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1-What are sanskaras

Sanskaras are the impressions of thoughts, words and actions on gross, subtle or mental plane. When one alone thinks, speaks or acts according to force of his past sanskaras, sanskaras are spent; new impressions are created and stored in his subconscious mind. In dream whether good or bad sanskaras are only spent and no new sanskaras are created. In awake state, sanskaras are spent and new ones are formed. Good and bad sanskaras both create bindings.

In Baba’s words:

“Sanskaras mean the impressions in the mind left behind while doing any good or bad action. Even a thought creates sanskaras. Talking, listening, thinking, seeing, eating, sleeping, in fact, even subtle motions, produce many more sanskaras which have to be experienced with mechanical precision unless removed or nullified by a Sadguru's grace”

When one interacts with other, sanskaras of both affect each other. One's intellect comes to his rescue in discriminating between good and bad but however intelligent action can it be, it cannot be impression less. In process of spending sanskaras, one get partial shedding of sanskaras which very is insignificant. This process of shedding sanskaras without help of Perfect Master or Avatar is very slow and may take 84 lac incarnations in human form.

2-Prarabdh and animal sanskaras

In Baba’s words:

“Sanskaras in general are called prarabdha sanskaras. Prarabdha literally means of destiny. These are applied to the whole universe in evolution from the state of a minute atom to the state of God-Realization. Prarabdha sanskaras are those that help the soul gain consciousness in order to go through evolution – from the very beginning to the very end – to attain unity.”

“Due to the evolutionary process, the soul gathers all sanskaras throughout, up to the human form –animal sanskaras, as they are called. Therefore in human form, where the soul is fully conscious, the bad sanskaras already overlap the good ones. If now the good sanskaras were to overlap the bad ones, what would happen is that both would disappear. Like the dream example I once gave.”

3-Impressionless state of mind is the state of God realisation.

“Sanskaras must balance perfectly. This cannot be done by a mathematical process, or it would be easy. One has to balance his good and bad sanskaras perfectly balanced qualitatively and quantitatively to reach to zero balance and become God realised.  There are ways to wiping out bad sanskaras by opposite thinking etc. But perfect balancing can be achieved with kelp of a Perfect Master or Avatar, since sanskaras continue to be exhausted tilt sixth plane of consciousness.”

4- Colour of sanskaras

“Sanskaras are of seven colours. Seven sanskaras of lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, hatred and jealousy are of seven colours. Seven colours represent the seven planes of involution as well as seven kinds of sanskaras. The colours in Baba’s flag signify man's rise from the grossest of impressions of lust and anger – symbolized by red – to the culmination in the highest state of spirituality and oneness with God – symbolized by sky blue”

Everyone has an aura made up of seven colours in proportion of all seven types of sanskaras ( seven vices) associated with him which cannot be seen by naked eye but it is radiating all the time of which we are hardly aware. Perhaps, transfer of sanskaras takes through mixing of this radiating aura of individuals. In case of Perfect Master or Avatar this is called halo which is like bright white sun rays. When one progresses spiritually this aura begins to lose its colour of seven sanskaras and turns white on God realisation.

5-One carries enormous load of sanskaras

It is beyond our imagination, one can only guess. One is carrying enormous load of unspent sanskaras. According to Meher Baba and also scriptures, through process of evolution, (stone, veg, fish, bird, reptile and animal) every soul has to pass through 84 lac form at every stage of evolution. Before coming to the stage of human being, one has passed through 6x84 = 5.20 crores forms. In these 6 stages of evolution up to animal, soul has very little chance of coming into contact of Perfect Master or Avatar. Only in exceptional case, a bird or animal comes into contact of Perfect Master or Avatar and get human body in next incarnation. Avatar Meher Baba used Warrior (pet dog) for His universal work was liberated.

At every stage in any form a soul has certain life time.  A particular stone in a temple remains there for more than 1000 years but a stone changes its form into dust within minutes when thrown into crusher. If you assume average 100 years in one life then our minimum lifetime passed before coming to human form gets calculated as 100 x 5.20 = 520 crores years. A soul had been accumulating predominantly bad sanskaras in evolutionary six stages. In early human forms, though the intellect (sense of dissemination between good and bad) is fully developed still predominating impulse of bad sanskaras of animal life make one’s mind take over heart and such souls commit heinous crimes and blunders.

One does not know how many incarnations he has taken in various forms of different gender, shape, size, colour and nationalities to spend previous sanskaras and gain all kind of new sanskaras.

6-Law of karma comes into play in experiencing unspent sanskaras

Law of karma applies in spending of sanskaras on gross plane exactly like action and reaction of Newton’s law. The universal divine law of karma is impartial.  Every action by one had to counter experienced by opposite. If one kills someone, he has to get an experience of being killed by someone. Any action however intelligently done cannot be impression less. It is only possible through help of a Perfect Master.  

7- Sanskaras determine you fate as destined

In Baba’s words:

“If you have good sanskaras, you may take birth as a great, rich man; with bad sanskaras, you may be born as a miserable leper, and so on. But you cannot get freedom without a Master. You do not know how many bad sanskaras you have, and how many good ones you need. But the Perfect Master knows, and he will work with you to balance them.”

8- Sanskaras determine hell and heaven states.

In Baba’s words:

“The state of soul (Jivatama), in the apparent gap between death and birth, is generally called hell or heaven. The states of heaven or hell are nothing but state of intensive experiences of the consciousness of the soul (Jivatma), experiencing either of the predominant counterparts of the opposite impressions while the Jivatma is disassociated from the gross body.”

“Hell and heaven are mental states, not places. In these states the mind’s desire and the capacity to receive becomes extremely intense. For example: you die, you are dead. That means you leave the body, but you as soul continue. Your mind and your ego also continue and the impression in your mind is there.”  

“The hell and Heaven are not the places but they are the states of consciousness, to be experienced by mind through astral body (subtle form) experiencing suffering and pleasure.”

“Now suppose for example, the soul (Jivatma), during its earthly life has gathered 100 million sanskaras of relating to virtues and 80 millions sanskaras relating to vice. So therefore there is difference of 20 million sanskaras between good and bad and the predominant counter-part of the impressions of opposites is of that virtues. The soul (Jivatma) will therefore enjoy the state of heaven till the sanskaras are almost balanced. There will not be exact balancing of sanskaras. Then the Jivatama will return to astral plane if the situation is not readily available for him to take a birth. If his situation for taking rebirth is available then the soul (Jivatma) will automatically be attracted towards its future parents. It is also true the he is not required to wait in astral plane for a longer period.”

“When there is preponderance of evil sanskaras at death, Jivatama will have to go to hell state and exhaust the bad sanskaras through suffering. The intensity of suffering is thousand times more in the hell state than the intensity of suffering on gross plane. Upasani Maharaj has given one example. He says when in physical body if a scorpion has bitten you, you feel the pain to a certain extent. But in the Hell state you feel the pain as if thousand scorpions had bitten you.  Similarly the intensity of pleasure in the heaven state is thousand times more than that on the gross plane.”

 “The sanskaras are never in perfect balance till the very end. If they come to be in perfect balance, the individual would have got liberation. But the perfect balance between good and bad sanskaras cannot be affected without help of the Perfect Master or the Avatar. Complete poise can exist only when the two opposite classes of sanskaras are so qualitatively and quantativelly opposed that they exactly cancel one another. This is the state of Realisation. The sanskaras then cease as exist an opposing forces. This   exactly happens as in the game of tug-of-war; when the opposing parties stop pulling in opposing directions. The soul (Jivatama) takes birth when the opposite sanskaras are almost in balance nearing equalization either in hell or heaven state. This can also be compared with the game of tug-of-war. In tug-of-war there is movement in the direction of greater pull but that motion represents only a small proportion of total energy spent for most of the energy is spent in neutralizing each other.”

“Normally this period ranges from 4 to 13 days from physical death of an individual. Those who are closely connected with Avatar or Sadguru do not enter in heaven or hell state but take birth immediately”

Thus soul again is born in new body further to spend old and gain new sanskaras to refine himself more and more with use of his intellect.

9- Shedding of sanskaras leads one to progress on further on the cross-roads of involution (inner journey toward God)

A- Tuition- Effect of good and bad sanskaras and its results in form of happiness and miseries make one to realise limitations in many spheres of his life. This eventually leads one to think about the existence of some kind of super power or existence of impersonal or impersonal aspect of God which controls his actions. This is because most of the time results are not commensurate or opposite to his expectations. This is tuition or can be said as tutoring of one's mind by circumstances.

B- intuition- After this circumstantial tutoring, one's mind enters in state of intuition. This intuition is of two kinds. One which comes from mind is wavering and temporary, but when it comes from heart it is real intuition and permanent. Now soul spends and gains refined sanskaras with use of intellect.

C - Faith- Intuition further leads to faith. This comes in 3 ways: 1-by reading or listening of scriptures, 2- by seeing a Sadguru or Avatar and 3- through experience on gross plane (awake state) or experience in subtle or mental plane (in dream state)

D - Devotion or Bhakti - Intuition of sanskaras further result in devotion or bhakti. This kind of devotion or Bhakti is also of two kinds: 1-with desire and 2-without desire.

E- Love- Extreme devotion without desire further turns into love which Meher Baba recommended His lovers to love God. He said in order to God and Me as I am God. Love for God is a gift from God to man. No one can love God without gift of sadguru or  Avatar as He ought to be loved.

Obedience and surrender. After having shed more sanskaras through Love, obedience and surrender which is a gift of man to Master, one further enters in subtle plane to shed his subtle sanskaras.

G- Inspiration- When soul further progresses on spiritual path and enters in subtle plane and experiences or sanskaras of  subtle planes of 1st to 4th plane. This state is called is state of inspiration.

H- Insight- This is mental state where soul spends his mental sanskaras. A soul of 5th plane is called Wali and 6th plane Pir. In 6th plane third eye is opened (seat in the center of forehead) and Pir sees God everywhere and in everything, has intense longing to be one with God (like fish out of water) but cannot attain union with God without help of Perfect Master or Avatar.

I- Illumination- This is the state of God-realisation. Perfect Master or Avatar appears at appropriate time and gives realsation to a Pir, a soul of 6th plane. No sanskaras are left or it is Impessionless in state of God realisation.

10-How the name of Perfect Master or Avatar affects one’s sanskaras-An analysis

There are four situations in when we get connected witn Master or Avatar

Situation-1- One remembers Baba alone.

By remembering Baba, one immediately gets connected to Baba. It may be compared with opening of flood gates of a dam (Baba like ocean)) and Baba's good impressions or impression less sanskaras starts flowing towards one. It may also compared like a ladder gets connected between one and Baba who is on high dais and His grace starts flowing towards one who is praying.

Situation-2-One remembers Baba in a group, satsang or gathering:

The sanskaras of one affect all others and other’s sanskaras affect all present there. The most important, grace of Meher Baba in form of good or Impessionless sanskaras is also received by everyone. Everyone is doubly benefitted in shedding or unburdening of sanskaras gained from Meher Baba and give and take from others. So, prayer in group is definitely more effective and beneficial compared to individual praying.

Situation-3- When one is at work and dedicates to Meher Baba

When one dedicates all his thought, words, and action to Sadguru or Avatar, Master; Sadguru or Avatar is behind his back and takes all its responsibility. Either no sanskaras are formed for his actions or less or feeble sanskaras are formed even if his action is bad which can be easily removed.

Situation-4- When a non-believer or atheist thinks, speaks or acts according to his wish. 

A non believer of God spends his sanskaras but gets proportionately new sanskaras of similar nature and shedding of sanskaric burden is very insignificant. For example spent sanskaras are 1000 and new gained is 999. Thus shedding is one of 1000 say in one life time. This is very lengthy process for one may be millions of births, who are not in contact of Perfect Master or Avatar.

11-Need for cultivating good sanskaras

In Baba’s words”

Though some animal sanskaras are good, most are bad; so, at the start, human consciousness finds itself subject to a propelling force which is mostly bad. Right from the beginning of human evolution, the problem of emancipation consists in cultivating and developing good sanskaras so that they may overlap and annul the accumulated sanskaras. The cultivation of good sanskaras is achieved by fostering experiences and actions which are opposite to those that predominate in animal life. The opposite of lust is love, the opposite of greed is generosity, and the opposite of anger is tolerance or patience. By trying to dwell in love, generosity and tolerance, man can erase the tendencies of lust, greed and anger.''

12-How Perfect Master or Avatar unburdens the sanskaras of His disciple

Perfect Master or Avatar bring out the hidden bad sanskaras of his disciple through obedience of His orders. Through compliance of His orders by disciple, He dries up the sanskaras which are like wet grass to make it like a heap of haystack; burns it at proper time in flash and gives instant God- realisation.

13- Solution

So the only solution to do away with the sanskaras is to get the help of Sadguru or Avatar. Sadguru or Avatar can even change the destiny and can give instant God-realsation to one in one life time only. Following Baba's six wishes is more than highest kind of Sankhya yoga. For Baba lover repentance prayer is not only desirable but utmost necessary.

.        Do not shirk your responsibilities.

  1. Attend faithfully to your worldly duties, but keep always at the back of your mind that all this is Baba's.
  2. When you feel happy, think: "Baba wants me to be happy." When you suffer, think: "Baba wants me to suffer."
  3. Be resigned to every situation and think honestly and sincerely: "Baba has placed me in this situation."
  4. With the understanding that Baba is in everyone, try to help and serve others.
  5. I say with my Divine Authority to each and all that whosoever takes my name at the time of breathing his last comes to me; so do not forget to remember me in your last moments. Unless you start remembering me from now on, it will be difficult to remember me when your end approaches. You should start practicing from now on. Even if you take my name only once every day, you will not forget to remember me in your dying moments.