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Mehera Jehangir Irani (January 7, 1907 - May 20, 1989) was Meher Baba's closest mandali (disciple). Meher Baba said she was the purest soul in the universe and that she loved Him as He ought to be loved.

She was one of the mandali among 14 close disciples who were present with Baba at the time dropping physical body as declared By Baba himself long back. She was in contact with Baba since year 1921 and followed Baba orders and conversed many times with Baba. A detailed account of her contact with Baba is written in chronological order as under:

In 1920, Mehera was a young girl of fifteen, preoccupied with her school studies. Mehera was also very fond of horses; her father had taught her much about them. But after his death, she had no opportunity to pursue her pleasure of riding horses.

Four years earlier, when she was eleven, a school friend had taken Mehera to meet Babajan, saying that the ancient woman would grant any wish she asked. Babajan inquired of Mehera, "What do you want, my daughter?"

Mehera spontaneously replied, "I wish I had a horse!"

Babajan gazed upward into the sky and muttered, "A beautiful one ... All the world will look at him. The entire world will love him." Babajan's words were usually enigmatic, and Mehera could not understand what she meant.

She forgot all about it, but a few months later, to her amazement her mother suddenly bought her a beautiful white horse.

This is especially significant as the symbol of the last advent of the Avatar for this cycle is a white horse. Hence, although she did not yet realize it, Mehera in her heart wanted Baba alone. Her real wish would soon be granted.

In 1922, an interesting incident once occurred between Mehera and Upasni Maharaj. Before Mehera settled in Meher Baba's ashram, she had lived for some time in Maharaj's ashram at Sakori. One day, a Brahmin woman visited Sakori and presented a plain gold ring to the Master. Maharaj did not want it and told the lady, "I wear only gunny sacks. No clothes adorn my body. How will this golden ring beautify me, an ugly old man?" However, the lady was so insistent that Maharaj told her to put it on his toe.

Later, Upasni Maharaj's devotees were sure the Master would give the ring to one of his women disciples, and each was naturally wishing she would be the recipient. As the ladies of the ashram took Maharaj's darshan, hoping in their hearts the

Baba and Sadashiv arrived in Sakori early in the morning on 15th October 1922. On the same day, Daulatmai had also arrived with her two daughters, Piroja and Mehera. While Maharaj's niece, Gangi, was giving them a tour, they heard footsteps descending a nearby staircase. Gangi told Mehera and Piroja, "Merwanji, Maharaj's closest disciple, is coming." Baba swiftly descended the stairs and walked past them, giving Mehera, who was very shy, her first opportunity of seeing him.

Although no words were spoken, it was a great moment. Age was deeply moved by its significance. Mehera's heart was struck by Baba's countenance and sang out: "At last, at last! I've seen the Lord at last!"

Mehera's mother, Daulatmai, had met the Master before when she had been to Sakori, but she had not explained to her daughters about Upasni Maharaj or Meher Baba.

Later, in Maharaj's thatched hut, Mehera and her mother and sister were seated on the floor when Baba entered. With folded hands, he stood before Maharaj, who beckoned him to leave and wait outside under a nearby mango tree. Baba immediately bowed to Maharaj and left, circling the hut three times performing what is known to Hindus as parikrama — reverently honoring the guru's abode. Seeing Baba's love for his Master touched Mehera's heart. The Divine Song had called her awakening heart to Sakori, and he himself had traveled here only to meet her.

Mehera's tears were now crying, "O Song! How humble you are! How beautiful you are!" and the Song replied: "I am yours forever and you are mine. Because I am humble, my melody will melt the hardest stone!"

Mehera spontaneously longed to be with Baba and the voice of Age whispered, "Pure One! Soon you will join your beloved Lord, and the lute of your life will play his sweet song every day!"

In 1923, while preparations were being made for Freiny's marriage, Mehera was staying in Sakori with Upasni Maharaj. Under his guidance and along with other devotees, she was engaged in the labor work of carrying stones, earth and other building material on her head in a ghamela. Construction work was in progress in building the Sakori ashram, and all of Maharaj's kanyas were helping in the work. Although Mehera came from a wealthy family and had never done such lowly tasks in her life, she did not hesitate to share in such labor under the spiritual direction of Maharaj.

As the day of the wedding approached, Mehera's knee suddenly became swollen. On this pretext, Maharaj did not allow her to attend the wedding in Ahmednagar, and Mehera willingly abided by his decision. But the real reason for his disinclination to send Mehera - and for the mysterious swelling on her knee — was learned later when her mother Daulatmai discovered that certain relatives had come to the wedding with the intention of discussing their son's marriage to Mehera. A Perfect Master is omniscient and knows the past and future. Knowing Mehera's destiny, Upasni Maharaj could not allow her to go to Ahmednagar. Mehera was already spoken for and would soon join her divine Prince Charming forever.

About a week after the wedding, when Daulatmai went again to Sakori, Maharaj relented and permitted Mehera to leave. While Mehera was in Ahmednagar, she and her mother were called to Meherabad to meet Baba and discuss Mehera's marriage proposal. At the Post Office, Baba asked Mehera if she wanted to marry, and Mehera replied demurely that she did not, and Baba was pleased.

Mehera and her mother then left for Poona, where they visited Babajan regularly.

On19th May 1924, Mehera came to Meherabad with her mother Daulatmai and sister Freiny to participate in Upasni Maharaj's birthday celebration.

Nervous would fetch the women their water, but they would do their own cooking, cleaning and laundry. Dowla Masi, Naja and Big Khorshed would cook, while Mehera would wash the pots and clean the spices and vegetables.

Baba once sent word to Mehera to prepare a sago pudding for Him, but she did not know how to make it. After consulting the ladies who were good cooks, she learned the recipe. However, there was no mortar and pestle to powder the nutmeg and cardamom for flavoring the sago powder. Nervous brought a grinding stone, and after Mehera rewashed it, she used it to powder the spices. Baba liked the preparation very much and praised her efforts.

Mehera's family was quite affluent and she had never done much menial work. In Sakori, Mehera had been ordered by Upasni Maharaj to do such work; and now, by Baba's instruction in Meherabad, she was doing the same.

From her first sight of Baba, Mehera was so absorbed in the Master's divine beauty that she had no other desire except to please Him.

In 1924, Mehera and Daulatmai had begun staying at Meherabad, Baba had told them, "If you wish to stay here, you must cover your heads with a mathu banu (white cloth) and wear long-sleeved blouses." At the wedding, because of their austere dress they were ridiculed by the fashionable Parsis and Iranis attending the lavish ceremony. But, ignoring their derision, they faithfully obeyed Baba's orders, not paying attention to what anyone said about their attire.

Baba would remark to Mehera how finely Gulmai combed His hair. Gulmai continued this duty as long as she was in Quetta. In her absence, Gustadji would attend to it. Later Mehera was given this special duty, which she continued until the end.

One day at Irani Mansion, Mehera and Khorshed decided to cook doodh pak with puris — a sweetened, thickened milk-based dessert with small, round, deep-fried wheat puris. The milk would not thicken, so Mehera added flour to it. When it was served to Baba, he inquired, "What is this? Who has cooked it?" Soonamasi replied that they were doodh-pak puris prepared by Mehera and Khorshed. Baba sent for them and asked, "Have you ever seen doodh pak puri in your life? Has your father ever tasted it? Is this doodh pak or gruel for a sick man? Do I look ill to you?"

But the next day Baba told them to prepare potato patties and said that He would teach them how to make them. He cooked the potato dish in the kitchen, and also taught Mehera how to make patrel — a vegetable delicacy. Then He pointed to the hot stove, explaining: "As the fire burns in the stove, so should the fire of love burn in your heart!"

Once, Baba ordered Mehera, to leave the house, and told Daulatmai to go upstairs to her room. Mehera was wearing an ordinary household sari and did not know where she was supposed to go; she also had orders not to let any man touch her, and on the sidewalk some pedestrians were jostling past each other on the street. However, Mehera left and began slowly walking along, not knowing where she was headed. In a short time, Baba came walking toward her with Gustadji. He walked past her to Burjor Dahiwala's house next to Manzil-e-Meem, and Mehera followed them. Baba then instructed Gustadji to take Mehera back to their residence.

Master would present the ring to them, He gave the ring to Mehera, telling her, "Wear this ring and be careful not to lose it." She wore it from that day on for the rest of her life.

One day in 1925, accompanied by Gustadji, Baba came to the Post Office verandah and, taking His seat on the wooden tea crate, sent word to the women that whosoever possessed a ring should send it to Him through Gustadji. Gustadji approached Mehera, but she was unable to remove the ring that Upasni Maharaj had given her from her finger. Big Khorshed was wearing a wedding ring, but she did not wish to part with it and refused to give it to Gustadji. With great difficulty Mehera was finally able to extract the ring and handed it to Gustadji.

Soon after, Baba brought back the ring that Maharaj had given to Mehera and presented her with another heart-shaped gold ring, on which was engraved one word: MEHER. BABA put both rings around one of the fingers of her left hand and told her never to take them off. "The Pure One's fate was sealed!" Age declared. "Meher was carved forever on Mehera's heart."

Mehera was destined to become the Master's chief woman disciple. One day on the Post Office verandah, Baba told her the story of Radha and Krishna and said, "As Krishna's love was for Radha, and so is My love for you.

Baba said for Mehera, “You love Me as Radha loved Krishna." A few days later, Baba declared before all the women mandali, "Mehera is My Radha. Her love is unique. She is most special to Me."

Over the years, many times Baba referred to Mehera as "The purest soul in the universe" and the one who loved Him most. As Baba said, Mehera's unique position in His circle, is the same as Sita's was to Lord Ram, as Radha's was to Krishna, or as Mary Magdalene's was to Jesus

Once Baba called Mehera and told her, "From today you are My orderly." Gustadji was instructed to give Baba's trunk to her, in which all of His personal belongings were kept. Mehera was told to prepare and send Baba's tea, wash His clothes and clean His plate and glass daily.

In 1927, Daulatmai and Mehera had been taken to Poona as Daulatmai wished to donate her property to Baba and some of it was in Mehera's name. Rustom escorted them to the Poona Registrar's office, where Mehera signed the required legal documents. Baba and all returned to Meherabad the same night after a few flat tires on the way.

In 1928, there happened to be an interesting event. For two months since Baba visited the women mandali in their quarters at the Bathroom Building and their joy was boundless. During the period of Baba's seclusion, He took only one pint of coffee made by Mehera, which she sent to Him every day in a flask with the boy named Lahu.

But while taking the flask up the hill, Lahu would hide in a gully and drink half the contents, and then, recapping the flask, he would take the rest to Baba. At the time, Baba never asked why the flask was only half-filled, but now that He was out of seclusion, He inquired of Mehera, "I as fasting for months on only half a flask of coffee — when I had clearly told you to send a full flask each day."

Mehera was taken aback and said, "But Baba, I filled the flask myself. It was always full." Naja and Khorshed confirmed this.

Later, Baba called Lahu and asked him to explain the mystery. The boy honestly admitted his mischief, and because he told the truth, Baba forgave him. Baba smiled and remarked, "I was having Lahu's prasad every day."

In 1928, Baba would go to the women's quarters for His bath and meals. During His bath, He would wear His chaddis. Mehera's sister Freiny would wash Baba's head, Khorshed His back and Mehera His feet, after which they all would rinse Him with warm water. But His love for Mehera was unique, as Krishna's was for Radha. Once Baba said to Mehera, "My love for you is excessively more than for anyone else."

In 1932, when Baba was abroad, He explained to His lovers that He wished them to come to India the following year. And for the first time, He spoke to Kimco about Mehera and of her intense, pure love for Him. He gestured, "Mehera is My Radha and her life consists of My happiness. When you see her, you will have an idea of her love for Me. Her love always keeps Me happy!"

In 1933, at Kandivali, Bombay, Baba came out with Mehera, His queen, and the other women mandali were with Him, dressed in gorgeous saris. This was the first time with Baba that they had an occasion and the permission to wear fine clothes. Baba introduced Mehera, and the Western women saw that she was just as Baba had described — pure and beautiful. The ladies exchanged presents with their Indian sisters and the women mandali dressed the Western women in saris.

In 1935, from the beginning when the circle of women was formed, Mehera would read Baba's dictation from the alphabet board when He was with the women mandali; but after Mani joined the ashram, she began reading it.

On 12th September 1935, Baba came to the kitchen and sent for Mehera and Khorshed. He asked Mehera, "Would you obey Me and wholeheartedly do what I say?"

"Of course, Baba," she said. "I will do so with all my heart, as I have been doing up till now and will forever."

Baba instructed Khorshed to bring a needle. Taking the needle in His hand, He indicated to Mehera, "Promise Me by signing your name in blood on your arm." After Baba pierced Mehera's right middle finger, she wrote her signature with her blood on His left forearm. Baba ordered her thereafter not to sign her name, as if to seal the agreement. Mehera's complete willingness to obey made Baba very happy.

In 1937, the life of the women in the ashram was always secluded, especially for Mehera. Under Baba's orders, Mehera never spoke to or looked at any man during Baba's lifetime (except on a few very rare occasions). She was kept secluded and for many years was ordered not to read or write.

In 1940, the women were forbidden to mention the name of any man in front of Mehera, and so even Baba would spell out, "Soltoon's sister" when referring to Baidul. When reading the newspapers to Baba in front of Mehera, Rano would say "Mrs. Hitler," "Mrs. Mussolini," "Mrs. Churchill," "Mrs. Gandhi" and so forth. This was the extent to which Mehera was kept secluded.

"Only the pure could stay in such a strict seclusion. It was only possible for Mehera to live such a life because she was living, not for herself, but for Her Beloved! Such a life is a true life, where love and faith in the Beloved are always active and ever-present."

In year 1941, according to Baba's strict directives, Mehera was never allowed to be alone. Either, Mani, Khorshed or Kharmen Masi was to be with her. If Mehera went to wash her face, if she went to eat, or out of the room on some errand or chore, another woman would accompany her. Even when she went to the bathroom, one of these three had to stand outside on guard. The difficulties of traveling, through crowded railroad terminals and on buses, while following all Baba's instructions can well be imagined.

Only Mehera could put up with such a life, and this is why she is the beloved of the Beloved! Her only thought was of pleasing Baba!

In 1942, because of Baba's seclusion, He had not been seeing the women mandali. But on His return from His contact with Chatti Baba in Nagapattnam, He began calling Mehera and Mani to Him at His residence. They were the only two allowed to see him. The other women saw him very infrequently during this period.

Once, when Baba was with Mehera, Baba sent for Gaimai and rebuked her in front of Mehera: "What sort of chapattis are you preparing? Are your chapattis made from wheat or leather?" Gaimai remained quiet, and Baba asked her to give a chapatti to Mehera to taste. Tasting it, Mehera remarked, "This chapatti is quite good, Baba."

But Baba kept up his tirade against Gaimai, though he later explained to her, "Don't worry about what I said. It is a mere pretense on My part in order to call you. Since I am seeing no one, I need some pretext as an excuse to see you."

Mehera, Mani and Gaimai all had the experience of being bothered by a ghost at Prospect Lodge in Lonavla. When Mehera was sleeping, her arm was pulled; Mani's entire body was shaken. Baba assured them, "Don't worry about it; I will take care of it."

Thereafter, the ghost did not disturb anyone. Baba had freed the spirit so it could take another birth. They later found out that some years before, a laundryman had committed suicide in the well of the compound. Because of this, his spirit was hovering over the place. Baba's mercy put an end to his miserable state, and he was freed.

Baba explained to the women: "Don't be afraid of ghosts. They don't do any (real) harm. The atmosphere is full of impressions. Sometimes, when you think you feel the presence of a spirit, it is not the actual spirit but the impressions in the place that you feel. That is why I told you all not to go near the well where the dhobi committed suicide. All those impressions of his are lingering there, but I have now freed his spirit, so it is all right now.

In 1945, Mehera's birthday was observed wonderfully in Meherabad on

25 h December 1947, In addition to the lovers from Bombay and Poona, many from Ahmednagar participated in the event. A qawaali program was held and every person took advantage of the occasion to take Baba's darshan.

"The good fortune of becoming Queen in this age went to Mehera. Words are insufficient to describe her destiny. That heart in which the lamp of purity burns is worthy of gaining this honor; and in the descent of Meher — Mehera will be worshiped, side by side with her beloved Baba."

On 27th August 1948, the housewarming ceremony for Meher Baba's new home at Pimpalgaon was held at nine o'clock in the morning. Baba unlocked the door of the new building with a golden key, and Mehera and Gulmai performed His arti. Azad means free or relaxed, and Baba named the place Meherazad.

Baba walked up Seclusion Hill in the early evening with the women. On one occasion, Baba put on Mehera's sandals, Mani put on Baba's, and Mehera wore Mani's. Once He took them on a walk to Happy Valley, and at the time two rainbows appeared in the sky. "This is a good augury for Delia and Jean," He commented.

On the 30th July 1949, to celebrate Mehera's birthday, Baba took the women to the Gheun Deolali dak bungalow, not far from Meherazad. Adi Sr. brought Gulmai, Meheru Damania and Jibboo, along with the food (prepared by Chhagan). They had a delicious pulao for lunch (rice mixed with vegetables), and just when all were feeling drowsy and were about to lie down for a nap, Baba called everyone for games.

1st August 1949 was a red-letter day in Meherazad. All the Meherabad mandali, as well as other Meherabad residents, came. All the men and women had been observing silence for one month, and they were to break it in Baba's presence when He stepped out of seclusion. No one was to fold their hands or bow to Baba, utter any word or even shout "Jai!" They were to break their silence after a prayer was read out by saying "Amen." Mehera and Mani saw Baba privately. Mehera broke her silence and spoke with Baba.

In 1952, after road accident at Yakohama in America, ambulance and hearse arrived, and Baba, Mehera and Elizabeth were rushed to the clinic. Goher and Rano rode with Baba and Elizabeth in the ambulance, while Mani and Meheru accompanied Mehera in the hearse. Baba was extremely mindful of Mehera, instructing Goher to take special care of her. Although the hospital was small, Dr. Burleson made fine arrangements. He called in a few outside specialists from Oklahoma City to examine Mehera and take a look at the X-rays.

After Baba’s accident, Baba was driven in an ambulance to Duke University Medical Center for an examination on 20th June 1952. Baba and Mehera, who was also to be examined, traveled together from Youpon Dunes to Durham. After Mehera and Baba were thoroughly examined and X-rays taken, they returned to Youpon Dunes on the 24th.

After road accident, Mehera also visited a plastic surgeon in Locarno, Switzerland. As Charmian related: Before leaving Locarno, Mehera was taken again for plastic surgery and the surgeon took off the scab on the wound and immediately announced that the skin was perfectly all right and would grow back and that she wouldn't need to have any further surgery. They took off the bandage and kept it covered with ointments for several days and the wound had completely healed except for some slight swelling over one eye, with hardly a scar. So she seemed to be all right then.

Baba paid constant attention to Mehera, Charmian stated:

Incidentally, as busy as He was with all of these people He yet found time to see that we all were busy and had things to do. Never a day passed, away from Him, that he did not call Mehera, or Mehera call Him, to see that each was well and happy. I don't think a day passed when they were away from each other in the States or Europe when I was present that I did not put in a call for Baba to Mehera or vice-versa with an inquiry about how things were going and the well-being of the other person. (Lord Meher-p-3128-1958)

After completion of part of his Fiery Free Life journey, Baba (who had caught a bad cold) arrived in Meherazad on 5th December 1952, where He met with the women mandali — Mehera along with others.

In 1954, Baba departed Mahabaleshwar for Hamirpur on Monday, 1st February 1954, with nine of the men mandali. During this period, Mehera was caring for Sheba (a horse), whom she would lead to Baba's room, in His absence, to show the colt that Baba was not there. Meheru would keep busy assisting Mehera and doing various other chores.

In 1958, the women sat around Him on the carpet of His room as Baba leaned against the satin cushions on His bed. Eruch was beside Him to interpret. Baba spoke to them about Mehera: "Mehera is the purest of women, and she has sent her love to you all. She has sent some gifts to give to each of you.

Baba was sitting in an armchair, and the women sat on the floor and in chairs in a circle around him. Baba said: In My love, first come Mehera, and then Mani. Mehera is My Beloved. Mani is My true sister in work. She loves Me and works for Me from morning to late at night with correspondence and other details, even though she is not in good health at present. She loves Me and has surrendered to Me 100 percent.

Baba gave each woman the first present from Mehera - a photograph, made at her request by Baba's brother Beheram. It was a double vignette of Mehera when she was a very young girl and of Baba as a young boy. Baba remarked that Mehera was only seventeen when she first joined Him (at Meherabad).

In 1958, Baba instructed the mandali to send a cable to Mehera to inform her He was well and would be returning to India.

Bhau was engaged in writing, not knowing he was still inside, Mehera appeared. As soon as she opened the door and saw him, she hurriedly stepped back out. From that day onwards, a bell was kept in Baba's room, and only after the watchman had left would Baba ring the bell. Mehera would then go to Him, followed by the other women.

In the morning Baba would want to see Mehera first. Similarly, He would not take food, water or anything else unless it was given by Mehera. Naja prepared Baba's meals, but only after Mehera's touch would He partake of it.

In 1962, Because of Baba's wish to be "free," Mehera's birthday was celebrated early on Sunday, 9th December 1962 (instead of on the 23rd). About 150 close ones from Poona, Bombay, Navsari, and Ahmednagar were present that day.

Baba and His group had been called to celebrate Mehera's birthday, and about her, Baba stated: "Mehera loves Me very much, as I also love her, but I have not yet explained to her what the Path is. The spiritual path is not an easy one, not as easy as eating laddoos (sweets). When you become the recipients of My grace, you will know what the Path is like."

Madhusudan had composed a new poem for Mehera's birthday. He read it and then sang it to the accompaniment of the harmonium.

In 1963, there was humorous episode. A man, wearing white pants with a big yellow patch, a black coat, spectacles and a Parsi hat, pushed his way to Baba. Mehera was flabbergasted, and so were the rest of the women. All through the uproar, Baba sat placidly smiling at the ruckus. It was only when the man tried to advance toward Mehera that he disclosed "himself" as Katie Irani! She had fooled everyone. Rano had done her makeup, and when all the women realized who it was, the hall resounded with laughter. When the laughter died down, a few bhajans were sung.

In 1966, one morning, Mehera was combing Baba's hair, Baba again called the Kalchuris to His bedroom. Mehera gave Baba two lockets, one for each child. Baba took Sheela's and then pinned it on her blouse, stating, "Don't remove this during your operation. I will be there with you, but if you remove it, I will not come. And don't tell anyone who this is. If the doctor asks you, don't tell him.  This locket will protect and save you from harm. Always keep it with you, and you will have good health."

In 1967, Mehera's Birthday was celebrated on 22nd December. Every year, Francis would write a poem in English for the occasion, which he would read out to Baba in mandali hall. That year, Baba asked Bhau to write a poem also in Hindi for Mehera, and his composition was read out, too.

In 1968, Baba then called both the guests and resident mandali to the back of the compound, where Baba was seated on the verandah of His house with Mehera standing at His side. Most of them were seeing her for the first time and marveled at the purity of her love for Baba. They wished her "Jai Baba!" and she shyly repeated the same in reply.

Many years before Baba had foretold: "There will be fourteen with Me at the end." Significantly, there were fourteen individuals with Him at Meherazad at this particular time, namely the six women: Mehera, Mani, Naja, Goher, Meheru and Rano. The eight men were Eruch, Pendu, Baidul, Kaka, Kaikobad, Aloba, Bhau and Francis.

On 22nd December 1968, was the first day of celebrations, a triple occasion in honor of Mehera's birthday, the betrothal of Dara and Amrit, and also the navjote ceremony of four children of the Dadachanji family? Baba was in His room and was brought onto the verandah in a wheelchair by Eruch and Bhau. He was greeted with repeated shouts of "Avatar Meher Baba ki jai!" The program began with the singing of Happy Birthday to Mehera. Dara was seated on the verandah and soon the women mandali brought Amrit out. Adi Jr. read the poem Francis had composed for Mehera's birthday.

In 1969, the marvelous thing was that whenever Mehera was in His presence, Baba was totally free of the jolts. The same would happen whenever doctors Grant or Ginde were present. This led the mandali to conclude that the spasms overtook Him only when He allowed it! Mehera shaved Baba, and Mani, Goher, Rano, Meheru and Naja cleaned and straightened Baba's room.

When Baba dropped His body Mehera wept on behalf of the entire universe, as tears from all creation fell from her eyes. Goher and Naja also cried continuously, but Mani and the men remained resolutely dry-eyed. All of the mandali, including the women, eventually concurred, and Mehera and Mani requested that the body be kept at Meherazad until five o'clock that evening.

Mehera, Mani and the other women mandali then came to the Tomb to have their last darshan. Soon, Baba's dear physical form would no longer be visible. All stood silently around the Tomb. A quiet peace reigned. In the pin-drop silence, only the heartbreaking sobs of the one who loved the Only One as He should be loved could be heard. Mehera and the other women fell at Baba's feet. Tears containing the memories of years in his company poured from their eyes. After Mehera garlanded and kissed Baba in final farewell, the women stepped out of the Tomb.

Mehera was one of four women who accompanied Baba in His New Life period from 1949-1951. Her accounts of her life with Meher Baba are exhaustively and carefully documented in the three volume chronicle, Mehera-Meher: A “Divine Romance” is written by David Fenster, based on tape-recordings of Mehera.

She died on May 20, 1989

In accordance with Meher Baba's directive, Mehera's final resting place is by His side, adjacent to his Samadhi. Although Mehera was born in January, from 1968 her birthday has been celebrated on December 22nd as it was in 1968 in accordance with the Zoroastrian calendar, that being the last year it was celebrated in Meher Baba's physical presence.