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Eruch Jessawala

There was sincere seeker and lover of god who spent most of his days in praying and remembering the Lord. Although his heart was pure and he longed for God, his questioning mind would often come in the way of his devotion. Once, it so happed that his mind felt greatly disturbed by the situation around him-you know how the mind is-once it catches on to a disturbing thought, it won’t let go of it. So it was with this devotee. As the time went by, he was unable to calm his mind and he gave in to its promptings. he decided that he wanted nothing to do with God and gave up praying.

“The reason for this was that he saw so much injustice around him in the world that he began to feel that if God allowed such things to happen, then he wanted nothing to doo with Him. So he stopped prayers. No sooner had he done that than Lord appeared before him. See how the Lord plays His games? When a lover prays and longs for his Lord, He becomes indifferent, but as soon as the lover becomes indifferent, the Lord becomes concerned and appears. It’s all his Leela, His divine game plan. So Lord appears to the devotee and coaxes him into speaking out what was troubling him. The devotee, who is very upset, blurts out, “What kind of God are you to allow such injustice in this world? How it can be? I can’t bear to see all this and want       nothing to do with you.”

“The Lord appeared surprised and said, “Injustice in the world? How can that be? It is impossible. I would never allow such a thing. My sense of justice is also laced with compassion and mercy-something very few understands or grasp.”

“The devotee was even more upset and blurted out, “don’t try to trick me with your words; I shall have none of it” So, like a loving parent, the Lord says pleadingly, “All right, if you can show me a single instance of injustice in this world, I will rectify it immediately.”

“The devotee was now happy with this suggestion and he and Lord set out together. No sooner had they gone short distance, than the devotee points to a man walking down the road. The man was a very honest man and a thorn had pierced his leg and he was bleeding profusely. There was no medical help close by and he was suffering terribly.

The devotee and the Lord walked some more and they ran into businessman. The man was very rude and arrogant. He became rich by indulging in all kind of illegal activities. As the man is walking he sees a bag in his path. Picking up the bag, man discovered that it is full of gold.

“After pointing this out to the lord, the devotee takes him closer to the village. They happen to run into a labourer. This man worked hard all day just to earn enough money to feed his wife and children. That day this man had been beaten up by robbers and his money had been stolen. He and his family had to go hungry that night. After showing this to the Lord, the devotee took the Lord to a very mean looking tribal chief. He treated his tribe very badly while he had good time, surrounded by luxury, good food, wine, money and women. The tribals, who were suffering badly under him, prayed that they be relieved of such an oppressor. Having shown the Lord all this, the devotee asked him, “What do you have to say about all these instances of injustice?”

“The Lord smiled with a look of compassion and said, “The honest man who bled profusely because of the thorn, was a murderer of the past. He had a death sentence coming to him in this life because of his past deed, but because of his good acts, and out of mercy, I reduced it to thorn in his leg.”

“The businessman who was rude and arrogant and did his illegal business was karma yogi who had done a lot charitable work in his past life. He had a kingdom of gold coming to him because of his past action. Because of his bad behaviour in this life, however, I reduced it to a bag of gold.

“The lord continued, “The common labourer had a food grain shop in past life. He caused hundreds of deaths by hoarding grains during a draught so he could make more profit. He and his family were destined to die of starvation in this life but out of compassion, I reduced it  to one night starvation.

The leader of the tribe was to be ruler of the whole country because in his past he was very generous and helpful. Seeing his nature in this life, however, I reduced it to make him a leader of small tribe,”

“The Lord then asked the devotee if his mind was still troubled with doubts. The devotee wept and asked for forgiveness. With a look of compassion and mercy, the Lord’s  forgave him and gave some parting advice to the devotee. “In the future, if a torn pierces your leg and it appears as injustice to your mind, remember at that moment that may be a death sentence was coming your way and the lord , in his compassion and mercy , reduced it to just a thorn in your leg. If I did not lace justice with My mercy, then the world would suffer immeasurably. Not only do I do justice but I lace it with my mercy and compassion.


God is most impartial and law of Karma is applied to everyone. God knows- what is best for anyone and gives out of His compassion and mercy.