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Baba’s Grace
By Waryam Singh Sahni S/o Pritam Singh Meher ( One of Panj Pyare)
Baba’s Grace revised and enlarged 3rd Edition © 2015
Waryam Singh Sahni
S/o S. Pritam Singh Meher
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Shalimar Bagh,
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Edited by: D V Balakrishna Meher
All Quotes of Avatar Meher Baba are printed with kind permission of
Avatar Meher Baba Public Perpetual Charitable Trust, PB 31, Kings
Road, Ahmadnagar 414 001 (Maharashtra)
Note: This Publication is not a profit making or a competitive venture
and its sole object is to experience the company of AVATAR
MEHER BABA and disseminate His message of love and truth for
the benefit of one and all.
My Divine Father Avatar Meher Baba
My Father Late Pritam Singh Meher
My Mother Late Gyan Kaur
My Son Late Gurcharan Singh
Samadhi of Avatar Meher Baba at Meherabad
“I have come to remind all people that they should
live on earth as the children of one father until My
grace awakens them to the realization that they are
all one without a second and that all division and
conflicts and hatred are but a shadow play of their
“Do not seek My blessings which is always with you,
but long for the day when My grace will descend on
you all who love Me. Most blessed are they who do
not even long for My grace, but simply seek to do My
Letter from Bhau Kalchuri
V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau)
Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C. Trust
Post Bag No.31, King’s Road,
Ahmednagar-414001, (M.S.) India
Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai
17th October, 2007
My Dearest Waryam Singhji,
Dear B.N. Bhasin presented the book “Baba’s Grace”
(or “Grace of Baba”) to me and he requested that I should
write a preface for the revised and enlarged second edition.
I find so much love from you for the Beloved.
You have dedicated this second edition also to your father the
late Pritam Singh Meher your mother the late Gyan Kaur, your
son Late Gurcharan Singh, and to your Divine Father Avatar
Meher Baba, Your father and mother and you and the family
are really very close to Beloved Baba.
I used to go to Delhi every year for Trust work, and
when I would go I would see your father and Principal Niranjan
Singh. When I went to see your father, he was lying in the
bed, and Baba’s picture was in front of him on the wall. He
would not talk and he would just look at Baba’s picture. So I
asked your mother, “Since when he is lying down in the bed?”
And she said, “He has been lying down in the bed since long.
He does not talk and he just looks at Beloved Baba’s picture
But when he saw me standing before him, he got up
and he embraced me. The tears were in his eyes and he was
saying, “Baba, Baba, Baba.” I felt so much love of Beloved
Baba in his eyes, and good that I met him. After three days,
he passed away.
Your father was doing business out of India. Once it was Buddha’s
anniversary and people were seeking some Indian to take in
procession. They found Pritam Singh. He saw Buddha’s love in
them, and he thought, “Just see, I am from India. They love Buddha
so much, and I don’t know anything about Buddha.” The procession
was very large, and they had a big chariot for him. As people were
watching, they said “Some Indian is there leading the procession”.
Pritam Singhji’s eyes were full of tears. The people looked at him
and thought, “How much love he has for Buddha” But actually,
Pritam Singh was repenting that he did not know anything about
Buddha. In this procession, people would come running and
garland him and he had nothing but tears.
After Buddha’s anniversary, he sold out the business and
came back to India. He went to Sarnath, Buddha’s place, and he
was sitting there repeating “Buddha, Buddha, Buddha”. The
watchman of the stupa came to him and asked, “Do you know the
living Buddha?” Pritam Singhji immediately queried, “Is living
Buddha in India?” The watchman replied, “He has come here four or
five times. He is there at Meherabad”.
Pritam Singhji took the address and wrote a letter to Meher
Baba saying “I want to see you”. The letter was read out to Baba.
He informed Pritam Singh that he would see him when He would
come out of His seclusion, He would inform him. It took four years,
and then he received a letter from Baba saying, “You come here on
such-and-such date.”
Pritam Singhji did come to Meherabad, and when he
embraced Baba he was so much touched to see Baba that he could
not utter a word, but only had tears in his eyes. He wanted to be
with Baba, but Baba said, “You look after your family, and just wait
for My call, I will call you.” And he did receive Baba’s call when he
dropped his body in 1983.
Previously, according to Baba’s instruction, he would come
for Beloved Baba’s darshan, Sahavas, and all the programs which
would happen from time to time when Baba would meet people. He
had also come to attend the first anniversary of Beloved Baba’s
dropping the body. Only Baba was in his life, and the whole family
belonged to Baba.
So you, my dear Waryam Singhji, have written the book
BABA’S GRACE, and now you have expanded it. I am really very
much touched with your love for Beloved Baba. He is really the
Compassionate Father, and only One who comes down on earth
age after age. He came as Zoroaster, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus
Prophet Mohammed and in this age, as Meher Baba.
How blessed you and the dear ones of the family are who all
love Beloved Baba so deeply. So how can I say in words about
your love for Beloved Baba, and the family’s love? The only thing I
can say is that I salute your love in name of Beloved Avatar Meher
Baba 101 times.
Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!
With all love and Jai Baba to you,
In His Love and Service,
V.S. Kalchuri (Bhau)
Preface to Second edition
My father was a great lover of Beloved Avatar Meher
Baba and during his last days he was actually in communion
with Baba. It is due to him that I came to the threshold of
Beloved Meher Baba. In him I saw the innocent and pure
love flowing from his eyes for Baba. I also understood Baba’s
Love for His lovers. Here, I would like to mention that the
small experiences I have had and the new life Baba gave in
spite of seven stab wounds is entirely because of His
compassion and grace. Perhaps I do not deserve any. The
life that I have lived and the way this book has come about is
also due to His grace.
I took Baba’s Darshan for the first time on 14th January
1956 at Pune. Since then I always had a deep desire to
publish the account of my father’s love story with Beloved
Meher Baba, which became possible at Pune in February
2000 on the occasion of Beloved Meher Baba’s birthday on
25th February. The book was titled ‘Panj Pyare-The five
favorite Sikh lovers of Meher Baba’. Further, the book was
translated in Hindi as well as Telugu and released by Bhau
Kalchuri during 33rd and 34th Amartithi on 31st January 2003
and 2004 respectively. It was really His grace that publishing
these books were possible.
Regarding the book ‘Panj Pyare’, K.K. Rama Krishnan
said in the introduction of the book, “It will be worthwhile to
mention here that Waryam Singh had Baba’s Darshan on 14th
January, 1956 and the draft copy of this book was received by
him on 14th January, 2000. He was overjoyed to receive the
book on the same day. This is not a coincidence but Meher
Baba’s way of revealing to us His rhythm, timing and pace”.
During the 34th Amartithi there was an announcement
which attracted my attention. The announcement was made
by Raj
Khilnani who said, “Recently I read a book which was a compilation
of various people’s description of how Jesus Christ looked when
they had a vision of Jesus Christ. Today, there are many Baba
lovers who have seen Baba; so let us also compile the account of
each person as how they felt Baba looked like. This will be a
special compilation because God has again come and currently His
followers who have seen Him are also available. Before it is too
late, I request all those who saw Baba must send their description to
me or to the Trust Office.” This announcement made me think
deeply of my three opportunities when I had Baba’s darshan.
While I thought of Baba’s darshan, my life itself came to me
as a film directed by Baba Himself. So I had a desire to recount and
record my life with Baba into a small article. But again by His grace
my account has taken the form of a book. It is for the posterity to
decide whether this simple account of a lover about his Master’s
guidance and unconditional love was worth the effort. As I
understand that all these events as well as other events of my life
were purely because of Baba’s grace, hence, I have named this
effort as “Baba’s Grace.”
I have recounted events as I remember to the best of my
knowledge. My idea is to spread His message of Love and tell the
whole world that Avatar has come and given His call “Come all Unto
Me”. I like this special message of Baba, which he gave on His first
tour to the West, “I have come to sow the seeds of love in your
hearts so that, in spite of all superficial diversity which your life in
illusion must experience and endure, the feeling of oneness through
love is brought about amongst all nations, creeds, sects and castes
of the world”.
I would like to quote late Dr. G.S.N. Moorty (popularly called
as roaming ambassador of Meher Baba) who said about this book,
“Truly, books are for the mind while experiences are for the heart
and soul. This book, “Baba’s Grace” is for the heart and only for the
heart with no intellectual gymnastics involved”.I have no further words
to express my happiness for this attempt to achieve “Baba’s Grace”.
In his message for the first edition of “Baba’s Grace”, late R.N.
Malhotra, President of Avatar Meher Baba Delhi Center had written
“This book gives a glimpse of divine play in which Avatar Meher
Baba has captured his fishes in His net so as to further evolve them
by His yoga yog sanskaras and redeem them on their path of
spirituality. I hope the personal life depicted here may sow the
seeds of divine love in the hearts of readers.”
Today, there are many Baba lovers who wrote their lives with Meher
Baba to bring out how He guided them and made them understand
the deeper aspects of spirituality. Some wrote because they were
told by Baba to do so while some have not yet written. I have
attempted this project only for the single purpose of singing His
Once, when Dr G.S.N. Moorty was staying with us, I said, “I am not
a Baba lover, because I do not obey Baba. He said, “Then you
oppose Him”. I said, “No”. “What are you”? “I don’t know what am
I?” Even on me Baba has showered His grace, which shows how
compassionate He is!
I had heard a story long back that a procession was passing and it
was said, that this procession was of Hindus, then another followed
which was of Muslims then of Sikhs, Christians and all of different
religions. Thousands of people attended these processions.
Ultimately, there was last procession and only one man was sitting
in the chariot. All were wondering whose procession it could be?
And it is said that this procession is of God, and He alone is!
I feel it is most difficult to love Baba, to obey Baba and to surrender
to Baba. But this is possible only by his grace.
I have explained positive side of my life and now I would like to tell,
negative side as well. When I assess myself I find no good thought,
no good word no good deed on my part, but in spite of all these
negative points, the Compassionate Father took me in His fold.
Baba is not only for saints and advanced souls but He is equally for
sinners. Despite my shortcomings, He embraced me, allowed me to
bow at His Holy feet.
I would only say that irrespective of whether I deserved whatever He
has given me, is all His grace. Thoughts such as, ‘Is Baba an
Avatar’ or ‘Would He break His Silence?’ never disturbed me
because I have full conviction that He is God in human form. As it
natural for a person born in Sikh family to go to Gurudwaras,
similarly I took to Baba in a natural way.
I must place it on record the efforts of D.V. Balakrishna
Meher to make this book possible. Hope this effort brings out the
spirit of Love and surrender to Beloved Avatar Meher Baba who is
the Controller and Protector of all of us and the creation.
I recollect there was a circular issued by Baba as per which,
His lovers were to write in few words what they understand about
Him. In response, I wrote, “You are my Father and Mother, my
protector, my Lord, and my Friend, You are my only Beloved Lord”.
I present this book dedicated to my Beloved Lord to all the
spiritual seekers to have a glimpse of His grace.
15 Feb 2008 Waryam Singh Sahni
Preface to the Third and enlarged edition
2nd Edition of ‘Baba’s Grace’ was released by Bhauji,
Chairman of Avatar Meher Baba Trust in 2008 during the Golden
Jubilee congregations of 1958 Sahavas at Meherabad. On the very
first day of Golden Jubilee Programme on 15th February 2008, I was
allowed to present big size laminated pictures of Baba (clicked by
me) as well as a group photograph in which I was also sitting along
with my father. Actually, I was allotted ten minutes to speak my
experiences of 1958 sahavas on the last day on 17th February,
2008, but Dr. Gokaran Srivastava invited me to express my
experiences soon after I presented these pictures to Bhauji. I could
hardly utter, “I am fortunate to attend Baba’s 1958 Sahavas with my
father and now attending this Golden Jubilee by his grace”. I was so
overjoyed that my voice chocked and I could not speak any more
words. I could not control myself and burst into tears crying
internally ‘Baba’, ‘Baba’ like an innocent child. I then settled down in
the audience.
I recollected that during 1958 Sahavas I had seen men and
women crying helplessly with tears of Joy in their eyes. Pukar, a
staunch lover Baba, who was a towering personality, used to lift
Baba lovers physically out of the pandal till they were calm.
Beloved Baba would look at such sahavasees mercifully as if
helping them internally. To my understanding, when one is in the
presence of Baba, who is our final goal, one cannot tolerate the
separation because, although one sees the goal but one is still not
united, and this separation makes the soul cry.
Whenever I met Bhauji he would say, “Although, I have one
old now, whenever I see you, I remember your father” and I would
reply, “Bhauji, ‘Of course there is effect of age on the face and body.
But you are always young in Baba’s love”. In one of his letters,
Bhauji wrote, “You are continuing your Dynasty and I feel so much
love. Whenever I receive your letter, your card or anything from
you, I just remember Pritam Singhji, He was really great”.
Recently, in a dream I saw a person approached me and
gave a message: - Bhauji is calling you. And I said to him, “Bhauji is
gone”. Then I woke up.
Bhauji passed away on 23 Oct 2013 after serving His Master for
over sixty years. Yes, Bhauji is gone to his Beloved Baba.
Few days after this dream, I had the urge to publish the 3rd
edition of “Baba’s Grace” as I wanted to share some more recent
experiences of His grace. In addition, I also intended to include all
the discourses and messages by Baba, but it is not possible for the
drop to contain the ocean but can merge in it by His grace. With this
urge, once again I took the assistance of D V Balakrishna Meher to
make the third edition of Baba’s Grace.
I pray to Beloved Meher Baba to bless all the readers of
‘Baba’s Grace’ to love Him more and more until one day one
becomes worthy of His grace and one merges in Him!
31 Jan 2015 Waryam Singh Sahni
Heartfelt thanks to my father Pritam Singh Meher and my
mother Gyan Kaur who were instrumental in bringing me to the
threshold of Baba. I also thank my wife Inderjit Kaur whose support
and perseverance made this book possible.
I deeply thank Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust, Ahmednagar
for quotations and Photograph of Avatar Meher Baba. I also thank
all the Baba Lovers who directly and indirectly influenced this
project. I thank late Professor A.K. Hazra and late Maimoona
Bharucha for quoting few paragraphs from a chapter from the book
“The Memoirs of a Zetetic”.
With utmost care and devotion Sukesh Kapur typed the
matter of the book and co-operated with me fully to make the book
error free. After typing book he felt this book will shake anyone who
reads it.
I thank D.V. Balakrishna Meher who has once again involved
himself in publishing the third edition of Baba’s Grace.
I am grateful to late Professor B. N. Bhasin for his
Finally, I thank Avatar Meher Baba who is the director of all
the events and who alone is. In Him I thank all those whom I cannot
remember and not been able to acknowledge for their contribution.
Waryam Singh Sahni, Delhi
Editor’s Note
It is always Beloved Meher Baba’s grace that allows a tiny and
ignorant lover of His to participate in His divine work in any form.
Meher Baba said that He alone does His work. While He allows us
to undertake any task, it is entirely His inspiration and His guidance
that works out the execution and completion of the envisaged
mission. He is the Divine Potter who gives shape with His divine
hands over the small and incapable hands of ours. I experience
every word while I write this.
Editing this account of a lover’s saga of love with His Divine Father
and Master has been a special experience and has thrown light on
many aspects which I slowly discovered. When Waryam Singh
approached me to edit this small account, I had not imagined that
this would take this present form as I had unassumingly blurted out
that this matter could be made into a book. Although I am entirely
incapable to undertake any such task, I have totally relied on Avatar
Meher Baba for His protection and inspiration.
The story of Waryam Singh is special because he is a part of the
second generation of Baba Lovers whose father himself was
proclaimed by Baba as one of His favorite Sikh Lovers and he called
Pritam Singh ‘Meher’ and His other four Sikh Lovers as ‘Panj Pyare’.
The story of Waryam Singh is a simple tale of surrenderance of a
lover to His master.
The small events of his life denote how a lover receives the Lord of
the Lord and Master. It is truly the Master’s grace that the very
ordinary lives of the aspirants become a manifestation of the
process of purification and spiritual journey that Baba always
emphasized upon. The title of this book,”Baba’s Grace” is apt. A
small discourse of Meher Baba on Grace has been included. Also,
Baba’s life and related matter has been added to give new readers
comprehensive information.
I feel some love stories and their tales are never written, they just
happen. The exercise of putting all the effort to pen down ones
insignificant event is not an ego trip but a humble endeavor to sing
the glory of the Highest of the High who alone deserves all praise.
This book is nothing but a small effort to praise the Lord – Avatar
Meher Baba
I humbly seek the forgiveness of the readers for any and all
mistakes. I also seek pardon if I have not been able to bring out the
essence of love and surrender in these broken words.
31st Jan. 2005 D V Balakrishna Meher
Part I
1. My Childhood 19
2. Pritam Singh’s Darshan Diary 25
3. My Divine Father-Meher Baba 32
4. Darshan, Devotion & Dedication 37
5. Sahavas snippets 45
6. Baba-The Divine Guard 72
7. Mundane life carries on 73
8. My father passes away 76
9. My son too passes away 79
10. Master’s constant guidance 82
11. My Visits to Meherabad-Meherazad 85
12. Panj Pyare 87
13. Child speaks 89
14. Meher Baba’s grace Never Fails 91
Part II
15. Short Biography of Avatar Meher Baba 101
16. Perfect Masters 104
17. Meher Baba’s Call 105
18. The inexorable ‘Must’ 110
19. The circles of the Avatar 111
20. God Alone Is 116
21. Meher Baba’s messages on Grace 119
22. The Avatar 122
23. How to love God 127
24. Sixteen select quotes 128
Part I
Experiences and Incidents with
Avatar Meher Baba
My Childhood
“Spiritual progress is like climbing through hills, dales, thorny woods and along
dangerous precipices to attain the mountain top. On this path there can be no halting or
return. Everyone must get to the top, which is the direct realization of the supreme Godhood”.
-Meher Baba
By Beloved Meher Baba’s grace, I was born in a Baba lover
family on 23rd April, 1930 in Thailand. I took to Baba as naturally as
fish takes to water. Although, it is customary to start narration of
one’s life from childhood, I would like to begin this book with the
story of my father.
Gautam Buddha shows the way
Pritam Singh, my father was a successful civil engineer and
perhaps he would have continued to stay in Thailand but for one
event that changed our lives. Destiny has strange ways and
stranger is God’s awakening calls. Recently, my younger sister
Swaran Kaur told me that one strange incident had happened when
my father was born. It was narrated by our grand mother to her.
She narrates, “A cow crossing the veranda in front of the room
entered the room, looked at the newly born child and went away
without harming any one in the room”. Perhaps this was an
indication that my father would grow up to meet the Divine
Shepherd and become His disciple and lover!
My father was God loving and God fearing but his idea of
entering into the spiritual path was to have his hand in a living
Master’s hand. My father used to visit saints and advanced souls.
He was visiting one such saint in Gujranwala town now in Pakistan.
The saint would start giving discourses to him but my father would
laugh like a child. The saint would feel disturbed and would say, “I
pray to God for you but there is no effect of my prayer on you”.
And my father would reply, “I want a Master who would
hold my hand in His hand”. Beloved Meher Baba did hold his hand
and fulfilled his desire.
He always narrated how Meher Baba- the Omniscient One
touched his heart by holding his hand. During the Darshan
programme in November, 1955 at Meherabad, Meher Baba took all
His lovers to the tomb. His heart was immersed in the ocean of love
but his mind had a passing thought.
It is said in Guru Granth Sahib
ts lks pWnk mxos lqjt p<s gtkj
,srs pkua.k gksafnvk] xq# fcu ?kksj va/kkj
which means, “Even if hundreds of moons and thousands of
suns rise and cause so much light, yet without Guru there is only
darkness. He thought, “In my Sikh religion, when the Guru (Master)
gives Deeksha (Initiation on the path), the Guru confirms the
initiation of the disciple by holding the right hand of the disciple. But
Meher Baba, the Master of Masters, hasn’t held my hand”. And lo,
Meher Baba instantly held his right hand with His right hand tightly
giving a compassionate look in His own inimitable way. His Joy
knew no bounds. Beloved Baba gave Deeksha as per his choice.
My father wished that Beloved Baba holds his hand once again.
Again the Omniscient One held his hand convincing him that he is
already His. Pritam’s heart wept with joy and he silently surrendered
to his Master. The Omniscient One cleared all doubts once for all
that he belonged to Him. The Compassionate One never fails to
acknowledge our prayers. He never fails to reply, respond or
reciprocate. He is ever present and never fails to listen provided
one calls Him from the depths of one’s heart.
To come back to my father’s story of how he came in to
Meher Baba’s contact, he continued his visits to saints and also
pursued his studies to become a civil engineer. During that time it
was very rare for a common man to think of going abroad for
greener pastures. He had the desire and the forethought to do so.
He got an opportunity and he immigrated to Thailand.
In Thailand my father’s business was successful and it was
almost now fourteen years. My mother tells me I was two years old
then. One fine day, local people felicitated my father on the
occasion of Lord Gautama Buddha’s birthday. My father was
surprised at their felicitating him and they said, “You come from the
land where Lord Buddha was born”. This touched his heart; the
seed of spirituality perhaps was germinating. He mulled over this
incident and concluded that he must now leave Thailand and go
back to India, the land of Gods. Possibly, his time was nearing to
understand the spiritual part of life and destiny started working to
take him closer to the Lord of Love-Meher Baba.
No Politics
During British rule my father told me he was member of
revolutionary party in Thailand and through him mail carried on
elephants through jungles. But, unfortunately he was caught along
with his companion. He was produced before the British officer who
looking at him told him, “You being a young man, I will leave you
only if you promise that you will never indulge in any activities
against the British rule in India”. My father was frightened and
promised not to do so, but the other man was shot dead. Baba
gave him a new life.
Contact with Meher Baba
We returned to the undivided India at Rawalpindi, now in
Pakistan. Some years of my childhood were spent in district
Rawalpindi now called Islamabad. My father later shifted to Ranchi.
He sent us telegrams and letters to come immediately saying some
political unrest might occur. We came to Ranchi and after few
months political upheaval started in large scale and India was
divided. Had it not been for my father, today our stories would have
been different. My father’s search for the Master continued and it
was not until few more years that my father would have Meher
Baba’s darshan. It was in the year 1936 that my father heard the
name of Avatar Meher Baba in one of the columns of the English
Daily Newspaper, ‘Advance’ of Calcutta. He was at Asansol then.
This article was written by Dr. C.D. Deshmukh of Nagpur.
My father accepted Meher Baba as his Guru and Master
soon after reading this article. He was a person who would get
tears seeing Ram Lila. He had to wait for six long years after
reading this article before he had the opportunity of Baba calling him
to Meherabad. He was invited to Meherabad for Darshan
programme from 27th to 29th December, 1942.
We were at Dehradun in the year 1942. My father used to
recite sufi couplets in the early morning. One such couplet which I
remember was uk eSa cUnk] uk [kqnk Fkk] eq>s ekyqe u Fkk] nksuks
byr ls tqnk Fkk eq>s ekywe uk Fkk “Na main Banda na khuda tha,
mujhe maloom na tha Dono illat se juda tha, mujhe maloom na tha”.
This couplet means, “I was neither man nor god, I do not know. I
was different from these, I do not know”. One morning one of the
family members woke up and there was fragrance of roses from his
body and bed. Then all the family members were awake and
experienced the sweet fragrance of roses. With the rising of the sun
it vanished slowly.
Often my father described his first Darshan of Baba. “I
reached Meherabad at about 3 P.M., on the 26th of December,
1942, Soon after arrival there, Adi K Irani (Secretary to Meher
Baba) came running there saying Baba called me. This call came to
me as a blessing from God. I followed Adi in a state of immense
joy, my heart full of His love, my eyes full of joyous tears, running
towards the Lord of my heart, who made me His own long before I
met Him in person. One step in the hut at Lower Meherabad and I
was face to face there with Baba in a reclining position. I saw His
brilliant face shining as a full moon, more beautiful than anyone I
had ever seen before. His two most beautiful, charming and
twinkling eyes, wide and deep as the ocean pierced my heart and
kissed my soul. His graceful smile confirmed forever that I belonged
to Him and Him alone. I was lost in Him for a while; when Adi held
my hand and made me sit beside Baba. Baba looked at me for the
first time and His one gracious look won my heart forever.
Happiness of my millions lives cannot equal the bliss of that one
moment with Baba. Baba held my hand, drew me to His heart and
gave me a warm embrace and made me aware that I was in the lap
of the God-mother drinking deep from the well of His love.” Baba
asked, “What do you wish for” Before I could reply, Baba dictated on
the board, “I know what you want. For you words are unnecessary”
and He took me in His embrace again.”
Attacked during riots
Owing to my father’s various transfers, we saw Jamshedpur,
Ranchi, Jabalpur, Madras and few other places. It was in 1947 just,
before partition that we came to Ranchi where my father had
contract business. On the day of Ram Navami there was a big
procession. I went to see it. Then suddenly riots between Hindus
and Muslims broke out. I ran towards the home and took the short
route which passed through a Muslim colony. The road was
deserted, but when I reached the center of the road, then dozens of
people with knives & lathis attacked me. I fell on the ground
unconscious. (Baba says unconscious always involves, temporary
return to the original, beyond-beyond state of God regardless of the
cause, ‘whether it be sound sleep, drugs a physical accident) When
I regained consciousness I found someone had stabbed me in the
chest and ran away. I had been stabbed seven times by then. A
police man appeared who knew me and asked me what had
transpired. I was aghast; I admonished him for having come after I
was stabbed. He took me to a nearby hospital in a rickshaw.
I also recollect that three months before this incident I had a
dream in which I saw that few people were running with weapons to
attack me. The area that I saw in the dream was around the same
place where the incident occurred. This again shows how Baba had
forewarned me. But, it is unfortunate that human mind does not
understand the mysterious indications until the happening of the
Someone had informed my father of the incident and he
came running to the hospital. Doctor came and attended to my
wounds. He wanted to stitch the wounds with anesthesia but I did
not want any. I was totally disappointed at the human behavior of
killing innocent ones in the name of religion.
Later a Police Inspector came to record my statement. I
said, “It is the fault of a Hindu as to why he is born a Hindu, the fault
of a Muslim as to why he is born of Muslim parents and the fault of a
Sikh as to why he is a Sikh?” Finally, he said, “Is this a statement? I
said, “Mob is mad; so many died, but nothing has happened to the
culprits but in my case I am alive because of Meher Baba’s grace,
God’s grace. Today, when I reflect on the incident, I realize that had
it not been for His grace I could not have survived those deep
God is above religion
My father would distribute pamphlets of Baba and I also
would distribute them. It was in the year 1940 then we were staying
at Jamshedpur. One of the pamphlets, eSa jkt dkt vkSj lekt
lc cny nwWxk I recollect, “Meher Baba says, Main Raj Kaaj aur
samaaj sab badal doonga” which means, “I will change the
governance, working culture and the society”, I do not recollect
which message it was, but definitely this message had a deep
impact on me because of two reasons: first I myself had distributed
those leaflets. Second, this quote did have a significant meaning in
my later part of the life. What Baba had said sixty years back is
happening now.
Baba said about religion: “I am not come to establish a new
religions. The religion that I shall give teaches the knowledge of
the one behind the many. The book I shall make the people read is
the book of the heart that holds the key to the mystery of life, I shall
bring about a happy blending of the head and the heart. I shall
revitalize all religions and cults and bring them together like beads
on one string.
Life went on and I completed my education in many places
and reached Madras before I went for my first Darshan of Meher
# Excerpted from Listen, Humanity by Meher Baba, ed. D. E. Stevens, pp. 186. Copyright
1982 Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust
Pritam Singh’s Darshan Diary
“God is Love. And Love must love. And to love there must be a Beloved. But since God
is Existence infinite and eternal there is no one for Him to love but Himself. And in order to
love Himself He must imagine Himself as the Beloved whom He as the Lover imagines He
loves. Beloved and Lover implies separation. And separation creates longing; and longing
causes search”#.
--Meher Baba
My father always longed for Baba’s Darshan. He also wrote
to Baba many times and received as many replies from Him. I am
reminded of what Nanak said,
tkds efLrd deZ izHk ik;s]
lk/k lj.k ukud rs vk;s
“Jake Mastak karm prabhu paye
, sada sarasa Nanak te Aye”,
which means, “Those who are destined to meet God, Nanak, only
they can come in contact with a Saint (Master)”. He was one of the
very fortunate few who were destined to have Baba’s Darshan
several times.
As I went through all the correspondence my father had with
Beloved Meher Baba, I am tempted to share few letters he received
from Baba.
A Letter of Love
9th September, 1955
Dear Pritam Singhji,
……….. All your letters to Beloved Baba, to Bhau and to me
were read out to dear Baba. Baba was touched to hear every word of
love from you. He says that he knows too well how you love Him. Your
fervor and your deep and silent devotion has often been a subject of
discourse from Baba. Baba has felt exceedingly pleased with you
always; and we, the Mandali here, often remember you, all of a sudden,
and then think of you with great esteem and fond regards………………”
Yours lovingly,
In His company
He was ever eager to serve Beloved Meher Baba, seek His
Darshan and constantly longed to be with Him forever. During January,
1958 Meher Baba wrote a very loving letter in reply to his earnest
request to be with Him forever. The letter is reproduced as under:-
C/o Adi K.Irani,
King’s Road,
9th January, 1958
My Dear Pritam Singhji,
Your very loving letter of 6th was instantly read out to Baba, The
Beloved was deeply touched to hear the outpourings of your heart. He
wants me to convey to you that you are very dear to Him and he is
happy with you.
Regards your staying near Him even before the sahavas
commences, Baba says that even if you are thousand of miles away
from His physical presence and remember Him sincerely, you will NOT
miss Him. He is always near those who love Him ardently. Baba wants
you to rest contended with the stay of one week near Him during the
period of sahavas, he says for those who know the way to stay near
Him and love Him as he ought to be loved.
Baba does NOT want you to feel distressed in obeying His
wish. He wants you to make His wish your pleasure. In obedience
to Him is embedded the glorious path to the God itself. Perfect
obedience is the greatest service one can render at the feet of the
Ancient One.
Therefore, the Beloved wants you NOT to feel disheartened
and worried. On the contrary, He wants you to be happy in the
knowledge that He loves you dearly.
Baba sends His fond LOVE to you.
Yours lovingly,
Humor and Hope
Meher Baba, the King of Kings was also the king of humor.
In fact He said that he retained the quality of humor to make the
lives of His Mandali and lovers lively. One day during the Sahavas
programme in 1958, my father was standing ahead of me in the
queue, Baba jokingly said to my father, “Pritam ji Pritam se Miliye” in
Hindi. It means, “Beloved, please meet the BELOVED”. My father
Pritam Singh was really a ‘Pritam’ of Meher Baba. Once Baba said
to my father through Eruch, “Baba says He folds His hands to your
In love, the lover longs more and more for the Beloved.
When dependence increases more and more separation becomes
even more acute. My father was a lucky one who had Baba’s
Darshan regularly. He never left his Master behind and prayed
earnestly to Baba not to leave him. Once in April, 1960, at
Guruprasad, my father was sitting in front of Baba and he said to
Baba, “This man called by the name of Pritam Singh humbly prays
to his Beloved Baba not to leave him even for a moment, otherwise
he will be lost and will be no more. You are his only hope”.
Beloved Baba in reply gestured “Kabool” meaning accepting
his earnest request. How fortunate my father was, for the Divine
Beloved accepted to be His constant companion.
Permission to Change the name
Truly, my father’s love for Meher Baba was seamless. He was
ready to offer any sacrifice for Him. He was increasingly identifying
himself with Meher Baba. In fact, he had a desire to change his name
from Pritam Singh Sahni to Pritam Singh Meher. He was indeed very
fortunate to get the permission to change his name from Beloved Baba
Himself. Here is the permission accorded by Baba.
14th October, 1966
Pritam Singh Sahni
K-3/11, Model Town,
Dear Pritam Singh
Your letter to me of 10th seeking Beloved Baba’s permission to
use the word “MEHER” instead of “Sahni” was read to Him in His very
deep seclusion.
Baba permits you to make the change, and call yourself hereforth
Pritam Singh Meher, and carry on to spread His cause as you
have been so far doing silently and unassumingly.
Beloved Baba sends you His love,
Yours brotherly,
My father was a tireless worker of Meher Baba. He always
undertook the work of printing Baba’s messages and distributing them.
His efforts to spread the name and messages of Meher Baba speak
volumes of his love for Him. Once he distributed four thousand
pamphlets in four days during World Conference of Religions in 1974.
He wished to write the name of the Lord on every atom of this universe.
In love one lives less for himself and more for the Beloved. Self
abnegation comes naturally to a true lover. Love takes the lover to
great heights of selflessness. He renounces many desires. Pritam
Singh reached the peak of self abnegation. He wrote a letter to
Beloved Baba seeking permission to renounce his family and retire to a
secluded place to live in His communion forever. The reply of Baba is
as under or follows.
April 01, 1967
Sri Pritam Singh Meher,
K-3/11, Model Town,
Delhi- 110009.
Dear Pritam Singh
Your letter of 28th March, 1967 was read to Beloved Baba,
because it was lucky it reached here and was read to Baba before 1st
April Baba does not want anyone to write to Him or to His Mandali,
except about His work. I hope you got my specially printed postcard
about this “no-correspondence” from 1st April, 1967.
In reply to your wish to retire to a secluded place, Beloved Baba
wants you to continue to reside with your family till such time as you
see Him after 1967 and then you may personally ask Baba about this
life that you wish to live. Till then, you have to lead a retired life with
your family, and should not take any step till you see Baba after 1967
and have His advice.
With loving regards,
Yours brotherly,
(Adi K.Irani)
Much later, he wrote the following on this letter:
“In strict obedience to these commands of Beloved Baba, I
did not request for Darshan nor did I write any letter to His Mandali
members. On 31st January, 1969 Baba dropped His physical body
hence I had no chance to ask Him. I reached Meherabad on 4th
February, and had Baba’s Darshan at the tomb on 5th also. On the
6th before my returning to Delhi I had last Darshan of my Beloved
Baba’s most lovely form in reclining position in the crypt at the tomb.
Placing my forehead at His lotus feet – I spoke to Him about my
desired life in Him………
I recollected on 26th December, 1942, I had first Darshan of
my Beloved in reclining position at Lower Meherabad…………….
My father retired. He started living more and more in the
invisible presence of Beloved Baba. He was often talking to himself
and to the Divine Beloved. He was always with Him. The Divine
one had granted His companionship to him. After a brief illness he
died in 1983, leaving behind Him an exemplary life lived for the sake
of the Beloved. His love for Baba would not only inspire God
seeking aspirants but also great yogis who probably would
exchange their life time of “Tapasya” for his one moment of Baba’s
His deep desire to live in Baba was long before fulfilled when
Baba said “Kabbool” to his prayers. The Divine Tavern man filled
the cup of his heart with so much of Divine love that it overflowed. I
quote from a letter written by Baba through Eruch to my father on
23rd May, 1957.
23rd May, 1957
Dear Pritam Singhji,
“Your letter made Beloved Baba feel very happy. Baba says
that He is very pleased with your love and devotion for the only ONE
worthy of being loved.
A time will come when your cup will not only be filled upto the
brim but it will also be overflowing”.
Yours lovingly,
Darshan of Beloved Baba
My father had several opportunities to have the Master’s Darshan. I
have tabulated them:
Sl No Date Place Highlight
26 Dec 1942 Meherabad This was the first time for Pritam
Singh to have Baba’s Darshan.
28 June to 30
Hyderabad To attend Baba’s God determined
step. He traveled from Suri Birbhum
in West Bengal to Hyderabad.
29 & 30 Sep
Meherabad To attend Baba’s Final Declaration
programme. He traveled form
Jabalpur to Meherabad.
19 to 25 Nov
Meherabad To attend Sahavas programme. He
travelled from Madras (Chennai) to
14 to 20 Feb
Meherabad To attend Sahavas programme. He
travelled from Madras to Jabalpur to
Meherabad. I was also present in this
10 Jul 1958 Meherabad To receive Universal Message. He
travelled from Madras Jabalpur to
18 April 1960 Guru Prasad, Pune General Darshan Programme. He
travelled from Agra to Pune.
4 & 5 May 1960 Guru Prasad, Pune General Darshan Programme. He
travelled from Agra to Pune.
1 to 4 Nov 1962 Guru Prasad,
To attend East- West gathering. He
travelled from Agra to Pune.
05 May 1963 Guru Prasad,
In this Darshan, Meher Baba asked
my father to recite a couplet from
Granth Sahib. My father recited,
“Tum Thakur tum pe Ardas” Baba
was very pleased with this recitation
and He embraced my father. He
travelled from Agra to Pune.
4 to 6 Feb 1969 Meherabad To attend what is called as Great
Darshan after Baba dropped His
body on 31 Jan 1969. From 1970,
this date is celebrated as Amartithi.
He had traveled from Delhi.
My father attended few Amartithi celebrations at Meherabad. He
had attended the Amartithi in 1970, 1971, 1974 and 1976. His
Darshan diary may indeed turn many angels envious.
# Excerpted from The Everything and The Nothing by Meher Baba, p. 1. Copyright
1989 Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust.
My Divine Father – Meher Baba
“If I am the Highest of the High, then a wish of my Universal Will is sufficient to give,
in an instant, God-Realization to one and all, and thus free every creature in creation from the
shackles of Ignorance. But blessed is Knowledge that is gained through the experience of
Ignorance, in accordance with the Divine Law. This Knowledge is made possible for you to
attain in the midst of Ignorance by the guidance of Perfect Masters and surrenderance to the
Highest of the High. #
-Meher Baba
It is my good fortune that I was born of parents who were
Baba Lovers. It did not take very long for me to understand that
Baba is God. It was a natural process for me to accept Him as God.
Meeting Masts & advanced souls
I did have few encounters with advanced souls. We were at
Jabalpur in 1953 when I had darshan of a Mast named then Than
Pal Baba. “The Wayfarers’ by Dr. William Donkin which is a great
work on Baba’s spiritual work with the Masts, records that at that
time Than Pal Baba as a 2nd plane mast. He was generally found
playing in a village near Jabalpur. Later, we shifted to Madras (Now
known as Chennai) and there was a mast named Moti Baba who
was known to be a high mast of 6th plane. I used to go for his
Darshan daily. This great Mast was found by Kaka Baria (one of the
male Mandali members who had a knack of finding masts) and
Eruch on a trip of almost incredible hardship, when the two of them
were sent by Baba from Bangalore to bring Masts for the newly
established special Mast Ashram there. Moti Baba was first
contacted by Baba in November, 1939 shortly after Kaka and Eruch
had first seen him and again in January, 1942. Sometimes he would
play cards with me and sometimes he would ignite a match stick
and show me the light of it by bringing it close to my eyes. Once on
Diwali, I had gone to him, he brought a small container of sweets
and chose me only among the crowd who were present and gave
the sweets. Nothing significant happened while I met him. But I
would feel very glad to have met him.
Once, I went to a Tantrik, who gave me a lemon with the
promise that I should keep it undisturbed for 21 days and that if I cut
it after 21days I would get a seven colour stone. True to his words, I
found a seven colour stone. I got the stone fixed in a gold ring.
Once, when I went to Mast Moti Baba he removed the Ring and I
never tried to get it back.
There was another Mast who was staying in a verandah of a
bungalow which belonged to a Muslim Businessman. The mast was
fond of tea. He used to go outside to a nearby tea stall and I would
follow him. Tea vendor never hesitated to offer tea to the mast. He
would sip and pass on the glass of tea to me. I always accepted it
without any thought. The mast wore clothes which I think were
never washed.
Moti Baba
Perhaps it is all His grace that I was able to meet such masts
and saints. The basis and the realization of meeting these
advanced souls were neither known to me nor did I ever try to
dissect these meetings. I can only say that on the journey to God,
we all are wayfarers and those are really fortunate who have their
hands in the Master’s. I would like to quote from ‘The Wayfarers’ as
“In 1939, Baba sent Eruch and Kaka to bring masts to
Bangalore Ashram. They went to Nagapatnam in search of
masts. The next day they devoted to two meetings with Moti
Baba – who is a high mast of the sixth plane-and although
they failed to persuade him to come with them, their
experiences were odd.
During their first encounter in the morning nothing
memorable came to pass, and they left with a promise to
come back - the same evening. At sunset, when they
reached house, they joined a group of disciples and visitors
who were awaiting Moti Baba’s return, and after some time
his shuffling footsteps were heard approaching, and a hush
fell on the gathering. This little old man with bright eyes then
stepped up onto the verandah, and at once peeled off his
wet outer clothes. These were composed of seven coats
and seven pairs of trousers, which he removed in two pieces
en bloc, one of seven coats each within the other, and the
other of seven pairs of trousers invaginated into each other
in the same way. He then reclined, covered only by the
indefinite folds of an assortment of undergarments, and was
silent for a time, while he enjoyed several country cigarettes.
Thereafter, he ordered one of his attendants to prepare and
bring food. This was placed before them by a man,
previously a leper, who had begged Moti Baba to heal him.
He had been told to stay as an attendant, and rub the dust
from Moti Baba’s feet every day over the leprous patches,
and he was now apparently cured, and had devoted his life
to the service of the man by whose grace he had been
After the meal, Kaka and Eruch, at a moment that seemed
propitious, repeated their plea of the morning that Moti Baba
should come away for a few days with them. He replied in a
strange way. He pointed to his feet, indicating the mud and
filth upon them, and told them, with a sigh, how tired he was,
since he had but now returned from a visit to the man who
had sent them, and that there was therefore, no need for him
to go with them.
Some time later, apparently without rhyme or reason, he lit
three matches in succession, and gave them to Kaka, who
acting on the principle that whatever a saint gives to one
should be kept, placed the cinders in his pocket. It was then
nearly midnight, and suddenly Moti Baba asked Baba’s men
to prepare tea for him. The ex-leper, after a hectic search in
the city, produced two large beakers, one of tea, and other of
coffee. Moti Baba then invited the three of them to sleep on
the floor beside him, but because of the plans that lay ahead
they declined, and set out for the station. Kaka still feels that
they should not have refused this invitation, for he thinks it
possible that they might have undergone some memorable
spiritual experience. But such a chance, once rejected, is
not offered a second time.”
Prof AK Hazra
Our family would always indulge in talking about Baba. My
father would waste no time in any other pursuit except to involve
himself in some activity related to Baba. I remember, once at
Khamaria, Jabalpur there was Baba programme in year 1953. Bhau
Kalchuri, Nana Kher and few others had come for that programme.
There was no electricity due to some failure and finally the
programme was held with the help of lanterns. My father who was
always eager to participate in such activities would get immersed in
telling Baba stories. Many would come to meet him and he would
tell Baba tales in the most touching manner.
Professor A.K. Hazra was also living at Jabalpur at that time.
He also had very profound memories of my father, which he
described in his book, “Memoirs of a Zetetic”. Once he had come to
our place and my father narrated him the story of Baba Flag. In the
words of Prof A. K. Hazra recorded in his memoirs, “A peculiar
phenomenon took place when Pritam Singh was pouring out his
heart’s love for Meher Baba in the most touching words. A strong
exudation of fragrance, like a hundred roses, would suddenly fill the
room as old eyes sparkled with tears punctuating his stories about
his Master. Meher Baba must have made an invisible member of the
audience at such times apart from SKG, RBN and I, and the sudden
manifestation of fragrance was the testament of His presence.
Sardar Pritam Singh ‘Meher’ was in his sixties at that time, while we
were in our twenties. But he looked brighter and more youthful than
we with all our meat eating and high calorie diets, as well as our
physical exercise.”
Prof Hazra wrote further about my father in his memoirs as,
“Baba Lover named Sardar Pritam Singh “Meher”, an elderly
gentleman who deeply impressed us with his age, sagacity,
intelligence and utter devotion to Meher Baba. Formerly a
government Contractor and having property and business outside
India, this old gentleman’s story of his first meeting Meher Baba
touched us deeply. He saw a brilliant light and lost consciousness
of the outer world. After he regained consciousness, someone
asked him what his impression about Meher Baba was, Pritam
Singh’s reply was “Can a new born baby describe his father? This
was an apt manner in which to describe the indescribable”.
My father is my role model. And my Divine Father Meher
Baba models us in to various roles!
#Excerpt from Meher Baba’s Highest of the High Copyright Avatar Meher Baba
Perpetual Public Charitable Trust
Darshan, Devotion & Dedication
“True love is very different from an evanescent outburst of indulgent emotionalism
or the enervating stupor of a slumbering heart. It can never come to those whose heart is
darkened by selfish cravings or weakened by constant reliance upon the lures and
stimulations of the passing objects of sense. #
-Meher Baba
Before I went for Baba’s darshan at Poona, Baba was always in
my thoughts. This was automatic without me putting any conscious
effort. I remember that I used to recite a poem published in
Awakener magazine in 1955, written by Ruano Bogislav-
Take Me O Beloved
Take me O Beloved
In to that land of light,
Where love creates the endless day
And there shall be no Night!
And there with Thee, Beloved
All life is as a song
A strange and Glorious harmony
To which we all belong!
Ruano Bogislav
My first Darshan of Meher Baba
Baba planed to give public darshan at Poona on 14th
January, 1956. My father sent me to this darshan programme. I
reached Poona on 13 January, 1956 evening and stayed in the
house of one Baba Lover. It was getting difficult to wait until the
morning before I could see my Divine Father. In the evening
someone suggested to go for Darshan of Babajan’s Samadhi. This
proposition was too good to say no as Babajan was one of Baba’s
Masters. We reached Babajan’s Samadhi crossing Saint Vincent
School where Baba had studied. It was such a beautiful time that one
felt like being in clouds. Before one could realize events were passing
by. Perhaps, while one is in the field of influence of a Master, things
change their speed and momentum.
When we were there Brother Adi Senior met me and asked me,
“Are you son of Pritam Singh? “Yes” I said, I had not met Adi senior
ever before. It was surprising that be could recognize me as the son of
Pritam Singh Meher. Then he asked whether I had Baba’s darshan
before. When I answered in the negative, he patted my back and said
that this time I would definitely have His darshan.
We all were ready in the morning of 14 January, 1956 to march
to the sight where darshan was arranged. It was at Plot No.5 near the
Poona Meteorological Laboratory at Ganeshkhind. I think it was
Ahuja’s building opposite to this bungalow.
At 8 am Baba’s green colour car reached the darshan place.
Baba was sitting in the front seat wearing pink coat. Baba was so
beautiful and radiant. I felt that I had not seen any man or women so
beautiful and was crying inside me ‘Baba Baba’. I felt Baba was
responding to everyone. He was like a bright Sun with His rays of light
and love all around. I was just melting in His presence and wanted to
keep looking at Him only. Baba alighted from the car and went
inside the building and after some time darshan programme started. I
was in queue for darshan. While in queue I do not remember what I
was thinking. But it was a special feeling to be in the orbit of the
Avatar. After some time my turn came. I do not remember whether I
bowed at Baba’s feet or He embraced me but I remember Baba gave
me Prasad and with one hand gestured something which I did not
understand. (Closing his fingers below his chin- sign of beard; my
father had long beard). Brother Eruch translated His gesture saying
Baba says, “Go and give Prasad to Pritam ji”. I felt very happy. Baba
gave me the experience that He was all Knowing.
About darshan of Master it is said in Guru Granth Sahib:
gksa cfygkjh lrxq# pj.kk
rqe esgjoku nkl ge nhuk ukud lkfgc Hkjiqj yh.kk
Dhan Su Wela Jit Darshan karna haon Balihari Satgur charna
Tum Meherwan dass Hum Dina Nanak Sahib Bharpur lina
That moment was auspicious when I had darshan.
I am a sacrifice at the holey feet of the master you are merciful lord, I
am your poor slave. Nanak is full with your love Divine.
Pictures clicked by: Waryam Singh at Poona Public Darshan in 1956
I came back home and gave the Prasad of Baba to my father.
For days together I was feeling Baba’s presence and I too longed like
my father to have His darshan as soon as possible. I had to wait for
another two years before I could have His darshan for the second time.
Soon after having first darshan of Baba I began to have
wonderful experiences in dreams. I saw a palace like building having
round pillars and Baba was sitting on a dais wearing garland of
precious stones. For many days I used to see the same dream. In one
of the dreams, I saw Baba coming out of bathroom and gestured me to
support and I supported Him.
Second Darshan
I got my second opportunity to take Baba’s darshan during
sahavas at Meherabad from 14th February to 19th February, 1958. I and
my father attended this sahavas programme. There were seven
hundred fifty people including women this time. It was such a
wonderful time. We reached Meherabad after a long and arduous
journey from Jabalpur. It was so difficult those days. One had to
change at least three trains before one could reach Meherabad. The
arrangements were very good. There were different pandals for men
and women. We were given meals and tea and all requirements were
looked after. It was actually like heaven. Being with Baba and no cares
and worries is something which perhaps even the angels will yearn for.
It is so difficult to reconstruct that atmosphere but surely I
shall bring out what I remember. On the first day Baba came in a
regal manner and He occupied His seat. Mr. Pandey was taking
Baba’s picture. Baba remarked to him regarding some picture
which he might have clicked earlier. He said “What a wonderful
picture you have taken! It showed as if Baba is giving birth to Baba.
He always encouraged even the smallest of efforts. Baba then gave
a discourse. “In my previous incarnations, God had the chance of
playing the role as God the father, but in this incarnation, God has
the chance of playing both the role as God the Father and God the
Beloved meets beloved
We were then standing in queue for His darshan. I was in
the line carrying album of photos, (which I had clicked during my
first darshan at Poona on 14th February, 1956) behind my father. I
saw my father with folded hands in front of Baba. Then he turned
his folded hands towards me as if he had silently prayed to Baba for
me. My father’s turn came and Baba said to him. “Pritamji
PREETAM se miliye”. Preetam means beloved. So Baba in His
humorous style meant, ‘Beloved please meet the BELOVED’. When
my turn came for darshan I was not aware of my existence, nothing
existed for me for those moments, and then I was blank. I must
have embraced and bowed at Baba’s Holy feet.
It is said in Gurugranth Sahib,
esjs g`n; lq/k cq/k folj xbZ eu vklk fpra folkfj;k
“Mere hirday sudh budh visar gayee maann asa chint visarya”,
which means, “My heart achieved the state of forgetfulness and
my mind got freed from hopes and worries. He pardons all wrong
It is also said in Gurugranth Sahib,
gj tu jk[ks xq# xksfcUn jk[ks xq# xksfcUn
“Har Jan Rakhey Gur Gobind, Rakhey Gur Gobind
Kanth laye, Avgun Sab Meytey, Dayal Purakh Bakhshand”,
which means,
“Master who is the lord protects His people himself, His
embrace removes all bad qualities, who is compassionate and
forgiving one”.
Pictures clicked by: Waryam Singh in 1958 Sahavas
Sahavasees had tied entrance badges on their left arms. My
father’s badge no. was 355 and my badge no. was 356. Each day
the darshan programme would end with His arti and every one felt
like being in His presence for ever. Once Meher Baba said, “When I
am in your midst, I am the way and the Goal. The path has no
existence. The path then begins to follows you. When you begin to
love, I am yours and you are Mine”.
Baba looks at everyone at the same time
One day during the Parvardigar prayer we all were facing
towards Baba who was also standing with folded hands and
someone was reciting the prayer. My mind was running towards
home and I was feeling it was going step by step towards the door
of the Pandal. But when it reached the door, some hidden hand
brought it back till the prayer was finished. Baba showed me His
authority. In His presence our body, mind and soul belonged to Him
alone. It was the last day of the sahavas at Meherabad. Baba had
fever, so it was decided that there will be two rows of lovers and
Baba will be taken in the chair through the lovers for darshan.
When Baba was carried each one felt that He was looking at him.
And it is hundred percent correct that Baba was looking at everyone
at the same time.
Take me with you
We just did not know how time passed and these six days of
sahavas were over. It was a very difficult moment for all of us to part
from the Beloved of hearts. We all reached at the railway line. The
railway officials were requested to halt the train at the make shift
platform of Meherabad for all the sahavasees to board. Then a
special train arrived from Ahmednagar at Meherabad. We all
boarded the train which was decorated with Baba flags and flowers.
Baba touched His heart and raised His hand and said. “Take Baba
with you in your hearts”. That moment we were totally lost to the
world and only Baba was there. There were shouts of “Avatar Meher
Baba Ki Jai”. One can see this immortal scene in few movies shot
by His lovers.
The train slowly moved towards Ahmednagar and Baba’s car
was speeding on the road towards Meherazad. Baba took His hand
out of the car window and waved at us. Everyone was yearning to
have a glimpse of Baba. All were intoxicated with His Divine Love.
This second darshan of Baba is too precious to me and it
was indeed such an experience that I can never trade with anyone
for any price. Perhaps one waits for births together for one can
come in to the orbit of the Avatar and perhaps several more life
times to get such an opportunity to be in the presence of the Lord of
Lords. Baba’s love really overwhelmed all of us.
Third darshan during East-West gathering
Life went on and it was not until 1962 that I could avail the
third opportunity of having His darshan. East-West gathering was
again a special time when Baba had called His eastern and western
lovers. Baba was working towards blending the spirituality of the
east and practicality of the west to bring about desired spiritual
results. It was during November, 1962 that I too was given
permission to come for Baba’s darshan, called the East-West
gathering from 02 to 04 Nov 14. I saw Baba for the third time and
that was my last time when I had His darshan. Each time I had His
darshan I felt something inside me grew up and my vision
broadened, words actually fail to capture these moments. Those
who have had His darshan can easily experience and appreciate
such feelings. During 1962 East West gathering, a press reporter
came to Baba and asked what would be the result now that China
attacked India. Baba said, “Since, I, the ancient one is here in India,
India will win”.
Truly, I am fortunate to be blessed with His Darshan three
times. By my experience I can say that a disciple may fall short of
the expectations of the Master, but the Master shall never fail us
and shall never let us down. In my life, Baba has never let me down.
It is these three darshans that have sustained me through the
storms of my life.
Excerpted from The Path of Love by Meher Baba, pp. 67-71. Copyright 1986
Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust
Sahavas Snippets
“Those who love me are mine. The whole world is mine. You are mine. Everything
is mine. All are mine. I am the one for those who love me. I am only his who loves me. Write
this in your hearts. All are mine. The one who loves me is mine, whether he is sitting near me
or staying miles away from me. That is a fact. Don’t feel worried. Don’t feel nervous. I want
you all to go happily and cheerfully. I know everything. Take me with you fully. Take as much
of me as you can with you.” #
-Meher Baba
The record of sahavas programs with Beloved Baba is available
in books, CDs and cassettes. Some of the incidents that happened
and messages given by Meher Baba during 1958 Sahavas are my
most wonderful memories. I share few of them:
 1958 Sahavas was unique in the sense that for the first time
even ladies were invited to attend the sahavas.
 The sahavas was arranged for the first time on such a large
scale when over 750 people attended the programme.
 There was another sahavas which was arranged immediately
after the Hindi Marathi Sahavas for Telugu Gujarati people.
 It was for the first time that a Train had stopped at Meherabad
at the make shift platform for His lovers to board the train at
Meherabad itself.
 Some glimpses of this sahavas was recorded in a video film
which is very touching to see Baba telling His lovers to take
Him with them.
 This sahavas was unique in few more ways because, Baba
Himself took the sahavasees to see His tomb at upper
Meherabad. When Baba took us for darshan of His Samadhi,
Baba remarked, “You all are fortunate to see my Samadhi while
I am in body.”
 Moreover, this sahavas was arranged by Padri, who was
severely injured in the accident, which Baba met on 02 Dec
 This Sahavas was also unique because Godavari Mai had
come to attend.
 In this sahavas, Baba gave very important and serious
discourses, especially on false saints.
 One Baba Lover from Hamirpur got so overjoyed and emotional
that he could not control himself. He suddenly started dancing
on the stage wearing Dupta (a piece of cloth ladies wear to
cover their heads). He started dancing abruptly (Baba says
whatever action you do, it binds you, but action done in my
name liberates you, even dancing in my name liberates you). I
had seen Divine glow (Noor-e-elahi) on Baba’s face when He
had a heart laugh. The Joy and Bliss experienced in Baba’s
physical presence will ever remain indescribable. It was the
climax of heavenly life on this earth. Then there was no worry,
no tension, no hope, and no thought except Baba. No one can
explain the heavenly atmosphere when He laughs. Baba would
not produce any sound while laughing. His laughter was also
silent. Baba silently shared His laughter, His eyes sparkling with
amusement. During the five days of the Sahavas, it was the first
time I saw Baba so happy.
 Once Baba was embracing everyone and it was the turn of Dr.
C.D. Deshmukh. Baba quietly flicked his pen from his pocket
and showed it to others. Hiding the pen Baba asked
Deshmukh, “Have you lost any thing?” Dr Deshmukh was
looking lost. Then Baba gave back his pen. Baba never
missed an opportunity to play mischief and bring humor. He
said that humor relaxed Him.
 On one of the days, wife of Pankhraj from Jabalpur came for
Baba’s darshan. Pankhraj and his wife were short. Baba was
in a very jovial mood. When she approached Baba, He held
her hand and said, “Were you to marry this short man only?
Instead you could have married me! While He cracked this joke
all present could not control their laughter.
 During the sahavas one day Baba was calling a person again
and again. A thought came to my mischievous mind. Is there
partiality here? The very next moment Eruch and translated
Baba’s gestures- Baba says, “I call only that person again and
again with whom I have work”. This announcement not only
clarified my doubt but also assured me that Baba is for all. A
little late I came to know that the person whom Baba was
looking for was Meherji Karkaria.
 The seven sahavas saying that were hung for all of us to read,
remember and retain in our lives are tabulated:
Sl No Message
Be angry with none but your weakness.
Hate none but your lustful self. Be greedy to own more and
more wealth of tolerance and justice.
Let your temptation be to tempt Me with your love in order
to receive my grace.
Wage war against your desires and Godhood will be your
Real happiness lies in making others happy.
The real desire is that which leads you to become Perfect in
order to make others Perfect.
The real aim is that which aims to make others become
God by first attaining Godhood yourself.
Real living is dying for God. Live less for yourself and more
for others, one must die to one’s own self to be able to live
in all other selves.
One who dies for God lives forever.
Love others as you would love yourself and all that is yours.
Fortunate are they whose love is tested by misfortune.
Love Demands that the lover sacrifice for the Beloved.
Seek not to possess anything, but to surrender everything.
Serve others with the understanding that in them you are
serving me.
Be resigned completely to My will and My will be yours.
Let nothing shake your faith in Me and all your bindings will
be shaken off.
Desire for nothing except desirelessness.
Hope for nothing except to rise above all hopes.
Want nothing and you will have everything.
This Period of Sahavas is the period of my suffering and
My glorification will follow my humiliation.
 In this sahavas Baba gave very poignant messages for
generations to follow.
I want to share the messages that were given by Baba during this
1958 sahavas date wise.
15 Feb 1958
By the evening of 14 Feb 1958, which was a Friday, most of
us had reached Meherabad but we were all worried as it was
conveyed to us that Baba was keeping very unwell and was
undergoing tremendous physical suffering. Some of us understood
that the sahavas programme could be cancelled. The next day,
when Beloved Baba’s car arrived at around 8.30 AM, there were
huge shouts of ‘Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai’ and the whole
atmosphere changed. This was the first day and Beloved Baba met
everyone and had embraced each one of us. He was looking so
radiant that none of us could make out that He was undergoing so
much of suffering. On this day, He told us about the meaning of
“Sahavas means the give-and-take of love. I am the
only Beloved, and you all are my lovers; or, I am the only
Lover and you all are my beloveds! I wish that you remain
happy in my sahavas. This will be the last sahavas, so I want
you to be happy and draw as much of my love as possible.
“In the sahavas congregation, I will tell you
something very original. After this, there will be no more
programme. Do you know why I have taken this form?
During sahavas, my incarnation will take solid state. Do not
miss this sahavas of February 1958, even if you are
indisposed or you have some very important work.”
“This sahavas will be unique in the sense that you
will witness and share my presence universal suffering by
being near me as my fortunate companions – being with the
Ancient One, who will be completely on the human level
with you……..”
“Make the most of this opportunity. I am the Ocean of
Love. It rests with you to draw as much love as you can from
this Ocean. It does not rest with me to explain to you how to
love me. Try to understand it. Suppose a man loves a woman
and vice versa. Is it ever possible for the man to tell the
woman, or the woman to tell the man how they should love
each other? One thing is certain: I want to give you as much
of my love as possible, but it rests with you to receive it. The
easiest way is for you to forget about your home, family and
worldly affairs when you are here, and try to be receptive to
my love. This is the first thing required if you want to absorb
the maximum of my love. The second thing is to feel
completely comfortable, have a good night's rest, sleep well
each night, so that when you come daily for my sahavas you
will feel fresh.
“I am God, and if you doze in my presence, you will
miss me and your drowsiness will force you to remain absent
from my presence, in spite of your daily attendance. The
meaning of sahavas is intimate companionship. In order to
establish this companionship, you should be free with me.
You should try to be as intimate with me as possible. Sahavas
is the intimacy of give-and-take between lovers. It is not
necessary to explain this give-and-take of the lover and the
Beloved. To create an atmosphere of explanations and
discourses is to mar the dignity of love which is established
only in the closest of intimacy.
“After five minutes, we will have prayers. After that,
you may garland me, meet me, take my darshan and even
embrace me; but come one after another. Do not create
pandemonium. There is no urgency; there is plenty of time.
My whole time will be spent in sahavas. I want you to meet
me intimately, in the closest friendship.
“I appear to you all to be happy and cheerful, and you
must be thinking that Baba is all right. But how could you
ever know how I suffer for the universe? I [alone] know how
I suffer.
“The last sahavas [November-December 1955] was
only for men, and they requested that the women should also
be given sahavas. The women were never given such an
opportunity, and so I permitted them to come for this
sahavas, which is chiefly for them. But since it was not
possible for the women to travel alone, men were also
allowed. Yet, in spite of that, I find that the number of
women attending this sahavas is fewer than the men. And
what about their children? I had to refuse their coming
because they would have caused confusion. If all the men had
stayed at home to care for and look after their children, the
women would surely have come in larger numbers.
“After the prayers, when you come to meet me,
embrace me with all your heart. Today is the day for it,
because half of you have the flu. If I catch it, then tomorrow,
besides fever, I may have the flu also. But one thing is
certain: you should not expect miracles from me. I have
never performed one. Before dropping this body, I will
perform the only miracle [breaking of my silence]. But I will
tell you one thing: I will perform miracles through my real
lovers. How will my intimate lovers perform miracles? All
these arrangements that you see here are in themselves a
miracle of what my lovers have done. You have no idea how
all this was accomplished. Pendu was entrusted with the
arrangements. You must have seen his condition. After
suffering from a brain concussion in the auto accident, he
cannot think or speak clearly, but he was put in charge of
everything. And I deferred giving final permission about
arrangements for days. Four days ago, I visited Meherabad
and Pendu was complaining and weeping before me like a
child. Nothing was here four days ago, no tents, no bathing
rooms, no latrines, no electricity. Padri's health is also not
good. He has constant back pain. He cannot stand for long
and give orders, and he is the man [who lives] to work.
Vishnu was helping both Pendu and Padri. Vishnu was also
involved in the accident which has affected his nerves. Even
a little work leaves him nervous and exhausted. Behind these
three is Adi. Adi is the most responsible behind this show.
You should see him to believe how he works night and day
— until two o'clock at night. He complained that he was
being driven mad. So many people were changing groups,
and newcomers were constantly being added to the list.
“To see Eruch standing here is a miracle in itself.
Physically, he is shattered. He has had no rest for even five
minutes. All the time, I keep him engaged. He is keeping
nightwatch, too.But after all this, the day of sahavas has
dawned, and all the arrangements are in order. You should
not forget many other lovers who came here in advance to
help. These five [Pendu, Padri, Vishnu, Adi and Eruch] are
not the only ones. There are so many other lovers who work
day and night”.
Meher Baba explained how He experienced the sahavas:
“It is I alone who bow down to myself and embrace myself;
it is I who smile, I who weep. It is Baba who sits on the dais,
and it is Baba squatting on the floor of the pandal. Baba
meets Baba, Baba comforts Baba. It is Baba who pats each
one lovingly, and it is Baba who is being patted. It is all
Baba, Baba, and Baba! That is my experience”.
It was a wonderful day as Baba spoke to each of them in His way.
Baba left for Meherazad at 5 PM.
16 Feb 1958
It was a nice Sunday morning and Baba arrived at 8 AM itself. He
“I will be in the tent today for half an hour. Then, going to
the hall, I will meet lovers of different groups separately. I
will spend only five minutes with every group. All the group
heads should be present. In the afternoon, a qawaali program
will be held in the tent. Tomorrow morning, I will take you
up Meherabad Hill, where I will show you my final resting
place, and also other places of interest and tell you something
about them. In the afternoon, there will be meetings of
workers of different centers. And the day after tomorrow —
if you people are still breathing — we will meet again.
One very interesting incident regarding Saib Asmi happened, which
I quote form Lord Meher:
“Baba observed:
This is Saib Asmi. He is a resident of Lahore and a
famous Pakistani poet. He has not met me before and this is
the first time he has come to Meherabad. Yet, he has written
a book in Urdu, Sarod-e-Javidan, which is dedicated to me.
In the book, he has devoted about 100 pages to my life as
much as he knows about it and has composed poems about
me. He has introduced me to the Muslim world as Saheb-e-
Zaman [the Messiah]. All this from a Muslim who has not
seen me before and that, too, in a land [Pakistan] where
people do not believe in the conception of man becoming
God. I know he has taken this courageous step out of his deep
love for me, and that sort of daring and love pleases me most.
Eruch was interpreting Baba's hand signs and
conveying them in English, and Keshav Nigam was
translating them into Hindi. By mistake, Keshav introduced
Saib Asmi to the gathering as "Saheb-e-Zaman Asmi,"
creating a burst of laughter. Baba declared, "Saib Asmi is
not Saheb-e-Zaman, but Keshav has mistakenly said so. Some
day, in one of his future births, Asmi may become [Qutub]
Saheb-e-Zaman!" This elicited loud cheers of "Avatar Meher
Baba ki jai!" and the pandal resounded with the cries.
Keshav then apologized for his mistake, saying that only
Meher Baba was the Saheb-e-Zaman. Saib Asmi laid his
head on Baba's feet, and Baba warmly embraced him. Again
there was loud cheering.
Baba then gave a wonderful discourse on false saints:
“For one to declare that he is a saint and allow people
to bow down to and revere him, without real authority, is to
feed one's ego with intense happiness. Simultaneously, with
the feeding of the ego comes a feeling of well-being. One
who is addicted to [eating or smoking] opium derives a
similar feeling of well-being, though temporarily. After a
time, the opium addict begins to feel the after-effects of
opium such as severe constipation, loss of appetite, headache,
dullness and drowsiness. He then begins to realize that it
would have been better had he not become addicted. But,
unfortunately, he cannot give up the habit. He has become its
slave. He realizes this too late and sinks into deeper
addiction, being tempted to take greater and greater quantities
of opium to keep pace with the gradual loss of the feeling of
“Similarly, one who indulges in happiness by
allowing people to bow down to him, without real authority,
feels the prick of conscience later on. And with this feeling
he realizes that he has no authority, but has got so used to the
habit of feeding his ego in this manner that he is unable to
stop the practice. He continues indulging and, after a time,
does not pay heed to the pricks of conscience. He becomes
numb to the voice within. After years of addiction, it so
happens that one day the opium addict is found lying
unconscious in a gutter of filth. An extra overdose of opium
proves tragic for the addict who lost complete control over
himself. The passerby scoffs, ridicules, points at him as a
confirmed opium addict.
“In the same way, a person who poses as a saint,
without really being one, starts to behave in an unworthy
manner after years of indulgence in addiction to overdoses of
homage. With him, unlike the opium addict, his unworthy
behavior is accounted as "perfection" by his followers. When
he abuses others, his words are accepted as blessings! When
he beats someone, his beating is accepted as the descent of
his grace! When he indulges in lovemaking with the opposite
sex, it is accepted as pure love! In short, whatever he does,
anything and everything, is accepted in a spirit of reverence
and love by the followers of the man who has posed as a
saint. The more unruly his behavior, the greater the
admiration of the followers. And the greater the admiration,
the richer becomes the feeding of the ego of that man.
Eventually, he falls from the high pedestal of admiration
because, not being a genuine saint, the rich doses of
admiration and reverence prove too much for the ego to
digest! With his fall this "opiumized" saint is ridiculed.
Those very persons who once called themselves his followers
now scoff and call him a fraud. Just as an opium addict has
his personal friends who extol the effects of opium and bring
into their fold innocent people, so, too, a person who poses as
a saint has a ring of followers who extol him and his
"miracles" to attract others to their fold. Such miracles may
be just coincidences, or even genuine experiences of simple
and devout followers who get desired results through their
own faith in and love even for such an opiumized saint.
“One who has no authority and yet permits people to
bow down to him plays a losing game, while those who bow
down gain. The unburdening of sanskaras [mental
impressions] of those who bow down at his feet is the cause
of his loss, for he takes on sanskaras that can only be wiped
off by many more births. The point to be considered is this: If
thousands can benefit at the cost of a false saint, should this
person be allowed to continue? If such a person is already in
contact with a Perfect Master and loves him, the Master
immediately puts a stop to this and corrects the man's
shortcomings, and warns his followers about such
unauthorized behavior. If, however, such a person is not
already in contact with a Perfect Master, the Master never
interferes, because eventually this person also derives some
benefit. The Master knows that this is the play of ego. The
cause of any eventual benefit to such a deluded person is that,
at the cost of his own condemnation, he proved to be a
dustbin for thousands to heap their sanskaras therein.
“There is no doubt that in his subsequent birth his
past behavior makes the person suffer much more due to this
burden of acquired sanskaras. But, with the intensity of his
suffering, the redeeming factor is the speed with which these
acquired sanskaras get wiped off. They are wiped off in
proportion to the intensity of suffering. Along with the
wiping off of the acquired sanskaras, his own sanskaras also
get wiped off speedily. Just as an unauthorized person,
posing as a saint, proves a source of benefit to thousands, so
also he proves of harm to many. All this is a play in illusion!
“As an opium addict feels happy to give a tiny bit of
opium to another, and that other, when he gets the taste of it,
hands over another small dose to a friend, they thus create a
circle of opium-eaters. The two or three persons close to the
"opiumized" saint of our discourse start spreading news that
such-and-such a woman was blessed with a child, and that
another got her wish fulfilled, and that he, a "saint,"
performed many such miracles. A clique of followers is
created around the opiumized saint. This happy picture does
not last long, for after some years it so happens that at least
one person finds out one day that his Master is a fraud and is
not God-realized. The impact of such a great setback in his
confirmed belief is so forceful that all his sanskaras, which he
had inadvertently transferred on to the "saint" in his belief
and devotion, all of a sudden recoil on him spontaneously
and overburden him afresh. Thus, the person who had placed
faith in the opiumized saint suffers a great deal.
“Let us view the picture from another angle: Suppose
I am the opiumized saint and you love me and revere me as
the Perfect Master. Your love becomes so deep and your faith
so great that you actually make progress on the spiritual path,
and really begin to have experiences of the Path. In this
instance, you are surely benefited at the hands of an
opiumized saint. Whereas in the previous case, the opiumized
saint has done a great harm. Through such false saints harm
and benefit recoil and accrue. In India we find people without
spiritual authority allowing others to bow down to them.
Even one of my old followers [Vibhuti], after many years of
contact with me, left me 30 years ago and established an
"ashram" at Nasik. You have seen or heard of it as a place of
spiritual pilgrimage. He used to tell people: "Meher Baba has
made me his chargeman." People paid much homage to him.
The news reached me, and I sent one man to tell him to stop
all this display and nonsense and come back to me. He did
not listen. He was very happy with his surroundings.
“Three years passed and he established a big
following, among whom was a very beautiful woman. Theirs
was not a proper [legal] marriage and the woman conceived.
The police heard of it and the man got frightened. He left
Nasik and ran to me. Then I reminded him that he did not
come three years before when I called. Now, he should either
go back and settle with the police, or stay with me and suffer
with leprosy.
“There is no mention of this in any of the books, but it
is recorded in Chanji's diary. He stayed with me and he did
get leprosy, all the time repenting. I forgave him and
instructed him to go out and beg for his food, to be without
money and not to touch women. I sent him wandering; he
was not to stay anywhere and to return after a year. He
roamed about for two years and then came back. He was
cured of the disease. Now he loves me fully and longs to tell
everyone about me. But all this is a play in illusion. It is all
my play. None can fathom me as I really am. I am in
everyone and I do everything; simultaneously, I also do
“Be brave. Be happy. I and you all are One; and the
Infinite that eternally belongs to me will one day belong to
every individual”.
On this day, Baba gave a beautiful discourse to a group on love-
“Love has no limit, but the mind gets in the way. This
hindrance cannot be removed without my grace, because it is
a question of the mind annihilating the mind! For instance, if
I were to ask Niranjan Singh to jump over himself, the most
he would do is a somersault. To leap over oneself is
impossible. Baba knows that from the purity in his heart, as
follows, Niranjan Singh wants to realize me, but the hitch is
During the sahavas someone was singing a ghazal of Seemab, who
had died some time back. The ghzal composed by Seemab (as follows
eq>s Xkys YkXkk ds Uk Nk¢Muk e¢jh ftUnXkh dk lokYk gS, Don’t leave
after embarrassing me, it is a question of life and death for me) was so
touching that Baba Himself was touched that Baba suddenly became
solemn and serious. Then He declared, "I gave mukti [liberation] to
Seemab just now."
This was also a wonderful day spent in His presence. In fact, He
stayed longer and said that next day He would go early as He had
done overtime.
17 Feb 1958
It was the most special day, because Baba took all of us to His
Tomb, where, He said His body would rest after He dropped His
body. How fortunate we were to visit along with Him.
He told us the importance of His Samadhi. He said,
“On this hill, I have done my Universal work. The
stone structure on my right was formerly a water reservoir
during the First World War. There is a room inside it in
which I had sat in seclusion several times in 1924. There was
an iron ladder leading to a window, which I used to climb to
enter and come out of the room.
“Shortly, I will send you to the place where my body
will be kept after I drop it. Inside it is a pucca [sturdily] built
crypt, where for six months, I stayed in seclusion and fasted
on only coffee once a day and water. The seclusion lasted for
two years, from 1927-28. Seventy years after I drop my body,
this place will turn into a place of pilgrimage, where lovers of
God, philosophers and celebrities will come to pay homage.
How fortunate you all are that you are here in my living
presence and could come up the hill with me!
“Those of you who have not seen the Tomb before
should go there now, one by one. See it and pay your respects
with a firm resolve that you will try your best to give
happiness to others at the cost of your own, and that you will
love Baba with all your heart. Having made this resolve, try
to follow these two things honestly”.
To one of the lovers He remarked:
“Books and discourses will never bring about one's
spiritual regeneration. The mind cannot be annihilated by the
mind, just as one cannot jump over oneself. Only by loving
me as I ought to be loved can the mind be destroyed. Anyone
may have love for me, but not the love I want. My lovers
may be likened to one who is fond of lions and admires them
so much that he keeps a lion in his own home. But, feeling
afraid of the lion, he puts it in a cage. The lion is always kept
caged, even while he feeds it; he feeds the pet from a
distance, standing outside the cage. Baba is also treated like a
lion by his lovers. There is love, there is admiration, there is
an intense desire to see Baba comfortable and happy, and
Baba is also frequently fed by the love of his lovers. But all
this is done keeping Baba segregated from one's own self.
What is wanted is that the lovers should open the "cage" and,
through intense love for their Baba, throw themselves inside
it to become food for the Lion of Love. The lover should
permit himself to be totally consumed through his love for
the Beloved.
In the afternoon, there was a meeting of Baba workers. Baba
“What is Baba's work? It is to explain to people who
and what Baba is. Baba has always emphasized that one
should love all, slander no one, not make others suffer and
have a pure heart. Baba is the Avatar of the Age and the
greatest work anyone can do is to love Baba as Baba ought to
be loved. If the workers themselves lack these attributes, how
will they be able to influence people? On the contrary, it
would not be Baba's work, but an increase of burden on
“There are two types of workers. For example,
Keshav tells people who Baba is and what Baba says, and
himself acts and lives as I want my workers to be in life.
Then there is Dillipati, who also loves me in his own way,
but lacks the qualities desired by me. When such a man,
instead of doing my work in a haphazard manner, confesses
his incapacity to others and tells them what I want them to
do, though he himself cannot do it, because he is honest there
is no binding created for him, and no burden felt by me on
behalf of such a worker.
“The workers should be bold and candid enough to
admit to their weaknesses and to try to overcome their
weaknesses before they attempt to preach what Baba says. In
doing Baba's work, there is one great difficulty. No doubt the
workers have love for Baba, but, at the same time, they have
their own characteristic weaknesses. The great difficulty
resides in the expression of one's ego, the feeling of selfimportance
by which a man is possessed, despite one's best
efforts to lose it. The heart is for weakening the ego, but the
mind is for strengthening it. The mind gains a sense of
greatness in doing Baba's work. There is no escaping this.
“What is to be done then? Try to be humble. But even
if the leader of a group, charged with the responsibility of
spreading Baba's message of love far and wide, tries to be
humble, his co-workers may take it as mere posing on his
part and look down upon him. Although, other people will
ultimately respect him for his quality of leadership.
“Another difficulty in doing Baba's work is that the
workers themselves fail to cooperate. With differences of
opinion prevailing, they find fault with one another. The
result is that the work itself suffers. All this results from the
workers differing among themselves while they dare to carry
to people my message of love, tolerance and purity of heart”.
Hearing everyone say that it was true, KK Ramakrishnan of Poona
Centre said that it was all due to Maya to which Baba replied,
“If maya were not there, then the work I started in the
beginning [creation], from which I am not yet free, would not
be there. Then, where would differences and disunity come
into the picture? In fact, I, myself, am the worker, the work
and everything. No, this [maya] is not the answer. I have
been looking for a remedy for ages, but until now I have not
found it. Can anyone suggest one? But there is a remedy for
this type of disunity. If the workers tried to act upon it
sincerely, it would be easy. Real workers are those who, in
addition to helping their leader, disregard his faults. In such
cases, the workers themselves become leaders and yet remain
sincere workers, too. My workers- follow this advice and
cooperate with their leaders and co-workers, understanding
that it is I who have entrusted the responsibility to the group
heads, then Baba's work would be done”.
Baba left at 5.30 PM to go back to Meherazad. These were
heavenly days and we would not know when the day would end in
His remembrance.
18 Feb 1958
This day was also very special because Godavari Mai along with
two kanyas came from Sakori to meet Baba. On this day, Baba
gave very poignant discourses. He said,
“I am happy, as my mother Godavri Mai is near me.
Often I have told my lovers that Godavri is to me what
Yashoda was to Krishna. Godavri is my Yashoda [adopted
mother]. I will tell you the background. When I was Krishna,
Godavri was my Yashoda. The basis for this lies in the
greatness of Godavri Mai.
“Hazrat Babajan disclosed to me my Ancient State,
and Upasni Maharaj established that state in me. One day
Upasni Maharaj told those around him to hold fast to
Merwan, as he used to call me. At that time, and soon after,
there was a peculiar atmosphere in Sakori. Upasni Maharaj is
present here, and remains here always. He is witness to what
I am going to tell you today, and what I am telling you is the
absolute truth.
“Things started happening on a certain night soon
after Upasni Maharaj told some devotees to hold fast to me.
Even Yeshwant Rao [who was present in the pandal] did not
know what happened on that night. Maharaj and I were
sitting in a hut. Maharaj folded his hands and told me,
"Merwan, you are the Avatar." Maharaj then told me to leave
him, adding that soon he would create such an opposition as
would make it difficult for those whom he had asked to stick
to me, to follow his advice. "Even those who want to hold
fast to your daaman will abandon you!" he said.
“In those days, there were two groups in Sakori: those
who loved and followed me, and those who envied me and
were against me. Those against me were pleased at Maharaj's
creating opposition against me. One among those who loved
me was Durgabai, and in the opposition was a Brahmin Talati
[a village tax revenue officer]. I would not like to go into
detail of how these two elements clashed and how I kept free
from it. But one thing I will tell you about Godavri Mai, and
it is her greatness — she was the beloved of Upasni Maharaj.
Those who used to come for Maharaj's darshan were also
taking Godavri Mai's. Just imagine how Godavri Mai created
a favorable atmosphere for me after the passing away of
Upasni Maharaj. He created opposition, and the opposition
continued even after Maharaj's dropping his body.
“Godavri Mai is a jewel. Today, she is enthroned on
Maharaj's gaadi [seat]. She is loved and respected by
thousands in India. What was the necessity for Godavri Mai
to invite me to Sakori, to revere me, when Maharaj had done
otherwise? She is already famous, she had thousands of
devotees, and she was the occupier of Maharaj's gaadi. In
spite of that, she changed the atmosphere for me in Sakori. I
again repeat that Godavri Mai is my Yashoda — my mother.
She has tenderness, humility and greatness. She entertains
me, reveres me, worships me, performs my arti, and at the
same time, she is so humble. I call her Mother, and yet she
bows down to me. I call her Yashoda Mai and still she does
my arti. Is this not humility and greatness?
“Before dropping his body, Upasni Maharaj and I met
together in a hut near Sakori [October 1941]. I bowed down
to Maharaj. Maharaj wept like a child. He told me to break
my silence, but I did not do it. Maharaj then told me,
"Merwan, I shall soon drop this body; keep an eye on
“I am the Ancient One. Not even the leaf of a tree
quivers without my will. I am the One who is in everyone
and everything. I also know what difficulties Godavri Mai
had to face to maintain her seat on Upasni Maharaj's gaadi,
after he passed on. I know how vast the difference is between
the previous and present atmosphere in Sakori. I tell you all I
am very happy and pleased with my "mother." I love her
Beloved Baba then gave a discourse on the ‘Affairs of the Universe’:
“The affairs of the universe will continue without my
paying any special attention to them, and without there being
any burden on the Creator. The subject of discourses and
explanations is a headache to me. One's breathing is natural
and one has not to pay any attention to it, but after some
exertion, the mind becomes conscious of it. In the same way,
the affairs of the universe go on without my paying any
special attention to them. But when it comes to the matter of
giving explanations, I feel like one who has climbed a steep
mountain and becomes breathless. Giving discourses is a
burden for me. It reminds me of the affairs of the universe,
and the discussions and explanations that are included in the
affairs of the universe become more of a burden to me.
Playing marbles, flying kites and playing gilli-danda and
cricket are also included in the affairs of the universe, but
they "unburden" the burden. It is like coming down a hill; it
is more a relaxation than an exertion.
“Elcha and Dhake, by their jokes and witticisms,
lighten this burden and I relax. These are the things that give
me relaxation. But, whether burdened or relaxed, I play my
role equally well. Burden or relaxation makes no difference
to me, for I am beyond all this.
“God is One — both Father and Mother in one. Of
course, He is in everything and everyone, and everyone
knows it. But God is beyond this, too. I will tell you about
God in His Divine Beyond state. In the Beyond state, God is
both Father and Mother in one. Now, let us consider the
worldly father and mother. Suppose a couple has seven sons.
It is but natural for the father to love those who are useful to
him, who are healthy, strong, and intelligent— and obviously
he will remain pleased with such sons. Now six sons of the
father are healthy, hearty, brilliant — good in all respects —
and he loves them very much. But the seventh son is a
cripple, a simpleton, dull-headed, gullible and innocent. The
father has comparatively little love for his seventh son, but
the mother loves her seventh son the most: more so because
he is a weak, disabled, guileless child. Such is the general
tendency found among worldly fathers and mothers.
“How, we again come to the Beyond-God, Who is
both the Father and Mother in one. During cycles of cycles of
time, after ages, when God descends as the Avatar on this
material plane, he always takes a male form. He is never born
as a woman. Avatars are the Sons of the Father in the Beyond
state. All the past Avataric periods witnessed the presence of
the Avatar as the healthy, bright, intellectual Son of the God-
Beyond. This means, in my previous advents, I always
remained the Beloved Son of my Father. I was like the six
sons of the worldly parents.
“But in the past, the Beyond-God did not have the
occasion of playing the part of God the Mother. In this
Avataric period, God the Father is very pleased with me at
my being infinitely bright, infinitely intelligent, infinitely
brilliant, ustad [masterful], and so forth. I give promises and
never fulfill them. [The group laughed.] I am bright and
shrewd, as my Father wants me to be, and I am the Beloved
Son of my Father.
“At the same time, in this form, I am physically
disabled. In America in 1952, I broke the left side of my
physical frame from head to foot. Now in India, the right side
has been completely shattered in the recent auto accident.
Besides being physically disabled, I am infinitely bhola
[innocent], guileless and easily duped. Therefore, I always
listen to all that you say and yield to your wishes. I have not
the strength to say no to any of you, nor refuse any of your
requests, despite my plans, instructions and circulars. Thus, I
am the well-beloved Son of God as the Mother also. In this
incarnation of the Avatar, God has the chance, as it were, to
play the part of both Father and Mother”.
I think this discourse of Baba will be a subject of philosophy for ages
to come in future. Shortly thereafter, Baba gave another discourse
on Split ‘Ego’ or ‘I’:
“I have dictated points about the present discourse
which will be read out in English, and its translations in
Hindi and Marathi. We have heard about split personality.
We hear it is quite common. One day a person may be happy
and in a buoyant mood, and the next day or next moment, he
may feel dejected and depressed. One day he does good
actions and the next he may do actions which are undesirable.
Compared to split personality, split ego or split I is something
new. Never before has such a thing been explained. It is quite
“Most of you must have heard about Dr. Jekyll and
Mr. Hyde — a combination of good and evil propensities in
one man. This is a good example of a split personality.
“Just as there is a thing like split personality, there is
also a thing like split ego. All do not have a split personality,
but all do have a split I. The Real I of all is always one
indivisible whole. Simultaneously, there is also the false I in
every individual which gives rise to his separative existence.
We find that the very same one Real I plays the part of
infinite false I's in different ways, creating as many separate
beings and things born out of the one Real and Eternal
Existence. In reality, there is only one Real I. This Real I is
so uncompromisingly one and indivisible that it knows not
any separate existence. All of you present here are the part
and parcel of that one whole inseparable I. Then, how is it
that we see forms here? From where has this division come?
If this separation were not there, then no one would have
found that there is only one indivisible Real I. The I is real;
but the split ego — that is, the separative I — is unreal, and
yet we see all this division. This one Real I is apparently split
into innumerable false I's. What can we expect from this false
"I?" The false I, being false, represents everything false. The
Real I in me sees the One without a second, and the Real I in
you has apparently split into the false I which sees divisions
everywhere. In short, it is the one Real I that plays the part of
innumerable false I's in multifarious ways and in varying
degrees. The main support of the false I is ignorance, and this
false I utilizes three channels for its expression — the gross
[physical] body, the subtle body [energy] and the mental
body [mind]. In other words, with the support of ignorance,
the Real I takes itself as the false I and tries to derive as much
fun out of it as possible. While continuing to derive fun, it is
also continually enduring setbacks and suffering. What
happens eventually? The Real I eventually gets fed up and
stops playing the part of the false I. As soon as the Real I
stops playing the part of the false I, it becomes conscious of
its [Original] pristine state. This Consciousness is eternal.
And it also realizes that, being eternally happy, its experience
of being fed up was sheer, nonsensical ignorance.
“The Real I, when playing the part of the false I, as
the false I, whatever it does, sees, feels, thinks, understands
and says is [utterly] false, because the false I is virtually false
“The aim of all yogas is one: the false ego, or the
falsity of the split ego, should disappear, and the Real Ego be
manifested in its glory. In other words, the Real I, which
plays the part of the false I, should completely forget to play
the part it plays of the false I through action and search for
“For example, take Eruch. He is the Real I within; but
as Eruch, he is the false I. Now the Real I within Eruch tries
to forget that it is only playing the part of the false I as Eruch.
While trying to do so, the false I as Eruch tries its best to
serve so many other false I's. This it does by actions; it is
called karma yoga. But the fun or irony is that one false I, in
its struggle to forget, to efface itself, remembers so many
other false I's, while bent upon serving them. The Real I,
which is eternally free, gets apparently further bound by this
process, and it is eternally trying to forget the false I and
trying to remember the Real I at one and the same time.
“In another type of yoga [bhakti yoga], the Real I,
while acting the part of the false I, tries to worship the Real.
The false I cannot be anything but false and it cannot have
any conception of the Real I. The Real I, acting as the false I,
forms a false conception of the Real I. Then what does the
false I say? It says, "O Real I, I worship Thee in all! You are
the Only Reality. I bow down to Thee. You are Omniscient in
all," et cetera. And the irony is that when the false I prays to
and worships the Real I, it sees and comes across only other
innumerable false I's. In fact, it worships other false I's rather
than the One and Real I.
“However, the Path of Love [prem yoga] is unique
because, in [that form of yoga], the Real I plays the part of
the false I, the lover, while it, itself, covertly remains in the
background as the Beloved. And, while continuing to play
this part, it burns or consumes its false ego, ultimately to
remain itself as the Beloved.
“In Eruch, for example, the Real I acts as the false I
and loves the Real I within. On one hand, there is the Real I,
and on the other there is the false I as Eruch. But these are
not two separate I's. The false I as Eruch tries to bestow love
on the Real I. And that is why with a gradual increase in love
and with a greater intensity of longing, the false I by degrees
[as the lover] gets more and more consumed and effaced by
love. All the while, the Real I as the Beloved remains in the
background as it really is. Eventually, when the false I is
totally consumed, there remains neither the false I nor love.
The Beloved as the Real I reign supreme as One Infinite,
Indivisible Self.
“In the subtle planes, the inner experience of the Real
I may be said to be a divine hallucination. In the mental
planes, the inner experiences of the Real I may be said to be a
spiritual nightmare. Inner experiences end in divine
This day too ended with Baba’s departure to Meherazad and
all His lovers trying to discuss on these discourses. We were now
dreading the next day as it was the last day of the sahavas and we
had to leave to our respective places.
19 Feb 1958
It was the last day and all of us were very happy on one
end and also had heavy hearts on the other as we were to
leave that place without our divine Beloved. Baba came at 8
AM sharply that day and this was the day when group pictures
were taken. The pictures were taken by Bhaiya Pandey and
Bhikhubhai. All of us were standing in the long tent. Many
people wanted to give Him chits and pray to Him for their
fulfilling desires and solve their problems. Seeing this Baba
“No one should come to me with his difficulties or
seek interviews. I know everything. So what is the use of
your laying before me your troubles and tales of woe? Those
wishing to convey something to me should not write it out
and send it on pieces of paper, but should tell it to me from
the bottom of their hearts, as I reside in all hearts. If I am not
all-knowing, what is the good in sending me chits? And if I
am omniscient, then it is useless to send them. I want to tell
you all that I know everything and am omnipresent!"
Lunch was arranged for all of us and Baba wanted us to eat
to our full and depart with His names. We all went for lunch at 11.30,
while our bags were being packed in bullock carts.
It was one of the most wonderful sights to see. All our bags
were ready and the train arrived. All our bags were put in the train
and every one was so overwhelmed that we felt that our hearts
could no longer contain the patience. But Baba reminded that it was
obedience that mattered to Him. Baba waved at us as the train
moved. He waved at us saying, “Take Me with you”!
There were little Baba flags (of seven colour) around the
engine, and a big one hoisted in front. In some of the compartments
were pasted pictures of Baba and there were also banners with
# All the discourses are quoted from Lord Meher
Avatar Meher Baba
Is the soul of souls, The Beloved of the Gods,
The life of his lovers And the slave of his dear one
The men and women tearfully shouted “Baba Ki Jai!” It was a very
moving sight. Although the Beloved was in their hearts, they could not
help but weep. How valuable were those tears shed for HIM and for the
sake of love
When the train was full, Baba’s car was driven down so that he could
wave Good-bye. “Immediately there rose tremendous cheers of Baba!
Baba! Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai! From every compartment it was
obvious that they were all intending to leave the train to surge towards
Baba’s car. He waved a hand and gestured that they should not come
down. Baba acknowledged the salute of the engine-driver and gestured
that he should start the train. After a very long piercing whistle, the
‘Baba-train’ moved forward, and as the long line of packed
compartments filed past the Beloved’s car, the air thundered with
reverberating cries of ‘Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!’. Many were standing
on the windows. Some folded hands reverently, hundreds of others
waved ecstatically. Baba acknowledged their love with joined hands or
waved and gestured, “I am happy, take me with you “.
#All the discourses are quoted from Lord Meher
Pictures clicked by: Waryam Singh in 1958 Sahavas
Baba - The Divine Guard
“If I am the Highest of the High, nothing is then impossible for me; and though I do
not perform miracles to satisfy individual needs—the satisfaction of which would result in
entangling the individual more and more into the net of ephemeral existence—yet time and
again at certain periods I manifest the Infinite Power in the form of miracles, but only for the
spiritual upliftment and benefit of humanity and all creatures.”#
-Meher Baba
One of the stories of my father which proved Baba’s
protection for those who call out to Him sincerely is not only
wonderful but also powerful.
My father would describe his experience-
“Earlier, I was doing some contract work in a forest area. In
those days Indian forests were full of tigers. One day some
workers were confronted by a tiger. They ran for their lives,
but no one was hurt. They were all very scared. Few
hundred workmen were working for me in the forest then.
The next day again some people saw the beast and this
happened continuously for few days. By now the workers
were too scared to work and they protested. They said that
they would work no longer and had almost begun to leave
the work. I tried my best explaining all the Jim Corbett
theories but nothing convinced them. I was now in a tight
“In a spur of moment I hit upon a new idea. I took a piece of
cloth and made a flag of Meher Baba and hoisted it at the
location site of ours where everyone was living. I gathered
some courage and then collected all people and told them
that I had prayed to Meher Baba to see that tigers do not
come to that area henceforth. I then assured them thus- “If
you see any tiger in spite of the flag being hoisted, then I will
stop all work at whatever cost it might be to me!” the
workmen agreed to my proposal.
“To everyone’s surprise from that day no Tiger ever came to
that area. After few weeks, one day suddenly one worker
came running to the camp and he was petrified and
panicking to every one’s horror. It appeared that he had
seen a Tiger. A doctor was called and he recovered after
several days from his state of anxiety and delirium.
“All of us were very anxious to know what had transpired that
fateful day. The worker then revealed the story that when he
had reached the spot where flag had been hoisted, he saw
the giant form of Meher Baba near the flag. Meher Baba’s
hands and legs were very huge and HE had taken gigantic
proportions! Seeing this form of Baba the worker almost
fainted. This explained his fear and anxiety. We were
directly subjected to an experience of His Protection”.
My father would share this experience often in Baba gatherings.
Such stories of our lives not only assure us of His protection
but also inspire many to place their faith of Him without a second
thought on Baba. My father had by now won the trust of all his
workers. Isn’t this a bountiful blessing on all those who seek Him?
#Highest of the High message given on 07 Sep 1953 at Dehradun. GLIMPSES OF THE
GOD-MAN, Vol. 4, pp. 105-111, Bal Natu 1984 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public
Charitable Trust
GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol. 4, pp. 105-111, Bal Natu 1984 © Avatar Meher Baba
Perpetual Public Charitable Trust
Mundane life carries on
“Age after age, I come amidst mankind to maintain my own creation of illusion,
thereby also awakening humanity to become aware of it. The framework of illusion is always
one and the same, but the designs in illusion are innumerable and ever-changing. My advent
is not to destroy illusion because illusion, as it is, is absolutely nothing. I come to make you
become aware of the nothingness of illusion. Through you I automatically maintain illusion,
which is nothing but the shadow of my Infinite Self, and through me you automatically discard
illusion, when you are made aware of its falseness.”#
-Meher Baba
Life carried on and I went about my job and my family affairs.
My father by now selected Delhi, the capital of the country, to settle
down. There was a big event that shook the world of Baba lovers and
for a while, perhaps, even the Mandali of Meher Baba were in a state of
shock and awe. I am talking of the event that took place on 31st
January, 1969.
The last darshan
My father too went to Meherabad for the last darshan of the
Master. My father’s reaction to this event taught me a big lesson. He
felt that Baba was as much available as he was before 31st January,
1969. He said, “When I first met Meher Baba, he was in a reclining
position and now too, is in a reclining position. “It had made no
difference to him and I too feel the same. Meher Baba lovers have
increased by leaps and bounds and what Baba said in 1956 is slowly
coming true. He said, “Sixty years from now, Meherabad and
Meherazad will become world centers to which thousand will make
pilgrimage vying with each other to sacrifice their very lives in My
Inspiration from Don Steven’s story
I was married and had two children and my life was swinging.
There was no looking back. I kept taking Baba’s name and went ahead
in life. My father was getting older and he would be at home. I
changed over a couple of business and was not too happy with my
factory business until recently. My job was good and I was earning
enough. Here I would like to relate the story of Don Stevens.
The story though is known to so many; I still would like to
narrate it here as I feel some more may benefit from this story. The
story goes like this; Don was working in Standard Oil Company in USA
and was earning a decent salary. He felt at that time that he should be
in to more of a humanitarian kind of a job rather than the present job.
He thought he would clarify with Baba. He went to Meherazad shortly
and somehow missed out asking Baba about this point. He decided
that he would ask the next time. The next time too while he was about
to broach the topic with Baba that something happened and due to the
distraction, he missed out asking this time also. The third time he
arrived in India, he decided that he would definitely ask Baba about his
Yes, He did get the opportunity and he told Baba about his
feelings. Baba said “Who do you think has put you in the Oil business?
I put you in the Oil ‘business because it is the environment which most
satisfactorily brings up the sanskaras which you must work out in this
particular life. I put you there; now stay there.”
This story of Don Stevens made me feel light and now I keep
telling people not to be so bothered about their boring jobs. I have
been regularly going to Baba Centre here at Delhi and my children
grew up and many incidents happened which proved Baba’s protection
and grace.
#The final declaration given by Meher Baba on 30 Sep 1954 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual
Public Charitable Trust
My father passes away
“I say with my Divine Authority to each and all that whosoever takes my name at the
time of breathing his last comes to me; so do not forget to remember me in your last
moments. Unless you start remembering me from now on, it will be difficult to remember me
when your end approaches. You should start practicing from now on. Even if you take my
name only once every day, you will not forget to remember me in your dying moments”.#
-Meher Baba
My father slowly became absorbed more and more in
to Baba and was less and less interested in other affairs of the
family and world. He kept to himself and would often talk to Baba
and tell us also that he was talking to Baba. My father met with two
accidents, his hip joint was broken and operated upon. Strangely
indeed that at the age of 93 years he was walking again. Innocently,
he would laugh and say, “Baba in my next birth do not give me
hands and feet since they get broken”.
My father really never saw anything bad in anyone. One of
our relatives who insulted us and was the cause of some losses
came to us. My father blessed him also. When he went away, I
reminded my father that this person was such and such. He said,
“Is that so? You should have reminded me at that time. The next
time he came, my father did the same. Perhaps he neither
remembered such insults and losses nor was there any space in his
heart for these things. His heart was fully for Baba.
Immersed in Baba
One day during 1983 Bhau Kalchuri came to Delhi and came
to our place as well. In the year 2004 while releasing the Telugu
translation of Panj Pyare at Meherabad, Bhauji said, “When I had
gone to Delhi, I had gone to meet Pritam Singh Meher. I found him
alone in his room and talking to Baba. He was totally immersed in
Slave of Meher Baba
After the death of my father his photograph was required to
be placed before Guru Granth Sahib for the last prayer. I searched
for it. My mother gave me framed photo of Baba and told to open it.
I found photo of my father under Baba’s Photo, with his own hand
he had written, “Fortunate Slave of Avatar Meher Baba.”
He loved me very much. Once my wife asked him, “What do
you think of us?” He said, “You are zero. My wife is zero. Others
are also zero. Whole family is zero. Only my Waryam is number
one.” I still do not understand why he said that, He never wanted
anything other than Baba.
Ask Baba for blessings
My father was keeping ill and we sort of knew that his end
was near. He died on 13th November, 1983 with Baba’s name on
his lips. It was painful to lose him after such a long bonding. After
my father passed away, we had Akhand Path and Bhog at our
house. The same night, I had a dream. I was searching for my
father. Ultimately, I found he had gone to Baba. He was sitting on a
chair with a cup of tea on the table. I asked him for his blessings.
He replied, “Ask Baba for Blessing!” This dream gave me lot of
Mohammed Mast
After some time in early 1984 I went to Meherabad. I always
bow to Baba’s chair kept in the Meherabad Hall. After bowing down
to the chair I went to Mohammed Mast. Of all the Masts, whom
Baba contacted, were sent away except Mohammed who had been
staying in Meherabad for long years. Baba said that these masts
are God intoxicated souls who are only conscious of their love for
God and are rather unconscious to this world. “The Wayfarers” by
Dr. William Donkin is a great work on Baba’s mast activities.
Mohammed Mast was sitting in the verandah of the hall
wearing a blanket, since it was cold. I wept bitterly. He would look
at me and then turned his face. I saw his eyes full of tears. When I
wanted to stand and go he told me in Marathi to sit. And after about
15 minutes he allowed me to go.
The mast was very soft in his behavior until then, but shortly
thereafter, whenever I went to see him, he was violent. I had to be
very cautious to enter the hall and bow at Baba’s chair. Whenever
he saw me he would cry ‘get out’. I came back from Meherabad
and my life slowly returned to normalcy without my father but with
the help of my Divine Father.
Again I went to Meherabad during October, 1984. Just a
week before Indra Gandhi, the then Prime Minister was
As usual I went to the Mandali Hall at Lower Meherabad and
was about to bow down to Baba’s Chair. I suddenly noticed
Mohammed Mast started shouting, “Punjabi aya Punjabi ko maro”.
It means, “A Punjabi (Sikh) has come kill him”. He repeated this
several times. I was disturbed and could not understand the
underlying meaning of these mysterious words. I then narrated this
incident to Nana Kher at Meherabad. He commented that
something would happen. I returned to Delhi. And exactly after one
week riots against Sikhs started throughout India.
Once again Baba’s protection and grace was on me. He
forewarned me about the riots. It is truly because of His grace that I
am alive today. My father passed away but My Divine Father
always passed me in all my life’s examinations.
#My Wish given by Meher Baba © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust
My son too passes away
“To those whose hearts are pure and simple, true love comes as a gift through the
activating grace of a Perfect Master, and this Divine Love will perform the supreme miracle of
bringing God into the hearts of men. All the same, human love should not be despised, even
when it is fraught with limitations. It is bound to break through all these limitations and initiate
an aspirant in the eternal life in the Truth”. #
-Meher Baba
It was in 1988, my only son Gurcharan Singh met with an
accident and expired on 23rd March. His motorcycle fell in the canal
at about 10 P.M. He was drowned. It was too difficult to bear such a
major setback in life.
A vision
It is customary to immerse the ashes in Ganges. On 7th day
I, along with my brother went to Haridwar to immerse the ashes of
my son in the river Ganges. And after final rites I was sitting just
opposite ‘HarkiPauri’ and was lost in the thoughts of my son and my
father. I was not within myself. Then a strange thing has happened.
I suddenly felt Baba’s presence and it was hundred percent clear. It
was not an imagination or a dream. I was thinking how this
atmosphere is changed. I was consciously noticing everything.
What was I seeing! I saw gross things vanishing. Baba was
standing on top of the hill. It was all greenery. The sun light was
bright but was not hot. Baba was wearing His usual Pink coat and a
sadra. A ball of light rose from the ground and fell at Baba’s feet.
Then Baba disappeared. I was wide awake and saw with my gross
eyes where as my brother did not see anything!
I was rather in a mixed mood. I did not understand the
meaning of this vision. I was all lost to myself. We came back to
Delhi. On the 10th day I arranged for Bhog and Akhand Path at our
place. It was about 10 A.M….. Again, I had a vision of Baba, this
time I saw Baba sitting on a sofa wearing white sadra only and my
son who was also wearing white dress was standing and embracing
Baba. My God! What a sight! Was Baba telling me not to worry
about my son? The vision enveloped me so deeply that even today I
can recollect every pixel of that vision.
Eruch explains about the vision
In 1989, I went for Baba’s darshan and went to Meher Nazar
at the Avatar Meher Baba Trust Office, Ahmednagar. I narrated the
whole incident to Eruch. After listening to me he said, “That ball of
light which you had seen was spirit and Baba has shown you that
your son is back to Him.” Then he asked Sister Mani to listen to this
experience. I was bitterly weeping and narrated what had
transpired. She embraced me and consoled me. She said, “You
should not feel disheartened since he has come to Baba”. Sister
Mani gifted me a locket of Baba and she told me that Baba had
given her that locket 20 years back.
Eruch bhai told me what you had seen was spirit. I was
confused regarding the terms soul and spirit I had asked the
difference between soul and spirit to some Baba lovers, but was not
satisfied. Recently I had read Baba’s discourse which follows.
On Sunday, December 11 Meher Baba discoursed about
reincarnation, explaining what spirit means. The soul always
remains the same, it is only the spirit which reincarnates and
takes successive possession of bodies. People do not
understand what spirit is and only vaguely use the term.
There are so many terms used for one aspect. The soul is
infinite, everlasting and pure. At present you do not realize
the soul, what clothes are to the body. You are not the mind
that feels and experiences everything, you are not the egoyou
are soul. Until it is realized the spirit has to reincarnate
and changes bodies. You change your clothing when it
becomes old and so it is with the body. You all have had
many bodies, yet your soul never changes. It is spirit which
reincarnates again and again until you get back to the
source of all-which is Baba.
Meeting women mandali
I then went to Meherazad. Meherazad was to be closed in
the month of March for Baba Lovers for few months and it was the
last day. This was the first and last darshan of beloved Mehera Mai
for me. I was in the line and she gave me Prasad. Then I went to
the garden and sat on a bench. Sister of Dr. Goher came with a
message, ‘Come Mehera wants to bless you’. Mehera Mai gave me
BABA’s Brooch with instructions, “when you go out keep it with you”.
It is most valuable treasure for me.
We all had food and milk less tea and also ice cream was
served. Sister Mani was sitting on the steps of Blue Bus with a cup
of ice cream and I was standing in front of her. She had taken a
small portion and handed over the cup saying. “This is Baba’s
Prasad take it”. Since she had to attend to other Baba lovers, she
asked ‘Eruch to attend to me and take me to his cabin. A servant
brought juice for Eruch. Another servant appeared with a cup of tea
which Eruch offered me saying, take it. It is Baba’s Prasad. Then I
went to Aloba’s room who gave me Toffee Prasad. It was such a
wonderful trip to the twin centers of God’s activities. I felt so happy
to be consoled and guaranteed of Baba’s grace.
# Excerpted from from The Path of Love by Meher Baba, pp. 67-71. Copyright 1986 Avatar Meher
Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust
Master’s Constant Guidance
“Divine Love is qualitatively different from human love. Human love is for the many
in the one and Divine Love is for the One in the many. Human love leads to innumerable
complications and tangles; but Divine Love leads to integration and freedom. Human love in
its personal and impersonal aspects is limited; but Divine Love, with its fusion of the personal
and the impersonal aspects, is Infinite in being and expression. Divine Love makes us be true
to ourselves and to others and makes us live truly and honestly. Thus, it is the solution to all
our difficulties and problems; it frees us from every kind of binding; purifies our hearts and
glorifies our being”.#
-Meher Baba
Like anyone my life too is a series of ups and downs and
that is the time when one requires all kind of help and assurance
from the Master. I narrate two incidents which once again gave me
the evidence of Baba’s unfailing grace and guidance.
Inter caste marraiges
My daughter was to be married and like any father I too
wanted to get her married in my Sikh community. But she had
chosen a boy of Hindu community. It was a difficult decision to
allow her to go her way. But again by Baba’s grace I was able to
accept and respect her decision. Since both the boy and girl loved
each other, I agreed.
My Son-in-Law’s sister too went for love marriage. She
married a boy from a Jain Community. I then recollected Baba’s
words which I also had distributed in pamphlets, “Main Raj Kaaj
Samaaj, sab bandal doonga”! In fact He was doing the same
thing. I also recollected His words which He said when He went to
the West, “My coming to the West is not with the object of
establishing new creeds or spiritual societies and organizations; but
it is intended to make people understood religion in its true sense.
The religion I shall give teaches the knowledge of one behind the
many. I intend to bring together all religions and cults like beads on
one string and revitalize them for individual and collective needs.
This is My mission to the West.”
Yes, He was bringing the beads of three religious in one
string in our case. The children of my daughter (Meheranshi and
Bhaktishi) and that my Son-in-Law will not dislike or hate any of
three religions. They are intertwined with each other, the children
will respect each other’s religion and definitely what Baba said will
come true. Having understood this we felt very happy and we keep
telling others about the working of Baba. Truly, it is His grace that
worked out such understanding harmony in all our three families.
Perfect timing
Here is another story of Baba’s help and guidance. The
Book “Panj Pyare – Meher Baba’s favorite Sikh Lovers’ was
published in February, 2000. At each and every step one does
receive the guidance of the Master provided one is connected
enough to decipher it. This happened in February, 2000 on the
occasion of release of ‘Panj Pyare’, Balakrishna Meher kept
requesting me to arrive at Pune for the release of ‘Panj Pyare’.
Deva Rao also had been inviting me to come to Byramangala for
the inauguration of Baba’s room. So I decided to go to
Byramangala first and then to Pune and from there to Meherabad
for Baba’s darshan and then reach back home. I had booked the
tickets for 19th February, 2000.
Although I had planned this move I was not very sure
whether this Journey would be completed. On 19th February I felt
very unsay and refused to go the Railway Station to the surprise of
my wife. My wife and my daughter said, “All Baba Lovers yearn to
go for Baba’s darshan while you are refusing”! With great
reluctance, I reached the station. I wanted to check our names in
the Reservation Chart. I saw it three times: I did not see names. I
asked someone to see the name. He saw my ticket and said, “Your
ticket is for 19 January and not 19 February! “I felt relieved because
now I knew why I was so restless. I was unable to go for the
release of the book but I did understand how Baba helps His
followers by giving them intuition.
Your job will be done
My wife worked in Government Girls Inter College at Dehradun as a
Science Teacher. She took voluntary retirement. But she could not
get her pension and we had been writing letters but in vain, nothing
happened. We were then told that our file has been sent to
Allahabad. I then decided to go to Allahabad to settle my wife’s
pension. I then remembered to take the address of one Retired
Wing Commander Mishra to whom I had sent ‘Panj Pyare’' book.
I took the address and went to meet him. Unfortunately, he
was not available. His neighbors staying upstairs asked my
whereabouts. The lady then called me upstairs. Having known my
identity, the man of the house Rajesh Tiwari declared that Wing
Commander Mishra had gone to his In-law’s place for the first time
in the last twenty years. He also said that he was a practicing
advocate in the Allahabad High Court. I then revealed my problem
and implored him to help me if he could. He then said “Why not?
You just do not worry. Your job will be done.”
Can any one believe that within 15 days of my meeting this
gentleman, my wife’s pension started! There was a letter that came
and all her arrears were given and regular pension commenced the
following month! If this is not Baba’s grace what else is this?
# Excerpted from from The Path of Love by Meher Baba, pp. 67-71. Copyright 1986 Avatar Meher
Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust
My visits to Meherabad & Meherazad
"The major portion of my Universal work was done on this hill (Meherabad hill). I
have selected this spot for my last resting place; when I drop the body, it shall rest here in my
Tomb. I have fasted here for six months. I used to lie down here in the crypt taking only water
and coffee, not tea...After I drop my body the physical remains will rest here and this hill will
become an important place of pilgrimage of the world. After 70 years this place will be a place
of great privilege and pilgrimage. A big township will grow around here."#
-Meher Baba
I went after nine years in 1998 to Meherazad and
Meherabad Baba’s darshan. Every time one goes to Meherabad
there is a feeling of home-coming. One tends a look from the bus or
taxi the seven colored flag of Baba always hoisted atop Meher
Retreat. I was now coming after 1989 and the feeling was
overwhelming me to be at the land where God had trod.
Meeting Eruch for the last time
I was there at the Samadhi. Next day two buses with Baba
lovers left Meherabad to reach Meherazad by 11 A.M. Eruch and
Aloba were standing at Meherazad entrance to meet the Baba
lovers. When I met Eruch he addressed me as Udham Singh.
(Udham Singh was a revolutionary and he was hanged during
British rule). When I told him my father’s name, he gave me warm
embrace. All went to the hall. Eruch asked someone to bring the
big Picture of ‘Panj Pyare’ hanging on the wall. He asked me to tell
about my father. I said few words. At the time of departure I
wanted to embrace Eruch as I had a thought that we might not meet
again. Eruch gave me a loving embrace which became my last
embrace with Eruch.
Once, my father gave a cloth of Kafni to be presented to
Mohammed mast. Padri Kaka who was looking after Mohammed
then, took me to the Mast and told him that Pritam Singh had sent
Kafni for him. Many time he would repeat Pritam Singh and Kafni
and finally accepted the Kafni. It was really a memorable event for
Tumi Tekri waar Jaa
Once I went to Meherabad, Mohammed mast saw me from
the other corner of the hall and started shouting, “Go out”. I went
outside the hall and was out of sight of the mast and thinking, why
he send me out? He sent his maid. She told me in Marathi, “Baba
Sangitley, Tumi Tekri waar jaa”. It meant, “Baba says, “Go to
Samadhi at the top of the hill”.
Mohammed Mast was brought to the Rahuri Ashram in
August, 1936 and no mast, despite the hundreds whom BABA had
contacted, proved so exacting.
As a result of Baba’s contact Mohammed never entered the
fourth plane, but jumped into a state between the fourth plane and
fifth and then entered the fifth plane. He is now on the fifth plane
and will not progress in this life. Whatever may be one’s intellectual
estimate of the strange blend of child, man and saint, Mohammed
some how commands affections……… The spiritual state of these
God intoxicated souls is veiled from our eyes by the dense holds of
a cloak of eccentricity.
I have attended the Amarthithi for the first time during 2003
and again in 2004. Baba willing I shall come to the Samadhi and
when He calls me. I remember, I used to go to Meherabad often
during 1970s as I had my business in and around Ahmednagar and
Pune. I was fortunate enough to have Samadhi’s darshan every
month. It was such a beautiful time then. Going to Meherabad then
and now is rarely comparable. What one misses today is the
presence of Mandali members who filled us with their stories of love
with Baba.
#MEHERBABA's LAST SAHAVAS pp 17-19 Copyright 1969 Dr. H. P. Bharucha
“The book that I shall make people read is the book of the heart, which holds the key to the
mystery of life.”
-Meher Baba
There was a picture of five Sikh lovers with Baba in our
house. After my father’s death my attention was drawn towards this
photo, but the photo was not found. Since, a thought came in my
mind why Baba allowed photograph with five Sikh lovers and not
four or six. I remembered ‘Panj Pyare’ of Guru Gobind Singh and I
decided to publish their life history with Baba.
Picture of five favorite Sikh lovers with Baba
Now the question was where to find this picture. I had the
chance to go to Pune and there I met K. K. Rama Krishnan and
explained in detail and discussed with him my proposal. He guided
to contact Milan Studio of Pune, since they had Baba’s so many
photos. Because this photo was not clicked by them so they guided
to contact Pandey photographer of Ahmednagar. There also I could
not find this photo.
After about two years K. K. Rama Krishnan sent me this
picture, which I later on came to know that this particular picture was
sent to him by Hardeep Singh Hanspal, now residing at Meherabad
Since, this book ‘Panj Pyare’ was based on this picture, I contacted
Prof. B. N. Bhasin who was kind enough to collect the maternal of
individuals. Then I sent the whole matter to K. K. Rama Krishnan
for editing, printing and publishing at Pune. But it was given to
Balakrishna Meher for final editing and ultimately it was released on
Baba’s Birthday 25th February, 2000.
Distribution of Panj Pyare
The story of Panj Pyare is significant to me as I could
complete my dream of publishing the life of all the five favorite Sikh
Lovers of Baba. Baba used to call my father Pritam Singh Meher as
beloved, the other four being Dr. Daulat Singh, Vir Inder Singh
Principal Niranjan Singh and Prof. Joginder Singh. With several
delays and breaks finally the book was published at Avatar Meher
Baba Poona Center. I was too glad and have sent this book to all
the Baba Centers and have given a copy to Don Stevens who came
here to Delhi Center during 2003 and August, 2004. I presented
him the book to be given to Myrtle Beach Center. I also sent few
photographs of Baba clicked by me during 1958 for the Myrtle
Beach Center.
Panj Pyare in Hindi and Telugu
Someone then suggested me that I should get this book
translated in Hindi. Luckily this translation took place and I was able
to get it published also. This gave me the opportunity to attend
Amarthithi for the first time (34th Amartithi) along with my wife Inderjit
Kaur. I got the book,’ Panj Pyare’ in Hindi released by Bhauji on
31st January, 2003. Sometimes what seems impossible becomes
easily possible. Whereas I was wondering would ‘Panj Pyare’ ever
get published in English at all, here Telugu translation of the book
was ready! Again on 31st January, 2004 I was able to attend
Telugu translation of the book ‘Panj Pyare’ was released by Bhauji.
Child Speaks
“I love all of you. I love children. Do you know why? Because your Baba is also a
child. You are innocent and so am I. My very name is Bholanath. Just as your heart is soft so
is Mine. You like to play games and so do I”. #.
-Meher Baba
Before the birth of Meheranshi my 1st Grand daughter I had
intuition that this child was Madrasi Pandit (South Indian Preset).
Once, when Meheranshi was practicing Baba’s Parvardigar and
Repentance prayers in English, she told me, Nana (grand father)
when you go old, don’t forget to remember Baba. I feel she is a
noble soul indeed.
Meeting the PM
On 19th August, 2005, on the festival of RakshaBandhan
Meheranshi on behalf of her school ‘Play Station’, where she was
studying, along with other children went to the Rakhi to the Prime
Minister of India of some other schools also attended! When the
Prime Minister, Dr. Man Mohan Singh, came she ran towards him
stretched her arms indicating to lift her. He took her in his lap and
was pleased to meet children’s. When I asked her why you ran to
him, she replied I had to meet him.
Plants have consciousness
On one of the days during winter season, I was sitting in the
park. Meheranshi was playing with another girl child. That child
plucked a plant. She reprimanded her as to why she plucked the
plant? It is weeping.” Then that child said, ‘where are its tears’?
Meheranshi replied, “Its tears are not visible because Baba has
made it like that, but it is weeping? It is explained in God Speaks
consciousness in plants is in the most initial stage and has feeling of
life. This is proved by scientist too. So, Meheranshi’s statement was
in coherence to what is given in God Speaks.
I am always with you
Recently Meheranshi, a student of 7th Class was sitting on
the back bench in the Class room with other students and teachers.
She had an experience. She felt a hand on her and heard head
whispering voice saying, ‘I am always with you’. She was conscious
and looked back but no body was there. She narrated her
experience to me. I assured her who else He could be except
Baba. Baba is divine power present every where. She was
satisfied and happy.
# LETTERS FROM THE MANDALI, Vol. II, pp. 151-152 ed. Jim Mistry 1983 © Avatar Meher
Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust
Meher Baba’s Grace Never Fails
“To have My real darshan is to find Me. The way to find Me is to find your abode in
Me. And the only one and sure way to find your abode in Me is to love Me. To love Me as I
love you, you must become the recipient of My grace. Only My grace can bestow the gift of
divine love. To receive My grace, you must obey me wholeheartedly with the firm foundation
of unshakeable faith in Me. And you can only obey Me spontaneously as I want when you
completely surrender yourselves to Me, so that My wish becomes your law and My love
sustains your being. Age after age, many aspire for such a surrender, but only very few really
attempt to surrender themselves to Me completely as I want. He who succeeds ultimately not
only finds Me but becomes Me and realizes the goal of life”. #
-Meher Baba
Meher Baba did give me small visions and words that make me
spellbound. Once, while traveling by a local bus in Delhi Old Station
area for a moment I saw all the bus passengers were Baba. All divine
experiences of my life are due to His grace. Although my divine
experiences are too small and insignificant, I feel like sharing them as
these visions, dreams and experiences are because of His sheer
Once my father told me, “I shall leave a treasure for you that
very few parents shall bequeath to their children”. One of the most
valuable treasures I have received from my father is Baba’s book ‘God
Speaks’ First edition which was published in 1955. Beloved Meher
Baba signed 498 copies and I have the.422nd copy. It is truly a treasure
which only a chosen few can give to their children.
Darshan of Kovvur centre
In the year 1962, I was on a business tour of Andhra Pradesh.
My dealer at Rajahmundry guided me to visit Kovvur to secure
business. Then I was dealing in electronic goods. Rajahmundry is on
the one bank of Godavari River and on the other bank is the town
Kovvur. At that time, the only link was Railway Bridge through people
would commute. But the Train Services were very poor. Therefore, I
had decided to cross the railway bridge on foot to reach Kovvur. I
visited a shop and was overjoyed to see Baba’s picture at such an
unexpected place. I was very happy and I shared with him how my
father and I had come into His fold and the various darshans I had of
Baba until then. He took me to Baba Centre which was still under
construction. He was also very happy to meet me. This was my first &
last darshan of Kovvur Centre.
Meditation Hall at Delhi Center
One such special experience is of construction of Meditation
Hall at Avatar Meher Baba Delhi Center. The Center was coming up
very well and there were many who could have easily participated in
this venture. I prayed to Baba to give me my share of participation. I
then requested the Executive Committee and they were very kind to
give me the chance to serve Baba and allowed me to contribute in
making of the Meditation Hall on the top floor of the Center. It all was
so sudden. My daughter herself is an Interior designer-Navdeep Vats
and this was her first task. We immediately set ourselves for the task
as Bhauji was to arrive, New Delhi within the next 15 days in March,
2000. It was a different experience altogether, everyday I would arrive
at the center with my wife, daughter and the workers.
The Hall was getting decorated and now the question arose
about selecting Baba Pictures I was to put in the hall. I was getting
impatient and suddenly I found the photographs of Baba which I clicked
during my visit of Baba in 1956 and 1958! My God I thought so many
transfers and so many shifting, yet, I had not lost these photographs! It
just popped out in front of me. Though there was no negative, I was
able to get these picture developed into big photographs and my
sentiment of being able to hang pictures of Baba clicked by me was
fulfilled. Finally, the room was inaugurated as planned on time by
Bhauji. Is it not His grace?
Decoration of one room at MBUSC
My mother had told me that I must build a room in my son’s
name who had passed away. It was again a blessing from Baba
that I could participate in decorating one room at Meher Baba
Universal Spiritual Center, Byramangala at Bangalore. Luckily that
room was the room in which Baba had stayed for a day. This again
is Baba’s grace that such small sincere desires do get fulfilled.
After the death of my son for some time, I used to sleep on
floor. At that time one night during 1990, while sleeping I felt the
presence of someone. They asked me to pray to Baba to give them
bodies. Then I heard a voice guiding me, to take Baba’s Name five
times. I was awake heard the chirping sound and felt the spirits
were going.
Guru Gobind Singh Ji
During the year 1990, Guru Gobind Singh Ji tenth guru of
Sikhs came in my dream and directed me to follow his foot – steps.
My wife was also with me. I obeyed and followed. After few steps, a
black dog came running towards us and we ran back for the fear of
dog and I was awake.
Heroes prepare me…
In the year 2000, on April 13th, I was alone at home. At 3.50
A.M. I was awake and there was a message from Baba dictated in
English. “Heroes prepare Me before they prepare themselves for
Me”. This message was repeated second time. Baba does not
require any medium and speaks direct in the heart. Here, it is
referred to as a Sadguru in Lord Meher.
Ask what you want
My wife Inderjit Kaur in dream saw a hand, almost black,
stretched towards her with buring candle on its palm. She did not
see any person. Then she heard a commanding voice. ‘Ask what
you want’. She responded, ‘I have all the material things. Since no
good deeds are on my part hence I cannot expect Baba’s darshan’,
when the dream ended. But Baba gives us much more than what
we can actually hold.
Leg operation of my grand daughter
In the month of May, 2010 I had Baba’s darshan in dream.
Then I saw Baba was sleeping and covered Himself with bed sheet.
Bhaktishi my second grand daughter about two years bowed at Baba’s
Holy feet and He was angry. Then the dream ended. Few days later it
was noticed my grand daughter while walking was limping her left leg.
X-Ray was taken in the month of June 2010, one month after the
dream. Some bone problem was diagnosed by Dr. Mathews of St
Stephens Hospital, Delhi. Three operations were suggested.
First operation was performed successfully in the month of
August, 2010. After about one year she was taken to Dr. for checkup.
He prepared the video from all angles and finally declared no further
operation is required and whatever the deficiency nature will adjust as
she advances in age.
On the day of operation I had a talk with Bhauji and informed
him regarding the operation. Bhauji responded saying, ‘Jai Baba, Don’t
worry, it will be O.K’. Also, when she was taken to operation Theatre I
requested Mehera mai (Baba’s beloved) to pray to Baba, since I knew
whatever she says Baba accepts. I remember one incident. Once,
Mani (Baba’s sister) said, “Baba whatever Mehera says you agree.
Suppose if Mehera will say our earth is square and not round, will you
agree, Baba said yes”!
She was studying in Play Station School in year 2012 few
children were taken to meet the Chief Minister of Delhi Mrs. Sheela
Dixit. She asked her some questions, which she promptly replied and
received her embrace.
Some times her talk is mysterious and she often says,” Those
who are small will became big and those who are big will become
small.” Now, she is six years, while playing if she falls or faces street
dog, then she would remember Baba and would say – Baba saved me.
Recently she took few coins from her mother’s purse and requested her
grand mother Inderjit Kaur to offer at Baba’s Photo. Then she
remarked, “It is a pity, Baba has no money, therefore I have given Him
coins”. I think it is all Baba’s grace that she has so much feeling for
Baba. I feel she is an old Baba lover.
Photograph: Bhaktishi with Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dixit
When I Surrendered
By Baba’s grace I had attended 1958 sahavas held in February
at Meherabad (Hindi Marathi Group) with my father, Late Pritam Singh
Meher. When I came to know regarding the Golden Jubilee of 1958
Sahavas congregation to be held on 15 to 17 February, 2008, I had
desire to attend. Baba lover Pradeep Kapil contacted me and asked
my programme. On my confirmation, he offered to reserve my tickets
in Goa Express since he too was going with his wife (Nisha). On the
day of departure i.e. 13th February, 2008, I contacted and asked him to
be on time to avoid tension, but he said it takes only 15 minutes from
my residence. I reached station at 1.30 PM and tried his mobile phone
but there was no response. Ultimately, I contacted his son who
responded and informed that they were entering the gate.
It was already 2.50 PM and the departure time was 3 PM.
When only two minutes were left for departure there was no trace of
him. I was much disturbed since my tickets were with him and left all
the hopes. I was helpless and was now sure to miss the train. Then I
silently prayed to Baba, ‘Baba thine will not mine’. There was no option
but to surrender to His will. That few moments I had no worry, no
tension, and no thought. I was calm and quite, there was only Baba. It
was the same – either I go or miss the train. By His grace only I
experienced this state of mind and attended Golden Jubilee of
sahavas. Then I tried his phone, he responded – I am in the coach. I
was standing next to that coach and asked him to rush and take my
luggage. He came running and took two items and rest of the items
were thrown in the coach and train started. I had seven items with me
including four hundred and fifty books of ‘Baba’s grace’ to be released
by Bhauji which were specially printed for this occasion. Fifty laminated
photos 7”x5” size clicked by me during 1958 Sahavas and nine
hundred badges to be distributed among lovers expected to attend.
It is said in Guru Granth Sahib:
vks lrxq# I;kjk esjs uky gS]
ftFks fdFks eSuw ys cpkbZ
“Oh My loving Master is always with me
and protects me wherever I am”.
Baba said “One who calls God sincerely, he never fails to be heard and
receive His help.
There is a discourse published by Adi K Irani – “Dust unto
“Higher than love and obedience is surrender to the
Messiah or Perfect Master. To surrender is to seek His wish and
pleasure. To surrender is to become nothing, like dust. Dust has
no thought of its own whether it is trampled upon or suspended in
air or water. It is all one and the same to it. In obedience there is
the feeling that one has obeyed, but in surrender even this feeling
does not exist. In fact, he does not exist by himself or for himself.
Like the smithy’s bellows he breathes, but not by himself or for
himself. He has not only resigned to his to his Beloved’s will, but
he has no will of his own. He has no separate existence by
himself. He has no thought of his surrender. He is oblivious of his
obliviousness. He does not expect acceptance of his surrender
from the Master.
“Surrender does not imply a flight onto some transcendent
sphere beyond life or from the world, nor does it mean a negation
of life or other worldliness. Surrender should not be mistaken for
inactivity. When the self (ego) is absent one achieves inaction in
one’s every action. The only way to live a life of absolute inaction
to is completely surrender to a Messiah, so that one dies to oneself
entirely and lives for the Beloved without thought that one is living
for Him. One has no thought of self at all. “One, who loves, is the
lover of the Beloved. One who obeys is the beloved of the
Beloved. ”One who surrenders body, mind and all else, has no
existence other than that of Beloved, who alone exists in him.
Thus becoming dust at the feet of the Messiah is like becoming
nothing, and when one becomes absolutely nothing, one gains
“The only easy way to realize our Self and to know that it
is the same Self in all, thereby achieving Universal Peace and
Brotherhood, is to become like dust. The only way to Everything
is by becoming nothing.”
In 2005, I wanted to close my business of manufacturing electronic
goods. First of all, I called two workers to settle the account but they
demanded an unreasonable amount. Ultimately they filed a case
against me demanding a heavy amount, whereas, as per government
rules, they were paid. As per law, I had submitted my written statement
and was to be cross-examined. I prayed to Baba,” Save me from telling
any lie.” The date for cross-examination was fixed but the advocate of
the opposite party had not turned up. My advocate wanted to attend
some other case in another court. The case was adjourned after Lunch.
I told her previously that I wanted to be cross-examined in your
presence, but now you want to go. The honorable Judge was hearing
and asked, what she says, when I told the truth, he said I am sitting for
you, let her go. My written statement was accepted and the case was
My Financer
Before the Golden Jubilee of 1958 sahavas I had a talk with
Gokaran Srivastava, since he was in charge of the congregation. I had
also sent him a group photograph in which I was sitting with my father
in sahavas and some other pictures clicked by me during 1958
sahavas, which were to be included in the film for this occasion.
After my confirmation of having original badges issued to
sahavasees, he asked me to arrange sixty badges of the same pattern.
(Sixty lovers were expected who had attended Baba’s 1958 sahavas.)
I told him that as per information given by him nine hundred
lovers were expected to attend this Golden Jubilee of Sahavas 2008,
therefore it would be partiality not to issue such badges to others. He
agreed and suggested to share the expenses. I told him that he should
not worry regarding the finance. I said, “I have a financier who finances
all the projects and never demands any other return, but for love and
obedience. Do you know who He is? Who else He could be except my
most near, dear and loving Beloved of my heart, Meher Baba”. We had
a hearty laugh. IU arranged all the 900 badges and it gave me so much
Baba said:
“Love me because I am ocean of Love”. I do not want any thing else
from you but the gift of your obedience. Give me that and you will free
yourself from the bondage of ignorance”.
It is said in Guru Granth Sahib:
tks ekaxs Bkdqj vius rs lksbZ lksbZ nsos
“Jo Mange Thakur apne Tey soi soi Deve”
Which means, ‘Whatever I demand from my Master, He provides,
which is purely His grace’.
There are no words to express my gratefulness to Baba, the
Lord of the Universe for His unending blessings and His grace. I pray
to Baba to continue to shower His grace and help us all to love Him the
way He should be loved.
Last but not the least; I would like to quote what Baba said
about Grace from the book ‘6 days in Parasise’ written by Dr HP
“All these darshan programs are insignificant compared
with what will happen when my grace descends...all this is a
May we all work towards drawing His grace!
# LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, Kitty Davy, pp. 463-464 1981 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public
Charitable Trust
Selected Messages and Discourses
Avatar Meher Baba
Short Biography of Avatar Meher Baba
“I am God in human form”#-Meher Baba
Avatar Meher Baba
Avatar Meher Baba regarded as the Love- Incarnation by His lovers all
over the world was born of Persian parents, Sheriarji Irani and Shirin
Banoo, at Sasoon Hospital Pune on 25th February, 1894. He was
named Merwan Sheriar Irani. He studied in the city’s St. Vincent’s
School as a very normal student having quite a lot of interest in poetry,
games and general activities like any other child until He met the Sufi
Master, Hazrat Babajan in 1913. Although, she was a Sadguru,
Babajan, was a grand old lady of 113 years then. One day, she
beckoned Merwan who was coming on cycle from the school and
kissed him on the forehead and bestowed him with Infinite bliss. For
nine months he was in a state of semi-consciousness. In 1914, he was
made God realized by Babajan. Babajan used to say, “This child of
mine will create a great sensation in the world and do immense good to
humanity”. He met Narayan Maharaj, the Perfect Master of Kedgaon
and also met Tajuddin Baba, the Perfect Master of Nagpur.
Merwan met Sai Baba, the Perfect Master of Shirdi in 1915,
who gazed into the eyes of Merwan and exclaimed “Parvardigar”
(Sustainer, God Almighty). He met Upasni Maharaj the Perfect Master
of Sakori who flung a stone aiming at his forehead, where Babajan had
kissed. This brought him down to the gross consciousness without any
reduction in his feeling of infinite consciousness. Upasani Maharaj
used to say, “I have given my key to Merwan, he is now the repository
of my power” Thus in 1921, he became Meher Baba, meaning
Compassionate Father.
Meher Baba used to say, “Sai Baba made me what I Am,
Babajan made me feel what I Am and Upasani Maharaj made me know
what I am”.
In 1923, at Arangaon, near Ahmadnagar, a very poor village
now called ‘Meherabad’, Meher Baba established his first ashram,
wherein he opened a free dispensary, school for all children
irrespective of their religion, a hospital for the lepers and an abode for
the mad and masts (God Intoxicated Souls-Please refer “The
Wayfarers” by Dr. William Donkin).
Meher Baba undertook silence on 10 July 1925, which he did
not break till he dropped his physical body. This silence he undertook
was for the benefit of mankind. Although, Baba was silent he never
remained aloof or inactive. His facial expressions were so explicit that
anyone could understand. Initially, he used to write and later on he
began using an alphabet board which could be read by any one. He
left that also in 1954 and used hand gestures, which were interpreted
by his Mandali members, mostly by Eruch Jessawala.
Meher Baba went to the west for the first time in 1931. He was
traveling in a ship called Rajputana and Mahatma Gandhi was also
traveling in the same ship. They both met and Baba had surprisingly
foretold that he would be seeing Gandhiji soon. Gandhiji learnt about
silence from Meher Baba.
Meher Baba consecutively went to the West until 1936 to sow
the seeds of love and consciousness. He went to the West again in the
years 1952 and 1956 and lastly in 1958.
One of the important features of Baba’s life was that he went on
fasting and seclusions aimed at spiritual work. This was done many
times in the Tomb at Meherabad where rests his Samadhi. Baba once
fasted as long as six months with only cup of cocoa a day. Meher
Baba established a Universal Spiritual Center on 17th December, 1939
at Bangalore but was later abandoned. The same has now been
revived from 1983. 16th October, 1949 earmarked the end of his old
Life and beginning of New Life that lasted till 31st January, 1952. This,
he explained was for Mano-nash meaning mind’s annihilation. During
this period Baba, with a very few of his Mandali travelled all over India
by rail and by foot leading a very hopeless and helpless lives. Baba
contacted many sadhus and saints, maulvis and masts and imparted
them spiritual education.
In 1955, Baba gave a book to the world, “God Speaks” wherein
he explained the meaning of creation and its purpose. In it, he says, “If
there is any beginning, it is in the beginning of consciousness, if there
is any development, it is in the development of consciousness and if
there be an end, it is in the end of consciousness.” Baba said that he
always suffered for the sake of humanity. As said by him, in May 1952,
he faced a motor accident in Prague, Oklahoma, USA. He had made
a mysterious statement long before that American soil was demanding
his blood. Again, he met with another accident in December 1956 at
Satara, Maharashtra, India.
In 1956 Baba gave his first public darshan at Pune. Later, he
began giving open darshan to all in Guru Prasad, a palace, owned by
Maharani Shanta Devi of Baroda, who offered it to Baba to use it. Even
today, a small model of it still stands. Every year Baba gave darshan to
thousands and this continued until 1965. Baba stopped all public
darshan from then and would only call select lovers of his for darshan.
Many had come by then seeking his darshan. In Guru Prasad, seekers,
intellectuals, opulent, politicians, destitute, and the commoners had
Baba’s darshan.
Every Baba lover has his own story to tell as to how he has
become a Baba lover. Baba never performed any miracles nor did he
give any new religion. His emblem consists of all religions and the
motto is ‘Mastery in Servitude’.
On 31st January, 1969 he dropped his body without breaking
his silence. Every year 31st January is celebrated as Amartithi to feel
the presence of the Timeless one and to pour out their love for the
selfless one, the Love incarnate – Avatar Meher Baba.
-D V Balakrishna Meher
#Quote of Meher Baba from Lord Meher
Perfect Masters
“What I am, what I was and what I will be as the Ancient One is
always due to the five Perfect Masters of the Age, during Avataric
period, the five Perfect Masters make God incarnate as man.”
“Sai Baba, Upasani Maharaj, Babajan, Tajuddin Baba and Narayan
Maharaj are the five Perfect Masters of this Age for me. Of these
five, Upasani Maharaj and Babajan directly played the main roles.
Babajan, in less than millionth of a second, made me realize my
Ancient State- that I am God and in the period of seven years,
Upasani Maharaj gave me the knowledge that I am the Avatar, the
Ancient One. That is to say, he established me in that State.
“Sai Baba made me assert what I am.
Babajan made me feel what I am.
Upasani Maharaj made me know what I am.
Babajan gave me Divine Bliss.
Sai Baba gave me Divine Power.
Upasani Maharaj gave me Divine Knowledge.
I am Infinite Power, Knowledge and Bliss.
I am the Ancient One, come to redeem the modern World.”
- Meher Baba
Meher Baba’s Call
“Age after age, amidst the clamor of disruptions, wanes fear
and chaos, rings the Avatar’s call: COME ALL UNTO ME.
Although, because of the veil of illusion, this Call of the
Ancient One may appear as a voice in the wilderness, its echo and
re-echo nevertheless pervades through time and space, to rouse at
first a few, and eventually millions, from their deep slumber of
ignorance. And in the midst of illusion, as the Voice behind all
voices, it awakens humanity to bear witness to the manifestation of
God amidst mankind.
The time is come. I repeat the Call, and bid all to come unto me.
This time – honored Call of mine thrills the hearts of those
who have patiently endured all in their love for God, loving God only
for love of God. There are those who fear and shudder at its
reverberations, and would flee or resist. And there are yet others
who, baffled, fail to understand why the Highest of the High, who is
All-sufficient, need necessarily give this call to humanity.
Irrespective of doubts and convictions, and for the infinite
Love I bear for one and all, I continue to come as the Avatar, to be
judged time and again by humanity in its ignorance, in order to help
man distinguish the Real from the false.
Invariably muffled in the cloak of the infinitely true humility of
the Ancient One, the Divine Call is at first little heeded, until, in its
Infinite strength it spreads in volume to reverberate and keep on
reverberating in countless hearts as the Voice of Reality.
Strength begets humility, whereas modesty bespeaks
weakness. Only he who is truly great can be really humble.
When, in the firm knowledge of it, a man admits his true
greatness, it is in itself an expression of humility. He accepts his
greatness as most natural and is expressing merely what he is, just
as a man would not hesitate to admit to himself and others the fact
of his being man.
For a truly great man, who knows himself to be truly great to
deny his greatness would be to belittle what he indubitably is. For
whereas modesty is the basis of guise, true greatness is free from
On the other hand, when a man expresses a greatness he
knows or feels he does not possess, he is the greatest hypocrite.
Honest is the man who is not great and, knowing and feeling
this, firmly and frankly states that he is not great.
There are more than a few who are not great, yet assume
humility in the genuine belief of their own worth. Through words and
actions they express repeatedly their humbleness, professing to be
the servants of humanity. True humility is not acquired by merely
donning a garb of humility. True humility spontaneously and
continually emanates from the strength of the truly great. Voicing
one’s humbleness does not make one humble. For all that a parrot
may utter “I am a man” it does not make it so.
Better the absence of greatness than the establishing of a
false greatness by assumed humility. Not only do these efforts at
humility on man’s part not express strength, they are, on the
contrary expressions of modesty born of weakness which springs
from a lack of knowledge of the truth of Reality.
Beware of modesty, Modesty, under the cloak of humility,
invariably leads one into the clutches of self-deception. Modesty
breeds egoism and man eventually succumbs to pride through
assumed humility.
The greatest greatness and the greatest humility go hand in
hand naturally and without effort.
When the Greatest of all says, ‘I am the Greatest’ it is but a
spontaneous expression of an infallible Truth. The strength of His
greatness lies, not in raising the dead, but in His great humiliation
when he allows Himself to be ridiculed, persecuted and crucified at
the hands of those who are weak in flesh and spirit. Throughout the
ages, humanity has failed to fathom the true depths of the Humility
underlying the greatness of the Avatar, gauging his Divinity but its
acquired limited religious standards. Even real saints and sages,
who have some knowledge of the who, have some knowledge of the
Truth, have failed to understand the Avatar’s greatness when faced
with his real humility.
Age after age history repeats itself when men and women, in
their ignorance, limitations and pride, sit in judgment over the God
incarnated man who declares his God-hood, and condemn him for
uttering the Truth they cannot understand. He is indifferent to abuse
and persecution for, in His true compassion, He understands, in His
continual experience of Realty he knows, and in His Infinite mercy
He forgives.
God is all. God knows all, and God does all. When the
Avatar proclaims he is the Ancient One, it is God who proclaims His
manifestation on earth. When man utters for or against the Avatar
hood it is God who speaks through him. It is God alone who
declares Himself through the Avatar and mankind.
I tell you all with my Divine authority, that you and I are not
“WE” but “ONE”. You unconsciously feel my Avatar hood within
you; I consciously feel in you what each of you feel. Thus every one
of us is Avatar, in the sense that everyone and everything is
everyone and everything, at the same time, and for all time.
There is nothing but God. He is the only Reality, and we all
are one in the indivisible Oneness of this absolute Realty. When the
One who has realized God says, ‘I am God. You are God and we
are all one, ‘and also awakens this feeling of Oneness in His illusion
bound selves, then the question of the lowly and the great, the poor
and the rich the humble and the modest the good and the bad
simply varieties the bad, simply vanishes. It is his false awareness
of duality that misleads man into making illusory distinctions and
filling them into separate categories.
I repeat and emphasize that in my continual and eternal
experience of reality no difference exists between the worldly rich
and the poor. But, if ever such a question of difference between
opulence and poverty were to exist for me, I would deem him really
poor, who possessing worldly riches, possesses not the wealth of
Love for God. And, I would know him truly rich who owning nothing
possesses the priceless treasures of his Love for God. His is the
poverty Kings could envoy and makes even the King of Kings his
Know therefore, that in the eyes of God the only difference
between the rich and poor is not of wealth and poverty, but the
degrees of intensity and sincerity in the longing for God.
Love for God alone can annihilate the falsity of the limited
ego, the basis of life ephemeral. It alone can make one realize the
Reality of one’s Unlimited Ego, the basis of External Existence. The
divine Ego, as the basis of Eternal Existence, continually expresses
itself; but shrouded in the veil of ignorance, man misconstrues his
Indivisible Ego and experiences and expresses it as the limited
separate ego.
Pay heed when I say with my Divine authority, that the
Oneness of Reality is so uncompromisingly Unlimited and Allpervading
that not only “We are one” but this collective term of “WE”
has no place in the Infinite Indivisible Oneness.
Awaken from your ignorance, and try at least to understand
that in the uncompromisingly indivisible Oneness not only is the
Avatar God, but also the ant and the sparrow, just as one and all of
you, are nothing but God. The only apparent difference is in the
states of Consciousness. The Avatar knows that which is a sparrow
is not sparrow whereas the sparrow does not realize this and being
ignorant of its ignorance, identifies itself as a sparrow.
Live not in ignorance. Do not waste your precious life-span
in differentiating between and judging your fellowmen, but learn to
long for the love of God. Even in the midst of your worldly activities
live only to find and realize your true identity with your Beloved God.
Be pure and simple, and love all because all are one, live a
sincere, life, be natural, and be honest with yourself.
Honesty will guard you against false modesty and also will give you
the strength of true humility. Spare no pains to help others. Seek
no other reward than the gift of Divine Love. Yearn for this gift
sincerely and intensely, and I promise in the name of my Divine
Honesty, that I will give you much more than you yearn for.
-Meher Baba
Sunday 12th September, 1954
The Inexorable “Must”
“Everything and everyone in the universe is constrained to
move alone a path which is prescribed by its past. There is an
inexorable “must” that reigns over all things large or small. Whether
one is male or female, rich or poor, strong or weak, beautiful or ugly,
intelligent or dull-one cannot escape from being such because one
must necessarily be so due to the impressions of the past.
The freedom which man seems to enjoy is itself subject to
inner compulsions; and the environmental pressure, which limits the
scope of reactions or moulds the reacting self, is itself subject to the
inexorable “must”, which is operative in the past, present and future.
Man has his name, his sex, his personality, his colour, his
nationality, his characteristics, his pain and pleasure and all that he
may possess because he must have all these. This overpowering
compulsion is exercised by the force of innumerable impressions
gathered in the past; these accumulated impressions cloud the
consciousness of the “self” at every stage, in every incarnation of
the future, which, in one’s life, belongs to one’s living present.
The rule of this inexorable ‘must’ governs and reshapes the
so-called destiny of man in every incarnation as long as the “self” of
man remains conscious of impressions. The principle of “must”
which overrides human plans is based on divine law which both
adjusts and gets adjusted by evolutionary impressions. It is only the
divine will that can supersede the divine law. The so many deaths
during the one whole life, beginning from the evolution of
consciousness to the end of the involution of consciousness, are
like so many sleeps during one lifetime. One who lives for himself is
truly dead and one who dies for God is truly alive”.
- Meher Baba
The Circles of the Avatar
The Circles
“Absolute oneness prevails in Reality. Space and time are but
illusory. They are merely the effect of the reflection of God’s
Infinitude. When man realizes Reality, the reflection which has
estranged him from Reality, vanishes and he experiences the
absoluteness of the Absolute Oneness of God. And, when such a
Man continues to live his life in Illusion, he leads the life of the Man-
God, or Perfect Master, on earth. With his abiding experience of the
Absolute Reality, he serves as the pivot around which rotates the
entire cosmic universe. Every point in the cosmos is equidistant
from the Perfect Master, who abides in illusion as the nucleus of the
Although the Perfect Master remains in illusion as the Centre
of the cosmic periphery, and radiates his influence uniformly over
the entire universe, in his lifetime he gathers round him twelve men
who directly have their center of interest in his individuality. These
men, through their constant and close association with him in the
past, right from the evolutionary stages of consciousness, reap the
greatest benefit now when their past close associate has become a
Perfect Master.
Such a group of 12 men is called the ‘Circle’ of a Perfect
Master. However, besides this group of twelve men, there is an
appendage of two women to complete the Circle of a Perfect Master
in all its aspects. These two women also owe their position in
regard to the Circle, to their past connection with the Perfect Master.
One or more of these fourteen close ones associated with
the Perfect Master realizes the God-state during or after the lifetime
of the Perfect Master; and in some instances, after one or a few
more reincarnations. However, the Perfect Master fulfills his
obligations by establishing his Circle during his lifetime, and the
greatest good he bestows is God-realization with all its Perfection to
at least one from among his circle of twelve men.
In the case of the Avatar it is different. He has ten Circles in
all, as shown in the accompanying diagram. The First or Inner
Circle of the Avatar consists of twelve men with an appendage of
two women; and each of the following nine Outer Circles consists of
twelve persons, both men and women. In all there are 120 persons
in the ten circles of the Avatar, plus the two women of the Inner
Circle who are but the appendage to that particular circle (122 in
Either one or more of the 108 members of the nine Outer
Circle realize the God-state during or after the life-span of the
Avatar; and some in the next incarnation or after a few more
As in the case of the Perfect Master’s Circle, the Inner Circle
of the Avatar consists of only twelve men, with an appendage of two
women. The difference between the Circle of the Perfect Master
and the Inner Circle of the Avatar is that the Perfect Master
establishes his Circle from amongst those who were closely
connected with him right from the evolutionary stages of their
consciousness; but the Avatar who, in His recurrent advents, neither
passes through the process of evolution, reincarnation, nor
involution, does not therefore have the same links of association to
establish anew His Inner Circle with every advent. In short, whereas
the Perfect Master establishes his Circle, the Avatar is directly allied
with His Inner Circle, which is always the same in all His advents.
With His descent on earth, the Avatar, as it were, brings along with
Him the association of His Inner Circle.
The connection of the Inner Circle in relation to the Avatar
may be compared to that of a man who directly associates himself
with the fourteen parts of his own body: two eyes, two ears, two
nostrils, one mouth, two hands, two legs, and the trunk of the body
itself: plus the external genitals and anus that act as the appendage
to the body as a whole. As soon as man is born, he directly makes
use of these fourteen parts of his body, and these parts in turn
respond to his dictates individually or collectively.
Similarly, with the advent of the Avatar on earth, His Inner
Circle of the same twelve individualities and the appendage of the
same two individualities directly begin to function, individually and
collectively, according to the dictates of the Avatar Himself.
With every advent of the Avatar on earth. The 12 men of the
Inner Circle and its appendage of two women, gather round the
Personality of the Avatar, as the self-same 14 types of
individualities. These fourteen different individualities, in the shape
of different personalities, always occupy their respective offices,
whenever the Avatar manifests on earth; and during and after the
life-span of the Avatar, they – individually and collectively – function
in the same way as their predecessors, who had held, and
functioned in, the same offices of the Inner Circle during the past
advents of the Avatar.
Therefore it would not be wrong to say that with Christ’s
coming again, comes Peter, Judas, and all His apostles. But this
can never mean that the very same Peter, or the self-same Judas,
reincarnates again and again. These can never reincarnate, as all
of the twelve individual personalities of the Avatar’s Inner Circle
attain God-realization in every Avataric period, either during or soon
after the life-span of the Avatar.
Once God-realization is attained, reincarnation is impossible.
The only exception to this rule is the Avatar Himself, who comes
again and again to redeem humanity.
It is not the same individualized personalities of the Inner
Circle that reincarnate; it is the individualities of their particular
offices that come with every advent of the Avatar. It is because in
all the Avatar’s advents each of the twelve men and two women of
the Inner Circle hold exactly the same office and function in exactly
the same manner, that it is said the Avatar always brings with him
the same Circle.
As soon as the veil, with which the Avatar descends on
earth, is rent, by the then-living, Perfect Master or Masters, and the
Avatar realizes His Avatarhood. The twelve men and two women
automatically group round the Personality of the Avatar to occupy
their respective positions in the Inner Circle and to function as usual
according to the dictates of the Avatar of the Age.
The position of the Avatar in regard to the Inner Circle and its
function may be compared to a man asleep. As soon as the man is
made to wake up through some external agency. And no sooner is
he awake, than he spontaneously finds that all the fourteen parts of
his body, as mentioned before, are already there in their individual
roles, ready to function at the slightest wish of the man. Similarly,
as soon as the Avatar is made to realize. His Avatarhood through
one or two or more of the five Perfect Masters of the time. He also
realizes that the 14 personalities, in their characteristic roles of the
Inner Circle, are ready at hand to discharge their duties.
To explain in detail why only these 14 particular personalities
hold such position in every advent of the Avatar would take a
volume of explanations. Who can become the fourteen members
and how do they become attached to the Inner Circle of the Avatar?
---these questions would require more volumes of explanation.
Suffice it to say that each of these fourteen particular
personalities, when occupying the office and function of the Inner
Circle, not only must resemble the characteristic individuality of his
or her predecessor in the previous advents of the Avatar, but must
be exactly similar in all respects. For example, one of the offices of
the Inner Circle of Jesus Christ was held by Peter. At the second
advent of Christ, this particular office must be held by another Peter,
who may be named “A, “but having the same quality of mind and
heart and other characteristics as of the Peter. The same applies to
the office held by Judas, John, James, etc., of the Inner Circle in the
time of Christ.
All the fourteen members of the Avatar’s Inner Circle realize
God by the grace of the Avatar, during the same Avataric period,
which is of one hundred years’ duration after the Manifestation of
the Avatar on earth. Regarding the Outer Circles of the Avatar, none
of the 108 persons in the nine circles holds any office similar to that
held by those of the Inner Circle; and all of these 108 persons attain
God-realization by the grace of the Avatar, but not necessarily
during the Avataric period.
These 108 persons of the Outer Circle have their respective
places in the nine Circles in accordance with their past connections
with the members of the Circle ahead of them. For example, the
members of the Second Circle of twelve persons, next to the Inner
Circle, are grouped round the Avatar in accordance with their past
connections with the members of the Inner Circle. Similarly, the
twelve persons of the Third Circle, next to the Second Circle, are
grouped round the Avatar in accordance with their past connections
with the members of the Second Circle; and so on, with all the
remaining seven Circles”.
-Meher Baba
God Alone Is
“Infinite consciousness is infinite. Thus it can never lessen at
any point in time or space. Infinite consciousness, being infinite,
includes every aspect of the consciousness. Unconsciousness is
one of the aspects of infinite consciousness. Thus infinite
consciousness includes unconsciousness. It sustains, covers,
pierces through, and provides an end to, unconsciousness – which
flows from and is consumed by infinite consciousness.
In order to assert infinite consciousness unequivocally, I
declare that I have infinite consciousness; and I can do this most
emphatically because I am infinite consciousness. I am everything
and I am beyond, beyond everything.
I am ever conscious that I am in you, while you are never
conscious that I am in you. Daily I support you and share your
consciousness. Now I want you to uphold Me and share My
consciousness one day.
Man being unconscious of actually possessing the neverending
continuously conscious experience that God is everything
and all else is nothing, for him “everything” is everything, Air is,
Water is, Fire is. Earth is, Light is, Darkness is, Stone is, Iron is,
Vegetation is, Insect is, Fish is. Bird is, Beast is, Man is, Good is.
Bad is. Pain is. Pleasure is – and thus there is no end to what all
else is, until he arrives at” nothing is” and instantaneously he
realizes “God Is”.
It is not easy for man to accept and keep on accepting under
all circumstances that God is. Even after his firm acceptance that
God is, it is supremely difficult though not impossible for him to
realize what he has formally accepted: And realization means
instead of being fully conscious that he is man, man becomes fully
conscious that he is God, was God has always been God and will
ever remain God.
Knowingly or unknowingly, man is ever seeking the Goal,
which is to realize his true Self. The very nearest and innermost to
man is his Soul, but the fun of it is that he feels far, far away from it.
There appears no end to his journeys towards the Goal through the
numberless highways and by-ways of life and death, although in fact
there is no distance at all to cover. Having achieved full
consciousness as man, he has already arrived at his destination,
and now possess the capacity to become fully conscious of his
Soul. Still he is unable to realize this divine destiny because his
consciousness remains completely focused on his perverted,
limited, finite self-the Mind-which ironically has been the medium of
achieving consciousness.
Before he can know who he is, man has to unlearn the mass
of illusory knowledge he has burdened himself with on the
interminable journey from unconsciousness to consciousness. It is
only through love that you can begin to unlearn, thus eventually
putting an end to all that you do not know. God-love penetrates all
illusion, while no amount of illusion can penetrate God-love. Start
learning to love God by beginning to love those whom you cannot.
You will find that in serving others you are serving yourself. The
more you remember others with kindness and generosity, the less
you remember yourself; and the less you remember yourself the
more you forget yourself. And when you completely forget yourself,
you find Me as the Source of all love.
Give up parrotry in all its aspects. Start practicing whatever
you truly feel to be true and justly to be just. Do not make a show of
your faith and beliefs. You have not to give up your religions, but to
give up clinging to the outer husk of mere ritual and ceremonies. To
get to the fundamental core of Truth underlying all religions, reach
beyond religion.
Through endless time God’s greatest gift is continuously
given in silence. But when mankind becomes completely deaf to
the thunder of His silence, God incarnates as Man. The Unlimited
assumes the Limited, to shake Maya – drugged humanity to a
consciousness of its true destiny and to give a spiritual push to the
world by His physical presence on earth. He uses the Body for His
universal work, to be discarded in final sacrifice as soon as it has
served Its purpose.
God has come again and again in various Forms, has
spoken again and again in different words and different languages
the same one Truth – but how many are there that live up to it?
Instead of making Truth the vital breath of his life, man
compromises by making over and over again a mechanical religion
of it – as a handy staff to lean on in times of adversity, as a soothing
balm for his conscience or as a tradition to be followed in the
footsteps of the past. Man’s inability to live God’s words makes
them a mockery. How many Christians follow Christ’s teaching to
‘turn the other cheek’ or ‘to love thy neighbors as thyself? How
many Muslims follow Mohammed’s precept to hold God above
everything else? How many Hindus bear the torch of righteousness
at all cost? How many Buddhists live the ‘life of pure compassion’
expounded by Buddha? How many Zoroastrians ‘think truly, speak
truly, and act truly’? God’s Truth cannot be ignored; and thus by
mankind’s ignorance and weakness a tremendous adverse reaction
is produced – and the world finds itself in a cauldron of suffering
through wars, hate, conflicting ideologies, and nature’s rebellion in
the form of floods, famines, earthquakes, and other disasters.
Ultimately when the apex is reached, God manifests anew in human
form to guide mankind to the destruction of its self-created evil, that
it may be re-established in the Divine Truth.
My Silence and the imminent breaking of my Silence is to
save mankind from the monumental forces of ignorance, and to
fulfill the divine Plan of universal unity. The breaking of my Silence
will reveal to man the universal oneness of God, which will bring
about the universal brotherhood of man. My Silence had to be. The
breaking of my Silence has to be --- soon”.
10th July, 1958. -Meher Baba
Meher Baba’s messages on Grace
Avatar Meher Baba on various occasions discoursed on
GRACE. A compilation is given below:
“The only miracle which is worthy of the name, is, the divine
grace that knows no fetters, and that can control the entire universe
with its all laws. It is the last supervising factor in the graded orders
which obtains in the spiritual panorama”.
“Divine grace is not concerned with phenomenon. It is
concerned with the emancipation and spiritual fulfillment of the
“To get nearer and nearer to God, you have to get further
and further away from ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’. You have not to renounce
anything but your own self. It is as simple as that, though found
almost impossible. It is possible for you to renounce your limited
self by My Grace, I have come to release that Grace”.
“There are different ways of seeing God. Firstly, by
meditation, which is a very long process, only one in a million sees
God through meditation, and even that is not being One with God.
Another method is by the grace of the Perfect Master. The simplest
way is to leave all and follow Baba, which does not mean to leave
your family and work. It is not your love for Me that had brought you
here, but My love for you, One cannot do it oneself, if one has the
will, one gets the grace”.
“The descent of the grace of the Master is conditioned,
however, by the preliminary spiritual preparation of the aspirant.
This preliminary preparation for grace is never complete until the
aspirant has built into his spiritual makeup some divine attributes.
For example, when a person avoids back biting and thinks more of
the good points in others than of their bad points, and when he can
practice supreme tolerance and desires good for others even at the
cost of himself, then he is ready to receive the grace of the Master.
One of the greatest obstacles hindering the spiritual preparation of
the aspirant is worry. When, with supreme effort, this obstacle of
worry is overcome a way is paved for the cultivation of the divine
attributes that contribute the spiritual preparation of the disciple. As
soon as the disciple is ready, the grace of Master descends; for the
Master, who is the ocean of Divine Love, is always on the lookout
for the soul in whom His grace will fructify”.
“The kind of love that is awakened by the grace of the
Master is a rare privilege. The mother who is willing to sacrifice all
and die for her child and the martyr who is prepared to give up his
very life for his country, are indeed supremely noble; but they have
not necessarily tested this pure love born through the Grace of their
Master. Even the great yogis who sit in caves and on mountain tops
and are completely absorbed in deep Samadhi (meditative
Samadhi) do not necessarily have this precious love”.
“True worship is an expression of devotion, not just saying
prayers and making supplications. For you to worship truly, it is
necessary for you to have My grace. What is grace? No bargaining
whatsoever is possible in receiving of the grace, and there is
absolutely no specific condition for its bestowal.
“It may be given freely to anyone, whether saint or sinner,
intellectual or illiterate, man or woman, Grace is just Grace, nothing
more and nothing less”.
“Although it is next to impossible, yet it is conceivable that
one might become one hundred percent prepared by one’s own
efforts, and thereupon realize God. In such an improbable event,
God realization is not through Grace.”
“But if the worst sinner stood before me and I had the whim
(Iahar), I could make him realize God in less than the flash of a
second. That would be Grace. My Grace descends upon you, you
also become Me and remain one”.
“It is easier for me to come as an Avatar than for you to
receive My Grace. The problem is that once you have been
conditioned by duality there is no end to the conditions that restrict
your ability to receive My Grace. Therefore it is difficult for My
Grace to flow from me to you”.
“That is why it is not as easy as it sounds for Me to get the
whim to cause you to receive My Grace. As a matter of fact it is
flowing sufficiently all the time to fill one and all receptacle
“There is rarely a vessel which is not filled with other
things. A vessel must first be emptied before it can be filled by the
flow of My Grace. It is also my Grace which helps a vessel to
become completely emptied in the first place”.
“The sun is now shining brilliantly outside this hall, but the
sunlight does not reach you here under the roof. The sun is doing
its duty of giving light. You also have to do your duty in removing
whatever comes between you and the sun.
“Unless you break open the roof, how can you ask the sun to
pour its light upon you? You have raised this roof of ‘ignorance’ over
your own self. Demolish it and you will find that you yourself are the
light and you yourself are the sun”.
“Through My Grace, a sudden crack in the roof can let the
sunlight in, on you immediately, but one in a million roofs might thus
attract My Grace. I am the Ocean of Grace but I am also hard as
flint when you try to draw that Grace from Me. The flow of My Grace
to you depends upon the intensity of your love, for it is love which
attracts My Grace for you”.
“All religions of the world proclaim that there is one God, the
Father of all in creation. I am that Father”.
“I have come to remind all people that they should live on earth as
the children of the One Father until My Grace awakens them to the
realization that they are all one without a second and that all
divisions and conflicts and hatred are but a shadow play of their
“Do not seek my blessings which are always with you, but
long for the day when My Grace will descend on you all who love
Me. Most blessed are they who do not even long for My Grace, but
simply seek to do My will”.
- Meher Baba
The Avatar
“CONSCIOUSLY or unconsciously, every living creature
seeks one thing. In the lower forms of life and in less advanced
human beings, the quest is unconscious; in advanced human
beings, it is conscious. The object of the quest is called by many
names – happiness, peace, freedom, truth, love, perfection Selfrealization,
God-realization, union with God, Essentially, it is a
search for all of these, but in a special way. Everyone has moments
of happiness, glimpses of truth, and fleeting experiences of union
with God; what they want is to make them permanent. They want to
establish an abiding reality in the midst of constant change.
It is a natural desire, based fundamentally on a memory, dim
or clear as the individual’s evolution may be low or high, of his
essential unity with God; for, every living thing is a partial
manifestation of God, conditioned only by its lack of knowledge of its
own true nature. The whole of evolution, in fact, is an evolution from
unconscious divinity to conscious divinity, in which God Himself,
essentially eternal and unchangeable, assumes an infinite variety of
forms, enjoys an infinite variety of experiences and transcends an
infinite variety of self-imposed limitations. Evolution from the
standpoint of the Creator is a divine sport, in which the
Unconditioned tests the infinitude of His absolute knowledge, power
and bliss in the midst of all conditions. But evolution from the
standpoint of the creature, with his limited knowledge, limited
knowledge, limited, power, limited capacity for enjoying bliss, is an
epic of alternating rest and struggle, joy and sorrow, love and hate,
until, in the perfected man, God balances the pairs of opposites and
transcends duality. Then creature and Creator recognize
themselves as one; changelessness is established in the midst of
change, eternity is experienced in the midst of time. God knows
Himself as God, unchangeable in essence, infinite in manifestation,
ever experiencing the supreme bliss of Self-realization in continually
fresh awareness of Himself by Himself.
This realization must and does take place only in the midst
of life, for it is only in the midst of life that limitation can be
experienced and transcended, and that subsequent freedom from
limitation can be enjoyed. This freedom from limitation assumes
three forms:
Most God-realized souls leave the body at once and forever,
and remain eternally merged in the unmanifest aspect of God. They
are conscious only of the bliss of union. Creation no longer exists
for them. Their constant round of births and deaths is ended. This
is known as mukti or liberation.
Some God-realized souls retain the body for a time, but their
consciousness is merged completely in the unmanifest aspect of
God, and they are therefore not conscious either of their bodies or
of creation. They experience constantly the infinite bliss, power and
knowledge of God, but they cannot consciously use them in creation
or help others to attain to liberation. Nevertheless, their presence
on earth is like a focal point for the concentration and radiation of
the infinite power, knowledge and bliss of God; and those who
approach them, serve them and worship them are spiritually
benefited by contact with them. These souls are called Majzubs,
and this particular type of liberation is called videh-mukti or
liberation with the body.
A few God-realized souls keep the body, yet are conscious
of themselves as God in both His unmanifest and His manifest
aspects. They know themselves both as the unchangeable divine
essence and as the infinitely varied manifestation. They experience
themselves as God apart from creation, as God the Creator,
Preserver and Destroyer of the whole of creation, and as God Who
has accepted and transcended the limitations of creation. They
experience constantly the absolute peace, the infinite knowledge,
power and bliss of God. They enjoy to the full the divine sport of
creation. They know themselves as God in everything spiritually,
and to make other souls realize God, either as Muktas, Majzubs or
Sadgurus as they themselves are called.
There are fifty-six God-realized souls in the world at all
times. They are always one in consciousness. They are always
different in function. For the most part they live and work apart
from and unknown to the general public, but five, who act in a sense
as a directing body, always work in public and attain to public
prominence and importance. These are known as Sadgurus or
Perfect Masters. In Avataric periods, the Avatar, as a supreme
Sadguru, takes his place as the head of this body and of the
spiritual hierarchy as a whole.
Avataric periods are like the spring-tide of creation. They
bring a new release of power, a new awakening of consciousness, a
new experience of life – not merely for a few, but for all. Qualities of
energy and awareness, which had been used and enjoyed by only a
few advanced souls, are made available for all humanity. Life, as a
whole, is stepped up to a higher level of consciousness, is geared to
a new rate of energy. The transition from sensation to reason was
one such step; the transition from reason to intuition will be another.
This new influx of the creative impulse takes, through the
medium of a divine personality, an incarnation of God in a special
sense – the Avatar. This Avatar was the first individual soul to
emerge from the evolutionary process as a Sadguru, and he is the
only Avatar who has ever manifested or will ever manifest. Through
him God first completed the journey from unconscious divinity to
conscious divinity, first unconsciously became man in order
consciously to become God. Through him, periodically, God
consciously becomes man for the liberation of mankind.
The Avatar appears in different forms, under different
names, at different times, in different parts of the world. As his
appearance always coincides with the spiritual birth of man, so the
period immediately preceding his manifestation is always one in
which humanity suffers from the pangs of the approaching birth.
Man seems more than ever enslaved by desire, more than ever
driven by greed, held by fear, swept by anger. The strong dominate
the weak; the rich oppress the poor; large masses of people are
exploited for the benefit of the few who are in power. The individual,
who finds no peace or rest, seeks to forget himself in excitement.
Immorality increases, crime flourishes, religion is ridiculed.
Corruption spreads throughout the social order. Class and national
hatreds are aroused and fostered. Wars break out. Humanity grows
desperate. There seems to be no possibility of stemming the tide of
At this moment the Avatar appears. Being the total
manifestation of God in human form, he is like a gauge against
which man can measure what he is and what he may become. He
trues the standard of human values by interpreting them in terms of
divinely human life.
He is interested in everything but not concerned about
anything. The slightest mishap may command his sympathy; the
greatest tragedy will not upset him. He is beyond the alternations of
pain and pleasure, desire and satisfaction, rest and struggle, life and
death. To him they are equally illusions which he has transcended,
but by which others are bound, and from which he has come to free
them. He uses every circumstance as a means to lead others
towards Realization.
He knows that men do not cease to exist when they die, and
therefore is not concerned over death. He knows that destruction
must precede construction that out of suffering is born peace and
bliss, that out of struggle comes liberation from the bounds of action.
He is only concerned about concern.
In those who contact him he awakens a love that consumes
all selfish desires in the flame of the one desire to serve him. Those
who consecrate their lives to him gradually become identified with
him in consciousness. Little by little, their humanity is absorbed into
his divinity and they become free.
Those who are closest to him are known as his circle. Every
Sadguru has an intimate circle of twelve disciples who, in point of
realization, are made equal to the Sadguru himself, though they
differ from him in function and authority. In Avataric periods the
Avatar has a circle of one hundred and twenty disciples, all of whom
experience realization and work for the liberation of others.
Their work is not only for contemporary humanity but for
posterity as well. The unfoldment of life and consciousness for the
whole Avataric cycle, which has been mapped out in the creative
world before the Avatar took form, is endorsed and fixed in the
formative and material worlds during the Avatar’s life on earth.
The Avatar awakens contemporary humanity to a realization
of its true spiritual nature, give liberation to those who are ready,
and quickens the life of the spirit in his time. For posterity is left the
stimulating power of his divinely human example, the nobility of a
life supremely lived, of a love unmixed with desire of a power
unused except for others, of a peace untroubled by ambition, of a
knowledge undimmed by illusion. He has demonstrated the
possibility of a divine life for all humanity, of a heavenly life one
earth. Those who have the necessary courage and integrity can
follow when they will.
Those who are spiritually awake have been aware for some
time that the world is at present in the midst of a period such as
always precedes Avataric manifestations. Even unawakened men
and women are becoming aware of it now. From their darkness
they are reaching out for light; in their sorrow they are longing for
comfort; from the most of the strobe in which they have found
themselves plugged, they are praying for peace and deliverance.
For the moment they must be patient. The wave of
destruction must rise still higher, must spread still further. But when,
from the depths of his heart, man desires something more lasting
than wealth, something more real than material power, the wave will
recede. Then peace will come, joy will come, light will come.
The breaking of my silence – the signal for my public
manifestation – is not far off. I bring the greatest treasure which it is
possible for man to receive – a treasure which includes all other
treasures, which will endure forever, which increases when shared
with others. Be ready to receive it”.
-Meher Baba
How to Love God
“To love God in the most practical way is to love our fellow
beings. If we feel for others in the same way as we feel for our own
dear ones, we love God.
“If, instead of seeing faults in others we look within ourselves
we are loving God.
“If, instead of robbing others to help ourselves, we rob
ourselves to help others, we are loving God.
“If we suffer in the suffering of others and feel happy in the
happiness of others, we are loving God.
“If, instead of worrying over our own misfortunes, we think of
ourselves more fortunate than many, many others, we are loving
“If we endure our lot with patience and contentment,
accepting it as His Will, we are loving God.
“If we understand and feel that the greatest act of devotion
and worship to God is not to hurt or harm any of His beings, we are
loving God. “To love God as He ought to be loved, we must live for
God and die for God, knowing that the goal of all life is to love God,
and find Him as our own Self”.
-Meher Baba
Sixteen Select Quotes
1. I seem as though I know nothing but know well that I know
2. Love does not require the presence of the Beloved in order to
3. Have desires but be their master and not their slave.
4. I am the Ancient one residing in every heart. Therefore love Me,
love others and make others happy even at the discomfort to yourself.
This is to love Me.
5. Mind stopped is God. Mind working normal is Man. Mind working
slow is mast. Mind working fast is Mad.
6. I am really the only One who is not in seclusion. It is the rest of the
humanity that is in seclusion and I have come to make it emerge in the
eternal freedom.
7. I am the Ocean of Love. Draw as much of this love as possible.
Make most of this opportunity while I am in your midst.
8. When mankind becomes completely deaf to the thunder of His
silence, God incarnates as man.
9. I have come not to teach but to awaken.
10. If drugs could make one realize God, then is not worthy of being
11. Do not search for God outside of you. God can only be found
within you for His only abode is the human heart.
12. Don’t Worry. All is as I want. Keep calm. Don’t get excited.
13. Think of Me and remain cheerful in all your trials and I am with you
helping you.
14. The law of karma is impartial and inexorable. It knows no
concessions, give no preferences, and makes no exceptions. It dispenses
15. I want you to remain undisturbed and unshaken by the life’s
currents for whatever the circumstances; they too will be of My own
16. Understanding has no meaning, Love has meaning. Obedience
has more meaning and holding My Daaman has most meaning.
-Meher Baba
(Compiled by D V Ananda Rao)
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Parvardigar Prayer
O Parvardigar — the Preserver and Protector of all!
You are without Beginning, and without End, Non-dual,
beyond comparison, and none can measure You.
You are without colour, without expression, without form, and
without attributes.
You are unlimited and unfathomable, beyond imagination and
conception, eternal and imperishable.
You are indivisible; and none can see You, but with Eyes
You always were, You always are, and You always will be;
You are everywhere, You are in everything; and You are also
beyond everywhere and beyond everything.
You are in the firmament and in the depths;
You are manifest and unmanifest, on all planes and beyond all
You are in the three worlds, and also beyond the three worlds;
You are imperceptible and independent.
You are the Creator, the Lord of lords, the knower of all minds
and hearts; You are omnipotent and omnipresent.
You are Knowledge Infinite, Power Infinite, and Bliss Infinite.
You are the Ocean of Knowledge, all-knowing, infinitely
knowing, the Knower of the past, the present, and the future,
and You are Knowledge Itself.
You are all-merciful and eternally benevolent; You are the Soul
of souls, the One with infinite attributes.
You are the Trinity of Truth, knowledge, and Bliss,
You are the Source of Truth, the Ocean of Love; You are the
Ancient One, the Highest of the High; You are Prabhu and
You are the Beyond-God, and the Beyond-Beyond God also,
You are Parabrahma, Allah, Elahi, Yezdan, Ahuramazda, and
God the Beloved.
You are named Ezad — the only One worthy of worship.
Prayer of Repentance
“We repent, O God Most Merciful, for all our sins; for
every thought that was also false or unjust or unclean; for
every word spoken that ought not to have been spoken; and
for every deed done that ought not to have been done.
“We repent, for every deed and word and thought
inspired by selfishness and for every deed and word and
thought inspired by hatred.
“We repent, most specially for every lustful thought
and every lustful action; for every lie; for all hypocrisy; for
every promise given but not fulfilled; and for all slander and
“Most specially also, we repent for every action that
has brought ruin to others; for every word and deed that has
given others; pains and for every wish that pain should befall
“In Your unbounded Mercy, we ask you to forgive us,
O God, for all these sins committed by us and to forgive us
for our constant failures to think and speak and act
according to Your Will”.
Prayer for Baba Lovers & Mandali
“Beloved God, help us all to love you more and more,
and more and more and still yet more, till we become worthy
of union with you; and help us all to hold fast to Baba’s
daaman till the very end”.
Centers of Information about Meher Baba
Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust,
PB-31,Kings Road,
Ahmedagar-414 001 (Maharashtra)
Avatar Meher Baba Hamirpur
Hamirpur (Uttar Pradesh)
Pin Code:210301
Meher Baba Universal Spiritual Center
Byramangala, Abbanakuppe Village,
Badadi Hobli, Ramanagaram Taluk,
Ittmadu Post Bangalore Dist.
Pin Code: 562 109
Meher Ashram Temple of Silence
7-Brahmin Street, Saida Pet,
Chennai-600 015.
Avatar Meher Baba Bombay Center,
167, Navyug Niwas, Bhadkhamkar Marg,
Opposite Minierva Cinema, Mumbai Pin
Code:400 007
Avatar Meher Baba Kovvur Center,
West Godavri Distt.
(Andhra Pradesh)
Avatar Meher Baba Delhi Center,
50A, Tuglakabad Institutional Area,
Near Batra Hospital, Tuglakabad,
New Delhi Pin Code: 110062
e-mail: secretary@ambdelhicentre.com
Website: www.MeherBabaTheAvatar.org
Meher Spiritual Center,
PO Box 487, Myrtle Beach,
South Carolina 29577 USA
Avatar Meher Baba Dehradun Center,
107, Rajpur Road,
Deheradun, Uttarkahand
Pin Code:248001
Meher Dham, Nauranga,
Uttar Pradesh
Pin Code:210428
Meher Spiritual Center
10200 Highway Myrtle Beach,
South Carolina
USA 4559
Avatar’s Abode
17 North Meher Road
Woombye, Queensland 29577
Avatar Meher Baba Pune
441/1, Somwar Peth,
Pin Code: 411011
Meher Mount
9902 Sulphur Mountain Road
Ojai, California 93923
Avatar Meher Baba Centre
Jubilee Hills,
(Andhra Pradesh)
Avatar Meher Baba Centre
Dalavi Bavi Street
DISTT. Tumkur (Karnataka)