Following books are available for sale

  1. The Divine Sense of Humour of Avatar Meher Baba-Vol-1 Price-50/-
  2. The Divine Sense of Humour of Avatar Meher Baba-Vol-2 Price-100/-
  3. Lessons for Spiritual Aspirants (Based on discourses and messages of Avatar Meher Baba) Price Rs. 200/-
  4. 'Semblance Episodes' (Avatar Meher Baba and His Past Advents) Price Rs. 200/-
  5. 'Articles" (Based on Baba's discourses) Price Rs. 250/-
  6. "Stories and Similes" narrated by Baba & His disciples Price Rs. 200/-
  7. "Fortunate Souls (15 groups who had physical darshan of Meher Baba) Price Rs 400/-
  8. "Spiritual Guidelines from Avatar Meher Baba Price RS. 100/-

These books are available in following stores at Meherabad.

  • Meher Darbar, Contact Person: Sh. Puskar jangle , Mob No. 099604-61969
  • Meher Nazar, Contact Person: Sh. Mehernath Kalchuri, Mob No. 094222-21917
  • Meher Prasad, Contact Person: Sh. Kishore Bojja, Mob No. 097656-55389

These books are also available from Amazon stores ( www.amazon.in)

Baba lovers willing to get any of these books by post are required to cost of book plus postal charges of Rs. 25/-per book and Rs.5/- for each additional copy. Books shall be sent by Registered Book Post only to ensure delivery. Baba lovers are requested to write complete postal address with PIN code on the Money Order coupon.

The cost of book & postal charges can be also be paid by sending A/C payee Cheque favoring Birendra Kumar, giving the postal address of dispatch separately

Amount can also be remitted by NEF Transfer in my PNB Bank A/C No. 4989000100052956 with IFSC code: PUNB0498900, exclusive bank account for the purpose. Postal address with PIN code can be communicated by SMS or over phone.

Baba lovers can also contribute any amount through NEFT mentioned above or in cash or cheque to help in publication of compilations in future titled “Inspirational stories narrated by Meher Baba and His disciples"  and Fortunate souls” (4 volumes).The compilations shall be published on availability of funds through our own resources and contributions received. Donors shall be provided complimentary copy of the books so published and their names shall be displayed on web page. Any profit gained from the sale of books shall either be utilized in further publication or books or prasar activities of AMB Prasar Kendra which is now an unregistered association.

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