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Bhau Kalchuri

There once was a perfect master named Swami Ramdas, who had a lover named Kalyan.  Ramdas loved Kalyan very much.  Though Kalyan was very obedient, he was not in the circle of the master.  One day, Swami Ramdas said to his circle members, "It is dark.  Bring a lamp."

His circle members laughed.  "Master, it is daylight.  There is no darkness.  What would we do with a lamp?"

The master took that in, and afterwards, he called Kalyan.  "There is darkness everywhere.  Don't you see?  Bring a lamp."

Without saying anything, Kalyan immediately brought a lamp.  The circle members were very ashamed of not obeying the master as did Kalyan.  Kalyan not only brought the lamp, but when the master said, "Don't you see?  It is dark.  Why don't you bring the lamp?" Kalyan thought it was dark and brought the lamp immediately.

And another example …

Swami Ramdas came to his circle one day, a bandage around his knee.  "Oh, there is terrible pain in my knee," he said.  "I cannot bear it.  It is really unbearable."

The members asked, "What should we do to make you free from this pain?"

And the master replied, "Pus in my knee joint is causing me terrible pain.  There is only one cure.  If anyone sucks out the pus, I will be all right.  But whoever does so will die."

Since Ramdas had given his circle members a choice, they were hesitant.  Had it been an order, they would have done it to please their master.  The master's pleasure is everything, and to seek it is the aim of life.

When Kalyan came, the master repeated, "My knee joint is full of pus.  I cannot bear the pain.  If anyone sucks out the pus, I will be all right.  But whoever does so will die."

Without any hesitation, Kalyan sucked out the pus.

But it was not pus.

Ramdas had hidden a mango inside the bandage, and Kalyan enjoyed the juice of the mango as he was sucking.

Kalyan was seeking the pleasure of the master. And that is a great thing.


A disciple is supposed to have such a degree of faith that if Master says it is night the disciple must sees no light but darkness even in day time. That was the degree of faith of Kalyan.