baba and the mandali to different orchards and gardens surrounding Quetta, especially the beautiful garden of Jamasp, and showed them the city's many scenic spots. Baba was quite happy in Quetta and pleased to be in Rusi's humorous company.

In 1933, Big Khorshed (the wife of Baba's deceased elder brother Jamshed) left the ashram and moved to Bombay, preferring a more independent life, as compared to the strict secluded life of the women mandali in the ashram, Big Khorshed had joined the ashram in 1926 after Jamshed's death and was also among the women staying at Toka during 1928. She later re-married and eventually moved to Karachi, though she kept in touch with Baba's family.

1941, Rusi Irani had been instructed at Ahmednagar to go to Quetta, and arrange living accommodations for Baba and the group. Pendu and Rusi came to Jaipur on 22 February 1941 and the following morning had a long discussion with Baba about the arrangements. Rusi was a former resident of Quetta, and during the 1920s Baba had stayed at his house three times. Following Baba's advice, Rusi and his family had left Quetta and were now residing in Ahmednagar. Rusi's daughter Katie had joined the women mandali on the Blue Bus tour, and another daughter, Goher, was studying to be a doctor in Bombay. During her vacations, Goher would eagerly come and stay with Baba, as she too had tasted Wine and longed for more.

In 1958, Pointing to Rusi Pop, Goher's father, Baba commented, "I stayed in his house in Quetta years ago."


A Zoroastrian woman named Pilamai Hormuzd Irani of Karachi had come to Sakori for the first time for the celebration. Pilamai and Gulmai were distant relatives through marriage. A year or so previously in Bombay, Pilamai had met Gulmai, who was there visiting her brother. The two women became closer during this visit. Pilamai confided her problem with depression to Gulmai, who suggested she meet Upasni Maharaj (who had helped Gulmai overcome her own malady).  At her suggestion, Pilamai brought her children and stayed in Sakori for a month.



Namdar Irani had been searching for God for many years and had contacted different gurus. But after meeting Baba, he told Chanji, "I thank the Almighty for bringing me here. I feel quite a different atmosphere from what I have experienced at other ashrams. Here, I internally feel the divine light, which I've not felt elsewhere. No one else I have met has so boldly declared themselves to be God, as Meher Baba so lightly did. He actually gave me proof of His being God, as I internally felt and understood what He said to be true." Namdar returned to Meherabad after a few weeks and was permitted to stay with the mandali for some months.


In his words

My name is Irani Azendumush, wife of Khodayara Toos. I did not know of Baba in the beginning. When I was a child it was as if I was searching for something, as if I had lost someone and I was looking for him. Wherever I would go, in the temples or wherever, I could not figure out what it was I was looking for. All I felt was that I had someone, something I was looking for, until I became acquainted with Khodayar.

In the beginning, I didn't want to get married at all. Then I became acquainted with Khodayar and he was speaking of Baba. Gradually the love that Baba inspired in my heart became the nucleus of our married life and, also, the love in our marriage. In the beginning, as Khodayar would tell me about Baba, although there were times I would believe what he would say, there were other times that I could not believe what he said, especially when he would speak of these extraordinary things of Baba. Those I could not believe. I would say to myself he was lying, maybe it was just pretense or something.

Finally, though, I started to hit the books — Hafiz, this one, that one — and I gradually advanced. All of these became so familiar to me that I got acquainted with Baba. It was such that whatever I would ask of Baba he would give me, he would arrange it. I did not have a mother from very young childhood and my relatives were very distant relatives. When I was distressed and there was something that I wanted, I would only approach Baba. Baba is my father, Baba is my mother, Baba is my everyone. Whatever I would ask, he would give me.

When I was in Shiraz, I didn't know anyone. When I would get ill, I would just think of Baba. I would then see that Baba was sitting in the chair next to me. He would come from above to down here. He would tap me over the head and my face, like someone restoring my health. Then I would get well and get up and go to my work.

One day I got very ill. I was really sick. I could only expect Baba to come and take me away. I had gone to the doctor, but it had not been effective. I was just waiting for Baba. In that state of sleep and wakefulness, I saw Baba at my side. He took my skin off just like when you take the sheep's skin off. He took off my skin and I didn't say anything. I became well after a few days.

After one or two years we went for Baba's darshan. I asked Baba, if it was his will, he would arrange everything so that I could come, too. Of course, it was very hard for me to believe I could go. All I said was, "Baba, if you really want me to come to your darshan, arrange it so I can come." He arranged it and I went. It was very beautiful. We were there for the four days. We got to know all the Baba lovers and all the new things there.

The first time that I met Baba, I did not know where I was. The state that I was in was very good. I cannot say that I left consciousness. When I would see him, I would tell him I was in that state. I would say to myself, "O God, all the people throughout history, all the Zoroastrians, who know that a great person is to come — they should know our father. Where are they? They should raise their heads from their graves and see that the person they have been expecting for many years has come now. But unfortunately they are old now, immaterial. They don't know this great one who has come owns the two worlds ..." I can't explain any further, all of this was in my mind at that time.

1 A Boy found in Duzdab Duzdab
2 A group of men from Iran Six others from Iran Iran
3 Gulam Hussain Owner Lodhi Hotel Bushire
4 Irani Azendumush & Khodayar Self & wife
5 Irani Hormouz Boman H/o Pilamai (Close disciple) Karachi
6 Irani Hormusdiar Beheram Self Khooramshaar
7 Irani Rashid Khusuro Self Jafrabad
8 Irani Sheheryar Self Persia
9 Jehangir Mehrabanpur &  wife Self Iran
10 Kasaho Asaree Self Iran
11 Khodadad (Kaka) Self Iran
12 Khorshedbanu Pataskia Friend of Pilamai Iran
13 Pulad Khodadad S/o Khodadad B/o Baba's father Iran
14 Rusi pop & Khorshed B/o Pilamai Quetta
15 Shah Khodadad S/o Khodadad B/o Baba's father